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1 8 AUG 2015 19:53:46 GMT -0500 Family F175963

BIOGRAPHY: We have more written information about Johan von Wowern in German and hope to translate it. It is his last will and testament.

BIOGRAPHY: Johan von Wowern, born 10 March 1574 in Hamburg, he became a student from Johanneum in tHamburg, Germany, in 1593 and matriculated in Leyden, Netherlands in 1593, where he remained for 5 years and developed relationshipswith the famous men: Jano Grutero, Merula, Daniele Heinsso, Meursio. Thereafter he stayed for 2 years in France where he also developed relationships with the most well-known men. From here he traveled to Rome, where he made the acquaintance of various Cardinals. From the Pope, he received an offer for a yearly pension if he wanted to stay in Rome but he excused himself with daring character.From there he came to the Count of East-Frisland by whom he was sent to Haag (Hague, Netherlands), and thereafter he came to the Duke Johan Adolph of Holstein-Gottorp, who made him an officer and governor at the Castle in Gottorp; he became church president and was a great Philologist (language researcher). When he had managed this castle for 3 years, he died 30 Mar 1612. In his will, he writes, that his family line then was 300 years old - it may also now be 650 years old, and he set up a Scholarship based on some marshlands, all in all about 142 Demit Land (some kind of measurement), thiswas then in Sieversflethen Koog in Tetenbüttel Church Parish, and in Freesen Koog in Coldenbüttel Church Parish on Ejdersted. To begin with, the money from the scholarship went to a well-known speaker who was going to give a speech in the honor of Johan von Wowern; but in 1729 and 1733 the Danish Kings, Frederick IV and Christian VI, decided the scholarship should benefit the Waisen House in Hamburg, and the family lines members. The scholarship remains constant and is managed by the administration at Husum Castle. Scholarships are given out constantly to the family line. Johan von Wowern was not married; he had a seething hatred for Hamburg because he did not receive any position there. In 1595, he did not attain an assignment as a schoolmaster in Hamburg, and he did not receive a government position in Lübeck, in spite of the fact that the Prince took personal interest in him. 1601, he could have received a position with the Great Duke of Florenz, but refused it. In Venice he had expected to receive a promotion, but did not get it. 1603, he was offered title of royal Counselor, and 1606, he lived at the court of Braunschweig, and 1608, he was there offered a station with the Cardinal de Joycose, 1607, he was assigned as Counselor with Count of East Frisland, in 1608 he was sent to Haag (Hague, Netherlands) as an envoy (ambassador)

BIOGRAPHY: Johann von Wowern (1574 - 1612), Polymathia (1603)

De polymathia tractatio: integri operis de studiis veterum apospasmation. [Hamburg]: Frobenius, 1603.

Wennemoes, Cathrin Lisbeth Josiassen (I450127)

Baron under the king of Spain's highest order and a Tax Master.

bout 1479 - 1516

ia and appears to have been the daughter of the King of Aragon, but if that is the case it was a common-born daughter; in any event she cannot be found on the family tree of the Aragonian kings.

The last king in Aragon was Ferdinand, the Catholic, and he died 1516, born 1453, King in Aragonia 1479, andin Castille 1474, married to Isabella of Castille who was born 1469 and died 1504.

Their daughter was Johanne the Crazy, born 1479, died 4 Apr 1555, married 1496 to Philip the Slippery, he was the son of Maximilian of Austria (Habsburg) and Maria of Burgund and under their grandson, Emperor Karl V Spain, was united to one kingdom. Carl Nicolaus von Wowern probably born 1452 and died 1528.

Wennemoes, Anna Dorothea (I450129)
4 Age at this event:0 Henningsen, Claudius Martin Anthon (I450159)
5 Age at this event:0 Jensen, Hans (I450165)
6 Age at this event:0 Nielsen, Margrethe (I450186)
7 Age at this event:0 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
8 Age at this event:0 Pedersen, Jens (I450189)
9 Age at this event:0 Jensen, Hedevig (I450195)
10 Age at this event:0 Jensen, Ane (I450200)
11 Age at this event:0 Lauritsen, Hans Arthur Carlo (I450206)
12 Age at this event:0 Dam, Ane Margrethe (I450210)
13 Age at this event:0 Preben Hansen, Michala Carla (I450217)
14 Age at this event:0 Wideburg, Olivia Juliane (I450219)
15 Age at this event:0 Lauritzen, Hans Lauritz (I450220)
16 Age at this event:0 Lauritzen, Astrid Elvira Clara (I450226)
17 Age at this event:0 Galskjær, Gene Hostrup (I450228)
18 Age at this event:0 Hostrup, Inge (I450229)
19 Age at this event:0 Sørensen, Jens Christian (I450234)
20 Age at this event:113 Pedersen, Else (I450193)
21 Age at this event:14 Benthien, Laura Kathrine (I450224)
22 Age at this event:17-18 Henningsen, Lorentz Charles Theodor (I450157)
23 Age at this event:19-20 Henningsen, Lorentz Charles Theodor (I450157)
24 Age at this event:22 Nielsen, Margrethe (I450169)
25 Age at this event:23-24 Wideburg, Ola Nilsson (I450204)
26 Age at this event:24 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
27 Age at this event:24-25 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
28 Age at this event:24-25 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
29 Age at this event:24-25 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
30 Age at this event:25 Lange, Hanne Elise (I450145)
31 Age at this event:25 Lange, Hans Lorentz (I450150)
32 Age at this event:28 Frederiksen, Maren (I450180)
33 Age at this event:31 Buss, Henreich (I450147)
34 Age at this event:31-32 Jensen, Mette (I450171)
35 Age at this event:32-33 Nielsen, Margrethe (I450186)
36 Age at this event:33-34 Nielsen, Margrethe (I450186)
37 Age at this event:34 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450177)
38 Age at this event:34-35 Hansen Frost, Hans (I450174)
39 Age at this event:34-35 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450184)
40 Age at this event:35 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
41 Age at this event:37 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
42 Age at this event:39 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450177)
43 Age at this event:43 Madsen, Inger Marie (I450176)
44 Age at this event:44-45 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450184)
45 Age at this event:46 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
46 Age at this event:47-48 Henningsen, Lorentz Charles Theodor (I450157)
47 Age at this event:56 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
48 Age at this event:57-58 Henningsen, Lorentz Charles Theodor (I450157)
49 Age at this event:61 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
50 Age at this event:64 Lauritzen, Astrid Elvira Clara (I450226)
51 Age at this event:65 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450184)
52 Age at this event:66 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
53 Age at this event:70 Frederiksen, Rasmus (I450184)
54 Age at this event:71 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
55 Age at this event:71 Hansen Frost, Jens (I450187)
56 Age at this event:71 Pedersen, Jens (I450189)
57 Age at this event:73 Pedersen, Else (I450193)
58 Age at this event:76 Rasmussen, Peder (I450183)
59 Age at this event:76 Pedersen, Jens (I450189)
60 Age at this event:78 Pedersen, Else (I450193)
61 Age at this event:91 Pedersen, Peder (I450175)

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