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Kirsten Tygesen Lunge (Lunge 1)

Female - Yes, date unknown

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Kirsten Tygesen Lunge (Lunge 1) (daughter of Tyge Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) and Anne Nielsen Kabell (Kabell)); anddied.

    Family/Spouse: Vincent Iversen Lunge (Lunge 1). Vincent (son of Iver Jensen Dyre (Dyre-Lunge) and Christine Pedersen Oxe) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

    1. Tyge Vincentsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    2. Iver Vincentsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    3. Vincent Vincentsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    4. Niels Vincentsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    5. Ove Vincentsen Lunge (Lunge 1) died in 1540.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Tyge Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) (son of Ove Jakobsen Lunge (Lunge 1) and Maren Tygesen Basse (Basse)); anddied.

    Tyge married Anne Nielsen Kabell (Kabell). Anne (daughter of Niels Lauridsen Kabell (Kabell) and Abel Henningsen Kabell (Kabell)) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

  2. 3.  Anne Nielsen Kabell (Kabell) (daughter of Niels Lauridsen Kabell (Kabell) and Abel Henningsen Kabell (Kabell)); anddied.
    1. 1. Kirsten Tygesen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    2. Maren Tygesen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    3. Elsebeth Tygesen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Ove Jakobsen Lunge (Lunge 1) (son of Jakob Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) and Sophie Folmersen Myndel); anddied.

    Ove married Maren Tygesen Basse (Basse). Maren (daughter of Tyge Basse (Basse) and Cecilie Jensen Grubbe (Grubbe)) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

  2. 5.  Maren Tygesen Basse (Basse) (daughter of Tyge Basse (Basse) and Cecilie Jensen Grubbe (Grubbe)); anddied.
    1. 2. Tyge Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.

  3. 6.  Niels Lauridsen Kabell (Kabell) (son of Laurids Kabell (Kabell)); anddied.

    Niels married Abel Henningsen Kabell (Kabell). Abel (daughter of Henning Kabell (Kabell)) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

  4. 7.  Abel Henningsen Kabell (Kabell) (daughter of Henning Kabell (Kabell)); anddied.
    1. 3. Anne Nielsen Kabell (Kabell) anddied.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Jakob Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) was born about 1322 (son of Oluf Olufsen II Lunge (Lunge 1)); died on 7 Oct 1386.


    Ridder, Ejer af of Danish Højstrup

    Jakob married Sophie Folmersen Myndel. Sophie (daughter of Folmer Myndel) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

  2. 9.  Sophie Folmersen Myndel (daughter of Folmer Myndel); anddied.
    1. 4. Ove Jakobsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    2. Folmer Jakobsen Lunge (Lunge 1) died on 25 Apr 1411.

  3. 10.  Tyge Basse (Basse) (son of Steen Basse (Basse)); died in 1410.

    Tyge married Cecilie Jensen Grubbe (Grubbe). Cecilie (daughter of Jens Grubbe (Grubbe)) anddied. [Group Sheet] [Family chart]

  4. 11.  Cecilie Jensen Grubbe (Grubbe) (daughter of Jens Grubbe (Grubbe)); anddied.
    1. 5. Maren Tygesen Basse (Basse) anddied.
    2. Margrethe Tygesen Basse (Basse) died in 1458.

  5. 12.  Laurids Kabell (Kabell) anddied.
    1. 6. Niels Lauridsen Kabell (Kabell) anddied.

  6. 14.  Henning Kabell (Kabell) anddied.
    1. 7. Abel Henningsen Kabell (Kabell) anddied.

Generation: 5

  1. 16.  Oluf Olufsen II Lunge (Lunge 1) was born about 1290 (son of Oluf Iversen I Lunge (Lunge 1)); died about 1290.


    Bispelig Foged

    1. Mette Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    2. Oluf Olufsen III Lunge (Lunge 1) died about 1321.
    3. 8. Jakob Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) was born about 1322; died on 7 Oct 1386.
    4. Cecilie Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    5. Helene Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    6. Jens Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) was born about 1300; anddied.
    7. Eline Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.
    8. Olufsen Lunge (Lunge 1) anddied.

  2. 18.  Folmer Myndel anddied.
    1. 9. Sophie Folmersen Myndel anddied.

  3. 20.  Steen Basse (Basse) was born in 1345; died in 1380.
    1. 10. Tyge Basse (Basse) died in 1410.

  4. 22.  Jens Grubbe (Grubbe) anddied.
    1. 11. Cecilie Jensen Grubbe (Grubbe) anddied.

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