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White County) Tennessee



Matches 1 to 119 of 119

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth Jane "Bettie"  19 Mar 1854White County) Tennessee I428991
2 Betterton, James M  25 Apr 1874White County) Tennessee I429237
3 Blankenship, Charles Roland  8 Sep 1885White County) Tennessee I429968
4 Blankenship, Jennie  16 Sep 1889White County) Tennessee I429954
5 Blankenship, Mattie Vesta  30 Sep 1890White County) Tennessee I430414
6 Bright, Garrett Forrest  6 Jul 1880White County) Tennessee I430413
7 Bryant, Robert Lee  29 Jun 1873White County) Tennessee I430880
8 Charles, Lavina "Vina"  24 Dec 1852White County) Tennessee I429889
9 Chisam, Carleen  1867White County) Tennessee I430780
10 Chisam, Celia Jane  1856White County) Tennessee I430768
11 Chisam, Elizabeth  White County) Tennessee I430799
12 Chisam, Frances E  1847White County) Tennessee I430766
13 Chisam, Irena  White County) Tennessee I430800
14 Chisam, James Noyce  1898White County) Tennessee I430797
15 Chisam, John David  1853White County) Tennessee I430767
16 Chisam, Joseph Polk  1864White County) Tennessee I430784
17 Chisam, Josephine  1859White County) Tennessee I430769
18 Chisam, Julie  21 Mar 1836White County) Tennessee I430762
19 Chisam, Mamie  White County) Tennessee I430798
20 Chisam, Mary Caroline  1845White County) Tennessee I430765
21 Chisam, Overton DeWeese  11 Feb 1811White County) Tennessee I430175
22 Chisam, Rosetta "Zettie"  2 Nov 1870White County) Tennessee I430781
23 Chisam, Thomas "Tommy"  White County) Tennessee I430801
24 Chisam, Thomas Andrew  ~ 1863White County) Tennessee I430792
25 Chisam, Violet "Villia"  14 Mar 1877White County) Tennessee I430782
26 Chisam, William Aaron  16 Feb 1869White County) Tennessee I430786
27 Chisum, Amanda  16 Aug 1836White County) Tennessee I429805
28 Chisum, Caroline  1840White County) Tennessee I429810
29 Chisum, George  1845White County) Tennessee I429813
30 Chisum, John Hickory III  1838White County) Tennessee I429809
31 Chisum, Nancy  1841White County) Tennessee I429811
32 Chisum, Preston  1843White County) Tennessee I429812
33 Chisum, William Gordon  13 Feb 1832White County) Tennessee I429808
34 Clark, Amanda Jane  21 Jul 1847White County) Tennessee I429433
35 Cotton, Ara Bell   I430777
36 Cotton, Josephine   I430778
37 Cotton, Vera   I430775
38 Cotton, William Sears   I430776
39 Denton, Spencer  1852White County) Tennessee I429247
40 Dunlap, David   I429348
41 Dunlap, Douglas   I430570
42 Edwards, Walter Elsworth  1894White County) Tennessee I430033
43 Fisher, Elizabeth  4 Aug 1839White County) Tennessee I429945
44 Fisher, George  1859White County) Tennessee I429948
45 Fisher, John  1847White County) Tennessee I429947
46 Fisher, Lawson  1842White County) Tennessee I429946
47 Fisher, Malissa  1829White County) Tennessee I429944
48 Fisher, Narcissa E  1840White County) Tennessee I429418
49 Fisher, Ruth  9 Nov 1846White County) Tennessee I429933
50 Gillentine, Alice  1853White County) Tennessee I430702
51 Gillentine, Anna  9 Sep 1813White County) Tennessee I430714
52 Gillentine, Eliza  1855White County) Tennessee I430703
53 Gillentine, Jansee Jane  22 Dec 1811White County) Tennessee I430713
54 Gillentine, John  1869White County) Tennessee I430700
55 Gillentine, John Terry  22 Nov 1836White County) Tennessee I430488
56 Gillentine, Martha  1862White County) Tennessee I430699
57 Gillentine, Mary  1850-1851White County) Tennessee I430701
58 Gillentine, Mary Elizabeth  13 Apr 1853White County) Tennessee I430489
59 Gillentine, Rachel  16 Jul 1817White County) Tennessee I430718
60 Gillentine, Susanna J  27 Jan 1815White County) Tennessee I430716
61 Gillentine, Woodrow P  1859White County) Tennessee I430698
62 Gleason, Ammon  3 Aug 1869White County) Tennessee I430638
63 Gleason, Emma  15 Jul 1873White County) Tennessee I430639
64 Gleason, Mary A  5 Jan 1863White County) Tennessee I430636
65 Gleason, Pleasant A  20 Feb 1828White County) Tennessee I430630
66 Gleason, William A  3 Mar 1866White County) Tennessee I430637
67 Goodson, Edna  1916White County) Tennessee I430121
68 Graham, Myra Addie  15 May 1869White County) Tennessee I429660
69 Grissom, Helen Frances "Frances"  8 Jun 1925White County) Tennessee I429894
70 Grissom, Mary Lou  13 Mar 1877White County) Tennessee I430450
71 Holton, Cora Alice  28 Jan 1889White County) Tennessee I430327
72 Humphrey, Joseph Franklin  16 Jan 1874White County) Tennessee I429556
73 Humphrey, Maggie J  30 Dec 1895White County) Tennessee I430120
74 Humphrey, Sarah Abigale  16 Aug 1869White County) Tennessee I430785
75 Hutson, Julia Ann  13 Dec 1837White County) Tennessee I429447
76 Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth  9 Sep 1858White County) Tennessee I428945
77 Kerr, Alexander Winkfield Jr.  1861White County) Tennessee I429986
78 Kerr, Cicero  1863White County) Tennessee I429987
79 Knowles, Andrew Jackson  1906White County) Tennessee I429428
80 Markum, Mr   I429359
81 Moore, Alton  1871White County) Tennessee I429512
82 Moore, Amanda C  1838White County) Tennessee I429430
83 Moore, Ava  Feb 1880White County) Tennessee I429516
84 Moore, Eliza Jane  1874White County) Tennessee I429513
85 Moore, Ella Frances  1877White County) Tennessee I429514
86 Moore, George Washington  4 Jul 1840White County) Tennessee I429423
87 Moore, Indimian Benjamin  1833White County) Tennessee I429422
88 Moore, James B  1832White County) Tennessee I429429
89 Moore, Joseph A  27 Sep 1868White County) Tennessee I429511
90 Moore, Laminda Permelia  15 Feb 1842White County) Tennessee I429508
91 Moore, Mary Frances  10 May 1852White County) Tennessee I429426
92 Moore, Newton  Aug 1883White County) Tennessee I429517
93 Moore, Ova  Feb 1880White County) Tennessee I429515
94 Moore, Rebecca J  24 Feb 1897White County) Tennessee I429673
95 Moore, Samuel  1847White County) Tennessee I275000
96 Moore, Samuel Ottison  1805White County) Tennessee I429300
97 Moore, William  26 Apr 1849White County) Tennessee I429069
98 Pearson, Maude  1887White County) Tennessee I430043
99 Powell, Don Barnett   I430068
100 Roberts, Anna Lee  1903White County) Tennessee I430655
101 Roberts, Sarah  29 Nov 1819White County) Tennessee I429018
102 Templeton, Helen  31 Jul 1878White County) Tennessee I429243
103 Templeton, James  1864White County) Tennessee I429668
104 Templeton, John William  29 Oct 1859White County) Tennessee I429667
105 Templeton, Julia Magdaline "Maggie"  29 Dec 1871White County) Tennessee I429671
106 Templeton, Mary Drucilla "Drucie"  Apr 1865White County) Tennessee I430350
107 Williamson, Frances Alberta "Fannie"  1917White County) Tennessee I428984
108 Wright, Azzalene   I429357
109 Wright, Erastus Duncan  3 Mar 1846White County) Tennessee I429525
110 Wright, Ernest "Ernie"   I429355
111 Wright, Frances   I429358
112 Wright, Frank Othel   I430757
113 Wright, James   I429354
114 Wright, Lois Mozell   I430758
115 Wright, Martha Josephine "Josie"  Dec 1852White County) Tennessee I429518
116 Wright, Robert Creed Jr.   I429356
117 Wright, Robert Creed "Creed"  13 Aug 1910White County) Tennessee I428983
118 Wright, Robert Houston "Houston"  4 Dec 1881White County) Tennessee I429255
119 Wright, Sarah "Sallie"  1855White County) Tennessee I429526


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Mattie Vesta  10 Jan 1941White County) Tennessee I430414
2 Bright, Garrett Forrest  20 Jun 1950White County) Tennessee I430413
3 Charles, Lavina "Vina"  17 Mar 1947White County) Tennessee I429889
4 Denton, Spencer  1883White County) Tennessee I429247
5 Fisher, Martha Elizabeth  28 Dec 1871White County) Tennessee I429432
6 Gillentine, Jansee Jane  8 Jan 1812White County) Tennessee I430713
7 Goodson, Lillie Mae  26 Oct 1986White County) Tennessee I429087
8 Humphrey, Maggie J  8 Apr 1969White County) Tennessee I430120
9 Hutchins, Arminda Jane  22 Jul 1934White County) Tennessee I429248
10 Johnson, Lodema  1988White County) Tennessee I429749
11 McBride, Eva C  11 Feb 1980White County) Tennessee I430141
12 Moore, Laminda Permelia  30 Nov 1876White County) Tennessee I429508
13 Moore, Rebecca J  7 Oct 1983White County) Tennessee I429673
14 Moore, Samuel Ottison  Nov 1879White County) Tennessee I429300
15 Roberts, Joe Franklin  30 Jul 1998White County) Tennessee I430140
16 Swindell, James Earl "Earl"  23 Dec 1996White County) Tennessee I429964
17 Swindle, Hannah Elizabeth  27 Oct 1918White County) Tennessee I429450
18 Swindle, Robert Luther "Luther"  1957White County) Tennessee I429748


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Betterton / Swindle  White County) Tennessee F164798
2 Betterton / Winstead  White County) Tennessee F164519
3 Cole / Moore  White County) Tennessee F164896
4 Cotton / Blankenship  26 Aug 1903White County) Tennessee F164275
5 Denton / Goodson  White County) Tennessee F164524
6 Denton / Wilson  White County) Tennessee F164538
7 Edwards / Swindle  White County) Tennessee F164783
8 Goodson / Humphrey  White County) Tennessee F164810
9 Hensley / Swindell  White County) Tennessee F164781
10 Johnson / Hill  1830White County) Tennessee F164964
11 Kerr / Hill  1837White County) Tennessee F164623
12 Winstead / Templeton  11 Jan 1903White County) Tennessee F164522
13 Wright / Henderson  14 Sep 1919White County) Tennessee F164829
14 Wright / Swindell  28 Mar 1904White County) Tennessee F164528
15 Wright / Swindle  8 Oct 1916White County) Tennessee F164745

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