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Washington, Virginia, USA



Matches 1 to 177 of 177

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bishop, Martha Eunice Jane  27 Sep 1875Washington, Virginia, USA I451728 onetrees 
2 Blevins, Elsie Evelyn  1897Washington, Virginia, USA I452812 onetrees 
3 Blevins, Wyndham Ethridge  Feb 1909Washington, Virginia, USA I452856 onetrees 
4 Brown, Kelsey Abraham  21 Aug 1908Washington, Virginia, USA I452969 onetrees 
5 Caldwell, Margarette Jane  19 Oct 1857Washington, Virginia, USA I452202 onetrees 
6 Catron, Eugene Claude Sr  4 Feb 1895Washington, Virginia, USA I452962 onetrees 
7 Catron, Guy MacCall  28 Dec 1897Washington, Virginia, USA I452963 onetrees 
8 Catron, James Rhea  27 Dec 1859Washington, Virginia, USA I452947 onetrees 
9 Catron, John Duff  3 Mar 1868Washington, Virginia, USA I452960 onetrees 
10 Catron, Nancy Pearl  23 Dec 1903Washington, Virginia, USA I452948 onetrees 
11 Catron, Thomas Jefferson  19 Jun 1893Washington, Virginia, USA I452961 onetrees 
12 Clark, Guy David  24 Jun 1922Washington, Virginia, USA I451972 onetrees 
13 DeBusk, Ethel Louise  12 Sep 1924Washington, Virginia, USA I452334 onetrees 
14 DeBusk, Eunice Minerva  1879Washington, Virginia, USA I451515 onetrees 
15 DeBusk, Rachel  20 Jul 1791Washington, Virginia, USA I451480 onetrees 
16 DeBusk, Stella Florence  2 Sep 1916Washington, Virginia, USA I452358 onetrees 
17 DeBusk, William Walter  1873Washington, Virginia, USA I452786 onetrees 
18 Doss, Mary Lucille  20 Nov 1925Washington, Virginia, USA I451528 onetrees 
19 Doss, Roy Ernest  1 Nov 1927Washington, Virginia, USA I452845 onetrees 
20 Doss, William Franklin  1 Jan 1903Washington, Virginia, USA I452842 onetrees 
21 Doss, William Raymond  9 Jun 1924Washington, Virginia, USA I452844 onetrees 
22 Edmondson, Nina Lee  8 Sep 1906Washington, Virginia, USA I452484 onetrees 
23 Edmondson, Vivian Elizabeth  27 Mar 1928Washington, Virginia, USA I452486 onetrees 
24 Edmondson, William Franklin  20 Nov 1864Washington, Virginia, USA I452026 onetrees 
25 Edmonson, Ellen  1844Washington, Virginia, USA I452025 onetrees 
26 Gross, Elizabeth  2 Sep 1788Washington, Virginia, USA I451985 onetrees 
27 Hagy, Arthur  10 Dec 1883Washington, Virginia, USA I452207 onetrees 
28 Hagy, Delmar  7 Nov 1924Washington, Virginia, USA I452212 onetrees 
29 Hand, Charles C  28 Jul 1870Washington, Virginia, USA I452462 onetrees 
30 Hand, Henry Franklin  25 Nov 1871Washington, Virginia, USA I452463 onetrees 
31 Hand, Nancy Jane  8 Aug 1836Washington, Virginia, USA I452460 onetrees 
32 Hand, Thomas C  4 Jan 1827Washington, Virginia, USA I452012 onetrees 
33 Hand, William Alexander  19 Jul 1835Washington, Virginia, USA I452459 onetrees 
34 Kelly, John H  12 Oct 1874Washington, Virginia, USA I452581 onetrees 
35 Larimer, Mary E  17 Nov 1846Washington, Virginia, USA I451550 onetrees 
36 MacConnell, Gertrude Eathaw  26 Apr 1880Washington, Virginia, USA I451509 onetrees 
37 Mock, Matthew Floyd Jr  7 Apr 1918Washington, Virginia, USA I452261 onetrees 
38 Mullins, Clyde Franklin  23 May 1903Washington, Virginia, USA I452865 onetrees 
39 Poe, James Walter  11 Oct 1899Washington, Virginia, USA I452953 onetrees 
40 Poe, Lydia Mae  21 May 1902Washington, Virginia, USA I452954 onetrees 
41 Poe, Marjorie Magdalene  23 Aug 1912Washington, Virginia, USA I452958 onetrees 
42 Poe, Maude  11 Sep 1905Washington, Virginia, USA I452955 onetrees 
43 Poe, Minnie Ruth  9 Sep 1907Washington, Virginia, USA I452956 onetrees 
44 Poe, Robert Howard  28 Jun 1915Washington, Virginia, USA I452959 onetrees 
45 Poe, William Lee  17 Feb 1909Washington, Virginia, USA I452957 onetrees 
46 Powers, R Wayne  18 Apr 1916Washington, Virginia, USA I451780 onetrees 
47 Rambo, Dorcas Ellen  4 Dec 1865Washington, Virginia, USA I452474 onetrees 
48 Rambo, James Walter  10 May 1873Washington, Virginia, USA I452478 onetrees 
49 Rambo, John Franklin  4 May 1870Washington, Virginia, USA I452477 onetrees 
50 Rambo, Nancy Florence  16 Oct 1864Washington, Virginia, USA I452473 onetrees 
51 Rhea, Thurza Catherine  10 Jun 1849Washington, Virginia, USA I452555 onetrees 
52 Rosenbaum, Alice Carrie  1872Washington, Virginia, USA I452602 onetrees 
53 Rosenbaum, Bessie Lee  18 Oct 1892Washington, Virginia, USA I452613 onetrees 
54 Rosenbaum, Charles Milton  3 Oct 1874Washington, Virginia, USA I452506 onetrees 
55 Rosenbaum, David Orran  24 Feb 1905Washington, Virginia, USA I452535 onetrees 
56 Rosenbaum, Dudley Perkins  1 Jun 1870Washington, Virginia, USA I452601 onetrees 
57 Rosenbaum, Emmett  21 May 1884Washington, Virginia, USA I452606 onetrees 
58 Rosenbaum, Gabriel Horton  1875Washington, Virginia, USA I452603 onetrees 
59 Rosenbaum, Maude  1877Washington, Virginia, USA I452604 onetrees 
60 Rouse, Clara  24 Oct 1888Washington, Virginia, USA I452715 onetrees 
61 Rouse, Florence Ann  13 Jan 1880Washington, Virginia, USA I452660 onetrees 
62 Rouse, James Baker  29 Oct 1882Washington, Virginia, USA I452711 onetrees 
63 Rouse, Lenora L  4 Oct 1893Washington, Virginia, USA I452717 onetrees 
64 Rouse, Mahaley  1808Washington, Virginia, USA I451926 onetrees 
65 Rouse, Mary Jame  13 May 1884Washington, Virginia, USA I452712 onetrees 
66 Rouse, Sam  24 Oct 1903Washington, Virginia, USA I452721 onetrees 
67 Rouse, Sarah E  10 Oct 1890Washington, Virginia, USA I452714 onetrees 
68 Rouse, Thomas Preston  Jul 1879Washington, Virginia, USA I452710 onetrees 
69 Rouse, Virgie  13 Nov 1897Washington, Virginia, USA I452719 onetrees 
70 Rouse, Walter F  11 Oct 1892Washington, Virginia, USA I452716 onetrees 
71 Rutledge, Jeanette  29 JanWashington, Virginia, USA I452751 onetrees 
72 Steffey, Charles Bud  27 Feb 1932Washington, Virginia, USA I452827 onetrees 
73 Steffy, Minerva Irena  24 Feb 1890Washington, Virginia, USA I452679 onetrees 
74 Tester, Carrie Mae  Mar 1894Washington, Virginia, USA I452393 onetrees 
75 Testerman, Elizabeth Ellen  11 Sep 1928Washington, Virginia, USA I452829 onetrees 
76 Thomas, Eleanor J  10 Mar 1830Washington, Virginia, USA I451990 onetrees 
77 Thomas, James Edmondson  23 Sep 1896Washington, Virginia, USA I452854 onetrees 
78 Thomas, Levisa  1846Washington, Virginia, USA I452006 onetrees 
79 Thomas, Roy Carlos  23 Jan 1926Washington, Virginia, USA I452846 onetrees 
80 Widener, Abraham  23 Feb 1809Washington, Virginia, USA I451565 onetrees 
81 Widener, Ailisy Ann  1848Washington, Virginia, USA I451476 onetrees 
82 Widener, Amanda Elizabeth  30 Apr 1887Washington, Virginia, USA I452804 onetrees 
83 Widener, Andrew Bascom  19 Apr 1877Washington, Virginia, USA I452632 onetrees 
84 Widener, Andrew Franklin  18 May 1866Washington, Virginia, USA I452799 onetrees 
85 Widener, Andrew Jackson  29 Mar 1843Washington, Virginia, USA I451739 onetrees 
86 Widener, Becky  1868Washington, Virginia, USA I453038 onetrees 
87 Widener, Bernice Francis  15 Sep 1916Washington, Virginia, USA I452968 onetrees 
88 Widener, Bert  17 Dec 1897Washington, Virginia, USA I452206 onetrees 
89 Widener, Bertie Cleoda  22 Mar 1917Washington, Virginia, USA I452838 onetrees 
90 Widener, Billy Jackson  3 Dec 1933Washington, Virginia, USA I452823 onetrees 
91 Widener, Catherine  Oct 1820Washington, Virginia, USA I451568 onetrees 
92 Widener, Cecil Garland  4 Dec 1919Washington, Virginia, USA I452852 onetrees 
93 Widener, Claibourn Sugert  1830Washington, Virginia, USA I452977 onetrees 
94 Widener, Clarissa  4 Feb 1840Washington, Virginia, USA I452570 onetrees 
95 Widener, Columbia Florence  27 Sep 1867Washington, Virginia, USA I452556 onetrees 
96 Widener, Daniel Gale  2 May 1951Washington, Virginia, USA I452825 onetrees 
97 Widener, Davis Alderson  4 Mar 1847Washington, Virginia, USA I452288 onetrees 
98 Widener, Dennis Earl  5 Apr 1951Washington, Virginia, USA I452831 onetrees 
99 Widener, Edna  7 Apr 1895Washington, Virginia, USA I452205 onetrees 
100 Widener, Edna  23 Apr 1904Washington, Virginia, USA I452848 onetrees 
101 Widener, Elijah Davis  Oct 1864Washington, Virginia, USA I453044 onetrees 
102 Widener, Eliza  12 Dec 1845Washington, Virginia, USA I452287 onetrees 
103 Widener, Eliza A  27 Sep 1882Washington, Virginia, USA I452802 onetrees 
104 Widener, Elizabeth Cordellia  26 Jul 1870Washington, Virginia, USA I452630 onetrees 
105 Widener, Elizabeth Lucinda  1836Washington, Virginia, USA I452284 onetrees 
106 Widener, Emeline  4 Jun 1837Washington, Virginia, USA I452285 onetrees 
107 Widener, Ethel  19 Jul 1909Washington, Virginia, USA I452850 onetrees 
108 Widener, Eva Marie  25 Oct 1930Washington, Virginia, USA I452822 onetrees 
109 Widener, Everett Murphy Jr  6 Jul 1927Washington, Virginia, USA I452866 onetrees 
110 Widener, George  1818Washington, Virginia, USA I451567 onetrees 
111 Widener, Gordon Stanley  19 Oct 1922Washington, Virginia, USA I453048 onetrees 
112 Widener, Harriet C  19 Aug 1841Washington, Virginia, USA I452286 onetrees 
113 Widener, Hayston  1827Washington, Virginia, USA I452976 onetrees 
114 Widener, Henry  23 Aug 1819Washington, Virginia, USA I452973 onetrees 
115 Widener, Isaac  1810Washington, Virginia, USA I451564 onetrees 
116 Widener, Jacob  1812Washington, Virginia, USA I451566 onetrees 
117 Widener, Jacob R  1788Washington, Virginia, USA I451638 onetrees 
118 Widener, James  1821Washington, Virginia, USA I452974 onetrees 
119 Widener, James Ernest  1948Washington, Virginia, USA I452830 onetrees 
120 Widener, James Phillip  13 Oct 1936Washington, Virginia, USA I451521 onetrees 
121 Widener, Joel  1813Washington, Virginia, USA I452029 onetrees 
122 Widener, John  1788Washington, Virginia, USA I451479 onetrees 
123 Widener, John C Meek  27 Oct 1847Washington, Virginia, USA I452553 onetrees 
124 Widener, John Campbell  28 Feb 1862Washington, Virginia, USA I452798 onetrees 
125 Widener, John Harrison  27 Apr 1890Washington, Virginia, USA I452805 onetrees 
126 Widener, John Herman  26 Aug 1923Washington, Virginia, USA I452818 onetrees 
127 Widener, Jonas  1822Washington, Virginia, USA I451569 onetrees 
128 Widener, Joseph Gale  21 Apr 1914Washington, Virginia, USA I452796 onetrees 
129 Widener, Joseph John  5 Mar 1938Washington, Virginia, USA I453056 onetrees 
130 Widener, Kermit Bishop Jr  7 May 1942Washington, Virginia, USA I452457 onetrees 
131 Widener, Lamenthia  28 Apr 1922Washington, Virginia, USA I452853 onetrees 
132 Widener, Lavonia  17 Apr 1897Washington, Virginia, USA I451729 onetrees 
133 Widener, Lucy M  17 Oct 1853Washington, Virginia, USA I451817 onetrees 
134 Widener, Lucy Marie  30 Mar 1913Washington, Virginia, USA I452813 onetrees 
135 Widener, Lura Jane  20 Aug 1904Washington, Virginia, USA I452811 onetrees 
136 Widener, Malinda  25 Aug 1824Washington, Virginia, USA I452975 onetrees 
137 Widener, Margaret  17 Jun 1814Washington, Virginia, USA I451692 onetrees 
138 Widener, Margaret  1828Washington, Virginia, USA I451563 onetrees 
139 Widener, Martha Delaney  1919Washington, Virginia, USA I452817 onetrees 
140 Widener, Martha L  21 Apr 1876Washington, Virginia, USA I452294 onetrees 
141 Widener, Martha Virginia  12 Oct 1869Washington, Virginia, USA I452557 onetrees 
142 Widener, Mary  25 Aug 1815Washington, Virginia, USA I451683 onetrees 
143 Widener, Mary  1842Washington, Virginia, USA I452571 onetrees 
144 Widener, Mary Alice  12 Dec 1918Washington, Virginia, USA I452816 onetrees 
145 Widener, Mildred Amelia  25 Apr 1925Washington, Virginia, USA I452819 onetrees 
146 Widener, Minnie M  9 Sep 1909Washington, Virginia, USA I452863 onetrees 
147 Widener, Nancy Jane  15 Apr 1847Washington, Virginia, USA I452577 onetrees 
148 Widener, Nancy Virginia  25 Nov 1883Washington, Virginia, USA I451825 onetrees 
149 Widener, Nellie  26 Dec 1891Washington, Virginia, USA I452203 onetrees 
150 Widener, Norven Preston  20 Dec 1920Washington, Virginia, USA I452839 onetrees 
151 Widener, Norven Walter  11 Oct 1883Washington, Virginia, USA I452833 onetrees 
152 Widener, Ora  25 Apr 1891Washington, Virginia, USA I452293 onetrees 
153 Widener, Ora Imogene  6 May 1916Washington, Virginia, USA I452815 onetrees 
154 Widener, Orpha Viola  4 Aug 1914Washington, Virginia, USA I452814 onetrees 
155 Widener, Phillip Valentine  4 May 1875Washington, Virginia, USA I451545 onetrees 
156 Widener, Robert MacDaniel  31 Jul 1881Washington, Virginia, USA I452232 onetrees 
157 Widener, Rosannah  1843Washington, Virginia, USA I451608 onetrees 
158 Widener, Samuel  4 May 1844Washington, Virginia, USA I452093 onetrees 
159 Widener, Samuel Allison  1848Washington, Virginia, USA I452289 onetrees 
160 Widener, Samuel Henry  10 Jan 1873Washington, Virginia, USA I452836 onetrees 
161 Widener, Sarah C  23 May 1856Washington, Virginia, USA I452575 onetrees 
162 Widener, Thelma Gay  25 Jan 1927Washington, Virginia, USA I452820 onetrees 
163 Widener, Theodore R  20 Sep 1903Washington, Virginia, USA I452837 onetrees 
164 Widener, Thomas Allen  30 Mar 1935Washington, Virginia, USA I452824 onetrees 
165 Widener, Thomas Elmer  30 Sep 1898Washington, Virginia, USA I452810 onetrees 
166 Widener, Thomas Jones  8 Mar 1886Washington, Virginia, USA I452753 onetrees 
167 Widener, Violet Christine   I452106 onetrees 
168 Widener, Virginia Delta  29 Jul 1917Washington, Virginia, USA I452851 onetrees 
169 Widener, Virginia Ruth  12 Feb 1929Washington, Virginia, USA I452821 onetrees 
170 Widener, William M  8 Dec 1859Washington, Virginia, USA I452797 onetrees 
171 Widener, William Roby  15 Oct 1885Washington, Virginia, USA I452803 onetrees 
172 Widener, William Speer  1820Washington, Virginia, USA I451923 onetrees 
173 Wright, Herbert Maxwell  23 Apr 1904Washington, Virginia, USA I452512 onetrees 
174 Wright, James  3 Apr 1826Washington, Virginia, USA I451925 onetrees 
175 Wright, John  22 Nov 1821Washington, Virginia, USA I451924 onetrees 
176 Wright, Margaret Lucille  6 Sep 1907Washington, Virginia, USA I452513 onetrees 
177 Wright, Wilbur Maurice  12 Oct 1897Washington, Virginia, USA I452510 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 MacConnell, Gertrude Eathaw  Washington, Virginia, USA I451509 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blevins, Elsie Evelyn  1962Washington, Virginia, USA I452812 onetrees 
2 Campbell, Wadey  10 Mar 1906Washington, Virginia, USA I452213 onetrees 
3 Colgate, William H B  1 Jul 1919Washington, Virginia, USA I451994 onetrees 
4 Crowell, Eliza Ann  11 Apr 1922Washington, Virginia, USA I452050 onetrees 
5 DeBusk, Rachel  Washington, Virginia, USA I451480 onetrees 
6 DeBusk, Sarah Eleanor  13 Mar 1959Washington, Virginia, USA I451556 onetrees 
7 Dennison, Mary Jane  27 Jul 1918Washington, Virginia, USA I453045 onetrees 
8 Gilbert, Mary Abigail  14 Apr 1948Washington, Virginia, USA I452801 onetrees 
9 Gross, Elizabeth  1821Washington, Virginia, USA I451985 onetrees 
10 Hand, William Alexander  27 Oct 1911Washington, Virginia, USA I452459 onetrees 
11 Hortenstine, Jacob  Aug 1803Washington, Virginia, USA I451667 onetrees 
12 Poe, Lydia Mae  16 Aug 1966Washington, Virginia, USA I452954 onetrees 
13 Poe, Marjorie Magdalene  16 Mar 2006Washington, Virginia, USA I452958 onetrees 
14 Poe, Maude  8 Apr 1973Washington, Virginia, USA I452955 onetrees 
15 Poe, Minnie Ruth  5 Oct 1997Washington, Virginia, USA I452956 onetrees 
16 Poe, Robert Howard  14 Mar 1928Washington, Virginia, USA I452959 onetrees 
17 Poe, William Lee  29 Nov 1994Washington, Virginia, USA I452957 onetrees 
18 Thomas, David  25 Oct 1854Washington, Virginia, USA I451983 onetrees 
19 Thomas, Eleanor J  18 Apr 1893Washington, Virginia, USA I451990 onetrees 
20 Thomas, Levisa  1872Washington, Virginia, USA I452006 onetrees 
21 Widener, Abraham  25 Mar 1876Washington, Virginia, USA I451565 onetrees 
22 Widener, Andrew Franklin  3 Jul 1915Washington, Virginia, USA I452799 onetrees 
23 Widener, Barbara  1816Washington, Virginia, USA I451592 onetrees 
24 Widener, Bernice Francis  28 Mar 2004Washington, Virginia, USA I452968 onetrees 
25 Widener, Clarissa  5 Feb 1915Washington, Virginia, USA I452570 onetrees 
26 Widener, Eliza A  24 Feb 1965Washington, Virginia, USA I452802 onetrees 
27 Widener, Henry  17 Mar 1925Washington, Virginia, USA I452834 onetrees 
28 Widener, Isaac  1897Washington, Virginia, USA I451564 onetrees 
29 Widener, James Ernest  30 May 1962Washington, Virginia, USA I452830 onetrees 
30 Widener, Joel  Feb 1864Washington, Virginia, USA I452029 onetrees 
31 Widener, Johann Heinrich  1808Washington, Virginia, USA I451489 onetrees 
32 Widener, John  Washington, Virginia, USA I451479 onetrees 
33 Widener, John Campbell  15 May 1938Washington, Virginia, USA I452798 onetrees 
34 Widener, John Harrison  1956Washington, Virginia, USA I452805 onetrees 
35 Widener, John Thaddeus  1847Washington, Virginia, USA I451483 onetrees 
36 Widener, Lavonia  30 Jan 1968Washington, Virginia, USA I451729 onetrees 
37 Widener, Margaret  8 Feb 1880Washington, Virginia, USA I451610 onetrees 
38 Widener, Martha Delaney  1921Washington, Virginia, USA I452817 onetrees 
39 Widener, Martha L  11 Jan 1938Washington, Virginia, USA I452294 onetrees 
40 Widener, Mary  3 Mar 1911Washington, Virginia, USA I452571 onetrees 
41 Widener, Mary Catherine  Jun 1831Washington, Virginia, USA I451590 onetrees 
42 Widener, Norven Preston  14 Sep 1977Washington, Virginia, USA I452839 onetrees 
43 Widener, Ora  30 May 1954Washington, Virginia, USA I452293 onetrees 
44 Widener, Theodore R  14 Apr 1969Washington, Virginia, USA I452837 onetrees 
45 Widener, Thomas  15 Jun 1859Washington, Virginia, USA I451678 onetrees 
46 Widener, Thomas Allen  15 Feb 1991Washington, Virginia, USA I452824 onetrees 
47 Widener, William Speer  10 Oct 1894Washington, Virginia, USA I451923 onetrees 
48 Wright, James  23 Oct 1827Washington, Virginia, USA I451925 onetrees 
49 Wright, John  5 Feb 1839Washington, Virginia, USA I451924 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crowell, Eliza Ann  Washington, Virginia, USA I452050 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blevins / Widener  30 May 1878Washington, Virginia, USA F3961 onetrees 
2 Colgate / Thomas  26 Jan 1849Washington, Virginia, USA F5492 onetrees 
3 DeBusk / Widener  8 Sep 1853Washington, Virginia, USA F4401 onetrees 
4 DeBusk / Widener  27 Nov 1859Washington, Virginia, USA F4388 onetrees 
5 DeBusk / Widener  26 Jul 1894Washington, Virginia, USA F3767 onetrees 
6 Edmondson / Widener  29 Apr 1847Washington, Virginia, USA F173486 onetrees 
7 Hand / Dunn  2 Oct 1920Washington, Virginia, USA F3915 onetrees 
8 Hand / Widener  15 Apr 1834Washington, Virginia, USA F4412 onetrees 
9 MacThenia / Widener  12 May 1880Washington, Virginia, USA F3612 onetrees 
10 Poe / Hand  12 Nov 1898Washington, Virginia, USA F3888 onetrees 
11 Rambo / Widener  12 Jan 1864Washington, Virginia, USA F5257 onetrees 
12 Rosenbaum / Baker  20 Nov 1896Washington, Virginia, USA F4080 onetrees 
13 Rosenbaum / Widener  29 Oct 1868Washington, Virginia, USA F4090 onetrees 
14 Speer / Widener  25 Feb 1885Washington, Virginia, USA F4431 onetrees 
15 Thomas / Widener  23 Sep 1787Washington, Virginia, USA F103682 onetrees 
16 Widener / Bishop  6 Mar 1896Washington, Virginia, USA F172994 onetrees 
17 Widener / Callahan  1782Washington, Virginia, USA F173464 onetrees 
18 Widener / Cook  28 Oct 1895Washington, Virginia, USA F173526 onetrees 
19 Widener / Crowell  2 Jun 1853Washington, Virginia, USA F173470 onetrees 
20 Widener / Elliott  22 Dec 1894Washington, Virginia, USA F4774 onetrees 
21 Widener / Larimer  1867Washington, Virginia, USA F173535 onetrees 
22 Widener / Rosenbaum  15 Dec 1816Washington, Virginia, USA F175543 onetrees 
23 Widener / Rosenbaum  26 Aug 1841Washington, Virginia, USA F173583 onetrees 
24 Widener / Rosenbaum  7 May 1890Washington, Virginia, USA F4264 onetrees 
25 Widener / Ward  13 Feb 1874Washington, Virginia, USA F5060 onetrees 
26 Widener / Widener  26 Oct 1889Washington, Virginia, USA F4677 onetrees 
27 Widener / Wills  25 Nov 1869Washington, Virginia, USA F172996 onetrees 
28 Widner / Tilson  20 May 1902Washington, Virginia, USA F3769 onetrees 
29 Wright / Rosenbaum  8 Dec 1892Washington, Virginia, USA F4307 onetrees 

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