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Van Buren County, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Gladys Alise  19 Feb 1924Van Buren County, Tennessee I428917
2 Bishop, John P  Mar 1897Van Buren County, Tennessee I429801
3 Bishop, Leila   I429871
4 Bishop, Walter Mills  12 Dec 1894Van Buren County, Tennessee I429532
5 Christian, Cora  3 Dec 1890Van Buren County, Tennessee I429841
6 Clark, Willene  10 Jun 1918Van Buren County, Tennessee I429409
7 Cole, Elmer W  9 Feb 1895Van Buren County, Tennessee I429563
8 Gamble, Frances Josephine  9 Jan 1877Van Buren County, Tennessee I430221
9 George, Bee  13 Jul 1898Van Buren County, Tennessee I430663
10 George, Eucle  15 Apr 1919Van Buren County, Tennessee I430217
11 George, Herbert  24 Jun 1929Van Buren County, Tennessee I429652
12 George, Imogene  3 Oct 1926Van Buren County, Tennessee I430213
13 George, James D "J D"  5 Mar 1921Van Buren County, Tennessee I430214
14 Gillentine, Ellen  1840Van Buren County, Tennessee I429852
15 Gillentine, George Franklin "Frank"  10 Feb 1891Van Buren County, Tennessee I430586
16 Gillentine, John L  1839Van Buren County, Tennessee I429664
17 Gillentine, Joseph Arthur  28 Jan 1869Van Buren County, Tennessee I430579
18 Gillentine, Margaret "Maggie"  6 May 1900Van Buren County, Tennessee I430584
19 Gillentine, Martha Ann "Marthie"  22 Dec 1851Van Buren County, Tennessee I428815
20 Gillentine, Mary  1901Van Buren County, Tennessee I430585
21 Gillentine, Micajah Terry "Terry"  29 Oct 1843Van Buren County, Tennessee I429661
22 Gillentine, Rachel Jane "Babe"  10 Dec 1849Van Buren County, Tennessee I428989
23 Gillentine, Spencer Parker  3 Feb 1848Van Buren County, Tennessee I429669
24 Gillentine, William  1844Van Buren County, Tennessee I429666
25 Grissom, Ambrose Wesley  16 Jun 1872Van Buren County, Tennessee I430058
26 Grissom, Cecil Elijah  18 Jan 1903Van Buren County, Tennessee I428992
27 Grissom, Elijah  10 Mar 1836Van Buren County, Tennessee I430056
28 Grove, William M "Billy"  4 Apr 1927Van Buren County, Tennessee I430212
29 Hennessee, Aimee Marcella  18 Nov 1967Van Buren County, Tennessee I428980
30 Hennessee, Jeffery Wayne   I428982
31 Hennessee, Lloyd Kenneth "Kenneth"   I428973
32 Hennessee, Richey Lynn   I428981
33 Hill, Martha Jane "Malissa"  24 Sep 1825Van Buren County, Tennessee I429970
34 Hillis, Alice "Allie"  Van Buren County, Tennessee I429870
35 Hillis, Arch Edley "Edd"  17 Dec 1883Van Buren County, Tennessee I429825
36 Hillis, James Earl  13 Dec 1921Van Buren County, Tennessee I430643
37 Hillis, John Melvin  3 Jan 1925Van Buren County, Tennessee I430645
38 Hillis, Juanita  27 Jul 1923Van Buren County, Tennessee I430644
39 Hillis, Karl Irving  4 Aug 1920Van Buren County, Tennessee I430642
40 Hillis, Lawson Monroe "Lassie Man"  Sep 1892Van Buren County, Tennessee I429853
41 Hillis, Marion Parker "Parker"  22 May 1933Van Buren County, Tennessee I430646
42 Hillis, Nolin B  5 Oct 1907Van Buren County, Tennessee I429606
43 Hillis, Sarah Ann "Sallie"  1867Van Buren County, Tennessee I429828
44 Hillis, William M  25 Sep 1891Van Buren County, Tennessee I429891
45 Humphrey, Jennie  1904Van Buren County, Tennessee I430105
46 Humphrey, Joseph B  1901Van Buren County, Tennessee I430104
47 Humphrey, Nancy B  1899Van Buren County, Tennessee I430103
48 Johnson, Nancy Cathleen  2 May 1844Van Buren County, Tennessee I430057
49 Johnson, Rachel Lydia  8 Mar 1873Van Buren County, Tennessee I430912
50 Martin, Maxa Jane "Maxie"  8 Sep 1869Van Buren County, Tennessee I428825
51 McBride, Darthula E "Thula"  12 Jul 1870Van Buren County, Tennessee I430216
52 Miller, Elizabeth Jane  3 Mar 1845Van Buren County, Tennessee I430220
53 Roberts, Louella  9 Jul 1891Van Buren County, Tennessee I429540
54 Slatton, Amanda Charlotte  11 Aug 1840Van Buren County, Tennessee I430885
55 Sparkman, Annie Jane  30 Nov 1898Van Buren County, Tennessee I430662
56 Sparkman, Elijah H  12 Apr 1857Van Buren County, Tennessee I430215
57 Sparkman, George Washington "Squire"  18 Jan 1824Van Buren County, Tennessee I429969
58 Sparkman, William Lewis  22 Feb 1855Van Buren County, Tennessee I429971


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth Jane "Bettie"  18 Feb 1930Van Buren County, Tennessee I428991
2 Campen, Mary Vida  2 Jul 1961Van Buren County, Tennessee I430580
3 Drake, William Carter  11 Sep 1915Van Buren County, Tennessee I428926
4 Gamble, Hettie  11 Sep 1915Van Buren County, Tennessee I429921
5 Gamble, Robert Sr.  14 Oct 1862Van Buren County, Tennessee I429922
6 Gamble, Robert Jr.  12 Mar 1888Van Buren County, Tennessee I429925
7 George, Herbert  7 Dec 1929Van Buren County, Tennessee I429652
8 Gillentine, George Franklin "Frank"  27 Nov 1960Van Buren County, Tennessee I430586
9 Gillentine, Harrison Clay  1901Van Buren County, Tennessee I429789
10 Gillentine, John "Squire John"  2 Jul 1870Van Buren County, Tennessee I428994
11 Gillentine, Joseph Arthur  24 Mar 1913Van Buren County, Tennessee I430579
12 Gillentine, Margaret  22 Mar 1871Van Buren County, Tennessee I429923
13 Gillentine, Margaret "Maggie"  9 Mar 1989Van Buren County, Tennessee I430584
14 Grissom, Elijah  7 Mar 1911Van Buren County, Tennessee I430056
15 Hennessee, John Raymond  25 Sep 1987Van Buren County, Tennessee I428897
16 Hill, Elijah  25 Oct 1854Van Buren County, Tennessee I429974
17 Hillis, Arch Edley "Edd"  10 Sep 1948Van Buren County, Tennessee I429825
18 Hillis, Biggie  20 Nov 1915Van Buren County, Tennessee I429867
19 Hillis, Christopher Columbus "Lum"  18 Mar 1919Van Buren County, Tennessee I429827
20 Hillis, Clarence  Van Buren County, Tennessee I429898
21 Hillis, James Irving "Irving"  7 Jan 1976Van Buren County, Tennessee I429605
22 Hillis, James Titus "Titus"  22 Apr 1983Van Buren County, Tennessee I429842
23 Hillis, Juanita  19 Nov 1926Van Buren County, Tennessee I430644
24 Hillis, Lawson Monroe "Lassie Man"  7 Nov 1962Van Buren County, Tennessee I429853
25 Hillis, Maud  30 Oct 1922Van Buren County, Tennessee I429822
26 Hillis, Nolin B  29 Sep 1974Van Buren County, Tennessee I429606
27 Humphrey, Joseph Franklin  27 Nov 1915Van Buren County, Tennessee I429556
28 Johnson, Nancy Cathleen  31 Jul 1880Van Buren County, Tennessee I430057
29 Martin, Mary "Polly"  23 Sep 1832Van Buren County, Tennessee I428995
30 Parker, Margaret  22 Jul 1895Van Buren County, Tennessee I428996
31 Roberts, Louella  18 Jul 1967Van Buren County, Tennessee I429540
32 Sparkman, Annie Jane  10 Dec 1977Van Buren County, Tennessee I430662
33 Sparkman, Elijah H  10 Mar 1917Van Buren County, Tennessee I430215
34 Walker, Nancy Lavina "Vina"  27 Mar 1963Van Buren County, Tennessee I430102
35 Ward, Lucy Jane  25 Oct 1953Van Buren County, Tennessee I429850


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Drake, William Carter  Van Buren County, Tennessee I428926


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bishop / Hillis  16 May 1920Van Buren County, Tennessee F164723
2 Bishop / Wiseman  28 Jul 1890Van Buren County, Tennessee F164592
3 Drake / Gamble  14 Mar 1854Van Buren County, Tennessee F164740
4 Gamble / Miller  13 Nov 1864Van Buren County, Tennessee F164859
5 George / Sparkman  19 Jan 1918Van Buren County, Tennessee F164857
6 Gillentine / Campen  11 Jul 1889Van Buren County, Tennessee F165004
7 Gillentine / Christian  21 Mar 1916Van Buren County, Tennessee F165008
8 Haston / Gillentine  1815Van Buren County, Tennessee F164306
9 Hillis / Bishop  11 Aug 1907Van Buren County, Tennessee F164704
10 Hillis / Gillentine  20 Aug 1888Van Buren County, Tennessee F164714
11 Hillis / Gillentine  7 May 1919Van Buren County, Tennessee F165007
12 Hillis / Hillis  8 Jan 1902Van Buren County, Tennessee F164713
13 Hillis / Holland  19 Feb 1910Van Buren County, Tennessee F164722
14 Hillis / Roberts  12 Aug 1910Van Buren County, Tennessee F164727
15 Hillis / Russell  13 Mar 1910Van Buren County, Tennessee F164720
16 Hillis / Ward  18 Sep 1926Van Buren County, Tennessee F164717
17 Johnson / Sparkman  16 Dec 1860Van Buren County, Tennessee F164982
18 Moore / Cole  26 Mar 1916Van Buren County, Tennessee F114536
19 Swindell / Clark  13 Jun 1940Van Buren County, Tennessee F165013
20 Winstead / Swindle  10 Jul 1940Van Buren County, Tennessee F164430
21 Wiseman / Hillis  17 Mar 1896Van Buren County, Tennessee F164719

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