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Van Buren County) Tennessee



Matches 1 to 104 of 104

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Lina Mae  28 Jan 1892Van Buren County) Tennessee I429800
2 Bryant, Amanda  1901Van Buren County) Tennessee I430882
3 Bryant, Gabriel Lafayette "Fate"  11 Jun 1847Van Buren County) Tennessee I429128
4 Bryant, Mattie  1908Van Buren County) Tennessee I430883
5 Cole, Avo Elizabeth  1899Van Buren County) Tennessee I274995
6 Davis, Sophia  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429909
7 Drake, William Carter  7 Jul 1828Van Buren County) Tennessee I428926
8 Fults, Pauline  26 Jun 1917Van Buren County) Tennessee I429943
9 Fults, Russell "Russ"  11 Aug 1884Van Buren County) Tennessee I429907
10 Gamble, Elizabeth  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429928
11 Gamble, Hettie  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429921
12 Gamble, John R  31 Aug 1838Van Buren County) Tennessee I429926
13 Gamble, Margaret  1841Van Buren County) Tennessee I429927
14 Gamble, Milton  1827Van Buren County) Tennessee I429924
15 Gamble, Robert Jr.  12 Jan 1831Van Buren County) Tennessee I429925
16 Gillentine, Arthur P  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429786
17 Gillentine, Charles Smith  10 Jan 1897Van Buren County) Tennessee I430577
18 Gillentine, Eleanor P  1840Van Buren County) Tennessee I429788
19 Gillentine, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1800Van Buren County) Tennessee I430705
20 Gillentine, Elizabeth "Bessie"  21 Mar 1894Van Buren County) Tennessee I430582
21 Gillentine, Elizabeth C  1849Van Buren County) Tennessee I429791
22 Gillentine, George W  1844Van Buren County) Tennessee I429790
23 Gillentine, Harriet Malvina "Sis"  1846Van Buren County) Tennessee I429639
24 Gillentine, Harrison Clay  Oct 1841Van Buren County) Tennessee I429789
25 Gillentine, John Parker  2 Nov 1846Van Buren County) Tennessee I429510
26 Gillentine, John White  1838Van Buren County) Tennessee I429787
27 Gillentine, Margaret  26 Oct 1868Van Buren County) Tennessee I429374
28 Gillentine, Martha  12 Apr 1808Van Buren County) Tennessee I430711
29 Gillentine, Parker  1905-1906Van Buren County) Tennessee I430651
30 Gillentine, William T  1847Van Buren County) Tennessee I429847
31 Gillentine, William Throckmorton  29 Oct 1822Van Buren County) Tennessee I430704
32 Hillis, Anna Mae  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429872
33 Hillis, Arthur Calhoun  Jun 1899Van Buren County) Tennessee I429843
34 Hillis, Arzie  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429895
35 Hillis, Biggie  27 Dec 1913Van Buren County) Tennessee I429867
36 Hillis, Christopher Columbus "Lum"  30 Mar 1852Van Buren County) Tennessee I429827
37 Hillis, Clarence  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429898
38 Hillis, Cleo  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429902
39 Hillis, Clyde  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429899
40 Hillis, Daisey Dean  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429866
41 Hillis, Della  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429878
42 Hillis, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1 Jun 1888Van Buren County) Tennessee I429838
43 Hillis, Ellie Leroy  25 Mar 1911Van Buren County) Tennessee I429856
44 Hillis, Ernest  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429874
45 Hillis, Flim  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429861
46 Hillis, Georgia Lee  Dec 1899Van Buren County) Tennessee I429846
47 Hillis, Grover Cleveland  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429868
48 Hillis, Hubert Lee  5 Jan 1933Van Buren County) Tennessee I429901
49 Hillis, Irvin  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429875
50 Hillis, James Irving "Irving"  29 Feb 1888Van Buren County) Tennessee I429605
51 Hillis, James Titus "Titus"  Nov 1889Van Buren County) Tennessee I429842
52 Hillis, James William "Jim"  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429873
53 Hillis, Jesse D  22 Feb 1886Van Buren County) Tennessee I429836
54 Hillis, Jonathan "Jott"  Nov 1892Van Buren County) Tennessee I429839
55 Hillis, Jonathan L "Jott"  4 Apr 1860Van Buren County) Tennessee I429823
56 Hillis, Kenneth B  13 Feb 1915Van Buren County) Tennessee I429903
57 Hillis, Letha  1902Van Buren County) Tennessee I429897
58 Hillis, Levander  21 Jun 1878Van Buren County) Tennessee I429844
59 Hillis, Lilie May  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429857
60 Hillis, Lizzie  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429865
61 Hillis, Lottie  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429859
62 Hillis, Marion Terry  1898Van Buren County) Tennessee I429833
63 Hillis, Martha  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429849
64 Hillis, Martin  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429880
65 Hillis, Mary  6 Jun 1894Van Buren County) Tennessee I429831
66 Hillis, Mary P  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429869
67 Hillis, Mary Ruth  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429860
68 Hillis, Maud  27 Sep 1885Van Buren County) Tennessee I429822
69 Hillis, Morgan  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429858
70 Hillis, Nancy "Nannie"  12 Jul 1893Van Buren County) Tennessee I429830
71 Hillis, Nancy Jane  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429892
72 Hillis, Nellie J  1904Van Buren County) Tennessee I429893
73 Hillis, Oliver Edley  30 Jun 1887Van Buren County) Tennessee I429837
74 Hillis, Remus  1909Van Buren County) Tennessee I429879
75 Hillis, Revida  16 May 1898Van Buren County) Tennessee I429840
76 Hillis, Richard Dixon "Dixon"  9 Aug 1907Van Buren County) Tennessee I429802
77 Hillis, Roy  1908Van Buren County) Tennessee I429900
78 Hillis, Solomon Victor "Victor"  Nov 1881Van Buren County) Tennessee I429826
79 Hillis, Wade  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429876
80 Hillis, William Thomas  Mar 1900Van Buren County) Tennessee I429834
81 Hillis, Willie Ann  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429896
82 Hillis, Wilmus B  21 Jul 1916Van Buren County) Tennessee I429862
83 Hillis, Zora  28 Aug 1903Van Buren County) Tennessee I429848
84 Holland, Della Jane  18 Jul 1885Van Buren County) Tennessee I429864
85 Hyatt, Lavada  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429904
86 Jaco, Jeremiah J "Jerry"  16 Sep 1832Van Buren County) Tennessee I429016
87 Johnson, Tizzie Ann  15 Dec 1880Van Buren County) Tennessee I430881
88 McPherson, David  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429908
89 Mitchell, Ernest  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429912
90 Mooney, Sarah Jane "Sallie"  1845Van Buren County) Tennessee I430578
91 Moore, Bertha F  Jan 1890Van Buren County) Tennessee I429674
92 Moore, Casteen Vivian  1923-1924Van Buren County) Tennessee I274991
93 Moore, James  1920Van Buren County) Tennessee I274992
94 Moore, Mary E  1917-1918Van Buren County) Tennessee I274994
95 Moore, William Hershel  13 Nov 1893Van Buren County) Tennessee I429672
96 Nunley, Jessie  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429911
97 Roberts, Hother  1883Van Buren County) Tennessee I429863
98 Russell, Fluella  (CIRCA 1887)Van Buren County) Tennessee I429855
99 Rutledge, Levi  12 Jul 1884Van Buren County) Tennessee I428813
100 Templeton, Darthula  May 1842Van Buren County) Tennessee I429509
101 Ward, Lucy Jane  23 Feb 1892Van Buren County) Tennessee I429850
102 Wiseman, Elza L  12 Feb 1877Van Buren County) Tennessee I429845
103 Wiseman, Mary Naomi  1867Van Buren County) Tennessee I429835
104 Wiseman, Nancy Melvina "Melvina"  25 Apr 1874Van Buren County) Tennessee I429535


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bishop, James Monroe "Monroe"  19 Mar 1939Van Buren County) Tennessee I429534
2 Bishop, Lina Mae  17 May 1957Van Buren County) Tennessee I429800
3 Christian, Cora  18 May 1972Van Buren County) Tennessee I429841
4 Cummings, Eleanor Comis  ~ 1862Van Buren County) Tennessee I429965
5 Fults, Russell "Russ"  8 May 1968Van Buren County) Tennessee I429907
6 Gillentine, Ellen  1912Van Buren County) Tennessee I429852
7 Hill, Lavina  15 Jul 1888Van Buren County) Tennessee I430531
8 Hill, Martha Jane "Malissa"  24 Dec 1875Van Buren County) Tennessee I429970
9 Hillis, Clyde  Van Buren County) Tennessee I429899
10 Hillis, James R "Jim Teck"  1 Mar 1949Van Buren County) Tennessee I429829
11 Hillis, Jesse D  28 May 1937Van Buren County) Tennessee I429836
12 Hillis, Kenneth B  1 May 1926Van Buren County) Tennessee I429903
13 Hillis, Solomon Victor "Victor"  10 Jun 1953Van Buren County) Tennessee I429826
14 Holland, Della Jane  2 Jan 1975Van Buren County) Tennessee I429864
15 Johnson, Squire  6 Sep 1872Van Buren County) Tennessee I430530
16 Mooney, Sarah Jane "Sallie"  1919Van Buren County) Tennessee I430578
17 Sparkman, George Washington "Squire"  22 Apr 1887Van Buren County) Tennessee I429969
18 Wiseman, Nancy Melvina "Melvina"  8 Jan 1914Van Buren County) Tennessee I429535


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Curtis / Gillentine  Van Buren County) Tennessee F165006
2 Fults / Hillis  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164733
3 Gillentine / Mooney  Van Buren County) Tennessee F165003
4 Gillentine / Parker  27 Nov 1834Van Buren County) Tennessee F164421
5 Gillentine / Seitz  1874Van Buren County) Tennessee F164454
6 Gillentine / Womack  Van Buren County) Tennessee F165005
7 Grissom / Grissom  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164793
8 Grissom / Johnson  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164792
9 Hennessee / Grissom  ~ 1942Van Buren County) Tennessee F164388
10 Hillis / Davis  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164735
11 Hillis / Hyatt  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164729
12 Hillis / Measles   F164323
13 Hillis / Nunley  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164737
14 Hillis / Simpson  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164736
15 Hillis / Wiseman  1900Van Buren County) Tennessee F164724
16 Humphrey / Walker  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164808
17 Roberts / Hillis  6 Nov 1908Van Buren County) Tennessee F164721
18 Sparkman / Hill  Van Buren County) Tennessee F164757

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