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Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway



Matches 1 to 100 of 100

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ragnhild  9 Feb 1900Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I265206
2 Aagaard, Johannes  7 Jul 1820Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I107848
3 Arnesen, Sigurd  22 Jul 1918Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I264839
4 Baadt, Hans Lauritsen  1520Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I253513
5 Baadt, Karen Hansen  1560Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I119102
6 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Christian U  1880Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I102181
7 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Otto H  1878Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I102182
8 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Thale F E  1881Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I102180
9 Berbom, Gerd  11 Jan 1900Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285326
10 Berbom, Karl  17 Oct 1896Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285325
11 Berbom, Matthias  10 Nov 1859Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285324
12 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Christian  1697Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I101189
13 Brockenhuus (Brockenhuus), Caspar Christopher  1649Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I114729
14 Brockenhuus (Brockenhuus), Johan Frederik  1682Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I23320
15 Brockenhuus (Brockenhuus), Sophie  Abt 1680Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I386232
16 Brockenhuus von Løwenhielm (Brockenhuus), Hans  20 Aug 1679Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I132577
17 Bruhn (Bruhn of Norway), Annine Henriette  13 Sep 1823Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I107838
18 Bull, Peder Jacobsen  1709Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I112305
19 Bødtker, Eivind Olaf  1862Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I128502
20 Bødtker, Sophie Sejersted  1864Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I128501
21 Christensen, Christen  Abt 1801Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I431802
22 Colbiørnsen, Johan Henrik Gustaf  2 Apr 1826Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I5546
23 Coldevin, Cort  1645Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I419144
24 Crøger, Bodil Larsen  1715Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I99891
25 Egeberg (Egeberg of Norway), Gerd  14 Mar 1915Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I190953
26 Erlandsen, Sophie Vilhelmine Mariane Henriette  11 Jan 1878Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I179789
27 Faye, Anna Cathrine  1795Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I117079
28 Faye, David  1794Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138007
29 Faye, David Marcussen  Abt 1700Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138051
30 Faye, Karen  1796Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I117078
31 Faye, Ulricha  1799Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I117077
32 Frødin, Anna Marie  1857Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I104983
33 Gløersen, Glør  1796Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I97399
34 Grewe, Magdalene Margrethe Koren  1827Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I122553
35 Grønvold, Anna Jonine  1850Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124764
36 Grønvold, Christin Wilhelm  1855Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124763
37 Grønvold, Hans Aimar Mow  1846Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124766
38 Grønvold, Ludvig Høst  1848Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124765
39 Hagemann (Hagemann of Norway), Caroline Cecilie Adelaide  2 Nov 1841Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98584
40 Hansen, Agnes  18 Jan 1866Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I112495
41 Hasberg, Agnes  28 Aug 1846Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I99293
42 Hasberg, Hanne Marie  1847Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I128480
43 Holck (Holck of Toensberg), Cathrine Maria Jensen  1738Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I126103
44 Holck (Holck of Toensberg), Jens Olsen  1706Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I126098
45 Holck (Holck of Toensberg), Kirstine  1746Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I126095
46 Holck (Holck of Toensberg), Ole Jensen  1734Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I126094
47 Holst, Karen Sophia  1769Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I112004
48 Kaalund (Kaalund), Carl Alexander  11 Oct 1798Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I408281
49 Kløcker, Johanne Marie Munk von  11 Sep 1870Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I78222
50 Larsen, Johanne Cathrine  1789Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I110669
51 Lyng, Marthe Kristine  1825Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I118170
52 Monrad, Louise Catrine  22 Sep 1818Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I412357
53 Monrad, Søren Christian  6 Sep 1817Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I412358
54 Monsen, Ole Christian  1874Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98243
55 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Louise Bugge  13 Feb 1799Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123032
56 Norman, Karen  1724Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I117090
57 Norway (Fairhair), Magnus VI, King of  1238Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I203973
58 Olavsen, Johnine Christina Marie  1783Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124683
59 Petterøe, Alvilde Emilie  25 Oct 1879Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I212083
60 Petterøe, Christen Petrus  14 Apr 1883Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I212084
61 Petterøe, Elias  26 Oct 1881Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I132121
62 Petterøe, Hedvig  11 Apr 1887Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I212085
63 Petterøe, Marie  19 Apr 1885Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I212086
64 Riegelsen, Aagot Constance  1858Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123983
65 Riegelsen, Agnes Wilhelmine  1864Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123978
66 Riegelsen, Albert Richard  1858Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123981
67 Riegelsen, Betsy Andrea  1861Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123979
68 Riegelsen, Charlotte Amalie Rasmussen  27 Mar 1824Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124000
69 Riegelsen, Emma Mathilde  1855Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123984
70 Riegelsen, Hans Christian Hansen  11 Jun 1818Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I282448
71 Riegelsen, Karen Andrea Rasmussen  20 Jul 1821Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I282474
72 Riegelsen, Ludvig Ferdinand  1853Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123985
73 Riegelsen, Ludvig Ferdinand Rasmussen  1828Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123988
74 Riegelsen, Oscar Severin  1860Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123980
75 Riegelsen, Richard Albert  1859Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I282506
76 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Maren Nagell Clausen  1525Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I253512
77 Schulstock, Ivar N  Abt 1875Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I112294
78 Seeberg, Anna  5 Jan 1860Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285323
79 Seeberg, Axel  26 Jun 1870Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285340
80 Seeberg, Dagny  5 Oct 1872Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285345
81 Seeberg, Eilert August  7 Aug 1864Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285328
82 Seeberg, Elise  28 May 1868Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285337
83 Seeberg, Hans  21 May 1826Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I107829
84 Seeberg, Hans  21 Jan 1866Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285336
85 Seeberg, Hjalmar  25 Jan 1863Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285327
86 Seeberg, Ida Thomine  5 Jan 1877Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285346
87 Seeberg, Johanne Marie  1787Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I101242
88 Seeberg, Kristoffer  28 Sep 1865Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285329
89 Seeberg, Leif  28 Jan 1898Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285342
90 Seeberg, Marie  4 Nov 1857Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285315
91 Smith (Smith of Norway), Nilsine Barbarine  1811Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I97557
92 Thue, Samuel Johan  1814Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I111209
93 Thurmann, Jacob Larsen  Abt 1617Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I113072
94 Thurmann, Sofie Vilhelmine  1852Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I121667
95 Vind (Vind), Ove Johan  9 Jul 1730Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I159870
96 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Alice Hermine Lenna, Comtesse   I103432
97 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Carl Nicolaus, Ruling Count   I163329
98 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Catharina Hermine, Comtesse   I163328
99 Wilhelmsen (Wilhelmsen of Norway), Halfdan  1864Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I384981
100 Wilhelmsen (Wilhelmsen of Norway), Wilhelm  1872Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I384972


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Inger Kirstine  18 Feb 1727Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I81886
2 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Inger Marie  9 Oct 1721Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I81898
3 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Mads  4 May 1719Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I81925
4 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Sørine  22 Oct 1720Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I81911
5 Hagemann (Hagemann of Norway), Caroline Cecilie Adelaide  28 Nov 1841Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98584
6 Riegelsen, Aagot Constance  2 Apr 1858Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123983
7 Riegelsen, Agnes Wilhelmine  4 Jul 1865Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123978
8 Riegelsen, Betsy Andrea  23 Nov 1862Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123979
9 Riegelsen, Cecilie Natalia Rasmussen  17 Aug 1834Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I282449
10 Riegelsen, Charlotte Amalie Rasmussen  8 Apr 1824Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I124000
11 Riegelsen, Hans Christian Hansen  25 Jun 1818Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I282448
12 Riegelsen, Ludvig Ferdinand Rasmussen  2 Mar 1828Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123988
13 Riegelsen, Oscar Severin  Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123980
14 Seeberg, Hans  21 Aug 1826Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I107829


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berg, Anne Erikka Schytte  24 May 1866Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I113126
2 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Cecilia Cathrine  26 May 1859Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I97401
3 Bjørnsen (Fairhair), Gudrød  968Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I205547
4 Brockenhuus (Brockenhuus), Johan  1673Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I14599
5 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Inger Marie  1727Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I81898
6 Bruusgaard, Arne Gram  27 Jun 1992Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I189792
7 Coldevin, Jørgen  16 Jan 1658Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I59203
8 Corneliusen, Elias  5 Apr 1951Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I1560
9 Coucheron, Friderich Henrich  10 Feb 1798Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I398361
10 Coucheron, Iver  12 Sep 1790Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I398357
11 Falck (Falck of Norway), Johanne Isaacsen  1675Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I59955
12 Faye, David  11 May 1857Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138007
13 Faye, David Marcussen  1776Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138051
14 Faye, Marcus Davidsen  1751Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98864
15 Faye, Mathias Wilhelm  11 Sep 1811Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138050
16 Gill, John  8 Mar 1899Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I119480
17 Harmsen, Antonette Frantzen  1832Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138049
18 Heidenreich, Zeraphia Hanna Maria  2 Mar 1876Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I113128
19 Kielland (Kielland), Sylvia  11 Dec 1978Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I264838
20 Monrad, Louise Catrine  1901Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I412357
21 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Nicolai Krog Oscar von  16 Nov 1908Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I17187
22 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Ole Knudsen  Abt 1801Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123022
23 Norman, Karen  1801Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I117090
24 Petterøe, Elias  15 Jun 1887Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I207114
25 Riegelsen, Emma Mathilde  1877Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123984
26 Samsing, Maren Anne Elisabeth  9 Jun 1855Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138004
27 Schaar, Anna Sophie  1 Jun 1841Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I123010
28 Schubarth, Anna Sibylle  1852Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I116430
29 Scotland (Dunkeld), Margaret, Princess of  9 Apr 1283Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I202973
30 Seeberg, Hans  15 Nov 1894Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285336
31 Seeberg, Hjalmar  26 Oct 1874Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I285327
32 Seeberg, Johanne Marie  1869Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I101242
33 Segelcke, Elisa Olympia  7 Jan 1877Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I107811
34 Stang, Elisabeth "Vesla"  3 Oct 1978Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I189791
35 Vind (Vind), Holger Christian  6 Feb 1744Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I159877
36 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Gustav Wilhelm, Ruling Count  18 Aug 1999Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I103467
37 Weinwich, Margrethe  1755Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98863


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Faye, David  16 May 1857Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138007
2 Nilsen, Pernille Ulrikke Amalie "Betta"  Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I168409
3 Petterøe, Elias  Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I132121
4 Petterøe, Elias  Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I206499
5 Rudolph, Lucie  Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I212088
6 Samsing, Maren Anne Elisabeth  15 Jun 1855Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I138004
7 Weinwich, Margrethe  20 Aug 1755Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway I98863


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berbom / Seeberg  1895Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F114618
2 Ihlen / Spæren  1865Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F42745
3 Norway (Fairhair) / Denmark (Munsö)  998Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F83661
4 Olsen / Riegelsen  19 Oct 1851Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F52836
5 Paulsen / Riegelsen  1 Dec 1861Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F117265
6 Riegelsen / Husøe  21 Nov 1817Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F52834
7 Seeberg / Seeberg  7 Dec 1893Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F114485
8 Vetlesen / Seeberg  18 Jul 1877Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F114691
9 Wiborg (Wiborg) / Holst  3 Sep 1792Toensberg, Vestfold, Norway F48689

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