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Toender, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 92 of 92

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Laust Christian   I54266
2 Andresen (Andresen), Nicolai  24 Sep 1781Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I99356
3 Anthonisen, Carl  12 Sep 1808Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I56680
4 Bjørnholm, Sven   I223517
5 Bluhme, Johannes Bartlomæus  1 Nov 1681Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I160037
6 Boysen, Nicolay  19 Dec 1806Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I188257
7 Bülow (Bülow), Frands Sophus von  24 Sep 1803Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I199132
8 Creutz  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I176106
9 Daimer, Asmus  19 Aug 1871Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I132502
10 Dessauer, Marcus  4 Aug 1814Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I134805
11 Eggert, Michael Dixen   I59553
12 Fabricius (Fabricius), Johan Christian  7 Jan 1745Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I161276
13 Fogh (Fogh), Clemens Jørgensen  3 Feb 1682Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I200567
14 Fogh (Fogh), Sophie Elisabeth  Sep 1708Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I200566
15 Frandsen, Josias  1663Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I24318
16 Gjessing (Gjessing), Astrid  16 Oct 1863Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I18686
17 Hagerup, Henning Arnisæus Irgens  23 Apr 1860Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I31282
18 Hagerup, Henrik Jørgen  3 Sep 1865Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97053
19 Hagerup, Karen Skak  8 Feb 1862Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97028
20 Hagerup, Marie  10 Jun 1863Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97041
21 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hans Erik Stausø Nielsen   I184173
22 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Kirsten Nielsen   I184188
23 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Jørn Stausø Nielsen   I184201
24 Harding, Karen Bendixsen  1636Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I64577
25 Heyn, Catharina Dorothea  16 Jan 1773Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I77626
26 Holstein (Holstein), Christina Friederica von  6 Jun 1741Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I243978
27 Holstein (Holstein), Jens  1783Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I108760
28 Jacobsen, Christian Emil Olufsen  16 Sep 1893Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45108
29 Jensen, Lene   I59324
30 Lassen, Jens  20 May 1751Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72203
31 Lassen, Marine  Aug 1726Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I51086
32 Lichtenberg (Lichtenberg of Poland), Martin  6 Aug 1954Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I142047
33 Linnet, Hans  19 Jan 1906Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I444966
34 Lund, Axel   I407030
35 Lund, Erik   I407031
36 Lund, Keld   I400567
37 Lydersen, Maren  Abt 1605Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I183555
38 Mathiessen, Josephine Frederikke  24 Mar 1808Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I86033
39 Melbye, Klaus   I201836
40 Melbye, Lisbeth   I57158
41 Mielke, Kurt   I91701
42 Müller (Müller of Naestved), Johanne Marie  25 Apr 1852Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I42659
43 Neuber, Gustav Adolf  24 Jun 1850Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I23869
44 Nielsen, Inga Bandsberg   I55964
45 Nuesse, Ilse Ottilie Fridericke  4 Mar 1907Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I196820
46 Ohrt, Inge   I142261
47 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Anna Marie  29 May 1860Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45204
48 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Anna Sophie  10 Jul 1899Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72205
49 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Christine  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45183
50 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Cornelia Skak  1858Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45214
51 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Elisabeth  14 Jul 1900Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72204
52 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Lars "Las"  1869Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45174
53 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Marie Elisabeth  7 May 1898Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72206
54 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Oluf Peter  16 Jun 1869Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45169
55 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Peter  6 Jun 1862Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45203
56 Pedersen, Ulrich Normann   I176199
57 Petersen, Ane "Anna" Marie  25 Nov 1845Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I44013
58 Petersen, Helene  11 Feb 1906Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I184853
59 Petraeus, Margrethe Jørgensen  13 Jul 1562Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I408653
60 Prætorius, Helena Elisabeth  3 Oct 1715Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I60463
61 Rahr, Margrethe  19 May 1921Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I74170
62 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Detlev Ludvig Sophus Vilhelm Ernst, Count  3 Sep 1857Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I113662
63 Reventlow (Reventlow), Frederik Christian Detlev Ludvig Emil, Count  15 Jun 1855Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I136557
64 Reventlow (Reventlow), Gerhardine Frederikke Louise Sophie Agnes, Comtesse  5 Jun 1852Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I113442
65 Reventlow (Reventlow), Johanne Charlotte Agnes Friederike Sophie Gottfriede, Comtesse  1 Jul 1859Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I136779
66 Reventlow (Reventlow), Sophie Benedicte Christiane Charlotte Caroline, Comtesse  21 Nov 1854Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I112998
67 Richter, Hans  30 Jan 1766Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I98458
68 Richter, Nicolay  Aug 1728Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I51111
69 Roager, Jesper "Kasper"  27 Dec 1682Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I118985
70 Salomon (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Geskel  1 Apr 1821Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I49180
71 Salomon (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Siegfried  2 Oct 1816Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I49178
72 Schack (Schack of Schackenborg - Basthors), Inger Sybille, Comtesse  3 Feb 1929Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I163797
73 Schierning, Anna Elisabeth  19 Nov 1875Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I188811
74 Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder), Aase Holmskov   I15295
75 Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder), Helmut   I61637
76 Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder), Johannes Valdemar  16 Jan 1899Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I172660
77 Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder), The 37Th Prime Minister Of Denmark Poul Holmskov   I187196
78 Skott, Willy   I54342
79 Skriver, Laurids Hansen  1579Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I107797
80 Smidt, Jacob Lorentzen  Abt 1690Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I331836
81 Sørensen, Frank   I59632
82 Todsen, Marcus Høyer  Jul 1757Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I192248
83 Tychsen (Tüchsen 1), Tycho Thomæus  6 Feb 1652Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I254085
84 Tønder, Christopher Nilsen  20 Jan 1587Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I96444
85 Tønder, Jørgen Andreas  Abt 1660Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I101371
86 Tønder, Martin Nielsen  Abt 1583Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I96427
87 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Einar  2 May 1860Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I18689
88 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Hjalmar  1 Jul 1856Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I40761
89 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Thyra  22 Aug 1854Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I197544
90 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Viggo  14 Mar 1858Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I40783
91 Vestergaard, Anette   I56442
92 Winding, Caroline Henriette  28 Jan 1841Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I24392


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hagerup, Henning Arnisæus Irgens  27 May 1860Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I31282
2 Hagerup, Henrik Jørgen  15 Oct 1865Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97053
3 Hagerup, Karen Skak  3 Mar 1862Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97028
4 Hagerup, Marie  10 Jul 1863Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97041
5 Heyn, Catharina Dorothea  19 Jan 1773Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I77626
6 Holstein (Holstein), Annæus Christopher Nicolaus Wohldt von  28 Oct 1821Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I183316
7 Mathiessen, Josephine Frederikke  27 Mar 1808Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I86033
8 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Anna Marie  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45204
9 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Anna Sophie  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72205
10 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Christine  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45183
11 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Cornelia Skak  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45214
12 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Elisabeth  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72204
13 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Lars "Las"  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45174
14 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Marie Elisabeth  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72206
15 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Oluf Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45169
16 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45203
17 Roest, Catharina  12 Feb 1673Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I121701
18 Schierning, Anna Elisabeth  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I188811
19 Tychsen (Tüchsen 1), Tycho Thomæus  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I254085


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Bendix von  4 Sep 1579Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I157201
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Ditlev von  9 Jan 1667Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I181535
3 Bielke (Bielke), Henrik Christoffer Frederik  20 Jan 1789Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I190849
4 Bülow (Bülow), Mette Christine von  2 Nov 1874Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I157139
5 Bülow (Bülow), Nicolay Didrich Christian von  26 May 1819Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I123437
6 Eggers (Eggers 1), Oluf Friedrich "Fritz", Imperial Baron von  26 Apr 1856Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I109697
7 Hagerup, Amon Wilhelm Holtermann  8 Oct 1868Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I106414
8 Hagerup, Henrik Jørgen  16 Mar 1866Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I97053
9 Høxbroe, Anton Christian  5 Sep 1879Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I44877
10 Jensen, Johannes Edvard Emil  30 Sep 1865Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45888
11 Jessen, Franz  1681Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I363067
12 Jessen, Helene  12 Sep 1826Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I37819
13 Jørgensen, Ane Marie  12 Nov 1865Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I106293
14 Lassen, Marine  13 Jan 1775Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I51086
15 Leisner, Jürgen  5 Jan 1770Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I415676
16 Lund, Karen Madsen  20 Mar 1698Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I96445
17 Lydersen, Maren  1666Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I183555
18 Meiger, Anna Elisabeth Johansen  12 Feb 1603Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I82990
19 Nielsen, Paul  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I184144
20 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Oluf Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45169
21 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Peder  1903Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45225
22 Petraeus, Jørgen  2 Aug 1585Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I85523
23 Rasch, Christine Lorentzen  20 May 1687Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I254088
24 Redlefsen, Anne Emilie  1864Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45223
25 Richter, Nicolay  9 Jun 1773Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I51111
26 Rønnow (Rønnow), Tønnes Nicholausen  1422Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I75929
27 Schierning, Anna Elisabeth  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I188811
28 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Fanny Elisabeth  4 Jan 1980Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I74173
29 Thomsen, Mary Elisabeth "Maja"  14 Nov 1956Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I191076
30 Todsen, Marcus Høyer  20 Feb 1827Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I192248
31 Tychsen (Tüchsen 1), Thomas  28 Dec 1684Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I254087
32 Tønder, Andreas  22 Nov 1696Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I96446


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Meiger, Anna Elisabeth Johansen  16 Feb 1603Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I82990
2 Thomsen, Mary Elisabeth "Maja"  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I191076


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Albeck, Emil  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72166
2 Alberti, Vincents  1549Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I78314
3 Bluhme, Christopher  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I160050
4 Bülow (Bülow), Nicolay Didrich Christian von  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I123437
5 Eggers (Eggers 1), Oluf Friedrich "Fritz", Imperial Baron von  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I109697
6 Gjessing (Gjessing), Jens Georg  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I18685
7 Hammerich, Martin  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I161024
8 Hansen, Marius  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I191087
9 Harding, Bendix Hansen  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I183554
10 Helweg, Bent Paul Hagerup   I32899
11 Høxbroe, Anton Christian  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I44877
12 Høyer, Mouritz Mortensen  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I72674
13 Krogh (Krogh), Friederich "Frederik" Christian von  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I149320
14 Mortensen, Mourits  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I183556
15 Nielsen, Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I52879
16 Nuesse, Waldemar Alexander  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I196834
17 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Oluf Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45169
18 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Peder  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I45225
19 Otterstrøm, Ahrent Emanuel  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I198832
20 Petersen, Carsten  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I91775
21 Petersen, Thorvald  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I184860
22 Petraeus, Jørgen  1554Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I85523
23 Richter, Nicolay  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I51111
24 Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder), Johannes Valdemar  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I172660
25 Todsen, Marcus Høyer  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I192248
26 Todsen, Peter  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I192242
27 Treschow (Treschow), Michael Mendel  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I156623
28 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Frederik Ferdinand  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I171546
29 Westh, Thorkil Claudi  Toender, South Jutland, Denmark I196805


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bartelsen / Schmidt  19 Sep 1783Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F73368
2 Bentsen (Bentsen of Ribe) / Hegelund (Hegelund of Viborg)  Abt 1605Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F99638
3 Bentzon / Gjessing (Gjessing)  30 Nov 1933Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F71047
4 Bloch / Mathiessen  26 Aug 1842Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F57343
5 Bülow (Bülow) / Ingwersen  3 Oct 1868Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F53276
6 Hagerup / Jørgensen  15 May 1859Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F46776
7 Holst / Petersen  29 Dec 1865Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F65722
8 Jensen / Evers  18 Feb 1852Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F77157
9 Jensen / Schmidt   F29199
10 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby) / Schierning  23 Feb 1897Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F79519
11 Petraeus / Meiger  Abt 1555Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F37711
12 Welzel / Rehfeld   F24096
13 Werchmeister / Oldendorph  1546Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F112915
14 Westh / Nuesse  6 Jul 1930Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F78154
15 Worsaae / Brechwoldt  4 May 1861Toender, South Jutland, Denmark F80541

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