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Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Peder Jensen  24 Jan 1829Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56378
2 Andersen, Mette Kirstine  Abt 1820Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393208
3 Christensen, Niels  Abt 1801Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I57288
4 Eskildsen, Brian   I55030
5 Eskildsen, Torsten   I55031
6 Jacobsen, Jens Knudsen  10 Jun 1857Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53536
7 Jensen, Erik Nygaard   I55034
8 Jensen, Gunnar Stensbæk   I52356
9 Jensen, Hilda   I52002
10 Jensen, Jens Peder Nygaard   I55035
11 Jensen, Karen Stensbæk   I52355
12 Jensen, Nelly Kathrine   I52515
13 Jensen, Peder  1816Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56675
14 Jensen, Tommy Nygaard   I55033
15 Knudsen, Peder  1822Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56612
16 Knudsen, Peder  Abt 1887Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55658
17 Knudsen, Signe  19 Sep 1891Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55656
18 Knudsgaard, Andrea Poulsen  29 Sep 1891Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53538
19 Knudsgaard, Marie Christine Cecilie Poulsen  4 Dec 1888Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53539
20 Knudsgaard, Poul Pedersen  13 Mar 1894Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55312
21 Kofoed, Sophie Charlotte Julie  4 Apr 1825Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I91651
22 Kolby, Kirstine   I59279
23 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anders Jørgen Madsen Andersen  1 Oct 1865Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53541
24 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anders Madsen  1824Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53543
25 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Ane Cathrine Andersen Madsen  26 Oct 1854Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53542
26 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Johanne Kirstine Andersen Madsen  29 Sep 1850Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55310
27 Madsen, Anna Elisabeth  2 Nov 1920Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55092
28 Mikkelsen, Ane  Abt 1853Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393204
29 Mortensen, Johanne Marie  5 Jun 1906Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55005
30 Nielsen, Mariane Østerby   I55252
31 Nielsen, Mikkel  Abt 1814Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393209
32 Nørbygaard, Anne Jakobine Jensen  11 Jul 1889Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53532
33 Nørbygaard, Christiane Jensen  30 Mar 1887Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53534
34 Nørbygaard, Emma Katrine Jensen  9 Apr 1885Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53535
35 Nørbygaard, Erling Lyster  25 Jun 1919Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56452
36 Nørbygaard, Gunnar Lyster  10 Aug 1915Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I52044
37 Nørbygaard, Helge Lyster  8 Oct 1913Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I52047
38 Nørbygaard, Henning  7 May 1927Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I52041
39 Nørbygaard, Jens Christian   I51999
40 Nørbygaard, Kaj   I52039
41 Nørbygaard, Lily Katrine Lyster  21 Sep 1910Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53530
42 Nørbygaard, Olga Lyster   I52043
43 Nørbygaard, Ove   I54847
44 Nørbygaard, Peder Jensen  28 Oct 1883Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56450
45 Nørbygaard, Ragnhild Margrethe Lyster  29 Feb 1912Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I52048
46 Nørbygaard, Ruth   I52040
47 Pedersen, Thea   I52284
48 Poulsen, Kirstine  Abt 1877Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393213
49 Poulsen, Laurits  Abt 1875Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393212
50 Poulsen, Mikkel  Abt 1870Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393210
51 Poulsen, Niels  Abt 1879Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393214
52 Poulsen, Peter Harpøth Thorning  18 Jul 1894Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393201
53 Poulsen, Poul Østergaard  Abt 1872Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393211
54 Stræde, Christian Nielsen  9 Aug 1908Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53136
55 Thomsen, Ole  1802Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I57292
56 Trankjær, Ida Bjerg   I52492
57 Trankjær, Jytte   I52465
58 Trankjær, Kaj Bjerg   I52485
59 Trankjær, Poul Anker   I52491
60 Vestergaard, Jakob Knudsen  20 Jul 1882Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56420
61 Vestergaard, Jens Andersen  9 Apr 1929Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56537
62 Vestergaard, Karen Marie Knudsen  22 Aug 1880Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56421


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Danielsen, Frederik  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56290
2 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Peter Georg Dornonville de  21 Dec 1834Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I82700
3 Poulsen, Peter Harpøth Thorning  26 Aug 1894Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393201


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Mette Kirstine  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393208
2 Degn, Herbert Thorup  Nov 1994Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53382
3 Høj (Høj of Højen), Knud Lauridsen  7 Jan 1942Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393959
4 Jeppesen, Elna Marie  30 Nov 1983Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53531
5 Knudsgaard, Peder Poulsen  6 Sep 1940Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55311
6 Lillegaard, Ane Villadsen  15 Jan 1934Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55520
7 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anders Madsen  12 Oct 1889Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53543
8 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Johanne Kirstine Andersen Madsen  1 Mar 1916Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55310
9 Lyster, Olga Kirstine  11 Jul 1923Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56448
10 Nielsen, Mikkel  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393209
11 Nørbygaard, Peder Jensen  11 Mar 1936Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56450
12 Poulsen (Thorning), Ole  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393203


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Maren  16 Jan 1917Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56649
2 Høj (Høj of Højen), Knud Lauridsen  11 Jan 1942Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I393959
3 Jacobsen, Jens Knudsen  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53536
4 Jensen, Anne Marie  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I55026
5 Lorentsen, Knud  18 Nov 1889Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I56632
6 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Ane Cathrine Andersen Madsen  Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53542
7 Madsen, Marie  16 May 1899Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53314
8 Pedersen, Karen  10 Feb 1863Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I57215
9 Stræde, Kristian Nielsen  29 Jun 1899Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53144
10 Stræde, Maren Nielsen  2 Jun 1895Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53147
11 Stræde, Maren Nielsen  12 Feb 1899Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark I53145


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Trankjær   F26537
2 Bech / Nørbygaard  29 Jun 1915Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26496
3 Christiansen / Mortensen  23 May 1928Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27604
4 Jacobsen / Lunde (Lunde of Balslev)  22 May 1882Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27033
5 Jensen / Larsen  5 Sep 1931Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26644
6 Jensen / Madsen  12 Mar 1941Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27635
7 Jensen / Nørbygaard  25 Nov 1931Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26498
8 Jensen / Sylvestersen  7 Nov 1905Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27731
9 Jeppesen / Knudsen  12 Apr 1918Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27820
10 Knudsgaard / Lunde (Lunde of Balslev)  17 Nov 1886Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27720
11 Kristensen / Kristensen   F27560
12 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev) / Olesen  30 Jun 1850Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27034
13 Nørbygaard / Lyster  6 Aug 1909Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F28126
14 Pedersen / Nørbygaard  26 Oct 1909Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27032
15 Poulsen / Poulsgaard   F26792
16 Poulsgaard / Trankjær  10 Dec 1940Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26794
17 Stræde / Madsen  31 Oct 1893Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26888
18 Trankjær / Jensen   F26663
19 Vestergaard / Bak  26 Oct 1927Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F27748
20 Vinkel / Nørbygaard  7 May 1914Tim, Central Jutland, Denmark F26495

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