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Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway



Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beichmann, Inger Godske  1777Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96017
2 Beichmann, Johanna Cicilia  1784Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96009
3 Beichmann, Susanna  1779Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96008
4 Bersvendsen, Torsten  1759Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I108604
5 Christie (Christie), Louise Blom  3 Feb 1880Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128585
6 Christie (Christie), Werner Hosevinchel  20 Dec 1877Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128586
7 Cold, Margrethe Maria  1773Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96020
8 Cold, Nils  1733Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96015
9 Cold, Otto Arentz  1771Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96022
10 Cold, Peter Arentz  1766Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96012
11 Cold, Simon  Abt 1768Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96010
12 Devle, Anne Bergithe  1798Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I108614
13 Dorenfeldt, Lauritz "Jensen"  23 Jan 1863Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98438
14 Ekroll, Andreas  28 Sep 1862Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96956
15 Ekroll, Martin Hoff  16 Feb 1863Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96957
16 Hagerup, Karen Amalie  1874Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I123440
17 Hagerup-Lyngvær, Hildur  1885Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I102766
18 Heide, Bente Helene  1763Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100631
19 Heide, Fredrikke Antonette  1762Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100643
20 Heide, Jens Christian  1759Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100667
21 Heide, Jens Jørgen  19 Feb 1761Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100655
22 Jensen, Anna Schieldrup Dorenfeldt  31 Jul 1841Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I122597
23 Jensen, August  23 Apr 1850Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98452
24 Jensen, Carl  22 Feb 1848Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98489
25 Jensen, Caspara Matzine  20 Feb 1845Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98516
26 Jensen, Einar  15 Aug 1851Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98440
27 Jensen, Emma A I Johanne  30 Apr 1849Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98476
28 Jensen, Emma Augusta Ida Jacobine  1 Jan 1854Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98428
29 Jensen, Hans Jørgen Dorenfeldt  1863Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128564
30 Jensen, Henrik Steffens Hagerup  25 Aug 1846Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98501
31 Jensen, Ida Wilhelmine "Lauritzen"  1872Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I123441
32 Jensen, Karen Amalie  22 May 1840Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98552
33 Jensen, Nicolaj  23 Apr 1850Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98464
34 Jensen, Reidar "Lauritzen"  1865Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I123451
35 Jensen, Thorvald "Lauritzen"  1867Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I123450
36 Jensen, Ulrikke Eleonore  30 Jul 1838Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98564
37 Jensen, Ulrikke Eleonore Steffens  26 Aug 1842Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98528
38 Jensen, Worm Hersck "Lauritzdzatter"  1870Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I123452
39 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Andreas Peter  1723Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105317
40 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Anna Fredericka  1731Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105310
41 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Cornelia  1726Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105314
42 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Cornelia Susanna  1729Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105311
43 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Dorothea Cathrine  8 Feb 1734Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121743
44 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Hans  1728Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105313
45 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Hans Michael  1738Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113501
46 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Susanna  1725Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105315
47 Knudsen, Tellef  1705Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121881
48 Korsvig, Anna  1885Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127802
49 Korsvig, Frederich  4 Apr 1889Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127786
50 Korsvig, Lorents  1884Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127803
51 Korsvig, Margrete  1893Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127800
52 Korsvig, Mathilde Marie  19 Nov 1879Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127798
53 Korsvig, Peter  1882Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I127805
54 Laulo, Ingrid Erikka  1869Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I104313
55 Laulo, Karen Magdalena  1867Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I104314
56 Laulo, Sigrid Johnsen  1865Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I104321
57 Lindboe, Emma Nicoline Hagerup Angell  9 Jun 1874Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98843
58 Middelfart, Fredrikke  1863Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I112214
59 Middelfart, Hans Christian Ulrik  22 Aug 1868Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I112211
60 Middelfart, Peter Albert  1861Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I112215
61 Middelfart, Wilhelmine  1865Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I112213
62 Sejersted, Jens Fredrik  1734Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121744
63 Sejersted, Marta Sophie Jensen  1762Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121745
64 Selmer (Selmer of Norway), Nicoline Brog  19 Jul 1802Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I135899
65 Stabel (Stabel), Amalie  1844Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98660
66 Stabel (Stabel), Elise Sophie Augusta  1 May 1849Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98658
67 Steen, Esten Olsen  16 Jul 1748Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124728
68 Tellefsen, Elen  14 Feb 1733Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I126242
69 Wangberg, Audun Hartvig  1874Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105150
70 Wangberg, Edle Catharine Klüwer  1867Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105152
71 Wangberg, Signy  1870Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105151


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christie (Christie), Louise Blom  15 Feb 1880Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128585
2 Christie (Christie), Werner Hosevinchel  16 Jun 1878Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128586
3 Devle, Anne Bergithe  28 Oct 1798Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I108614
4 Heide, Bente Helene  4 Jan 1764Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100631
5 Heide, Fredrikke Antonette  6 Sep 1762Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100643
6 Heide, Jens Christian  29 Apr 1759Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100667
7 Heide, Jens Jørgen  27 Feb 1761Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100655


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anker, Bernt Olaus  1881Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I126842
2 Arentz, Sara Johanna Hansen  1766Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I97305
3 Arentz, Susanna  23 Nov 1832Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96021
4 Arveschoug, Dorthea Ulriche  1905Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I126841
5 Bachke, Anton Sophus  6 Jan 1919Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98204
6 Beichmann, Jens Eilert  15 Sep 1823Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96019
7 Berg, Karen Jorisen  16 Oct 1744Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121880
8 Christie (Christie), Louise Blom  23 Feb 1880Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128585
9 Cold, Nils  8 Feb 1773Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96015
10 Ekroll, Andreas  14 Jan 1863Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96956
11 Ekroll, Peter Andreas  8 Aug 1867Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96963
12 Hagerup, Karen Amalie  31 Oct 1890Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98627
13 Heide, Jens Christian  3 Feb 1787Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100693
14 Holtermann, Inger Marie Krause  5 Jun 1889Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124797
15 Holtermann, Knut Henrik  4 Jul 1857Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I96357
16 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Eva Clara Johansen  1784Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121879
17 Jensen, August  24 Apr 1850Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98452
18 Jensen, Emma A I Johanne  4 May 1849Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98476
19 Jensen, Laurits Dorenfeldt  7 Jun 1859Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98613
20 Jensen, Nicolaj  24 Apr 1850Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98464
21 Jensen, Ulrikke Eleonore  22 Jan 1840Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98564
22 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Cornelia  1727Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105314
23 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Dorothea Cathrine  5 Feb 1820Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121743
24 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Hans  1728Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105313
25 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Susanna  1725Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I105315
26 Knudsen, Tellef  24 Feb 1775Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121881
27 Lossius, Morten Lyng  5 Jun 1889Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124795
28 Müller, Elisabeth Sofie  29 May 1810Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I118803
29 Sand, Anton Julius  16 Apr 1880Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I133847
30 Sand, Fredrik  24 Jun 1910Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I133849
31 Sejersted, Jens Fredrik  1811Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I121744
32 Tybring, Madts Sørensen  Abt 1724Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I115601
33 Tønder, Gidsken Olsen  Abt 1698Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I118538


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angell / Tellefsen  1759Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F52129
2 Frølich (Frølich) / Lyster  3 Dec 1789Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F54361
3 Hirsch / Jensen  25 Jun 1881Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F43683
4 Torpmark / Eggen  17 Apr 1842Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F48901
5 Wisloeff / Jensen  25 Aug 1860Strinda, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F43719

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