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Stavern, Vestfold, Norway



Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Anna Caroline Cornelia  1827Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123912
2 Blix, Albert Knagenhjelm Johnsen  4 Feb 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125148
3 Blix, Peter Andreas Johnsen  4 Nov 1831Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125144
4 Blix, Wilhelm Christopher Johnsen  6 Aug 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125143
5 Dahle, Anne Margrethe  1807Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124718
6 Danielsen, Valborg Margithe  Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282876
7 Fabricius (Fabricius), Louise Frederikke Sørensen  1779Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124980
8 Geelmuyden, Anna  22 Jul 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123570
9 Geelmuyden, Hans  10 Jan 1844Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I126597
10 Geelmuyden, Thora  6 Jul 1848Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123567
11 Grønvold, Bernt Christian August  1 Oct 1836Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124713
12 Grønvold, Brede Müller  1800Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124706
13 Grønvold, Christian August  18 Aug 1810Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124778
14 Grønvold, Hanna Nicoline Margrethe  1839Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124712
15 Grønvold, Jensine  8 Sep 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124714
16 Grønvold, Kirstine  1798Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124708
17 Grønvold, Rise Bergithe  26 Mar 1834Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124717
18 Hagerup, Anne Margrethe  1794Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I100416
19 Hagerup, Caroline Benedicte Eilersen  13 Nov 1850Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I127087
20 Hagerup, Edvard Eylersen  15 Jul 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I127213
21 Hagerup, Henrik Steffens Henriksen  23 Apr 1840Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99056
22 Hagerup, Ingeborg Benedicte  5 Apr 1851Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I101994
23 Hagerup, Jens Andreas Petersen  18 Jun 1825Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I109993
24 Hagerup, Maren Kirstine  5 Jul 1828Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I103250
25 Hagerup, Olavus Petersen  8 Jul 1826Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I103251
26 Hagerup, Thora Ragnhilda Henriksen  21 Jun 1842Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99044
27 Hetting, Ferdinand Gabriel  21 Sep 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105010
28 Hetting, Gabriel  31 Aug 1842Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I120039
29 Hetting, Magnine Ferdinandina Elise  4 Sep 1840Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105012
30 Hjort, Caroline Theodora  3 Jul 1818Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123563
31 Horn (Horn of Norway), Hanne Jokumine  24 Jun 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99273
32 Horn (Horn of Norway), Jensine Sophie  1824Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I126350
33 Hvoslef, Jacob Marinus  10 Jun 1821Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I79560
34 Jacobsen, Jacob  14 Mar 1830Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282435
35 Jacobsen, Niels  28 Oct 1826Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282410
36 Jacobsen, Peder Nicolaj  1854Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282409
37 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Adelheide Richarda Andrea  24 Feb 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97639
38 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Richard Michael  19 Jul 1834Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97638
39 Krogh (Krogh), Georg Fredrik von  11 Jun 1843Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I96999
40 Krogh (Krogh), Hans Christian von  26 Sep 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97002
41 Krogh (Krogh), Olive Amalia von  16 Sep 1847Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I172397
42 Lous, Lousie Jochumine Natilia  1 Feb 1832Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I102444
43 Nielsen, Anton  8 Mar 1834Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I281899
44 Nielsen, Jacob  Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282329
45 Nilsen, Inger Olea  Abt 1820Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128684
46 Olsen, Ole N  1818Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124089
47 Riegelsen, Anne Kirstine Hansen  1796Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282481
48 Riegelsen, Hans Sivert Rasmussen  12 May 1822Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282550
49 Riegelsen, Maren Petrea  15 May 1817Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282222
50 Sandberg (Sandberg of Norway), Jørga Jensine  1838Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I121685
51 Smith (Smith of Norway), Michael Knudsen  18 Mar 1844Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I121545
52 Thisted, Anders Nils Andersen  1803Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105131
53 Tygesen, Karen Oline  1819Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124088
54 Wille, Anne Marie Frederikke Petersen  19 Aug 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128751
55 Wille, Inger Marie  27 May 1843Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128683
56 Wille, Marine Frederikke Petersen  31 Dec 1832Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128752


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blix, Albert Knagenhjelm Johnsen  26 Mar 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125148
2 Blix, Peter Andreas Johnsen  28 Dec 1831Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125144
3 Blix, Wilhelm Christopher Johnsen  3 Oct 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I125143
4 Geelmuyden, Anna  10 Sep 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123570
5 Geelmuyden, Thora  14 Sep 1848Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123567
6 Grønvold, Bernt Christian August  28 Mar 1837Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124713
7 Grønvold, Hanna Nicoline Margrethe  22 Mar 1839Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124712
8 Grønvold, Jensine  7 Feb 1836Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124714
9 Grønvold, Rise Bergithe  3 Aug 1834Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I124717
10 Haffner, Ragna  15 Feb 1837Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99266
11 Hagerup, Caroline Benedicte Eilersen  12 Feb 1851Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I127087
12 Hagerup, Edvard Eylersen  3 Dec 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I127213
13 Hagerup, Henrik Steffens Henriksen  23 Apr 1840Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99056
14 Hagerup, Jens Andreas Petersen  25 Jun 1825Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I109993
15 Hagerup, Maren Kirstine  6 Jul 1828Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I103250
16 Hagerup, Olavus Petersen  16 Jul 1826Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I103251
17 Hagerup, Thora Ragnhilda Henriksen  26 Sep 1842Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99044
18 Hetting, Ferdinand Gabriel  16 Jun 1846Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105010
19 Hetting, Gabriel  2 Aug 1843Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I120039
20 Hetting, Magnine Ferdinandina Elise  6 Jun 1841Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105012
21 Hvoslef, Jacob Marinus  19 Jul 1821Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I79560
22 Jacobsen, Jacob  14 Apr 1830Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282435
23 Jacobsen, Niels  29 Nov 1826Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282410
24 Jacobsen, Peder Nicolaj  25 Dec 1854Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282409
25 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Adelheide Richarda Andrea  1 Jun 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97639
26 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Richard Michael  3 Apr 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97638
27 Krogh (Krogh), Georg Fredrik von  6 Aug 1843Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I96999
28 Krogh (Krogh), Hans Christian von  9 Nov 1845Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97002
29 Nielsen, Anton  4 May 1834Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I281899
30 Nielsen, Jacob  21 Mar 1794Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282329
31 Riegelsen, Hans Sivert Rasmussen  24 May 1822Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282550
32 Riegelsen, Maren Petrea  29 Jun 1817Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I282222
33 Wille, Anne Marie Frederikke Petersen  18 Oct 1835Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128751
34 Wille, Inger Marie  30 Jul 1843Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128683
35 Wille, Marine Frederikke Petersen  28 Jul 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I128752


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berg, Johan Peter  29 May 1884Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I414951
2 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg), Abigael Maria  14 May 1795Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I105105
3 Falkenberg, Olea Christiane  1828Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I115082
4 Haffner, Herman  1895Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I99284
5 Hjort, Caroline Theodora  14 Apr 1854Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I123563
6 Lie (Lie of Norway), Elisabeth Møller  Abt 1842Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97310
7 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Amalie Lovise  5 Aug 1863Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I173190
8 Poppe, Friderich Wilhelm  1826Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I120479
9 Stibolt, Lorent Peter  1788Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I106155
10 Wille, Peter Fredrich Suhen  Abt 1865Stavern, Vestfold, Norway I97287


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blix / Randulff  12 Dec 1830Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F53221
2 Bruenech / Blix  21 Feb 1811Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F44148
3 Bruun / Fabricius (Fabricius)  4 Oct 1809Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F53164
4 Ferry / Hetting  24 May 1877Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F46359
5 Geelmuyden / Hagerup  9 Sep 1873Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F53643
6 Geelmuyden / Hjort  31 Jul 1842Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F52679
7 Grønvold / Dahle  18 Aug 1833Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F53077
8 Hagerup / Houane  17 Dec 1824Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F47884
9 Hetting / Vauvert  6 Dec 1836Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F51510
10 Nielsen / Riegelsen  18 Feb 1821Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F117268
11 Prebensen / Wetlesen  2 Dec 1805Stavern, Vestfold, Norway F53056

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