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Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen  26 Jan 1775Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312406
2 Andersen  14 Aug 1776Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312407
3 Andersen, Anne  1766Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312401
4 Andersen, Bodil Kirstine  1759Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I357664
5 Andersen, Else Dorthea  1763Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I357665
6 Andersen, Else Dorthea  1765Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312400
7 Andersen, Maren  1756Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I324826
8 Andersen, Maren  1762Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312398
9 Andersen, Ole Ancher  1770Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312403
10 Andersen, Peder Kofoed  1772Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312404
11 Andersen, Seigne Kirstine  14 Aug 1776Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312408
12 Hullegaard, Ane Cathrine  Abt 1828Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312433
13 Hullegaard, Christian Friderich  Abt 1836Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312436
14 Hullegaard, Hans Jørgen  Abt 1826Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312432
15 Hullegaard, Peter Andreas  Abt 1833Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312435
16 Hullegaard, Petrea Marie  Abt 1830Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312434
17 Jensen, Martha  Abt 1708Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308396
18 Nielsen, Bendte  Abt 1691Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I318016
19 Nielsen, Kirstine  1701Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I316043
20 Nielsen, Samsing  Abt 1693Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312294
21 Pedersen, Jens Peter  1801Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312391
22 Petersen, Ane Conradine Marie  17 Jul 1829Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I311737
23 Petersen, Hans Kofoed  9 Jul 1831Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I311738
24 Riis, Harry Andreas  Abt 1891Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329348
25 Riis, Viggo Margelius  Abt 1887Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329347
26 Rømer, Andreas Christian  11 Dec 1809Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312395
27 Rømer, Karen Kirstine  25 May 1812Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312396
28 Schou, Anders Mogensen  1802Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312392
29 Schou, Anne Dorthea Pedersen  1800Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312390
30 Schou, Hans Andersen  1754Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I324825
31 Schou, Jens Andersen  1758Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I324827
32 Schou, Maren Cathrine Andersen  1768Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308114
33 Schou, Niels Andersen  1761Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312397
34 Schou, Peder Andersen  11 Jan 1808Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312394
35 Schou, Petrea Marine Pedersen  20 Feb 1806Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312393
36 Schou, Poul Ancher Andersen  1773Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312405
37 Schou, Thor Andersen  1764Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312399
38 Schou, Wefst Andersen  1769Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312402
39 Schou, Wefst Jensen  Abt 1704Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308356
40 Sonne, Anders Ancher  1792Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I313969
41 Sonne, Else Cathrine  1786Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I309753
42 Sonne, Hans Jensen  1783Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I309752
43 Sonne, Johanne Kirstine  1788Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I322196
44 Sonne, Kirstine Margrethe  1785Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I306964
45 Sonne, Niels  1795Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312366
46 Sonne, Ole Jensen  1797Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312389


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen  26 Jan 1775Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312406
2 Andersen  14 Aug 1776Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312407
3 Andersen, Else Dorthea  1764Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I357665
4 Andersen, Else Dorthea  1765Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312400
5 Andersen, Jens  1743Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I318051
6 Andersen, Maren  1760Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I324826
7 Andersen, Maren  1762Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312398
8 Andersen, Ole Ancher  1770Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312403
9 Andersen, Peder Kofoed  1772Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312404
10 Buch, Kirstina Samsingsen  20 Aug 1731Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85002
11 Hullegaard, Christian  1877Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312431
12 Hullegaard, Peter Andreas  1881Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312435
13 Kofoed, Ane Margrethe Hansen  26 Nov 1856Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308066
14 Kofoed, Anne Marie  11 Feb 1849Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I306997
15 Laugesen, Henrich  1698Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I331527
16 Nielsen, Niels  18 Dec 1700Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I307034
17 Rasmussen, Martha  1690Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I322515
18 Schou, Anders Hansen  1798Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308354
19 Schou, Peder Andersen  26 Nov 1805Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308773
20 Schou, Petrea Marine Pedersen  1881Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312393
21 Sonne, Jens Michael  1798Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308278
22 Sonne, Johanne Kirstine  1789Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I322196
23 Sonne, Niels  1797Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312366
24 Sonne, Ole Jensen  1798Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312389
25 Wefstsen, Else Margrethe  1802Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308355
26 Wefstsen, Jens  12 Nov 1759Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85353


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Schou / Schou  12 Jun 1798Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark F126434
2 Sonne / Schou  18 Jan 1782Skovgaard, Olsker, Bornholm, Denmark F126172

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