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Rome, Lazio, Italy



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Afghanistan (Afghanistan), Noal Zaher Shah Khanum, Princess of   I211992
2 Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga, Viola Moreschina Nuschi Adec Nicoletta Maria   I190207
3 Astley (Astley), Sir John Dugdale The 3rd Baronet Astley of Everley  19 Feb 1828Rome, Lazio, Italy I220798
4 Beckford, Francis John Bramston  1842Rome, Lazio, Italy I40440
5 Bendix, Pia Liliana   I51819
6 Dampierre (Dampierre), Victoire Jeanne Joséphine Pierre Marie Emmanuelle "Emanuela" de  8 Nov 1913Rome, Lazio, Italy I254
7 Datti, Guilia  1842Rome, Lazio, Italy I167700
8 England, Scotland, France and Ireland (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), Charles III "Charles Edward Lewis Casimer" "Bonnie Prince Charles" Stuart, King of  31 Dec 1720Rome, Lazio, Italy I132
9 England, Scotland, France and Ireland (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), Henry IX & X "Henry Benedict Thomas" Stuart, Prince of  6 Mar 1725Rome, Lazio, Italy I141
10 Falbe, Carl Vigant Monterosi  11 Aug 1826Rome, Lazio, Italy I198678
11 Farace (Farace), Nicoletta, Nobille   I190737
12 Farace Di Villaforesta (Farace), Giovanni, Marquess   I256359
13 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Mikhail "Michael", Prince of   I188650
14 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Nikolaos, Prince to Denmark and Prince of   I201984
15 Hansen, Carl Christian Constantin  3 Nov 1804Rome, Lazio, Italy I186054
16 Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim (Hesse), Elisabeth, Princess of   I38103
17 Huston, Danny   I24625
18 Italy (Savoy), Mafalda Maria Elisabetta Anna Romana, Princess of  19 Nov 1902Rome, Lazio, Italy I190312
19 Jay, Susan Mary  19 Jun 1918Rome, Lazio, Italy I440260
20 Meyer, Viggo  4 Nov 1900Rome, Lazio, Italy I136276
21 Niebuhr, Amalie  9 Jul 1818Rome, Lazio, Italy I179504
22 Olsen-Ventegodt, Anne-Marie Hedvig  2 Feb 1900Rome, Lazio, Italy I141132
23 Paulsen (Paulsen), Augusta de  31 Jul 1841Rome, Lazio, Italy I167718
24 Paulsen (Paulsen), Augusto de  31 Mar 1837Rome, Lazio, Italy I167714
25 Paulsen (Paulsen), Carlo Federigo Claudio "Charles" de  11 Jan 1835Rome, Lazio, Italy I167712
26 Paulsen (Paulsen), Federigo de  28 Mar 1861Rome, Lazio, Italy I167702
27 Paulsen (Paulsen), Guiseppe de  1838Rome, Lazio, Italy I167713
28 Paulsen (Paulsen), Maria Theresa de  7 Oct 1878Rome, Lazio, Italy I167708
29 Paulsen (Paulsen), Peter "Pietro" Alberto Thorvald Federigo de  1 Jan 1834Rome, Lazio, Italy I148860
30 Paulsen (Paulsen), Trofimo de  28 Jul 1876Rome, Lazio, Italy I167704
31 Pettiti, Giovanni Henrico Alberto   I82351
32 Pettiti, Priscilla Cicilia Paula   I79565
33 Porta, Fernando  Abt 1897Rome, Lazio, Italy I221392
34 Ruspoli, Emanuele I, Prince of Poggio Suasa,  30 Dec 1837Rome, Lazio, Italy I67043
35 Ruspoli, Vittoria Emilia Ipsicratea Agricola, Princess of  31 Dec 1892Rome, Lazio, Italy I67044
36 Rørbye (Rørbye), Athalia Helga  30 Nov 1840Rome, Lazio, Italy I81075
37 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Johannes  6 May 1860Rome, Lazio, Italy I17749
38 Sabato, Antonio G   I24628
39 Smith-Laittan, Emily Kathryn Celia   I171724
40 Smith-Laittan, Kirstie Charlotte Elizabeth   I171725
41 Spain (Bourbon), Juan Carlos I "Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María Borbón Y Borbón-Dos Sicilias", King of   I15094
42 Steensen de Leth (Leth of X), Anne   I88943
43 Thorvaldsen, Elisa Sophia Charlotte  8 Mar 1813Rome, Lazio, Italy I148840
44 Wellesley (Wellesley), Lord Arthur Valerian The 8th Duke of Wellington  2 Jul 1915Rome, Lazio, Italy I70634
45 Wieth-Knudsen (Knudsen), Tatjana Elisabeth  10 Sep 1910Rome, Lazio, Italy I433950
46 Winther, Anna Kirstine Severine  30 Apr 1843Rome, Lazio, Italy I406110


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Nikolaos, Prince to Denmark and Prince of   I201984


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Pope Leo X  1 Dec 1525Rome, Lazio, Italy I267077
2 Adriani, Pope Adrian IV, Adriaan Floriszoon "Florenszoon" Boeyens de  14 Sep 1523Rome, Lazio, Italy I386389
3 Aquitaine (Aquitaine), Agnes de  14 Dec 1077Rome, Lazio, Italy I210481
4 Baden-Durlach (Baden), Sophia Maria Victoria, Duchess of  4 Apr 1930Rome, Lazio, Italy I159008
5 Bartholin (Bartholin), Caspar Jens Christopher von  Sep 1805Rome, Lazio, Italy I175001
6 Bendix, Tyge Zøylner  10 Oct 1962Rome, Lazio, Italy I51830
7 Bonaparte (Bonaparte), Napoléon-Jérôme "Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul", Prince  17 Mar 1891Rome, Lazio, Italy I12101
8 Brownlow, Col Edward  17 Jan 1899Rome, Lazio, Italy I259490
9 Burgundy (Burgundy), Etienne of  4 Apr 1299Rome, Lazio, Italy I210069
10 Cameron (Cameron), Allan  Abt 2 Nov 1730Rome, Lazio, Italy I209544
11 Dampierre (Dampierre), Victoire Jeanne Joséphine Pierre Marie Emmanuelle "Emanuela" de  3 May 2012Rome, Lazio, Italy I254
12 Dotti, Andrea Paolo Mario, Count  30 Sep 2007Rome, Lazio, Italy I228462
13 Egypt (Muhammad Ali), Farouk I, King of  18 Mar 1965Rome, Lazio, Italy I43568
14 France (Capét), Geoffrey I, Count of  20 Nov 1008Rome, Lazio, Italy I210185
15 Germany (Wettin), Otto II, Emperor "King of" of  7 Dec 983Rome, Lazio, Italy I204774
16 Gobineau, Diane Marguérite Gabrielle Victoire Clémence, Countess of  1930Rome, Lazio, Italy I151771
17 Hauch (Hauch), Johannes Carsten von  4 Mar 1872Rome, Lazio, Italy I159621
18 Italy and Sardinia (Savoy), Victor Emmanuel II, King of  9 Jan 1878Rome, Lazio, Italy I267647
19 Jacobsen (Jacobsen of Carlsberg), Jacob Christian  30 Apr 1887Rome, Lazio, Italy I191533
20 Limburg (Limburg), Henry II, Duke of  1167Rome, Lazio, Italy I206972
21 MacKenzie (MacKenzie), Julia Louise  10 Apr 1911Rome, Lazio, Italy I148141
22 Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg), Charlotte Frederikke, Princess of  13 Jul 1848Rome, Lazio, Italy I157090
23 Meincke, Charlotte Sophie  24 Jun 1872Rome, Lazio, Italy I759
24 Meyer, Ahron "Ernst"  31 Jan 1861Rome, Lazio, Italy I184733
25 Michaelsen, Johanne "Hanne" Vilhelmine  29 Jul 1862Rome, Lazio, Italy I156454
26 O'Brien (O'Brien), Donnchad  1064Rome, Lazio, Italy I207757
27 Paolis, Bianca Maria de  16 Mar 2013Rome, Lazio, Italy I227021
28 Paulsen (Paulsen), Augusta de  19 Dec 1857Rome, Lazio, Italy I167718
29 Paulsen (Paulsen), Augusto de  23 May 1839Rome, Lazio, Italy I167714
30 Paulsen (Paulsen), Carlo Federigo Claudio "Charles" de  4 Apr 1839Rome, Lazio, Italy I167712
31 Paulsen (Paulsen), Guiseppe de  1838Rome, Lazio, Italy I167713
32 Paulsen (Paulsen), Lorenzo Emilio Arnulfo Alberto de  15 Nov 1957Rome, Lazio, Italy I167710
33 Payngk (Panck), Christian Pedersen  1686Rome, Lazio, Italy I226698
34 Poland (Sobieski), Maria Casimire Clementina Sobieska, Princess of  18 Jan 1735Rome, Lazio, Italy I120
35 Quaade, Augusta Caroline Adolphine  Oct 1866Rome, Lazio, Italy I112820
36 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Charlotte Josephine  1921Rome, Lazio, Italy I84438
37 Ramolino, Maria Lätitia  2 Feb 1836Rome, Lazio, Italy I19802
38 Reventlow (Reventlow), Marie Christiane, Comtesse  12 May 1905Rome, Lazio, Italy I177557
39 Ruspoli, Emanuele I, Prince of Poggio Suasa,  29 Nov 1899Rome, Lazio, Italy I67043
40 Ruspoli, Vittoria Emilia Ipsicratea Agricola, Princess of  13 Jan 1982Rome, Lazio, Italy I67044
41 Sachs (Sachs), Emma  20 Nov 1957Rome, Lazio, Italy I167711
42 Salomonsen, Charles Edmond  17 Apr 1879Rome, Lazio, Italy I16164
43 Shirley (Shirley), Ralph  Rome, Lazio, Italy I26328
44 Spain (Bourbon), Alfonso XIII "Alfonso León Fernando María Jaime Isidro Pascual Antonio" Borbón Y Habsburgo-Lorena, King of  28 Feb 1941Rome, Lazio, Italy I15784
45 Spain (Bourbon), Carlos VI, King of  19 Jan 1819Rome, Lazio, Italy I10298
46 Vett (Vett), Carl Christian  1 Feb 1956Rome, Lazio, Italy I161320
47 Vogoride-Conachi, Caterina, Princess  22 Feb 1870Rome, Lazio, Italy I67041


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Holm, Christian Frederik Carl  Rome, Lazio, Italy I155633


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austria (Habsburg) / Portugal (Burgundy)  1452Rome, Lazio, Italy F1509
2 Farace Di Villaforesta (Farace) / Russia (Oldenburg)  15 Sep 1937Rome, Lazio, Italy F76405
3 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone) / Bock  22 Mar 1934Rome, Lazio, Italy F63040
4 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind) / Hansen  3 Mar 1914Rome, Lazio, Italy F59349
5 Nielsen / Heide-Jørgensen   F28371
6 Paulsen (Paulsen) / Arnulfi  22 May 1875Rome, Lazio, Italy F61600
7 Paulsen (Paulsen) / Datti  15 May 1859Rome, Lazio, Italy F61599
8 Paus / Wang   F58475
9 Ravelli / Heimbürger   F132315
10 Ruspoli / Torella  14 Jul 1878Rome, Lazio, Italy F18281
11 Ruspoli / Vogoride-Conachi  10 Jun 1864Rome, Lazio, Italy F18280
12 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad) / Hansen  26 Oct 1858Rome, Lazio, Italy F9640
13 Spain (Bourbon) / Dampierre (Dampierre)  4 Mar 1935Rome, Lazio, Italy F75
14 Spain (Bourbon) / Two Sicilies (Bourbon)  12 Oct 1935Rome, Lazio, Italy F8496
15 Stein / Schiøtt  6 Jul 1858Rome, Lazio, Italy F71023
16 Two Sicilies (Bourbon) / Two Sicilies (Bourbon)  8 Jun 1868Rome, Lazio, Italy F6074
17 United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph) / Murray of Dunmore (Murray)  4 Apr 1793Rome, Lazio, Italy F109364
18 Weiller / Civitella-Cesi (Civitella-Cesi)   F95915
19 Zeuthen (Zeuthen) / Meyer  3 May 1911Rome, Lazio, Italy F38439

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