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Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barfod (Pedersen), Immanuel  16 Jul 1820Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I225661
2 Barfod (Pedersen), Peter Marius  1 May 1813Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I168350
3 Barfod (Pedersen), Poul Frederik Hansen  1811Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I33424
4 Broge, Niels Hansen  16 Apr 1784Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I182152
5 Hartmann, Valdemar Anton  16 Oct 1854Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I70008
6 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anders de  1740Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113435
7 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anna Koed de  8 Oct 1758Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I193272
8 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anne Sophie de  1744Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113446
9 Hemmer (Hemmer), Christopher de  1739Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113437
10 Hemmer (Hemmer), Frederik Christian de  1748Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113430
11 Hemmer (Hemmer), Hans Wissing de  1750Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113428
12 Hemmer (Hemmer), Henrik Hansen de  18 Mar 1742Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113434
13 Hemmer (Hemmer), Ingeborg Foss de  1738Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113429
14 Hemmer (Hemmer), Mathias de  1746Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113432
15 Hemmer (Hemmer), Niels de  1745Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113433
16 Hemmer (Hemmer), Søster Johanne de  1736Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113438
17 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Severine Elisabeth  5 Nov 1835Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I82894
18 Kolind, Jensine Kirstine Nielsen "Nielsen"  19 May 1837Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222198
19 Krarup (Krarup), Ove Thure Nicolai  15 Sep 1833Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I187971
20 Leth (Leth of A), Niels Nielsen  Abt 1510Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I122138
21 Leth (Leth of Lyngby), Maren Nielsen  Abt 1539Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I148736
22 Nielsen, Anton  20 Nov 1853Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I235752
23 Pedersen, Esther Stræde  16 Sep 1894Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I167614
24 Poulsen, Laurits Michael  16 Oct 1879Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I392202
25 Poulsen, Rasmus Christian  29 Oct 1871Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I392193
26 Præst, Nikoline Pedersen  15 Feb 1893Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I281020
27 Præst, Rasmus Pedersen  26 Dec 1866Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I281021
28 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Axel Theodor Casper  27 Jul 1868Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I82844
29 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Marie Juliane  30 Sep 1859Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I82849
30 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Mathilde  9 Feb 1865Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I82846
31 Reventlow (Reventlow), Helanius Conrad  17 Feb 1841Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I96293
32 Sidenius (Sidenius), Laurids Nicolai Balslev  24 Dec 1835Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I83818
33 Siegumfeldt, Christiane Dorothea La Cour  18 Aug 1864Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222790
34 Siegumfeldt, Lauritzstine La Cour  27 Jul 1861Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I175665
35 Siegumfeldt, Peter Christian Georg La Cour  10 Jul 1865Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222792


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barfod (Pedersen), Immanuel  17 Jul 1820Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I225661
2 Barfod (Pedersen), Poul Frederik Hansen  7 Apr 1811Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I33424
3 Friis, Clara Emilie  25 Jul 1834Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I82841
4 Harpøth (Hjelm), Steffen   I73465
5 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anders de  7 Dec 1740Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113435
6 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anne Sophie de  14 Apr 1744Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113446
7 Hemmer (Hemmer), Christopher de  26 Nov 1739Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113437
8 Hemmer (Hemmer), Frederik Christian de  5 Jun 1748Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113430
9 Hemmer (Hemmer), Hans Wissing de  14 Jan 1750Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113428
10 Hemmer (Hemmer), Henrik Hansen de  25 Apr 1742Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113434
11 Hemmer (Hemmer), Ingeborg Foss de  5 Jun 1738Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113429
12 Hemmer (Hemmer), Mathias de  24 Dec 1746Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113432
13 Hemmer (Hemmer), Niels de  19 Aug 1745Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113433
14 Hemmer (Hemmer), Søster Johanne de  5 Apr 1736Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113438
15 Henriksen, Anders Johan  23 May 1852Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I246798
16 Kolind, Jensine Kirstine Nielsen "Nielsen"  17 Sep 1837Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222198
17 Nielsen, Anton  20 Nov 1853Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I235752
18 Nielsen, Johannes Emanuel  1 Oct 1863Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I235699
19 Siegumfeldt, Christiane Dorothea La Cour  4 Oct 1863Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222790
20 Siegumfeldt, Lauritzstine La Cour  25 Sep 1861Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I175665
21 Siegumfeldt, Peter Christian Georg La Cour  7 Aug 1865Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I222792


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Birkedal, Emilie  3 Oct 1897Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I3030
2 Clausen, Caroline  30 Jul 1928Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I281022
3 Hemmer (Hemmer), Frederik Christian de  Jan 1751Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113430
4 Hemmer (Hemmer), Ingeborg Foss de  1738Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113429
5 Hjorth, Marie Catharine  17 Jan 1816Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I33399
6 Poulsen, Jens Christian  Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I392197
7 Rasmussen, Ane Johanne Kirstine  Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I392198
8 Strøyberg, Jens Christopher Hannibal  14 Jul 1933Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I147102
9 Thorbjørnsen, Thorbjørn  29 May 1811Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I286921


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hemmer (Hemmer), Frederik Christian de  22 Jan 1751Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113430
2 Hemmer (Hemmer), Ingeborg Foss de  12 Apr 1738Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I113429
3 Hjorth, Marie Catharine  Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I33399
4 Nellemann, Peter Worsøe  21 Feb 1830Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark I143311


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Achton (Bremmer) / Mønsted  8 Feb 1827Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark F17252
2 Gjødesen / Kolind  8 Nov 1862Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark F92768
3 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum) / Friis  1 Sep 1872Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark F37636
4 Westergaard / Mønsted  27 Jul 1844Lyngby, Central Jutland, Denmark F17255

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