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Lier, Buskerud, Norway



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aars, Elise Sofie  8 Feb 1837Lier, Buskerud, Norway I129596
2 Aars, Jens  5 Dec 1833Lier, Buskerud, Norway I129606
3 Aars, Nicoline Jacobine Fredrikke "Nina"  1843Lier, Buskerud, Norway I129603
4 Aars, Nils Philip Jonathan  3 Mar 1840Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98363
5 Aubert (Aubert), Else de  2 May 1908Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98302
6 Aubert (Aubert), Gudrun de  2 Feb 1906Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98304
7 Aubert (Aubert), Hedvig de  2 Aug 1904Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98305
8 Aubert (Aubert), Inger Margrethe de  24 Dec 1902Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98306
9 Bache (Bache of Norway), Agnes  17 Sep 1890Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98237
10 Bache (Bache of Norway), Anette Marie  25 Mar 1860Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98228
11 Bache (Bache of Norway), Anthon  1857Lier, Buskerud, Norway I128363
12 Bache (Bache of Norway), Carl Eilif  6 Feb 1892Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98235
13 Bache (Bache of Norway), Elin  6 Apr 1885Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98240
14 Bache (Bache of Norway), Erik  12 Apr 1888Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98238
15 Bache (Bache of Norway), Gudrun  30 Jul 1882Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98244
16 Bache (Bache of Norway), Gustav Alfred  1854Lier, Buskerud, Norway I128364
17 Bache (Bache of Norway), Henninge  22 Nov 1883Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98242
18 Bache (Bache of Norway), Ingeborg Nanna  31 May 1893Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98234
19 Bache (Bache of Norway), Karen Anna  14 Sep 1878Lier, Buskerud, Norway I99299
20 Bache (Bache of Norway), Knut Erling Astrup  22 Oct 1896Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98231
21 Bache (Bache of Norway), Louise  13 Jul 1877Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98249
22 Bache (Bache of Norway), Louise Gurine  6 Aug 1868Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98226
23 Bache (Bache of Norway), Margit  27 Oct 1886Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98239
24 Bache (Bache of Norway), Susanne Gustava  5 Oct 1863Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98227
25 Bache (Bache of Norway), Thorleif  8 Nov 1880Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98246
26 Bache (Bache of Norway), Tollef  1852Lier, Buskerud, Norway I128366
27 Bergskaug, Marthe Nilsen  6 Aug 1741Lier, Buskerud, Norway I125731
28 Collett (Collett), Peter Jonas  12 Sep 1813Lier, Buskerud, Norway I96986
29 Dybdal, Olava Reinholdine  23 Apr 1793Lier, Buskerud, Norway I112189
30 Hagerup, Alise  1870Lier, Buskerud, Norway I102242
31 Hennum, Gunhild Marie Andersen  1830Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98229
32 Hoff, Nicoline Christina Schwartz  1732Lier, Buskerud, Norway I119928
33 Hofgaard, Gerhard Didrik  1830Lier, Buskerud, Norway I101174
34 Holter, Christopher Andreas  1817Lier, Buskerud, Norway I97272
35 Johnsen, Gunhild  1851Lier, Buskerud, Norway I110115
36 Post (Post of Denmark), Birgitte von  12 Oct 1755Lier, Buskerud, Norway I65010
37 Restorff, Margrethe Elisabeth von  23 Mar 1734Lier, Buskerud, Norway I65054
38 Schubart, Johan Casper "Olsen"  20 Jul 1778Lier, Buskerud, Norway I97782
39 Sesterfleth, Sibylla Hedvig  1687Lier, Buskerud, Norway I107084


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sesterfleth, Sibylla Hedvig  21 Mar 1687Lier, Buskerud, Norway I107084
2 Vibe, Johan Christian  29 Sep 1713Lier, Buskerud, Norway I103588


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aars, Jens  1834Lier, Buskerud, Norway I117530
2 Bache (Bache of Norway), Søren  1890Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98230
3 Hennum, Gunhild Marie Andersen  1894Lier, Buskerud, Norway I98229
4 Hoff, Wilhelm Andersen  31 Mar 1733Lier, Buskerud, Norway I119927
5 Hofgaard, Hans Jacob  1859Lier, Buskerud, Norway I101081
6 Lowzow (Lowzow), Magdalene Elisabeth von  1789Lier, Buskerud, Norway I119926
7 Poulsen, Søren  1824Lier, Buskerud, Norway I117087
8 Sesterfleth, Sibylla Hedvig  19 Apr 1774Lier, Buskerud, Norway I107084
9 Vibe, Johan  13 Nov 1726Lier, Buskerud, Norway I123207


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sesterfleth, Sibylla Hedvig  2 May 1774Lier, Buskerud, Norway I107084


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foltmar / Rode  9 Jul 1874Lier, Buskerud, Norway F49729
2 Holter / Rødder  13 Feb 1777Lier, Buskerud, Norway F111865
3 Juel (Juel of Norway) / Bergskaug  27 Mar 1776Lier, Buskerud, Norway F53387
4 Monsen / Bache (Bache of Norway)  15 Jan 1903Lier, Buskerud, Norway F43786

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