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Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 184 of 184

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agerskov, Marie Cecille  9 Oct 1849Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240189
2 Ammentorp, Ove   I160153
3 Andersen, Ane Kirstine  20 Oct 1850Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I70258
4 Bak-Hansen, Anne   I68286
5 Bak-Hansen, Mette   I68280
6 Bang (Bang of Egebjerg), Mariann Louise Sigrid de  31 Aug 1953Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I179680
7 Banke, Niels   I92057
8 Bech-Bruun, Jens   I76850
9 Bech-Bruun, Michael   I76849
10 Bech-Bruun, Niels   I76862
11 Berg, Jan   I194104
12 Bernhoft (Bernhoft), Allan   I24430
13 Beutner, Pauline Sophie  28 Oct 1828Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162106
14 Bibow-Jensen, Grethe La Cour  11 May 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I223157
15 Bing, Ulrik Steffen   I33089
16 Bjerre-Jensen, Margaretha "Martha"  9 Jun 1879Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I54018
17 Bonnevie, Asger Edvard  2 Oct 1868Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I85131
18 Brabrand, Bo   I60298
19 Brandt, Birgit Honoré   I138768
20 Brodersen, Dagmar  24 Nov 1883Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I148512
21 Brodersen, Thorkild  7 Dec 1890Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I179289
22 Brodersen, Valborg  19 Jun 1877Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I24246
23 Brodersen, Viggo  26 Mar 1879Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I137369
24 Brun, Oscar Constantin  23 Sep 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I201929
25 Buch, Catharine Louise Frederikke  26 Jun 1761Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I185661
26 Bügel, Juliane Augusta Jesmine  23 May 1828Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I171737
27 Bülow (Bülow), Frederik Rudbeck Henrik von   I50583
28 Bülow (Bülow), Jan Vilhelm von   I50602
29 Bülow (Bülow), Per Martin von   I50601
30 Bærentzen, Margot  12 May 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I199051
31 Clausen, Jens Claudi   I185367
32 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Louise Magdalene, Comtesse of   I166567
33 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Jens Frederik, Baron   I196001
34 Dockum (Dockum), Joost "Jost" Van  30 Apr 1763Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198890
35 Drechsel, Jørgen   I142501
36 Due, Anders   I256282
37 Erhard-Frederiksen, Birgitte   I237929
38 Erhard-Frederiksen, Claus Johan   I237926
39 Esmarch, Ane Cathrine Marie Gjertrud  11 May 1778Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I203749
40 Estrup (Estrup), Lisbeth   I67102
41 Estrup (Estrup), Vibeke "Vibe"  29 May 1923Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I67472
42 Ewald, Ellen von  27 Dec 1881Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198951
43 Falster, Hulda  4 Feb 1876Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I22413
44 Fenger, Charlotte Christiane "Søs"   I22971
45 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Eiler  7 Nov 1930Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I145428
46 Friis-Hansen, Julius Vilhelm  22 Jun 1889Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I116356
47 Frisch, Christiane Frideriche  1776Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106570
48 Gabriel-Jensen, Oluf  7 Jul 1862Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84183
49 Gedde, Aase   I16603
50 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Elisabeth  26 Apr 1887Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I179852
51 Greby, Helle Elise   I291136
52 Groes, Poul Daylesford  2 Jun 1883Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I184811
53 Halbye, Steen   I162877
54 Hansen, Elna  27 Aug 1901Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163974
55 Hansen, Gerda Ragnhild  10 May 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198052
56 Hansen, Tina Eiby   I32055
57 Hauch (Hauch), Viggo Rosenauer  14 May 1905Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I159607
58 Hede, Tine Marie   I115839
59 Heilbuth, Johanne  15 Jan 1885Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139683
60 Hemmer (Hemmer), Anne Sophie Magdalene de  28 Jul 1787Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I182154
61 Henriques (Henriques), Bodil   I142097
62 Holst, Christiane Emilie Valborg  26 Jun 1866Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I88899
63 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Bodil, Comtesse   I186413
64 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Erik, Count   I180262
65 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Jens, Count   I186245
66 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Susanne, Comtesse   I186242
67 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Søren, Count   I186244
68 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Anna von  23 Sep 1801Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I32013
69 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Margrethe "Grethe" von  26 Aug 1799Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I32002
70 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Margrethe von  17 Jun 1796Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I165613
71 Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg), Anette   I195335
72 Høyer, Marie Birthe Kirstine  Abt 1819Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I284160
73 Ibsen, Else Marie Juliane  23 Apr 1819Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139958
74 Jacobsen, Anna  1799Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I400761
75 Jacobsen, Caroline Vilhelmine  25 Mar 1837Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I400720
76 Jacobsen, Michael  13 Dec 1795Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I400724
77 Jensen, Dorthea Elisabeth  Abt 1819Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I213520
78 Jordal, Thomas Rasmussen   I189093
79 Jørgensen, Arne Christian   I130302
80 Jørgensen, Finn Henrik   I130300
81 Jørgensen, Grete Elisabeth  19 May 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I25247
82 Jørgensen, Gudrun Dagmar Maria  10 Mar 1890Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I29738
83 Jørgensen, Helle Harboe   I192954
84 Jørgensen, Knud Willemoës  6 Jul 1917Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I122044
85 Jørgensen, Niels Mogens   I130301
86 Klein, Uffe Axel  25 Jun 1898Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I241021
87 Klæbel, Ernst Hviid  14 Nov 1917Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I111205
88 Koch, Carsten Johan   I220688
89 Kähler (Kähler), Jan   I179545
90 Kønigsfeldt, Haagen  8 Aug 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I66870
91 La Cour (La Cour), Ellen Kirstine Poulsen Barfod La  13 Jan 1876Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43955
92 La Cour (La Cour), Inge Dornonville de La  17 Jun 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84113
93 La Cour (La Cour), Jørgen Carl Barfod Dornonville de La  1 Sep 1872Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I135906
94 La Cour (La Cour), Lars Frederik Barfod Dornonville de La  15 Jun 1869Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I91696
95 La Cour (La Cour), Marie Barfod La  23 Jan 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43956
96 La Cour (La Cour), Martha Dornonville de La  15 Jun 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I91695
97 La Cour (La Cour), Poul Barfod Dornonville de La  6 Jun 1870Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43954
98 La Cour (La Cour), Vagn Dornonville de La  16 Sep 1902Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43925
99 La Cour (La Cour), Vilhelm Birkedal Barfod Dornonville de La  23 Dec 1883Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43957
100 Lange, Fanny  25 May 1870Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I239901
101 Larsen, Grethe Johanne  1 Nov 1903Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I81413
102 Larsen, Kirstine  15 Nov 1829Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106091
103 Lassen, Aage Frederik Julius   I29296
104 Levin, Salomon Isaac  15 May 1828Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I132090
105 Lind, Marie Olivia  Abt 1843Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I234172
106 Lind, Theodor Waldemar  Abt 1847Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I396796
107 Lund, Hans Carl Ludvig  28 Nov 1847Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240187
108 Lund, Karen Marie Cæcilia  4 Sep 1842Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240185
109 Lund, Karen Marie Cæcilie  7 Mar 1841Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240184
110 Lund, Peter Christian  24 Jan 1845Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240186
111 Lundgreen, Grete Anna Kristine  3 Sep 1916Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I140880
112 Madsen, Annelise   I90443
113 Marstrand (Marstrand), Drude  6 Nov 1916Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I179973
114 Martens, Hans E  6 May 1910Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I191117
115 Mathiessen, Birthe   I153438
116 Meidell, Susanne Rita   I167015
117 Michaelsen, Inger Marie  19 Jun 1767Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106058
118 Michaelsen, Jacob  1764Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I400759
119 Moltke (Moltke), Helene Sofie, Comtesse   I184925
120 Moltke (Moltke), Johan Peter Frederik, Count   I184915
121 Muxoll, Morten   I221552
122 Mürer, Marie Elisabeth  8 Jan 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I170974
123 Møller, Christiana Henriettta  1770Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106568
124 Møller, Johan Mathias  1743Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106571
125 Møller, Margrethe  18 Jun 1900Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I133444
126 Neergaard (Neergaard), Charlotte Bruun de   I147168
127 Neergaard (Neergaard), Michaela de   I177377
128 Nielsen, Mette Merete Abildgaard   I181626
129 Nielsen, Zidsel  28 Feb 1791Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I69216
130 Nørbjerg, Jacob Melchior   I141756
131 Nørgaard, Ellen Johanne  25 Apr 1877Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I71474
132 Olesen, Jens Toft  6 Apr 1841Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I67276
133 Olivarius (Olivarius), Mathias Christian  17 May 1807Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I115696
134 Olivarius (Olivarius), Tage  23 Mar 1809Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I230200
135 Olsen, Ernst Valdemar  6 Jun 1855Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I19283
136 Olsen, Frejlif Møller  9 Feb 1868Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139741
137 Olsen, Ottilia Franciska  8 Mar 1856Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I194111
138 Olsen, Peder Thorvald  Abt 1851Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240656
139 Olsen, Philippa Theresia Juliane Hulda  Abt 1862Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I50159
140 Palmquist, Britta   I239055
141 Petersen, Birgit   I86189
142 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Agnes Caroline  20 Mar 1882Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I246380
143 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Anna Sophie Emilie  16 Sep 1879Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I246361
144 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Carl Theodor  29 Nov 1884Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I246381
145 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Ralph Stefan   I246398
146 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Hans Flemming   I173697
147 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Nils Morten   I173698
148 Poulsen, Christiane Amalie  1820Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I106619
149 Prag, Jørgen Brorson   I141545
150 Præst, Nikoline Pedersen  15 Feb 1893Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I281020
151 Rantzau (Rantzau), Christian Emil Heinrich Julius, Imperial Count von  12 Jul 1827Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I169986
152 Reck, Gustav   I214532
153 Reitzel, Frederik Moltke   I7748
154 Rom, C Th  7 May 1847Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162219
155 Rothschild (Rothschild of Denmark), Rigmor Laura  1 Sep 1897Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I131458
156 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Amalie Johanne  25 Sep 1807Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I183543
157 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Marcus Clod  20 Dec 1808Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I183958
158 Sauerberg, Grethe Elisabeth  23 Sep 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I130519
159 Schleisner, Sophie Nicoline  13 Jan 1809Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I189123
160 Schrøder, Emilie Augusta  10 Feb 1889Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198977
161 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Fanny Franciska Magdalene  11 Jun 1859Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163413
162 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Anna Theodora  27 Jul 1859Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I149540
163 Simony (Simony), Marie-Louise   I48409
164 Suenson (Suenson), Jean Andre Jesper   I239279
165 Thiele (Thiele), Jane Lise   I201015
166 Thomsen, Karen Margrethe  18 Jun 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162329
167 Thysen, Erik Pontoppidan  4 Nov 1881Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I34336
168 Treschow (Treschow), Amy Charlotte   I43088
169 Trier (Trier), Dagmar Sophie Mathilde  25 Oct 1866Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I4587
170 Trier (Trier), Emma Mathilde  28 Nov 1858Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I137770
171 Trier (Trier), Fanny Frederikke  9 Feb 1831Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I135010
172 Trier (Trier), Lars von   I70098
173 Trier (Trier), Mathilde Henriette  9 Apr 1869Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163923
174 Trier (Trier), Sophus Richardt  14 Nov 1860Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I137769
175 Tuxen (Tuxen), Susanne   I132340
176 Tvede (Tvede of Vejlby), Eline Dorthea  19 Mar 1852Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I408915
177 Ussing, Marie Louise  9 Dec 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I130924
178 Valeur (Valeur), Bo Henrik   I185773
179 Valeur (Valeur), Jan Henrik   I185772
180 Wassmann, Charles Frederik Louis  7 Mar 1840Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I285922
181 Wissum, Henrik Harboe   I192690
182 Wøldike, Else Marie Kirstine  29 Jan 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I86250
183 Wøldike, Wilhelmine  10 Sep 1821Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84047
184 Zacho, Astrid  16 Jun 1885Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I124258


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Agier, Charles Emil  4 Sep 1870Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I123288
2 Bjørnsen, Jacob Peter Hermann  21 Jun 1822Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I3501
3 Bonnevie, Asger Edvard  18 Nov 1868Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I85131
4 Brodersen, Viggo  25 May 1879Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I137369
5 Bruun, Jens   I233401
6 Daverkosen, Hubert Niels Edmund Johann Erik Joseph  5 May 1900Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I245935
7 Daverkosen, Johanne Hubertine Nielsine Stephanie Kate Elisabeth  5 May 1903Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I19674
8 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée, Princess  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I51542
9 Hastrup (Hastrup), Aage Fri  22 Apr 1867Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I71083
10 Jespersen, Poul Felix  4 Sep 1898Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I148660
11 Jørgensen, Knud Willemoës  28 Oct 1917Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I122044
12 La Cour (La Cour), Aase Barfod Dornonville de La  2 Feb 1899Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I129155
13 La Cour (La Cour), Ellen Barfod Dornonville de La  21 Apr 1901Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I129129
14 La Cour (La Cour), Gudrun Barfod Dornonville de La  13 May 1900Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I223360
15 La Cour (La Cour), Inge Dornonville de La  7 Aug 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84113
16 La Cour (La Cour), Ingeborg Barfod Dornonville de La  12 Sep 1897Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I129170
17 La Cour (La Cour), Karen Barfod Dornonville de La  16 Nov 1902Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I128987
18 La Cour (La Cour), Martha Dornonville de La  8 Aug 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I91695
19 La Cour (La Cour), Torsten Barfod Dornonville de La  11 Aug 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I183229
20 La Cour (La Cour), Vagn Dornonville de La  29 Oct 1902Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43925
21 Leimann, Hedevig Rebekka  1 May 1778Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I314879
22 Lund, Hans Jacob  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240179
23 Michaelsen, Olise Charlotte  20 Nov 1774Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I239990
24 Neergaard (Neergaard), Carl Holger Niels de  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I100777
25 Nørgaard, Ellen Johanne  8 Jul 1877Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I71474
26 Olivarius (Olivarius), Frederik Vilhelm  4 Jun 1806Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I230202
27 Olsen, Bente Stæhr   I190993
28 Olsen, Ottilia Franciska  18 May 1856Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I194111
29 Olsen, Peder Valdemar  3 Jun 1818Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240579
30 Reese, Ane Elisabeth  12 Aug 1804Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I76577
31 Rode, Erik   I169133
32 Suhr (Suhr), Sophie Amalie  20 May 1841Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I223020
33 Svendsen, Britta Johanne Ingeborg  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I385200
34 Svendsen, Johan Frederik  29 Jul 1883Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I395105
35 Thomsen, Karen Margrethe  25 Jul 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162329
36 Wøldike, Elise Andrea Octavia  11 Jun 1823Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84024
37 Wøldike, Else Marie Kirstine  12 Mar 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I86250
38 Wøldike, Frederik  10 Oct 1832Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I83991
39 Wøldike, Johan Andreas Christopher  21 Aug 1825Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84054
40 Wøldike, Juliane Emilie Dorthea  16 Jun 1819Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I37801
41 Wøldike, Sophie Amalie  10 Oct 1832Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I83972
42 Wøldike, Wilhelmine  31 Oct 1821Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I84047


Matches 1 to 111 of 111

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Hans Ebbesen  11 Feb 1981Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I51815
2 Bauer, Caroline Augusta Vilhelmine Emilie  27 Feb 1929Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I246378
3 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Marie  14 Jun 1971Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I194396
4 Bluhme, Dagmar Margrethe  19 Jan 1946Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I193843
5 Bonnén, Guri  24 Jun 1977Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I103092
6 Brandt, Frederikke Marie  26 Sep 1839Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I152714
7 Bresendorf, Christiane Mathilde Theodora Breslau von  27 Nov 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I203222
8 Brodersen, Johannes Nicolaj  22 May 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I24244
9 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Frithia Henriette  25 Apr 1932Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I89316
10 Bülow (Bülow), Gerda Carola Frederikke, Baroness von  4 May 1990Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I183131
11 Bøes, Christina Mathiasen  1804Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198433
12 Carlsen de Lange (Carlsen-Lange), Jutta Christiane Olavia Bertha  21 Jan 1866Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I160929
13 Drechsel, Ernst Christoph Lorentz von  27 Nov 1932Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I83655
14 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge), Peter Carl  25 Dec 1902Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I118868
15 Esmarch, Ane Cathrine Marie Gjertrud  22 Sep 1779Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I203749
16 Esmarch, Mathias  18 Mar 1786Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I30097
17 Falckenthal, Dorthea Elisabeth  8 Jul 1844Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I47193
18 Faurschou (Faurschou), Anders  4 May 1882Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I73511
19 Faurschou (Faurschou), Anna  17 Apr 1887Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I201915
20 Fenger, Carl Martin  22 Sep 1940Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I74651
21 Frederiksen, Palle Verner  8 Nov 1977Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I155187
22 Fritz, Georgia Elisa Augusta  16 Jan 1896Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I2672
23 Frøstrup, Peder Erik Nielsen  18 May 1985Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I71025
24 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Mathilde  9 Mar 1861Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163930
25 Grandjean, Poul Bredo  29 Jul 1957Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162187
26 Gross, Agnes Wiggie  28 Nov 2002Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I17390
27 Grønbech, Margrethe Kirstine  28 Aug 1953Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I201244
28 Gudme, Joachim  24 Jan 1903Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I203219
29 Hansen, Gerda Ragnhild  24 Nov 1972Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I198052
30 Haven, Elias Christian von  9 Aug 1813Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I179988
31 Haven, Frederik Christian von  8 Jan 1802Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I180014
32 Heikel, Helena Mathilda "Nelly"  29 Dec 1921Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I135535
33 Heimann, Fanny  12 Sep 1918Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I89294
34 Henriques (Henriques), Benny Ruben  23 Aug 1847Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I100757
35 Hertel, Nicolai Andreas  18 Feb 1863Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I160772
36 Holm, Simonine Petrine  8 Jun 1921Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I195210
37 Holme, Gerda  22 Apr 1980Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I241020
38 Holstein (Holstein), Nathalia Camilla Vilhelmine Conradine Justine Adolphine von  12 Aug 1892Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I192718
39 Hviid, Elise Adolphine  13 Mar 1971Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I111194
40 Høffner, Birgit Cathrine  25 Mar 1996Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163280
41 Høstmark, Amalie Birgithe Cathrine  17 Dec 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I82826
42 Jerichow, Esther  8 Nov 1985Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I158240
43 Jessen, Ove  4 Apr 1987Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I67123
44 Jørgensen, Ellen Johanne  23 Mar 1945Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I132761
45 Kirketerp (Kirketerp of Denmark), Rasmine Elisabeth  15 Nov 1863Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139042
46 Klæbel, Hjalmar Vilhelm Thorvald  30 Apr 1952Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I111183
47 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Ida Margarethe  9 Aug 2001Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I239866
48 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Karen Kirstine  3 Feb 1874Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I107912
49 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Maria Elisabeth  12 Apr 1847Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I108104
50 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Sophus Jacob  28 Dec 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I195057
51 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Kirsten  29 Feb 2008Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I226100
52 Kruse, Mathilde Petrea  25 Dec 1936Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I74650
53 La Cour (La Cour), Jørgen Carl Barfod Dornonville de La  18 Sep 1917Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I135906
54 La Cour (La Cour), Karen Barfod Dornonville de La  16 Dec 1902Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I128987
55 La Cour (La Cour), Marie Barfod La  24 Jan 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I43956
56 Lemvigh-Müller (Müller), Jørgen  1 Jul 2012Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I200726
57 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche), Axel Otto, Baron  23 Jan 1927Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I18168
58 Leth (Leth), Laurits Christian Frederik  11 Sep 1865Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I174433
59 Lindhardt, Elisabeth  28 Oct 1920Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I66377
60 Lund, Karen Marie Cæcilia  29 Jan 1844Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240185
61 Lund, Karen Marie Cæcilie  30 Aug 1841Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240184
62 Lund, Peter Christian  5 Jun 1894Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240177
63 Luytkis, Anne Kirstine Asp  12 Sep 1892Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I150916
64 Malling (Malling of Pøel), Jørgen Henrik  12 Jul 1905Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I197242
65 Martensen, Anna Maria  12 Nov 1888Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I40475
66 Methling, Svend Vilhelm  4 Jun 1977Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I405813
67 Mogensen, Christen  9 Nov 1938Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I89339
68 Moltke (Moltke), Frederik Christian, Count  27 Feb 1946Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I157064
69 Moltke (Moltke), Peter Ditlev, Count  23 Dec 2007Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162204
70 Monrad (Monrad), Christian  19 Jan 1918Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I182820
71 Mønsted, Grethe Dalsgaard  5 Dec 1993Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I82340
72 Olivarius (Olivarius), Tage  21 May 1809Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I230200
73 Oschütz, Ida Anna Elisabeth  6 Jan 1964Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I46335
74 Oxholm (Oxholm), Alexander Georg Tully  19 May 1908Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I11325
75 Panduro, Elna  10 Jan 1947Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139175
76 Paulsen (Paulsen), Anne Augusta de  25 Jun 1905Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I148855
77 Paulsen (Paulsen), Friedrich Nicolai Wilhelm de  4 Feb 1872Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I148768
78 Petersen, Ane Marie Puggaard  4 Jan 1985Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I51828
79 Petersen, Hans Jørgen  12 Nov 1990Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I86190
80 Petersen, Lorentz Vilhelm  15 Mar 1932Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I128397
81 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Ida Sophie  1875Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I42958
82 Poulsen, Mogens Freddy  17 May 1966Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I40176
83 Praivichitr, Malé Maria  15 May 1973Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I168047
84 Prætorius, Carl Valdemar  26 Feb 1928Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I60163
85 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Carl Vilhelm  24 Jan 1876Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I83328
86 Rasmussen, Ane "Annie" Petra  21 Aug 1921Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I18167
87 Rode, Ellen  25 Oct 1959Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I169131
88 Rostrup, Ingeborg  8 Aug 1912Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I92199
89 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Bone Falk  13 May 1833Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I152712
90 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Mette Marie Kragh  17 Jun 1812Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I192963
91 Rørdam (Rørdam), Holger Frederik  12 May 1913Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I160141
92 Rørdam (Rørdam), Peter  18 Sep 1883Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I160796
93 Sabroe, Dagny  23 Jul 1973Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I143356
94 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Morten von Hausen  2 Oct 2012Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I152177
95 Salmonsen, Bella  15 Oct 1895Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I132139
96 Sander, Marius August  8 Apr 1913Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I94069
97 Schalburg, Augusta Rudolphine "Dodde"  28 May 1961Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I137999
98 Schmidt, Elisabeth Margrethe  23 Aug 1864Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I242088
99 Siegumfeldt, Johanne Hendrine Marie La Cour  11 Mar 1953Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I222788
100 Skovgaard, Niels Christian  3 Feb 1938Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I182950
101 Stuckenberg, Frederik Henrik  4 May 1899Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I124207
102 Sveistrup (Sveistrup), Poul Kristian Peter  25 Apr 1967Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I182199
103 Thejll, Augusta  Jan 1981Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I173710
104 Thorbjørnsen, Hansine Erasmine  1 Apr 1908Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I114851
105 Treschow (Treschow), Christian Eiler Michael  21 Mar 1993Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I104445
106 Ussing, Valdemar  23 Nov 1925Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I196542
107 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Frederik Julius, Baron  3 Sep 1971Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I147429
108 Weywadt, Torben  29 Sep 1974Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I60554
109 Wismer, Ellen Margrethe  12 Dec 1982Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I155142
110 Zachariae, Mathilde Mariane  17 Apr 1868Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I187633
111 Zangenberg, Ida  1 Sep 2009Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I410237


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Albrechtsen, Albertine Christine Caroline  30 Nov 1894Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I223380
2 Andreasen, Esther  25 Oct 2013Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I195435
3 Bjørnsen, Bjørn  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I168177
4 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée, Princess  25 Jun 2018Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I51542
5 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge), Peter Carl  2 Jan 1903Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I118868
6 Fritz, Georgia Elisa Augusta  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I2672
7 Hermansen, Henning Claus  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I100143
8 Holck (Holck of Stord), Preben Alexander Carl Johan von  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I175258
9 Knudtzon, Edmund  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163245
10 Knudtzon, Henning  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I199197
11 Knudtzon, Margrethe  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163668
12 La Cour (La Cour), Jørgen Carl La  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I92172
13 Larsen, Tove Waigner  29 Apr 2010Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I165412
14 Maltoft-Nielsen, Anne Dorte  9 Jan 2014Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I17676
15 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2), Christian Frederik Franz Knud Harald Carl Oluf Gustav Georg Erik, Royal Count of of Line 3-2 (Christian)  29 May 2013Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I44456
16 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Morten von Hausen  5 Oct 2012Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I152177
17 Thornam, Johan Christian  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I2669
18 Wøldike, Else Marie Kirstine  1992Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I86250


Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barner of Vedbygaard (Barner), Else Helene Emilie Gottfriede von  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I177140
2 Berg, Jan   I194104
3 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Lars Henrik   I199635
4 Christiansen, Poul  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I161903
5 Damgaard-Nielsen, Hans Oluf  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I401264
6 Dockum (Dockum), Martin Van  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I186898
7 Dyrup, Abelone "Lone"   I80141
8 Fauerholdt, Karla "Mette" Irene Ravn  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I149008
9 Freisleben, Ernst Theodor Christian Andreas von  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I159638
10 Fønss (Fønss), Sophie Nicoline  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I151399
11 Gormsen, Hans   I179140
12 Halbye, Mogens  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162879
13 Hammerich, Johannes  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I161072
14 Heiede, Charles Preben Jensen  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I289737
15 Heilbuth, Julius William Frederik  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I139838
16 Hiort-Lorenzen, Boel   I96372
17 Hoff, Ove Høegh-Guldberg  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I172521
18 Holck (Holck of Stord), Preben Alexander Carl Johan von  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I175258
19 Holkenfeldt, Kay Helge   I193634
20 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Christian Frederik  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I175049
21 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Christian Ludvig, Count  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162702
22 Hvalsøe, Frederik Vilhelm  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I155022
23 Hyge, Tage Victor Budde  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I187090
24 Knudsen, Mogens  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I287153
25 Koch, Robert  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I220689
26 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Sophus Jacob  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I195057
27 Lauritzen, Hilmar Uggerholt   I168612
28 Levin, Salomon Isaac  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I132090
29 Lind, Ole Pedersen  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I396795
30 Lomholt, Jacob Kristian   I175668
31 Martens, Heinrich  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I191110
32 Mathiessen, Jens Marius   I153439
33 Mogensen, Poul  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I87255
34 Moltke (Moltke), Peter Ditlev, Count  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162204
35 Mundt (Mundt), Jodochus Henrik  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I148856
36 Olivarius (Olivarius), Per de Fine   I119753
37 Olsen, Johan Frederik  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I50401
38 Olsen, Peder Valdemar  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I240579
39 Orlien, Carl  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I130948
40 Pedersen, Hans Otto Lyngbye Aggerholm  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I242568
41 Petersen, Johan Peter  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I264470
42 Pettersen, Odd Emil   I183498
43 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Erik  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I173663
44 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Knud Vieth  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I44511
45 Præst, Rasmus Pedersen  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I281021
46 Rasmussen, Finn  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I111491
47 Raun, Hans Christian   I7093
48 Rode, Johan Gotfred  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I169126
49 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 2-1), Ulrik Harald Gunnar Oluf, Count of of Line 2-1 (Oluf)   I165411
50 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 2-2), Benedikte Margaretha Dagmar, Comtesse of of Line 2-2 (Axel)   I172230
51 Rørdam (Rørdam), Jakob  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I231124
52 Sand, Arne Rudolf  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I159323
53 Sandal, Ejvind   I191507
54 Schmettau (Schmettau), Vilhelm Cornelius Reimerth, Imperial Count von  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I163834
55 Schou, Lise Kirsten   I191505
56 Silwer, Elsa Margareta  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I79063
57 Skeel (Skeel), Mette   I148484
58 Thielst, Inge Agnete   I18966
59 Thomsen, Valdemar Carl Andreas  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I162353
60 Thorsen, Niels   I194984
61 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Adam Rudolph, Count  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I157003
62 Treschow (Treschow), Niels-Gregers  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I109126
63 Ussing, Einar  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I130926
64 Ussing, Marie Louise  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I130924
65 Ussing, Paul  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I134999
66 Wagner, Siegfried  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I88456
67 Warnøe (Warnøe), Ole Alfred   I164846
68 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Niels Joachim, Baron  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I147474
69 Worning, Ib  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I184066
70 Zahle, Ernst Sophus Vilhelm  Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark I142340


Matches 1 to 123 of 123

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aagesen (Aagesen) / Riegels  26 Apr 1781Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F35459
2 Adeler (Adeler) / Nyholm  6 Oct 1959Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F80853
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt) / Schulin (Schulin)   F64075
4 Bache / Mortensen   F56431
5 Balslev (Balsløw) / Brodersen  26 Oct 1909Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F42596
6 Bang / Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro)  20 Apr 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F61576
7 Bergen / Schleisner  27 Jun 1829Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F79673
8 Berner (Berner) / Hahn-Petersen   F66331
9 Bisen / Michaelsen  12 Sep 1861Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F65166
10 Bjerregaard / Heldt  5 Oct 1816Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F112765
11 Boeck-Hansen / Paulsen  21 Aug 1905Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F77535
12 Brandt / Pedersen   F57428
13 Bülow (Bülow) / Petersen   F13102
14 Castenschiold (Castenschiold) / Pedersen   F24285
15 Castenschiold (Castenschiold) / Thomsen  18 Oct 1933Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F68113
16 Daell (Daell) / Andreasen  17 Mar 1944Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F74051
17 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Fenneberg   F25215
18 Eberth / Folkenberg  22 Jul 1947Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F24927
19 Edinger / Herbst (Herbst)   F35410
20 Elkær-Hansen / Klerk  28 Dec 1941Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F70551
21 Eriksen / Andersen  27 Nov 1874Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F33337
22 Foss (Foss of Viborg) / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  12 Jan 1924Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F39796
23 Fritsche / Herring  26 Jun 1829Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F7055
24 Gad (Gad of Denmark) / Nørgaard  14 Jul 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F33730
25 Glæsel / Danchel  4 Jul 1852Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F49288
26 Groes-Petersen / Sardrup  13 Nov 1954Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F77777
27 Grundtvig (Grundtvig) / Nielson  10 Aug 1881Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F68638
28 Halberstadt / Børresen  14 Apr 1892Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F55519
29 Hansen / Andersen  1 Jan 1865Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F23951
30 Hansen / Andersen  11 Jun 1933Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F37514
31 Hansen / Jørgensen  28 Mar 1942Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F54684
32 Hardung / Heldt  28 Sep 1832Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F112713
33 Hauch (Hauch) / Normann (Normann)  1 Nov 1941Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F66728
34 Heiberg (Heiberg) / Rechnitzer  30 Sep 1933Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F67888
35 Hertel / Møller  5 Oct 1791Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F46868
36 Hiort-Lorenzen / Nissen-Sommersted  11 Jul 1899Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F42864
37 Hjelm / Harpøth (Harpøth)  11 Dec 1942Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F36654
38 Holstein (Holstein) / Modeweg  25 Oct 1844Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F11110
39 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Pedersen   F75854
40 Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup) / Holm  1 Dec 1811Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F54540
41 Höpfner / Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein)   F78446
42 Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg) / Ladd   F82165
43 Jacobsen / Sveistrup (Sveistrup)   F47043
44 Jacoby / Wedege (Wedege)  17 Nov 1890Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F73800
45 Jensen / Juul (Juul)   F58294
46 Jørgensen / Nielsen  25 May 1907Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F45985
47 Jørgensen / Scheving  6 Nov 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F55765
48 Kalkar / Nielsen  14 Dec 1877Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F69371
49 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Duva   F10270
50 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen)   F60872
51 Kierulff (Skriver) / Teisen   F8598
52 Kirketerp (Kirketerp of Denmark) / Achton (Bremmer)  14 Apr 1852Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F17259
53 Klæbel / Jensen   F48395
54 Knudtzon / Bruhn  29 May 1937Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F68271
55 Koch / Rørdam (Rørdam)  23 May 1891Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F55729
56 Koed / Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard)   F63682
57 Koed / Larsen   F63683
58 Krogen / Hansen  23 Jun 1956Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F115053
59 Krogh / Helm  15 Sep 1979Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F91000
60 La Cour (La Cour) / Schiwe (Skive of Denmark)  17 Jul 1917Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F149347
61 Lange (Lange of Østbirk) / Blach  25 Jun 1920Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F74033
62 Larsen / Boest   F97986
63 Larsen / Kalkar  1901Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F55696
64 Larsen / Krarup (Krarup)   F37508
65 Leimann / Pedersen  19 Feb 1778Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F142518
66 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold) / Høyer  18 Nov 1823Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F112608
67 Lund / Rørdam (Rørdam)  9 Apr 1875Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F62767
68 Marstrand (Marstrand) / Fauerholdt  11 Sep 1914Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F61151
69 Metz / Jensen   F56469
70 Middelboe / Zacho  13 Jul 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F79016
71 Moltke (Moltke) / Sekler   F77875
72 Mouritzen / Ringheim  5 Nov 1971Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F157151
73 Muus (Muus of Denmark) / Jensen   F23468
74 Møller / Bülow (Bülow)  24 Dec 1836Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F48224
75 Møller / Rørdam (Rørdam)  23 May 1886Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F49634
76 Møller / Rørdam (Rørdam)  8 Oct 1897Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F48530
77 Nielsen / Warnheim (Warnheim)  16 Oct 1763Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F51221
78 Olsen / Bülow (Bülow)   F13107
79 Olsen (Bournonville) / Rønne (Rønne of Denmark)  15 Sep 1835Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F77212
80 Palvad / Treschow (Treschow)   F22351
81 Petersen / Christensen  30 Jan 1949Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F39003
82 Petersen / Ehlertsen   F28969
83 Piper (Piper of Bernau) / Bauer  13 Nov 1878Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F101828
84 Qvade / Olsen  29 Apr 1881Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F81666
85 Rasmussen / Larsen   F37199
86 Reck / Nielsen  6 Jun 1945Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F94732
87 Reitzel / Moltke (Moltke)   F77878
88 Roland / Bornemann (Bornemann)   F77907
89 Roloff / Linstow (Linstow)   F36500
90 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-1) / Terney   F7423
91 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2) / Maltoft-Nielsen  27 Feb 1971Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F73998
92 Rygner / Jørgensen  30 Aug 1913Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F75245
93 Rømeling (Rømeling) / Hansen  29 Jun 1850Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F50388
94 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark) / Thomsen  2 Apr 1824Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F77297
95 Rørdam (Rørdam) / Tørsleff (Tørsleff)  20 Mar 1906Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F73110
96 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad) / Zimmer  7 Dec 1781Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F24168
97 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors) / Petersen   F30509
98 Scheving / Larsen  8 Oct 1911Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F55764
99 Schlegel / Moos  4 Feb 1843Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F65362
100 Schlichtkrull / Mathiessen   F63731
101 Schmidt / Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2)   F1740
102 Schrøder / Ottar  22 Dec 1937Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F22494
103 Schrøder / Wulff  17 Nov 1932Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F22490
104 Schubart / Weisler  22 Oct 1836Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F50272
105 Schøller (Schøller) / Ammitzbøll  3 Dec 1812Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F5007
106 Seipelt / Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen)   F25067
107 Suenson (Suenson) / Bracht   F69548
108 Svendsen / Hansen  11 Jun 1904Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F152939
109 Sølling (Sølling of Ravnholt) / Ammitzbøll  7 Sep 1838Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F5015
110 Sørensen / Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz)   F68406
111 Tetzchner / Deurs (Deurs)  4 May 1757Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F45812
112 Thomasen / Ingwersen   F119246
113 Thorsen / Treschow (Treschow)  15 Jun 1893Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F39748
114 Treschow (Treschow) / Larsen   F22357
115 Tvenstrup / Larsen  28 Nov 1857Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F46716
116 Vedsmand / Heise (Heise)  22 Dec 1884Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F34402
117 Vinding / Nielsen   F68142
118 Wedell-Neergaard (Wedel of Uchtenhagen) / Røpke   F68586
119 Weis / Nissen   F41161
120 Wibroe / Benzon (Bentsen of Lund)   F55071
121 Wiedemann / Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold)   F72271
122 Wulff / Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 2-1)   F79807
123 Zeuthen (Zeuthen) / Abrahamsen  22 Feb 1947Kongens Lyngby, Zealand, Denmark F8821

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