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Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Christen  4 Dec 1815Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68153
2 Andreasen, Marie  10 Sep 1900Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I292588
3 Baltzersen, Else Marie  26 Sep 1816Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I90888
4 Bastholm (Bastholm 1), Anne Margrethe Christensen  14 Feb 1717Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I165631
5 Christensen, Ane Johanne  24 Oct 1811Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I95088
6 Christensen, Inger Marie  25 Feb 1832Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75812
7 Christensen, Martine  13 Jun 1858Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68196
8 Christensen, Torben   I296469
9 Christoffersen, Anders  14 Apr 1800Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93092
10 Christoffersen, Karen  1796Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93094
11 Christoffersen, Kirsten  12 Jun 1791Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93095
12 Christoffersen, Mette Marie  8 Mar 1797Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93093
13 Frandsen, Jens Christian  1 May 1831Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68030
14 Frederiksen, Christian Gotfred  6 Mar 1864Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I73447
15 Green, Ejvind   I290622
16 Hoffmann, Robert William  10 Feb 1875Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I407630
17 Jensen, Johanne Catrine  25 Nov 1819Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68163
18 Jokumsen, Christen  1786Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75778
19 Juul, Johanne Kathinca  28 Jun 1901Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I88162
20 Jørgensen, Christen  29 Nov 1853Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75800
21 Laage, Anders Christopher  1800Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I419683
22 Larsen, Joan   I295219
23 Michaelsen, Ann-Dorthe   I295224
24 Mumme (Mumme), Jacob Thomsen  1620Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I201043
25 Mumme (Mumme), Maren Thomasen  1623Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I70183
26 Mumme (Mumme), Talke Thomasen  1622Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I88786
27 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Anders Jensen Bredkær  28 Jan 1572Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69412
28 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Birthe Jensen Bredkær  5 Dec 1576Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69504
29 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Bodil Jensen Bredkær  10 Aug 1578Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69512
30 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Christen Jensen Bredkær  2 Oct 1574Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69503
31 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Jens Christensen  2 Feb 1513Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69567
32 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Jens Jensen  6 Jun 1540Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69502
33 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Jens Jensen Bredkær  3 Feb 1580Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69524
34 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Maren Jensen Bredkær  5 Mar 1584Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69536
35 Nielsen, Peder  10 Nov 1754Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68166
36 Poulsen, Nicolaj Bering   I298094
37 Sørensen, Anne Kirstine  15 Mar 1838Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61997
38 Sørensen, Christen  30 Oct 1854Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61992
39 Sørensen, Christiane  15 Jun 1840Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61996
40 Sørensen, Hans Peter  1 Dec 1856Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61991
41 Sørensen, Mariane Christine  28 Feb 1846Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61995
42 Sørensen, Mette Marie  4 Nov 1851Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61993
43 Sørensen, Niels Christian  24 Dec 1848Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61994
44 Thorsen, Ane Margrethe  1869Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427136
45 Thorsen, Kristian  1875Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427139
46 Thorsen, Thomine Marie Kristine  1872Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427137
47 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Anne Katrine Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1672Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89048
48 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Elisabeth Magdalene Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1676Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89046
49 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Else Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1 Dec 1666Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I70095
50 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Georg Jørgen Lauridsen "Bjørn"  19 Dec 1670Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89051
51 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Hans Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1682Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89042
52 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Jacob Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1674Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89047
53 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Laurits Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1677Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89045
54 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Niels Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1669Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89052
55 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Peder Lauridsen "Bjørn"  1668Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89049
56 Vangsted, Jens Ingemann  4 Mar 1913Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I294097
57 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Maren  7 Jun 1724Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89103
58 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Niels  20 Mar 1728Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I87828


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bastholm (Bastholm 1), Giertrud Christensen  10 Apr 1715Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398415
2 Bastholm (Bastholm 1), Inger Margrethe Christensen  21 May 1719Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398431
3 Bastholm (Bastholm 1), Jens Christensen  7 Dec 1721Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398432
4 Bastholm (Bastholm 1), Niels Christensen  8 Feb 1713Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398429
5 Hoffmann, Robert William  12 Sep 1875Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I407630
6 Laursen, Anne  16 Mar 1766Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398205
7 Laursen, Else Cathrine  13 Nov 1768Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398206
8 Laursen, Kiersten  9 Feb 1755Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398204
9 Laursen, Maren  13 Nov 1757Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398202
10 Nielsen, Anne  25 Feb 1714Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398210
11 Nielsen, Birgete  24 Jan 1717Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398211
12 Nielsen, Hans Peter  27 Jul 1856Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398238
13 Nielsen, Inger  10 May 1722Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398207
14 Nielsen, Niels  3 Sep 1719Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398212
15 Nielsen, Otte  7 Aug 1712Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398209
16 Olesen, Mallene  1 Oct 1747Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398221
17 Olesen, Maren  21 Nov 1745Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398220
18 Olesen, Otte  11 Jun 1752Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398223
19 Olesen, Tøger  22 Feb 1750Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398222
20 Pedersen, Mette Kathrine  Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I433039


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Heinsvig, Mathias  30 May 1765Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89104
2 Hemmet (Hemmet), Anna Pedersen  2 Apr 1716Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I70110
3 Holm (Holm of Aalborg), Jacob Jacobsen  2 Jan 1777Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I128104
4 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Else Jacobsen  1665Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I200775
5 Iversen, Sophie Nielsen  1762Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89101
6 Larsen, Anders  Aft 1890Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427138
7 Larsen, Helle  4 May 1892Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I64280
8 Mumme (Mumme), Thomas Christensen  1625Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I200908
9 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Birthe Jensen Bredkær  5 Oct 1629Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69504
10 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Christen Jensen Bredkær  5 Aug 1630Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69503
11 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Jens Christensen  3 Mar 1570Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69567
12 Sørensen, Christen  19 Nov 1854Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I61992
13 Sørensen, Thøger  28 Mar 1934Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I46117
14 Thomsen, Ellen Kathrine  6 Feb 1882Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427134
15 Thorsen, Lars Christian  29 Dec 1877Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I427125
16 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Laurids Jensen "Bjørn"  1684Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I70108
17 Weinreich, Jakob Henrik  25 Feb 1896Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I237732
18 Weinreich, Maren Kirstine  11 May 1927Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I237728
19 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Marcus Christian Diedrichsen  1744Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89102


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Laurs  2 May 1779Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398203
2 Nielsen, Inger  2 May 1779Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398207
3 Nielsen, Niels  5 May 1765Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398208
4 Nielsen, Otte  1 Jun 1738Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398209
5 Olesen, Mallene  2 May 1779Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398221
6 Ottisen, Malene  25 May 1755Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398213


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Nielsen  7 Feb 1745Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154203
2 Andersen / Jensen  10 Nov 1843Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F32525
3 Andersen / Nielsen  3 Nov 1754Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154200
4 Berning / Mortensen  17 Oct 1937Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F77785
5 Christensen / Christensen  17 Jun 1853Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F34961
6 Christensen / Larsen  14 Oct 1837Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F31152
7 Eiersted / Møller  29 Jun 1773Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F33237
8 Fosdal / Kaas (Kaas of Bornholm)  6 Aug 1978Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F31378
9 Hansen / Christensen   F122523
10 Hansen / Laursen  27 Dec 1791Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154199
11 Heinsvig / Zeuthen (Zeuthen)  12 Sep 1743Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F40181
12 Jensen / Christoffersen  2 Mar 1817Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41718
13 Jensen / Hansen  19 Oct 1755Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F29608
14 Jensen / Larsen   F121777
15 Jensen / Nielsen  26 Dec 1714Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F29500
16 Jørgensen / Hjortnæs   F122149
17 Larsen / Thomsen  14 Mar 1879Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F163655
18 Madsen / Hansen  4 Oct 1733Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F29610
19 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev) / Andersen  5 Apr 1570Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F33064
20 Nielsen / Christensen  10 Jun 1882Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F122145
21 Pedersen / Hansen  11 Nov 1742Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F29609
22 Sørensen / Larsen  22 Nov 1767Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F29645
23 Søtoft / Nielsen  30 Dec 1814Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F28196
24 Winde / Thoustrup  11 Apr 1752Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F40140
25 Zeuthen (Zeuthen) / Iversen  1712Jerslev, North Jutland, Denmark F40180

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