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Istanbul, Turkey



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angelos, Andronikos Dukas of  Abt 1122Istanbul, Turkey I206910
2 Argyros, Eustathios "Patrikos"  Abt 860Istanbul, Turkey I254591
3 Argyros, Leon  Abt 830Istanbul, Turkey I254590
4 Argyros, Leon II "Strategos"  Abt 890Istanbul, Turkey I254593
5 Argyros, Romanos  Abt 915Istanbul, Turkey I255448
6 Bulgaria, Marija, Princess of  Abt 972Istanbul, Turkey I206926
7 Byzantine Empire, Agathe Lekapena, Princess of  Abt 912Istanbul, Turkey I255447
8 Byzantine Empire, Alexios I, Emperor "King of" of  Abt 1056Istanbul, Turkey I206918
9 Byzantine Empire, Alexios III Komnenos Angelos, Emperor "King of" of  Abt 1153Istanbul, Turkey I207044
10 Byzantine Empire, Andronicus Doukas Kamateros, Prince of  Abt 1108Istanbul, Turkey I207046
11 Byzantine Empire, Anna, Princess of  13 Mar 962Istanbul, Turkey I206005
12 Byzantine Empire, Argyrose, Princess of  Abt 1003Istanbul, Turkey I255452
13 Byzantine Empire, Euphrosyne Angelina Doukaina, Princess of  Abt 1125Istanbul, Turkey I206911
14 Byzantine Empire, Irini, Princess of  Abt 1067Istanbul, Turkey I206919
15 Byzantine Empire, Maria Irini Theodora, Empress "Queen" of  Abt 1032Istanbul, Turkey I206541
16 Byzantine Empire, Mikalis Dukas, Prince of  Abt 1061Istanbul, Turkey I207049
17 Byzantine Empire, Niketas Pegonites, Prince of  Abt 990Istanbul, Turkey I255226
18 Byzantine Empire, Theodora Lecapenus, Princess of  Abt 874Istanbul, Turkey I255445
19 Byzantine Empire, Theodora, Princess of  15 Jan 1096Istanbul, Turkey I206916
20 Byzantine Empire, Theophono, Princess of  956Istanbul, Turkey I204773
21 Dalasene, Adriana  Abt 1025Istanbul, Turkey I255211
22 Dalasene, Anna  1020Istanbul, Turkey I206932
23 Dalasenos, Adrianos  Abt 970Istanbul, Turkey I255210
24 Dalasenos, Prefekt Alexios Charon of Italy  Abt 990Istanbul, Turkey I255212
25 Dalasenos, Theophylactos  Abt 955Istanbul, Turkey I255209
26 Diogenes, Constantine  11 Nov 1050Istanbul, Turkey I255220
27 Diogenissa, Anna  Abt 1074Istanbul, Turkey I255219
28 Doukaina, Anna  Abt 1100Istanbul, Turkey I255199
29 Doukas, Konstantinos  Abt 1066Istanbul, Turkey I255355
30 Dukas, Andronikos  Abt 1036Istanbul, Turkey I206920
31 Dukas, Andronikos, Prince of  Abt 976Istanbul, Turkey I206930
32 Dukas, Ioannis, Prince of  Abt 1012Istanbul, Turkey I206928
33 Ebüzziya, Alev   I184373
34 Fleri, Charlotte Joanne Mary   I180221
35 Hamet-Kazemi, Parvar   I127127
36 Jensen, Stig Jorge   I229694
37 Kamateros, Basileios  Abt 1040Istanbul, Turkey I207050
38 Kamateros, Gregorios  1078Istanbul, Turkey I207047
39 Komnene, Theodora  Abt 1040Istanbul, Turkey I255203
40 Komnene, Theodora  Abt 1053Istanbul, Turkey I255221
41 Messulam, Lily  1892Istanbul, Turkey I790
42 Pegonitissa, Irini  Abt 1012Istanbul, Turkey I206929
43 Rauf, Mohammad Ali Bulent  1911Istanbul, Turkey I211982
44 Schwaben (Schwaben), Maria, Princess of  1201Istanbul, Turkey I206715
45 Turkey (Ottoman), Shivakiar Ibrahim Effendi, Princess of  25 Oct 1876Istanbul, Turkey I43564
46 Two Sicilies, Konstantinos Angelos, Emperor "King of" of the  Abt 1100Istanbul, Turkey I206915


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angelos, Andronikos Dukas of  Abt 1211Istanbul, Turkey I206910
2 Argyros, Romanos  Abt 973Istanbul, Turkey I255448
3 Audibert, Henri  11 Jun 1907Istanbul, Turkey I25260
4 Brienne, Jean, Count of Jerusalem, de  Istanbul, Turkey I275458
5 Bulgaria, Maria of  21 Nov 1081Istanbul, Turkey I206921
6 Bulgaria, Trajan, Prince of  Abt 1038Istanbul, Turkey I206922
7 Byzantine Empire, Alexios I, Emperor "King of" of  15 Aug 1118Istanbul, Turkey I206918
8 Byzantine Empire, Andronicus Doukas Kamateros, Prince of  Abt 1176Istanbul, Turkey I207046
9 Byzantine Empire, Euphrosyne Angelina Doukaina, Princess of  Abt 1195Istanbul, Turkey I206911
10 Byzantine Empire, Ioannis, Princess of  1067Istanbul, Turkey I206931
11 Byzantine Empire, Irini, Princess of  19 Feb 1133Istanbul, Turkey I206919
12 Byzantine Empire, Mikalis Dukas, Prince of  9 Jan 1118Istanbul, Turkey I207049
13 Byzantine Empire, Niketas Pegonites, Prince of  Abt 1057Istanbul, Turkey I255226
14 Byzantine Empire, Theodora Lecapenus, Princess of  Abt 923Istanbul, Turkey I255445
15 Byzantine Empire, Theodora, Princess of  20 Feb 1116Istanbul, Turkey I206916
16 Dalasene, Adriana  Abt 1102Istanbul, Turkey I255211
17 Dalasene, Anna  1 Nov 1102Istanbul, Turkey I206932
18 Dalasenos, Adrianos  Abt 1039Istanbul, Turkey I255210
19 Dalasenos, Prefekt Alexios Charon of Italy  Abt 1023Istanbul, Turkey I255212
20 Dalasenos, Theophylactos  Abt 1022Istanbul, Turkey I255209
21 Diogenes, Constantine  Abt 1074Istanbul, Turkey I255220
22 Dukas, Andronikos  14 Oct 1077Istanbul, Turkey I206920
23 Dukas, Ioannis, Prince of  Abt 1088Istanbul, Turkey I206928
24 Ethiopia, Qirwerne of  Istanbul, Turkey I255258
25 Geraldini, Catharina Augusta Josepha  5 Apr 1929Istanbul, Turkey I171902
26 Goodwinson (Goodwin), Lord Sveyn The Earl of Gloucester and The Earl of Herforthshire  1052Istanbul, Turkey I204182
27 Kamateros, Basileios  Abt 1088Istanbul, Turkey I207050
28 Komnene, Theodora  Istanbul, Turkey I255203
29 Komnene, Theodora  Abt 1094Istanbul, Turkey I255221
30 Pegonitissa, Irini  Abt 1060Istanbul, Turkey I206929
31 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), Andreas le  3 Feb 1758Istanbul, Turkey I138263
32 Turkey (Ottoman), Fatma Neslisah Sultan, Princess of  1 Apr 2012Istanbul, Turkey I245933
33 Turkey (Ottoman), Rukiye Sabiha Sultan, Princess of  26 Aug 1971Istanbul, Turkey I266778
34 Two Sicilies, Konstantinos Angelos, Emperor "King of" of the  Abt 1166Istanbul, Turkey I206915
35 Two Sicilies, Manolis Angelos, Emperor "King of" of the  Abt 1081Istanbul, Turkey I206917


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Ebüzzia, Ziyad  Istanbul, Turkey I194466


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angelos / Byzantine Empire  Abt 1155Istanbul, Turkey F85021
2 Byzantine Empire / Byzantine Empire  Abt 891Istanbul, Turkey F105923
3 Byzantine Empire / Byzantine Empire  Abt 1078Istanbul, Turkey F85025
4 Byzantine Empire / Dalasene  Abt 1042Istanbul, Turkey F85033
5 Byzantine Empire / Kamaterina  Abt 1155Istanbul, Turkey F85108
6 Diogenes / Komnene  Abt 1069Istanbul, Turkey F105878
7 Dukas / Pegonitissa  Abt 1045Istanbul, Turkey F85031
8 Egypt (Muhammad Ali) / Afghanistan (Afghanistan)   F87632
9 Egypt (Muhammad Ali) / Momtaz   F154720
10 Geijer / White  31 Jul 1888Istanbul, Turkey F56933
11 Husain / Turkey (Ottoman)  1 Jul 1927Istanbul, Turkey F87626
12 Khalil / Turkey (Ottoman)  5 Jul 1917Istanbul, Turkey F87624

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