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Horten, Vestfold, Norway



Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aars, Maren Sophie  1849Horten, Vestfold, Norway I129572
2 Boe, Therese Andersen  31 Jul 1887Horten, Vestfold, Norway I197470
3 Brinchmann, Elisabeth Andrea  4 Dec 1867Horten, Vestfold, Norway I113812
4 Bruusgaard, Arne Gram  2 Dec 1906Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189792
5 Bruusgaard, Emil Nicolay Gram  6 Sep 1910Horten, Vestfold, Norway I190952
6 Bruusgaard, Rannveig  9 Mar 1901Horten, Vestfold, Norway I146762
7 Bruusgaard, Reidar Gram  15 Aug 1898Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189790
8 Colbiørnsen, Anna Signe  26 Jul 1869Horten, Vestfold, Norway I5548
9 Colbiørnsen, Ebba Aurora Rosalie  1881Horten, Vestfold, Norway I13078
10 Colbiørnsen, Ulrikke "Ulla" Caroline  19 Mar 1868Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189755
11 Dahl, Ebba Louise Munthe Colbiørnsen  21 May 1900Horten, Vestfold, Norway I100083
12 Dahl, Otto Gustav Colbiørnsen  20 Sep 1893Horten, Vestfold, Norway I34785
13 Edwardsen, Einar Angus  11 Jan 1914Horten, Vestfold, Norway I182148
14 Geelmuyden, Christian  1861Horten, Vestfold, Norway I123565
15 Geelmuyden, Karen  1864Horten, Vestfold, Norway I123564
16 Geelmuyden, Marie  1855Horten, Vestfold, Norway I123566
17 Haffner, Einar  14 Mar 1869Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99277
18 Haffner, Hans Jokum Horn  22 Jan 1862Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99282
19 Haffner, Johan Fredrik Vilhelm  5 Jan 1864Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99278
20 Haffner, Wolfgang Wenzel  1859Horten, Vestfold, Norway I111526
21 Hagerup, Prime Minister of Norway George Francis  22 Jan 1853Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99032
22 Hiorth, Karen Birgitte  16 Jun 1876Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189752
23 Horn (Horn of Norway), Aase  25 May 1906Horten, Vestfold, Norway I142640
24 Horn (Horn of Norway), Ingeborg  15 Sep 1901Horten, Vestfold, Norway I142620
25 Horn (Horn of Norway), Peder "Per" Isaacsen  3 Feb 1875Horten, Vestfold, Norway I138489
26 Horn (Horn of Norway), Signy  15 Nov 1902Horten, Vestfold, Norway I142629
27 Ihlen, Emilie Fredrikke Andrea "Milly"  1 Oct 1861Horten, Vestfold, Norway I113637
28 Ingerslev-Jensen, Ulf Oxholm   I58507
29 Jacobsen, Andreas Martin  25 Jan 1859Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282898
30 Jacobsen, Jacob  11 Nov 1860Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282997
31 Jacobsen, Johan Laurits  26 Mar 1857Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282897
32 Jacobsen, Johan Laurits  18 Jun 1890Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282903
33 Kielland (Kielland), Astrid  12 Feb 1904Horten, Vestfold, Norway I265970
34 Kielland (Kielland), Christian Bendz  29 Oct 1858Horten, Vestfold, Norway I266211
35 Kielland (Kielland), Frederikke Magdalene "Magda"  11 Jul 1855Horten, Vestfold, Norway I266208
36 Kielland (Kielland), Jan  16 Feb 1902Horten, Vestfold, Norway I265963
37 Kielland (Kielland), Jonas Schanche  20 Nov 1863Horten, Vestfold, Norway I264584
38 Krefting, Herman Peter Vogt  1784Horten, Vestfold, Norway I116870
39 Krogh, Georg Fredrik von  22 Oct 1899Horten, Vestfold, Norway I283889
40 Munch, Kristine  1873Horten, Vestfold, Norway I122635
41 Munch, Rakel  1871Horten, Vestfold, Norway I122636
42 Müller, Adam Walther  1875Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99817
43 Olsen, Aagot Hildegund  11 Jan 1855Horten, Vestfold, Norway I128898
44 Olsen, Fredrik Sommerfelt  1859Horten, Vestfold, Norway I123989
45 Olsen, Johanne Sev  1864Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124094
46 Otto, Edgar  12 Apr 1873Horten, Vestfold, Norway I138433
47 Otto, Solveig  5 Sep 1900Horten, Vestfold, Norway I140693
48 Paasche, Anna  1858Horten, Vestfold, Norway I112460
49 Pedersen, Ruth  5 Mar 1917Horten, Vestfold, Norway I127669
50 Riegelsen, Andreas Rasmussen  1831Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282223
51 Riegelsen, Hilda Sofie Hansen  1886Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282482
52 Rygg, Andreas Kielland  22 Mar 1909Horten, Vestfold, Norway I265059
53 Skolem, Einar  5 Mar 1903Horten, Vestfold, Norway I212096
54 Skolem, Helene  26 Mar 1906Horten, Vestfold, Norway I212097
55 Thoresen, Aagot J  1889Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124092
56 Thoresen, Elsa  25 Jul 1910Horten, Vestfold, Norway I191033
57 Thoresen, Gudrun  1892Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124096
58 Thoresen, Ragnvald N  1888Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124093
59 Thoresen, Rolf J  1894Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124091
60 Tønder, Fridthjof  8 Jun 1845Horten, Vestfold, Norway I112029
61 Tønder, Nicola Theodora  3 Aug 1842Horten, Vestfold, Norway I136639
62 Tønder, Rasma Elina Fredrikke  1847Horten, Vestfold, Norway I136637
63 Wergeland, Harald  30 Aug 1845Horten, Vestfold, Norway I96988


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hagerup, Prime Minister of Norway George Francis  17 Feb 1853Horten, Vestfold, Norway I99032
2 Jacobsen, Andreas Martin  27 Feb 1859Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282898
3 Jacobsen, Jacob  26 Dec 1860Horten, Vestfold, Norway I282997


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Signe Bergitta  2 Jun 1916Horten, Vestfold, Norway I265959
2 Aabom, Ebba Aurora Rosalie  Horten, Vestfold, Norway I5549
3 Colbiørnsen, Johan Henrik Gustaf  Horten, Vestfold, Norway I5546
4 Hiorth, Lauritz Kristian  14 Aug 1901Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189756
5 Hiorth, Lauritz Smith  31 Jul 1887Horten, Vestfold, Norway I1867
6 Jarmann, Julie Wilhelmine Elisabeth  30 Jan 1899Horten, Vestfold, Norway I189757
7 Jürgensen, Ida Bolette  19 Dec 1903Horten, Vestfold, Norway I83388
8 Thoresen, Gudrun  1977Horten, Vestfold, Norway I124096
9 Tønder, Fridthjof  29 Dec 1860Horten, Vestfold, Norway I112029


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruusgaard / Hiorth  23 Oct 1897Horten, Vestfold, Norway F79939
2 Isaksen / Geelmuyden  16 Sep 1869Horten, Vestfold, Norway F52678
3 Jacobsen / Bertelsen  1889Horten, Vestfold, Norway F113905
4 Wedege (Wedege) / Brinchmann  9 Jan 1891Horten, Vestfold, Norway F49332

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