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Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ahlmann-Ohlsen (Ohlsen), Thomas   I193614
2 Andrés, Christian Emil  6 Jan 1903Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I104677
3 Andrés, Else Louise  1 Feb 1888Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14982
4 Andrés, Else Marie  9 Nov 1893Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14986
5 Andrés, Emma "Ems"  6 Apr 1905Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I34427
6 Andrés, Franz  26 Apr 1908Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I93231
7 Andrés, Manuel Heinrich  13 Aug 1898Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I95445
8 Andrés, Tryde  24 Oct 1900Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103763
9 Barfod (Pedersen), Bent Holger  30 May 1920Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I143825
10 Barfod (Pedersen), Gustav  12 Feb 1919Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I143824
11 Bergen, Georg Lauritz von  1796Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I189122
12 Fleron, Cathrine Marie  27 Jun 1814Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I118475
13 Fleron, Henri Servo  1810Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I44866
14 Fleron, Joseph Barnabas  1808Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I44865
15 Fleron, Louis Joseph  3 Oct 1812Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I182671
16 Fleron, Theresia Marie  1819Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I44870
17 Fleron, Vilhelm  20 Oct 1805Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I194089
18 Hagen, Carl Julius  21 Mar 1896Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103756
19 Hagen, Hermann  26 Oct 1889Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14756
20 Hagen, Hermann Vilhelm  10 Dec 1902Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103764
21 Hagen, Joachim  9 Apr 1894Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103754
22 Hagen, Rudolf Bernhard  30 Apr 1891Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I130568
23 Hauen, Inge Merete von Beck Van   I117196
24 Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup), Frida Ingeborg  11 Sep 1882Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I148649
25 Jørgensen, Caroline  30 Dec 1867Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I393925
26 Jørgensen, Jørgen Ferdinand  15 Feb 1866Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I167701
27 Lindhard, Mogens   I100300
28 Loua, Marie Elisabeth  23 Jul 1783Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I118672
29 Scheel (Skeel), Otto Christian, Count  12 Aug 1883Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I28145
30 Trolle (Trolle of Copenhagen), Jørgen Daniel Bang  24 Apr 1825Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I43105
31 Trolle (Trolle of Copenhagen), Nathalie Camilla  Abt 1826Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I175241
32 Utzon (Udesen), Aage Oberg  16 Nov 1885Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I82475


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andrés, Christian Emil  29 Nov 1903Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I104677
2 Andrés, Daniel Georg  1 Jun 1900Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I8483
3 Andrés, Else Louise  2 Apr 1888Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14982
4 Andrés, Else Marie  5 Jan 1894Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14986
5 Andrés, Emma "Ems"  9 Dec 1911Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I34427
6 Andrés, Manuel Heinrich  1 Jun 1900Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I95445
7 Andrés, Minna Sophie  1 Jun 1900Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I17443
8 Andrés, Tryde  3 Feb 1901Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103763
9 Bondesen, Mikkel   I175881
10 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Esther Annie Hostrup  Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I142412
11 Hagen, Hermann  27 Oct 1889Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14756
12 Hagen, Hermann Vilhelm  3 Aug 1903Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I103764
13 Hagen, Rudolf Bernhard  12 Jul 1891Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I130568
14 Harboe (Harboe of Kolding), Ebba Rønnenkamp  2 Feb 1902Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14977
15 Harboe (Harboe of Kolding), Else Henriette  5 Mar 1899Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14993
16 Harboe (Harboe of Kolding), Peter Rønnenkamp  24 Jun 1900Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I14992
17 Petersen, Thora Sophie  20 Feb 1848Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I198840


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahrnell, Milly Rita  12 Mar 1999Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I49347
2 Andréa, Casperfine Andresine "Signe"  28 Dec 1897Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I165435
3 Andrés, Heinrich Daniel  1911Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I8486
4 Andrés, Heinrich Johan  18 Oct 1930Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I34432
5 Baudissin (Baudissin), Otto August Hermann Joachim, Imperial Count von  3 Sep 1930Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I175628
6 Cold, Elise Margrethe  16 Aug 1866Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I129704
7 Ege, Lennart Andreas Tage "Lasse"  5 Oct 1995Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I44484
8 Flamand (Flamand), Johan Peter  24 Mar 1864Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I194082
9 Giersing (Giersing), Hans Emil  22 Mar 1945Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I49635
10 Hauch (Hauch), Ottilie Margrethe von  14 Sep 1875Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I159634
11 Heiberg (Heiberg), Peter Andreas Christian  20 Mar 1875Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I159631
12 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev), Elisabeth  6 Nov 1974Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I139130
13 Holme, Hans Valdemar  2 Sep 1946Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I188872
14 Knipschildt (Knipschildt), Jytte  28 Jun 1983Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I197331
15 Loua, Marie Elisabeth  30 Nov 1863Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I118672
16 Lunn, Christian Ditlev  19 Aug 1890Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I169251
17 Petersen, Sophie Jacobine Mathilde  3 Jul 1907Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I115781
18 Ringsted (Ringsted), Gerda Emilie Hertha Elisabeth  27 Aug 1983Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I201286
19 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Karen  1970Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I74210
20 Westrup, Nathalia  27 Jul 1911Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I160965


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrés, Heinrich Johan  22 Oct 1930Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I34432
2 Carlsen, Bent Samson  Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I270065
3 Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup), Jens Johan Frederik  Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I144573
4 Rönchendorff, Marie Charlotte Elisabeth Lilla von  Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I144701
5 Thurmann, Wilhelmine Ernestine Johanna "Minna"  6 Jan 1959Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark I34433


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Christensen / Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg)   F82168
2 Foss (Foss of Viborg) / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  30 Jul 1898Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F58525
3 Harboe (Harboe of Kolding) / Jensen  9 Apr 1898Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F8152
4 Jørgensen / Petersen  2 Jul 1873Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F24757
5 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay) / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  24 Jun 1908Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F61508
6 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Schubart  24 May 1782Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F60885
7 Testrup / Christensen  19 Oct 1957Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F157480
8 Trock-Jansen / Foss (Foss of Viborg)  9 Sep 1922Hellebaek, Zealand, Denmark F37330

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