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Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Erichsen, Anne  1776Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I377592
2 Erichsen, Peder  1780Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I377591
3 Goddike, Hans Jørgensen  Abt 1747Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309965
4 Goddike, Lars Jørgensen  Abt 1755Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363306
5 Goddike, Maren Jørgensen  Abt 1759Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357161
6 Hansen, Ane Marie  Abt 1837Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I324723
7 Hansen, Christen  22 Sep 1808Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357193
8 Hansen, Hans  10 Feb 1799Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309937
9 Hansen, Inger  6 Feb 1795Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310008
10 Hansen, Jens  1784Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309940
11 Hansen, Jens  1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310007
12 Hansen, Knud  1782Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313686
13 Hansen, Mads  4 May 1787Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309803
14 Jacobsen, Birthe  11 May 1821Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317382
15 Jacobsen, Karen  20 Apr 1826Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317383
16 Jensen, Hans  23 Mar 1798Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362642
17 Jensen, Johan Frederik Lundmark  16 Apr 1905Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I33049
18 Jensen, Kirsten  19 Mar 1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362824
19 Jensen, Lorents  18 Jul 1793Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362825
20 Jensen, Willads  1777Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357182
21 Johansen, Anders  Abt 1850Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I378535
22 Lorentsen, Jens  Abt 1765Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357179
23 Madsen, Ane  24 Nov 1811Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317373
24 Madsen, Birthe  2 Oct 1825Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309824
25 Madsen, Christen  25 Jan 1817Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I308252
26 Madsen, Hans  17 May 1815Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309821
27 Madsen, Hans  22 Aug 1849Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I318487
28 Madsen, Jens  1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357177
29 Madsen, Jens  6 Mar 1833Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309827
30 Madsen, Jens  9 Jan 1838Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309828
31 Madsen, Karen  8 Jun 1819Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309822
32 Madsen, Niels  28 May 1810Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313399
33 Madsen, Peder  31 May 1828Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309825
34 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1802Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I324722
35 Nielsen, Maren  1811Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I246464
36 Nielsen, Rasmus  Abt 1802Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I324721
37 Rasmussen, Ane Marie  Abt 1830Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I324720


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christensen, Birthe  28 Mar 1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309804
2 Christensen, Christen  19 May 1777Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309909
3 Christensen, Johanne  4 May 1783Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309913
4 Christensen, Johanne  23 Apr 1786Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309915
5 Christensen, Karen  3 Jul 1774Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310010
6 Christensen, Karen  9 Nov 1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309917
7 Christensen, Lars  1 Nov 1772Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310009
8 Christensen, Lars  21 Oct 1781Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309912
9 Christensen, Maren  25 Mar 1780Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309911
10 Christensen, Niels  26 Oct 1788Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309916
11 Christensen, Peder  25 Apr 1784Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309914
12 Erichsen, Anne  6 Oct 1776Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I377592
13 Erichsen, Peder  27 Mar 1780Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I377591
14 Hansen, Christen  30 Oct 1808Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357193
15 Hansen, Hans  7 Apr 1799Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309937
16 Hansen, Inger  29 Mar 1795Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310008
17 Hansen, Jens  11 Jan 1784Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309940
18 Hansen, Jens  29 Aug 1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310007
19 Hansen, Knud  20 May 1782Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313686
20 Hansen, Mads  3 Jun 1787Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309803
21 Jensen, Hans  29 Apr 1798Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362642
22 Jensen, Johan Frederik Lundmark  Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I33049
23 Jensen, Kirsten  24 Apr 1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362824
24 Jensen, Lorents  15 Sep 1793Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362825
25 Jensen, Willads  7 Dec 1777Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357182
26 Larsen, Christen  7 Sep 1788Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363302
27 Larsen, Jacob  9 Oct 1785Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363083
28 Larsen, Jørgen  8 Aug 1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363301
29 Larsen, Kirstine  27 Sep 1795Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363300
30 Larsen, Sidse Marie  22 Jul 1798Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363299
31 Madsen, Ane  5 Jan 1812Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317373
32 Madsen, Birthe  13 Nov 1825Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309824
33 Madsen, Carl Anton  5 May 1860Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307551
34 Madsen, Caroline Magdalene  5 Jun 1854Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307233
35 Madsen, Christen  7 Apr 1817Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I308252
36 Madsen, Christian  19 Jul 1857Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I308820
37 Madsen, Hans  9 Jun 1815Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309821
38 Madsen, Hans  16 Nov 1849Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I318487
39 Madsen, Jens  4 Jul 1790Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357177
40 Madsen, Jens  10 Mar 1828Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309827
41 Madsen, Jens  25 Mar 1838Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309828
42 Madsen, Julius  18 Jun 1865Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307529
43 Madsen, Karen  10 Jun 1819Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309822
44 Madsen, Niels  15 Jul 1810Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313399
45 Madsen, Niels Peter  5 Jun 1854Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307563
46 Madsen, Peder  10 Mar 1833Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309825
47 Nielsen, Maren  1 Jan 1811Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357195
48 Pedersen, Jacob  27 May 1802Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I303560
49 Pedersen, Karen  12 Jan 1782Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I318483
50 Rasmussen, Rasmus Frederik  3 Jun 1877Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309127


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brith, Elisabeth Christensen  11 Mar 1821Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363071
2 Christensen, Birthe  28 Jun 1820Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309804
3 Goddike, Hans Jørgensen  3 Feb 1821Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309965
4 Goddike, Jørgen  1778Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357160
5 Goddike, Maren Jørgensen  1808Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357161
6 Haagen, Mads Jensen  14 Jun 1833Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357163
7 Hansen, Hans  Abt 1843Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309937
8 Hansen, Inger  Abt 1843Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310008
9 Hansen, Jens  1788Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309940
10 Hansen, Knud  1782Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313686
11 Hansen, Mads  28 Feb 1868Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309803
12 Jacobsen, Karen  1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313685
13 Jacobsen, Lucie  1800Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362826
14 Jensen, Lorents  1765-1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357178
15 Johansen, Maren  1787-1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362982
16 Johansen, Marie Caroline  27 Dec 1847Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309826
17 Knudsen, Rasmus  1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317243
18 Lorentsen, Jens  1802Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357179
19 Madsen, Jens  4 Apr 1836Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309827
20 Madsen, Peder  9 Mar 1835Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309825
21 Pedersen, Karen  21 Jul 1829Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309823
22 Rasmussen, Ane Marie  23 Jan 1842Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310006
23 Rasmussen, Hans  Abt 1837Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I324719


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Maren  3 Feb 1778Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310005
2 Brith, Anne Christensen  16 Oct 1825Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363304
3 Brith, Elisabeth Christensen  14 Mar 1821Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363071
4 Brith, Otto  18 Dec 1812Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362350
5 Christensen, Birthe  2 Jul 1820Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309804
6 Christensen, Christen  11 May 1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309714
7 Christensen, Johanne  18 May 1783Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309913
8 Christensen, Johanne  12 Dec 1844Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309915
9 Christensen, Lars  8 Nov 1772Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310009
10 Christensen, Maren  20 Jan 1779Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309910
11 Goddike, Hans Jørgensen  11 Feb 1821Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309965
12 Goddike, Jørgen  22 Feb 1778Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357160
13 Goddike, Lars Jørgensen  13 Sep 1831Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363306
14 Goddike, Maren Jørgensen  17 Jul 1808Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357161
15 Godichesen, Karen  14 Nov 1773Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362347
16 Haagen, Mads Jensen  21 Jun 1833Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357163
17 Hansen, Jens  5 Mar 1788Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309940
18 Hansen, Knud  20 Oct 1782Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313686
19 Hansen, Mads  4 Mar 1868Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309803
20 Jacobsen, Karen  1 May 1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313685
21 Jacobsen, Lucie  9 Mar 1800Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362826
22 Jensen, Anne  9 Nov 1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309859
23 Jensen, Bodil  21 Dec 1814Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I318481
24 Jensen, Jacobine Hansine  24 Feb 1892Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I308251
25 Jensen, Johan  9 Apr 1823Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309926
26 Johansen, Marie Caroline  2 Jan 1848Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309826
27 Knudsen, Rasmus  27 Nov 1796Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I317243
28 Larsen, Jørgen  1 Jan 1867Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I363301
29 Lorentsen, Jens  25 Jul 1702Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I357179
30 Madsen, Anna  11 Oct 1863Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307540
31 Madsen, Christen  8 Mar 1875Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I308252
32 Madsen, Niels Peter  11 Jul 1870Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I307563
33 Madsen, Peder  15 Mar 1835Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309825
34 Nielsen, Jens  12 Aug 1793Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313691
35 Nielsen, Johanne  23 Aug 1811Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I362348
36 Pedersen, Birthe  29 May 1791Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I313690
37 Pedersen, Karen  24 Jul 1829Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I309823
38 Rasmussen, Ane Marie  30 Jan 1842Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I310006
39 Sørensen, Peder  29 Jun 1830Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark I318482


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Christensen / Jensen  7 Jul 1778Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F126990
2 Goddike / Brith  8 Jul 1785Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F138714
3 Goddike / Rasmussen  15 Jul 1781Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F127020
4 Haagen / Brith  26 Feb 1809Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F142384
5 Haagen / Goddike  2 Jul 1784Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F142382
6 Hansen / Christensen  28 Mar 1810Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F126947
7 Hansen / Nielsen  Abt 1835Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F131963
8 Hemmingsen / Christensen  15 Mar 1806Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F129389
9 Jensen / Jensen  15 Jun 1792Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F127012
10 Larsen / Christensen  1815Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F129385
11 Nielsen / Bencard   F70133
12 Nielsen / Hansen  Abt 1837Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F131962
13 Rasmussen / Hansen  Abt 1825Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F129386
14 Sørensen / Jensen  18 Jul 1781Havnelev, Zealand, Denmark F129785

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