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Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 123 of 123

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaberg, Anna Lena Louise  28 May 1914Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I244159
2 Aaberg, Karen Marie Ingeborg  7 Dec 1918Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I244140
3 Algreen-Ussing (Ussing), Haagen  14 Feb 1902Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I197347
4 Andersen, Ane  21 Feb 1876Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I224408
5 Andersen, Jens Peter Kornerup  1 Feb 1875Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I224391
6 Andersen, Petra  12 Jun 1879Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I224599
7 Baller, Else  7 Jul 1890Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I198697
8 Baller, Henrik  4 Mar 1898Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I198699
9 Baller, Olga  22 Jan 1893Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I198698
10 Bang (Bang of Egebjerg), Inge Birgitte de  17 Jul 1917Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I163465
11 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Johan Frederik "Fritz" von  10 Jun 1835Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I159454
12 Becker, Carl Ludvig  8 Jun 1868Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I92198
13 Becker, Ellen  13 Mar 1871Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I109736
14 Bering (Velling), Søren   I298405
15 Brandt, Ellen Margrete Isabella  30 Nov 1907Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I139109
16 Brandt, Kai Otto  22 Oct 1911Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I139108
17 Brandt, Lis   I138765
18 Brandt, Ole   I138764
19 Bruhn (Bruhn of Copenhagen), Carl   I250700
20 Bunde, Johannes Andreas  16 Feb 1837Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I119397
21 Børresen, Inga Kirstine Elise  27 Sep 1914Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I25891
22 Christensen, Bent Gerhard   I233704
23 Christensen, Erik Helmer  16 Jul 1930Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I238875
24 Christiani, Grethe Pontoppidan   I36290
25 Christiansen, Else Kirstine  6 Apr 1904Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I197315
26 Eland, Dann Vestergaard   I392622
27 Eland, Finn Vestergaard   I392623
28 Eland, Gurli Bodil Rigmor Vestergaard  30 May 1913Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I392619
29 Eland, Karen Else Herdis Vestergaard  13 Jul 1911Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I392636
30 Elsass, Asta Rose  7 Jun 1894Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132049
31 Elsass, Dora Henriette  1 Apr 1890Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131935
32 Elsass, Henny Poula  25 Mar 1893Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132053
33 Elsass, Leif Nathan  6 Jan 1896Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132056
34 Elsass, Lissie Sanne  16 May 1905Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I137344
35 Elsass, Mary  14 Dec 1855Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131923
36 Elsass, Meyer Levin  18 Jan 1852Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131938
37 Elsass, Nathan Levin  16 Aug 1850Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132058
38 Elsass, Poul Levin  4 Aug 1893Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131929
39 Elsass, Rose  29 Apr 1854Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131927
40 Elsass, Sanne  17 Apr 1849Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132059
41 Elsass, Svend Meyer  19 Sep 1900Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132048
42 Erløn, Elise  1766Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105818
43 Frederiksen, Gunnild Marie Nielsine  17 Oct 1903Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I139455
44 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Marie Christine  14 May 1778Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I201406
45 Grüner (Grüner), Elias Lauritz  14 Dec 1761Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I185915
46 Hadeln, Elise Ovidia Caroline von  13 Apr 1820Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I163300
47 Hadeln, Johan Hendrich Emil von  19 Aug 1818Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I163319
48 Hall, Camille  1831Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105794
49 Hall, Caroline  1825Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105797
50 Hall, Ferdinand  1823Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105798
51 Hall, Jacob Ludvig Hermann  3 Jan 1833Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105793
52 Hall, Jens Nicolas Theodor Sommerlund  22 Jun 1829Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105795
53 Hall, Julius  1827Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105796
54 Hall, Karl  1817Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105801
55 Hall, Rasmus  1819Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105800
56 Hall, Søren Christian Emil  22 Jun 1835Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I105827
57 Hansen, Elise Josephine  21 Apr 1827Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308540
58 Hansen, Oline Christine  17 Apr 1823Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I309163
59 Hansen, Sophie Magdaline  4 Nov 1830Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308542
60 Hastrup (Hastrup), Aage  22 Nov 1919Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172667
61 Hastrup (Hastrup), Niels Erik  15 Dec 1917Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I174502
62 Heering (Heering), Annette   I225509
63 Heering (Heering), Vibeke   I140333
64 Held, Anna Elisabeth  18 Jun 1870Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I130920
65 Helwigh, Ellen Margrethe   I148818
66 Helwigh, Erhard Preben   I148805
67 Helwigh, Niels Otto   I148831
68 Holten-Andersen of Oberndorf (Andersen), Carl Nicolaj Frederik  3 Mar 1878Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I130928
69 Johansen, Edith Olga Kamma  25 Feb 1909Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I35271
70 Just, Frederik Herman Münter  15 Apr 1837Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I252098
71 Just, Hans Jacob Hvalsøe  8 Oct 1840Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I91884
72 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Anna Margrethe Hansen  1767Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45125
73 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Axel Bendahl  28 Jul 1875Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172656
74 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Carl Christian  1881Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I115664
75 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Christian Jørgen August  1844Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172659
76 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Hans Rasmus  1797Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45122
77 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Jørgen Hansen  1765Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I165601
78 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Kirstine Marie Hansen  1773Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45124
79 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Lovise Marie  1795Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45123
80 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Maren Hansen  1764Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45126
81 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Sophie Frederikke  9 Sep 1812Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I165600
82 Larsen, Bent Werdelin  13 Nov 1912Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202738
83 Larsen, Nina Wedelin  5 Feb 1915Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202762
84 Lindhard, Harriet Vilhelmine Margrethe Johanne  19 Nov 1886Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172654
85 Mathiasen, Marius Kaj  1 Oct 1893Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I229537
86 Mouritsen, Michael Falk   I60217
87 Munk, Troels  15 Jul 1918Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I157805
88 Nielsen, Eline Kristine  15 Aug 1818Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308125
89 Nielsen, Lise Josephine  1825Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I307881
90 Nielsen, Viggo  27 Jun 1909Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I400225
91 Olsen, Anette Arpe   I133845
92 Pedersen, Bent Vestergaard   I392631
93 Pedersen, Britta Vestergaard   I392632
94 Petersen, Addy Teglgaard  2 Feb 1920Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I221990
95 Petersen, Nikolai Randal   I34127
96 Poulsen, Sidse Rølle   I61409
97 Rasmussen, Theodor Julius  1 Jul 1861Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I15267
98 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2), Camilla Alexandrine Kristine, Comtesse of of Line 3-2 (Christian)   I2926
99 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2), Feodora Mathilde Helene, Comtesse of of Line 3-2 (Christian)   I3059
100 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2), Josephine Caroline Elisabeth, Comtesse of of Line 3-2 (Christian)   I2793
101 Rugaard, Peder Andersen  19 Nov 1756Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I7937
102 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Caroline Sophie Vilhelmine  30 Oct 1815Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I183957
103 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Julius Nicolaj  28 Jun 1821Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I166693
104 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Ludvig Theodor Emil  21 Dec 1817Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I183972
105 Seidelin (Seidelin), Thora Birgitte Pouline  9 Nov 1831Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I60897
106 Smith, Margrethe Emilie Elisabeth  14 Apr 1793Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169405
107 Smith, Søren Sophus Friis  29 Apr 1831Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I60889
108 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Anne Sophia Catharine  1775Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114015
109 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Christiane  1772Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114016
110 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Hedevig Maria  1781Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114014
111 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Jochum Frederik  29 Nov 1764Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169374
112 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Jørgen  1737Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I125468
113 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Jørgen  22 Apr 1792Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114024
114 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Karen  1761Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114018
115 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Lars Christian  16 Aug 1794Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169372
116 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Lars Ølgaard  1779Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114013
117 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Mariana  1760Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114025
118 Wandel (Wandel), Christian Henrik "Krille"   I33825
119 Werdelin, Kirstine  22 Jul 1883Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202743
120 Werdelin-Larsen, Hans Hemming  30 Apr 1911Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202744
121 Woge, Agnes  16 MarFrederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I14877
122 Zarth, Marie Margrethe  1737Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I125467
123 Zeuner (Zeuner), Rasmus   I222050


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Petra  28 Sep 1879Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I224599
2 Bang (Bang of Egebjerg), Inge Birgitte de  29 Dec 1917Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I163465
3 Becker, Ellen  9 Jun 1871Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I109736
4 Hadeln, Elise Ovidia Caroline von  22 May 1820Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I163300
5 Hansen, Elise Josephine  20 May 1827Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308540
6 Hansen, Oline Christine  13 Sep 1823Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I309163
7 Hansen, Sophie Magdaline  9 Jan 1831Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308542
8 Johansen, Edith Olga Kamma  26 Sep 1909Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I35271
9 Just, Hans Jacob Hvalsøe  2 Apr 1841Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I91884
10 Larsen, Bent Werdelin  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202738
11 Nielsen, Eline Kristine  23 Apr 1819Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308125
12 Rasmussen, Theodor Julius  31 Aug 1861Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I15267
13 Smith, Margrethe Emilie Elisabeth  20 May 1793Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169405
14 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Jochum Frederik  29 Nov 1764Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169374
15 Werdelin, Kirstine  26 Aug 1883Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202743


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bjørnsen (Stub), Dorothea Berteline Petrea  13 Aug 1851Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I77354
2 Blædel, Maria Amalie  11 Nov 1929Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I72953
3 Christensen, Mette  29 Jun 1888Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I224402
4 Eland, Gurli Bodil Rigmor Vestergaard  27 Jan 2008Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I392619
5 Elsass, Levin Nathan  22 Apr 1863Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I199003
6 Estrup (Estrup), Anna Emilie Eleonora  1 Jul 1925Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I44012
7 Friis, Mariane Sørensen  1 Jun 1815Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I169373
8 Gottlieb, Christian Jacob Herman Ludvig  14 Oct 1929Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I72955
9 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Enoch Ottosen  4 Feb 1785Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I9302
10 Hansen, Agathe Wilhelmine Dorothea  9 May 1870Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I191621
11 Hansen, Ingeborg  27 Apr 2000Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I407597
12 Hansen, Karen Marie  2 Nov 1895Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202752
13 Hansen, Niels  21 Sep 1842Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I310011
14 Haslund, Viggo Albert Emilius  7 Jul 1933Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I3141
15 Heiberg, Frederikke Charlotte Kirstine  27 Jun 1901Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I165606
16 Heining, Bolette Marie Foss  26 May 1785Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I157591
17 Jordhøj, Ole Pedersen  1722Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I107327
18 Klein, Karl Emil  23 May 1956Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I86748
19 Knipschildt (Knipschildt), Hans Erik Ove  30 Jul 1999Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I200389
20 Knoph, Engelbrecht Waager  8 Jan 1837Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I77399
21 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Axel Bendahl  13 Dec 1955Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172656
22 Larsen, Hans Peder  12 Mar 1940Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202742
23 Levy, Henriette  21 Nov 1873Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132061
24 Lindhard, Harriet Vilhelmine Margrethe Johanne  20 Dec 1963Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172654
25 Lindhard, Peter Jochum Harald  1915Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172661
26 Naschou, Tobias  Oct 1799Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I151212
27 Nielsen, Eline Kristine  27 Mar 1820Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308125
28 Nielsen, Lise Josephine  12 May 1826Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I307881
29 Ogelby, Sophie Clausen  1718Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I107301
30 Pedersen, Robert Sophus  16 Aug 1987Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I392630
31 Schouboe (Schouboe of Fuglebjerg), Carl Frederik Suhr  11 Mar 1934Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I144078
32 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Jørgen  22 Apr 1792Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114024
33 Smith (Smith of Frederikssund), Mariana  Abt 1815Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I114025
34 Tommerup, Octavia  17 Oct 1901Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I49443
35 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Kjeld Johan  14 Jan 1967Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I15117
36 Wilmann (Hansen), Erik  Feb 2010Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I401390


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Karen Marie  8 Nov 1895Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202752
2 Hansen, Niels  25 Sep 1842Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I310011
3 Larsen, Hans Peder  17 Mar 1940Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I202742
4 Naschou, Tobias  12 Oct 1799Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I151212
5 Nielsen, Eline Kristine  1 Apr 1820Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I308125
6 Nielsen, Lise Josephine  17 May 1826Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I307881
7 Seidelin (Seidelin), Agnete  7 Jun 1956Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I240300
8 Wilmann (Hansen), Erik  10 Feb 2010Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I401390


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Aaberg, Peter  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I244156
2 Becker, Georg Ludvig  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I94918
3 Brandt, Aage Louis Frithiof  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I139113
4 Bunde, Johannes  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I409374
5 Christiansen, Christian Albert  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I197318
6 Christoffersen, Knud Bøgedahl   I81540
7 Elsass, Levin Nathan  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I199003
8 Elsass, Meyer Levin  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I131938
9 Elsass, Nathan Levin  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132058
10 Elsass, Sanne  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132059
11 Greisen (Greisen), Anne Margrethe  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I189884
12 Grün, Adelheid  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I132057
13 Heering (Heering), Hans  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I140334
14 Herbst (Herbst), Poul Erik von   I182440
15 Houser, Geoffrey   I31846
16 Høgermann, F C C  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I46456
17 Høgermann, Olivia   I46455
18 Jordhøj, Ole Pedersen  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I107327
19 Knipschildt (Knipschildt), Hans Erik Ove  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I200389
20 Knoph, Engelbrecht Waager  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I77399
21 Lange, Hans Rasmus  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I26968
22 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Axel Bendahl  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172656
23 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Christian Jørgen August  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172659
24 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Christian Ludvig  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45133
25 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Hans Rasmussen  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I45127
26 Lange (Lange of Østbirk), Jørgen Hansen  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I165601
27 Larsen (Larsen), Edvard Balthazar  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I149039
28 Lindhard, Peter Jochum Harald  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I172661
29 Naschou, Tobias  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I151212
30 Nielsen, Alfred Asger  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I197314
31 Nielsen, Alfred Hans  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I148777
32 Philipsen, Niels Erik   I139454
33 Smidth, Jørgen  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I232070
34 Wilmann (Hansen), Erik  Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark I401390


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brandt / Andersen  30 Sep 1930Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F57426
2 Brandt / Engelbrecht  23 Feb 1935Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F57427
3 Hansen / Møller  11 Jul 1822Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F125814
4 Helwigh / Nielsen  23 Jun 1927Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F61520
5 Herbst (Herbst) / Nummuang   F35367
6 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten) / Heiberg  24 Apr 1842Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F69604
7 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten) / Lange (Lange of Østbirk)  23 Aug 1837Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F69603
8 Knudsen / Holland-Møller   F71736
9 Lange (Lange of Østbirk) / Lindhard  24 Jan 1903Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F72702
10 Meimitz / Hadeln  18 Dec 1841Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F48329
11 Nielsen / Christiansen  14 Dec 1934Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F34470
12 Smith / Seidelin (Seidelin)  25 Nov 1858Frederikssund, Zealand, Denmark F29824

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