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DeKalb County, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 136 of 136

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Moetta Evelyn "Eva"  22 May 1859DeKalb County, Tennessee I430275
2 Allen, Belledonna "Belle"  1 Dec 1893DeKalb County, Tennessee I429455
3 Allen, Belledonna "Donia"  31 May 1868DeKalb County, Tennessee I428947
4 Allen, Charlotte Martha  Apr 1898DeKalb County, Tennessee I429457
5 Allen, Ethel Lou  10 May 1896DeKalb County, Tennessee I429456
6 Allen, Isaac Denton "Ike"  6 Sep 1870DeKalb County, Tennessee I428963
7 Allen, James Monroe  Jan 1900DeKalb County, Tennessee I429458
8 Allen, Lucy D  1904DeKalb County, Tennessee I430317
9 Allen, Robert Clayton  29 Nov 1908DeKalb County, Tennessee I430318
10 Allen, Robert Earl  5 Jan 1910DeKalb County, Tennessee I430117
11 Allen, Thurman Lee  23 Nov 1890DeKalb County, Tennessee I429454
12 Allen, Winslow Wade Jr.  26 Mar 1862DeKalb County, Tennessee I428962
13 Bain, Louvada  12 Sep 1902DeKalb County, Tennessee I430905
14 Bain, Octavia "Octie"  30 Apr 1868DeKalb County, Tennessee I428948
15 Bing, Samuel J Tilden "Tilden"  7 Nov 1876DeKalb County, Tennessee I429201
16 Blankenship, Cleta  1908DeKalb County, Tennessee I429292
17 Blankenship, Edward Caswell  22 Jan 1875DeKalb County, Tennessee I429938
18 Blankenship, Eunice  1906DeKalb County, Tennessee I429291
19 Blankenship, James Bertland  28 Jun 1905DeKalb County, Tennessee I429275
20 Blankenship, Joseph Jerome "Joe"  25 Mar 1881DeKalb County, Tennessee I429077
21 Blankenship, Octa L  28 Jan 1909DeKalb County, Tennessee I429583
22 Bragg, Walter Ray  19 Aug 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee I429012
23 Byars, Bessie Lee  8 Feb 1925DeKalb County, Tennessee I428892
24 Byars, John Claybourne "Pete"  4 Jun 1916DeKalb County, Tennessee I428884
25 Byars, Margie Sue  21 Mar 1930DeKalb County, Tennessee I428893
26 Byars, Perry Green "Doc" Jr.  13 Feb 1879DeKalb County, Tennessee I428887
27 Byars, Perry Green "Green"  27 Jun 1894DeKalb County, Tennessee I428882
28 Cantrell  DeKalb County, Tennessee I429597
29 Cantrell, Amanda  26 Sep 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee I429256
30 Cantrell, Anna M  12 Jul 1936DeKalb County, Tennessee I429906
31 Cantrell, Berry Young  Jan 1864DeKalb County, Tennessee I429498
32 Cantrell, Brackett  Dec 1880DeKalb County, Tennessee I429058
33 Cantrell, Chloe  8 Apr 1896DeKalb County, Tennessee I429205
34 Cantrell, Constance "Connie"  DeKalb County, Tennessee I429625
35 Cantrell, Cora Lillian  1905DeKalb County, Tennessee I429614
36 Cantrell, David Crockett  Dec 1852DeKalb County, Tennessee I429170
37 Cantrell, Edgar Floyd  Apr 1879DeKalb County, Tennessee I429019
38 Cantrell, Emma  Apr 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee I429060
39 Cantrell, Era Virginia  Jul 1909DeKalb County, Tennessee I429284
40 Cantrell, Geneva  25 Aug 1911DeKalb County, Tennessee I429494
41 Cantrell, George William  3 Jun 1897DeKalb County, Tennessee I429502
42 Cantrell, Grace J  1901DeKalb County, Tennessee I429257
43 Cantrell, Hassie  Jan 1888DeKalb County, Tennessee I429061
44 Cantrell, Homer  May 1891DeKalb County, Tennessee I429062
45 Cantrell, Jeneral Beauregard "General"  18 Apr 1863DeKalb County, Tennessee I429067
46 Cantrell, Jennings Bryan "Bryan"  26 Aug 1896DeKalb County, Tennessee I429065
47 Cantrell, Jewel  8 Apr 1902DeKalb County, Tennessee I429258
48 Cantrell, John William  19 Aug 1885DeKalb County, Tennessee I429204
49 Cantrell, Leonard Clyde "Clyde"  1907DeKalb County, Tennessee I429283
50 Cantrell, Lillian Mai  7 Oct 1884DeKalb County, Tennessee I429042
51 Cantrell, Lloyd  DeKalb County, Tennessee I429595
52 Cantrell, Lorena  1908DeKalb County, Tennessee I429281
53 Cantrell, Martha Jane  14 Feb 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee I429056
54 Cantrell, Mary Etta "Etta"  Jul 1883DeKalb County, Tennessee I429059
55 Cantrell, Mary Magdeline "Maggie"  8 Dec 1865DeKalb County, Tennessee I429169
56 Cantrell, Nannie  7 Aug 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee I429172
57 Cantrell, Naoma  1905DeKalb County, Tennessee I429280
58 Cantrell, Narcissa Mary "Sissy"  1856DeKalb County, Tennessee I429048
59 Cantrell, Nathan  11 Sep 1890DeKalb County, Tennessee I429208
60 Cantrell, Nola  3 Jan 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee I429209
61 Cantrell, Ransom A "Ranse"  16 Oct 1880DeKalb County, Tennessee I429041
62 Cantrell, Richard Magness  19 Jul 1854DeKalb County, Tennessee I429047
63 Cantrell, Samuel  Jun 1894DeKalb County, Tennessee I429064
64 Cantrell, Scillar Priscilla  Apr 1893DeKalb County, Tennessee I429063
65 Cantrell, Shelton Eugene  24 Apr 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee I429252
66 Cantrell, Solon  21 Mar 1919DeKalb County, Tennessee I429263
67 Cantrell, Virginia  29 Jun 1909DeKalb County, Tennessee I429596
68 Cantrell, William Peyton "Bill"  19 Jul 1860DeKalb County, Tennessee I429066
69 Cantrell, Willie Berrie  27 Apr 1924DeKalb County, Tennessee I429504
70 Cantrell, Wilma  6 Dec 1918DeKalb County, Tennessee I430013
71 Childress, Nancy Mae  Dec 1870DeKalb County, Tennessee I429501
72 Childress, Virginia "Jennie"  1869DeKalb County, Tennessee I429167
73 Chisam, Dabner Marshall  DeKalb County, Tennessee I430492
74 Chisam, Edward Nicholas "Ed"  2 Feb 1883DeKalb County, Tennessee I429044
75 Chisam, John W  8 May 1859DeKalb County, Tennessee I430274
76 Chisam, Martha Jane  22 Nov 1861DeKalb County, Tennessee I429203
77 Chisam, Vassie  DeKalb County, Tennessee I430491
78 Cotton, James Alvin  27 Jun 1859DeKalb County, Tennessee I429194
79 Cox, Mrs J W   I429600
80 Estes, Delia  1870DeKalb County, Tennessee I430516
81 Estes, Etta Elizabeth 'Bettie'  19 Nov 1861DeKalb County, Tennessee I430045
82 Estes, John  1866DeKalb County, Tennessee I430514
83 Estes, Julia Harrison  4 Apr 1874DeKalb County, Tennessee I429156
84 Estes, Leatha  1864DeKalb County, Tennessee I430510
85 Estes, Missouri Josephine "Josie"  19 Jan 1858DeKalb County, Tennessee I429057
86 Estes, Samuel  1868DeKalb County, Tennessee I430515
87 Estes, Tennessee  1851-1852DeKalb County, Tennessee I430012
88 Estes, Virginia "Jennie"  1851-1852DeKalb County, Tennessee I429781
89 Evans, James Knox Polk "Pope"  9 May 1873DeKalb County, Tennessee I429192
90 Evans, Sarah  DeKalb County, Tennessee I429193
91 Fisher, Allie Agnes  24 Jun 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee I429197
92 Fisher, Gentry Guy  19 Feb 1888DeKalb County, Tennessee I429196
93 Fisher, John "Beaver"  20 Jun 1838DeKalb County, Tennessee I429949
94 Fisher, Lawson  25 Jul 1867DeKalb County, Tennessee I430333
95 Fisher, Sallie Belle  16 Apr 1887DeKalb County, Tennessee I429629
96 Goodson, John William  6 Jan 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee I429071
97 Goodson, Tennessee "Tennie"  7 Mar 1885DeKalb County, Tennessee I429043
98 Gribble, Mary Eldridge "Ellen"  17 Nov 1873DeKalb County, Tennessee I430345
99 Griffith, Geneva Ann  1903DeKalb County, Tennessee I430252
100 Griffith, John Hobert  26 Nov 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee I430254
101 Griffith, Peyton Monroe  29 Oct 1875DeKalb County, Tennessee I429039
102 Hale, Ray D  DeKalb County, Tennessee I429599
103 Henderson, Effie Mae  24 Jul 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee I430163
104 Hicks, Bernard Leo  1893DeKalb County, Tennessee I430049
105 Hicks, Brackett Enloe  29 Oct 1896DeKalb County, Tennessee I430050
106 Hicks, John Clarence "Johnny"  9 Oct 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee I430047
107 Hicks, Malina Clara "Clara"  30 Jul 1888DeKalb County, Tennessee I430048
108 Hicks, Perry Green II  1867DeKalb County, Tennessee I430044
109 Hutchings, Webster B  1882DeKalb County, Tennessee I429628
110 Knowles, Wilson I  1871DeKalb County, Tennessee I429653
111 Luna, Achoka Tuck  13 Dec 1837DeKalb County, Tennessee I430149
112 Mullican, Shelie  23 Jan 1895DeKalb County, Tennessee I429134
113 Patterson, Claude L  1889DeKalb County, Tennessee I430511
114 Patterson, Delia B  1891DeKalb County, Tennessee I430512
115 Patterson, John D  Nov 1862DeKalb County, Tennessee I430509
116 Patterson, John O  1896DeKalb County, Tennessee I430513
117 Patterson, Monte Lafayette  1882DeKalb County, Tennessee I430507
118 Rankhorn, Mallie  14 Jul 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee I430369
119 Reynolds, Drucilla "Drusie"  5 Oct 1898DeKalb County, Tennessee I429082
120 Reynolds, Herman  26 May 1878DeKalb County, Tennessee I429304
121 Reynolds, Thomas Monroe  30 Nov 1851DeKalb County, Tennessee I429081
122 Robinson, Mary E  1 Jan 1866DeKalb County, Tennessee I430334
123 Walker, Lonnie Castro  18 Jul 1885DeKalb County, Tennessee I429148
124 Wall, Maude  2 Mar 1889DeKalb County, Tennessee I428969
125 Webb, Charles Dennis "Dennis"  12 Jun 1921DeKalb County, Tennessee I429207
126 Webb, Ernest  27 Jul 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee I429206
127 Webb, Nettie Lou  22 Jan 1916DeKalb County, Tennessee I429314
128 Wilkinson, Benjamin Cleveland "Cleve"  11 Dec 1836DeKalb County, Tennessee I429014
129 Wright, Alfred  3 Nov 1867DeKalb County, Tennessee I429934
130 Wright, Earsie  May 1893DeKalb County, Tennessee I430109
131 Wright, Esten  1902DeKalb County, Tennessee I430112
132 Wright, Euther  1905DeKalb County, Tennessee I430114
133 Wright, Johnnie  1904DeKalb County, Tennessee I430113
134 Wright, Lomis  Nov 1890DeKalb County, Tennessee I430108
135 Wright, Virgil  Oct 1898DeKalb County, Tennessee I430111
136 Wright, Willie  Nov 1894DeKalb County, Tennessee I430110


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Moetta Evelyn "Eva"  18 Dec 1942DeKalb County, Tennessee I430275
2 Allen, Winslow Wade Jr.  11 Dec 1920DeKalb County, Tennessee I428962
3 Bing, Samuel J Tilden "Tilden"  31 Dec 1944DeKalb County, Tennessee I429201
4 Blankenship, James Rowland  11 Jan 1921DeKalb County, Tennessee I429251
5 Blankenship, Jerome Bonapart Washington  1 Jun 1919DeKalb County, Tennessee I429547
6 Blankenship, Joseph Jerome "Joe"  12 Aug 1962DeKalb County, Tennessee I429077
7 Blankenship, Octa L  10 Mar 1975DeKalb County, Tennessee I429583
8 Cantrell, Amanda  26 Sep 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee I429256
9 Cantrell, Berry Young  1913DeKalb County, Tennessee I429498
10 Cantrell, Berry Young  25 Apr 1922DeKalb County, Tennessee I429459
11 Cantrell, Bobby Larry  20 May 1941DeKalb County, Tennessee I429420
12 Cantrell, Chloe  25 Apr 1946DeKalb County, Tennessee I429205
13 Cantrell, Cleveland Avant  26 Jun 1946DeKalb County, Tennessee I429068
14 Cantrell, George William  1936DeKalb County, Tennessee I429502
15 Cantrell, Jeneral Beauregard "General"  23 Aug 1910DeKalb County, Tennessee I429067
16 Cantrell, Jewel  25 Apr 1904DeKalb County, Tennessee I429258
17 Cantrell, John William  1 Jun 1931DeKalb County, Tennessee I429204
18 Cantrell, Martha Jane  3 Feb 1969DeKalb County, Tennessee I429056
19 Cantrell, Nannie  2 Dec 1943DeKalb County, Tennessee I429172
20 Cantrell, Nathan  23 Aug 1955DeKalb County, Tennessee I429208
21 Cantrell, Nola  10 Aug 1948DeKalb County, Tennessee I429209
22 Cantrell, Richard Magness  23 Sep 1930DeKalb County, Tennessee I429047
23 Cantrell, Shelton Eugene  12 Feb 1947DeKalb County, Tennessee I429252
24 Cantrell, Solon  3 Nov 1938DeKalb County, Tennessee I429263
25 Cantrell, William Peyton "Bill"  4 Apr 1943DeKalb County, Tennessee I429066
26 Childress, George Edward  3 Sep 1917DeKalb County, Tennessee I429166
27 Childress, Virginia "Jennie"  Abt 1898DeKalb County, Tennessee I429167
28 Chisam, Edward Nicholas "Ed"  Apr 1977DeKalb County, Tennessee I429044
29 Chisam, John W  8 Jun 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee I430274
30 Chisam, Martha Jane  22 Sep 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee I429203
31 Chisum, Amanda  4 Sep 1915DeKalb County, Tennessee I429805
32 Cotton, James Alvin  29 Mar 1934DeKalb County, Tennessee I429194
33 Estes, Brackett Lafayette Sr.  Apr 1875DeKalb County, Tennessee I429349
34 Estes, Julia Harrison  4 Jul 1960DeKalb County, Tennessee I429156
35 Estes, Missouri Josephine "Josie"  9 May 1935DeKalb County, Tennessee I429057
36 Evans, Isaac Grizzell "Ike"  28 Mar 1948DeKalb County, Tennessee I429171
37 Fisher, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1922DeKalb County, Tennessee I429945
38 Fisher, John "Beaver"  1 Dec 1913DeKalb County, Tennessee I429949
39 Fisher, Lawson  2 Jan 1956DeKalb County, Tennessee I430333
40 Fisher, Mary "Polly"  Apr 1926DeKalb County, Tennessee I429679
41 Fisher, Mourning  Aft 1905DeKalb County, Tennessee I429541
42 Fisher, Ruth  13 Jul 1924DeKalb County, Tennessee I429933
43 Fisher, Sallie Belle  1954DeKalb County, Tennessee I429629
44 Fisher, William Jr.  Oct 1862DeKalb County, Tennessee I429543
45 Hicks, Malina Clara "Clara"  11 Jun 1971DeKalb County, Tennessee I430048
46 Hutchings, Webster B  1944DeKalb County, Tennessee I429628
47 Jones, Lyda Mae  9 Oct 1962DeKalb County, Tennessee I429419
48 Newby, Hannah Melissa  14 Oct 1846DeKalb County, Tennessee I429350
49 Rhea, Willie Ann  15 Oct 1937DeKalb County, Tennessee I429274
50 Robinson, Mary E  9 May 1954DeKalb County, Tennessee I430334
51 Walker, Lonnie Castro  17 Sep 1942DeKalb County, Tennessee I429148
52 Webb, Ernest  26 Jan 1976DeKalb County, Tennessee I429206
53 Wright, Alfred  6 Nov 1933DeKalb County, Tennessee I429934
54 Wright, Erastus Duncan  16 Apr 1925DeKalb County, Tennessee I429525


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Swindle  1890DeKalb County, Tennessee F164401
2 Bing / Hicks  23 Jul 1909DeKalb County, Tennessee F164803
3 Blankenship / Fisher  2 Feb 1874DeKalb County, Tennessee F164657
4 Bowles (Treacher) / Shand (Shand)   F164282
5 Byars / Swindell  4 Jan 1915DeKalb County, Tennessee F164372
6 Cantrell / Cantrell  20 Dec 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee F164526
7 Cantrell / Childress  14 Sep 1882DeKalb County, Tennessee F164494
8 Cantrell / Childress  30 Jan 1894DeKalb County, Tennessee F164577
9 Cantrell / Chisam  27 May 1883DeKalb County, Tennessee F164504
10 Cantrell / Estes  12 Feb 1880DeKalb County, Tennessee F164448
11 Cantrell / Estes  8 Feb 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee F164489
12 Cantrell / Fuson  5 Jul 1917DeKalb County, Tennessee F164811
13 Cantrell / Mitchell  12 Feb 1922DeKalb County, Tennessee F164699
14 Childress / Estes  3 Oct 1867DeKalb County, Tennessee F164698
15 Childress / Estes  21 Sep 1870DeKalb County, Tennessee F164776
16 Chisam / Adcock  4 Nov 1880DeKalb County, Tennessee F164882
17 Chisam / Goodson  19 Jan 1906DeKalb County, Tennessee F164444
18 Chisum / Allen  4 Oct 1857DeKalb County, Tennessee F164686
19 Chisum / Luna  17 Aug 1856DeKalb County, Tennessee F164822
20 Estes / Summers  21 Oct 1900DeKalb County, Tennessee F164562
21 Estes / Willis  4 Feb 1857DeKalb County, Tennessee F164527
22 Evans / Cantrell  24 Sep 1899DeKalb County, Tennessee F164495
23 Fisher / Cantrell  6 May 1887DeKalb County, Tennessee F164493
24 Fisher / Fisher  6 Oct 1859DeKalb County, Tennessee F164598
25 Fisher / Fisher  11 Oct 1866DeKalb County, Tennessee F164755
26 Fisher / Robinson  10 Feb 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee F164901
27 Hicks / Estes  23 Dec 1885DeKalb County, Tennessee F164788
28 Mitchell / Blankenship  10 Jul 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee F164710
29 Patterson / Vaughn  14 Sep 1912DeKalb County, Tennessee F164610
30 Swindle / Allen  26 Dec 1886DeKalb County, Tennessee F164397
31 Swindle / Bain  6 Sep 1885DeKalb County, Tennessee F164398
32 Webb / Cantrell  24 Mar 1915DeKalb County, Tennessee F164505
33 Webb / Moss  5 Jul 1941DeKalb County, Tennessee F164548
34 Webb / Wall   F164549
35 Wright / Cotton  20 Nov 1892DeKalb County, Tennessee F164461

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