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Christianshavn, Denmark



Matches 1 to 92 of 92

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamsen, Bendte   I388354
2 Ammendrup, Jørgen Axel  6 May 1893Christianshavn, Denmark I284748
3 Bache, Morten   I115028
4 Bache, Søren   I108642
5 Benzen, Henriette Emilie  31 Mar 1845Christianshavn, Denmark I239964
6 Borger, Marie Christine  17 Oct 1779Christianshavn, Denmark I92195
7 Brammer (Brammer), Gudrun Astrid  19 Nov 1892Christianshavn, Denmark I292674
8 Caspersen, Elisabeth  1 Dec 1839Christianshavn, Denmark I69032
9 Caspersen, Johannes  9 Apr 1806Christianshavn, Denmark I69028
10 Caspersen, Johannes  23 Apr 1836Christianshavn, Denmark I69031
11 Caspersen, Kirstine  23 May 1834Christianshavn, Denmark I69029
12 Christensen, Marie Louise Amalie  28 Aug 1886Christianshavn, Denmark I195250
13 Dael (Dael), Felix Petrus  31 May 1878Christianshavn, Denmark I390239
14 Dahl, Elsebeth Kirstine  27 May 1798Christianshavn, Denmark I71947
15 Erichsen, Peter Henrik  30 May 1842Christianshavn, Denmark I85923
16 Fenger, Andreas Evald  26 Jan 1811Christianshavn, Denmark I75794
17 Fenger, Christian  3 Feb 1769Christianshavn, Denmark I12994
18 Fenger, Christian Noe  13 Mar 1801Christianshavn, Denmark I75797
19 Fenger, Elisabeth  8 Aug 1771Christianshavn, Denmark I12989
20 Fenger, Frederik  5 Feb 1774Christianshavn, Denmark I5092
21 Fenger, Johanne Helene  5 Nov 1808Christianshavn, Denmark I76227
22 Fenger, Johanne Marie Christine  23 Nov 1817Christianshavn, Denmark I76226
23 Fenger, Johannes  9 Dec 1767Christianshavn, Denmark I5070
24 Fenger, Jørgen  20 Apr 1765Christianshavn, Denmark I73959
25 Fenger, Maria Christine  12 Jul 1760Christianshavn, Denmark I12999
26 Fenger, Maria Magdalene  8 Jun 1873Christianshavn, Denmark I75853
27 Fenger, Marie Elise  16 Apr 1807Christianshavn, Denmark I76228
28 Fenger, Marie Helene  5 Jan 1820Christianshavn, Denmark I75792
29 Fenger, Nicolai Frederik  12 Nov 1802Christianshavn, Denmark I73971
30 Fenger, Peter  18 Mar 1759Christianshavn, Denmark I13000
31 Fenger, Rasmus Theodor  2 Nov 1816Christianshavn, Denmark I4937
32 Halkier, Hans Peter Andreas  11 Jan 1808Christianshavn, Denmark I104254
33 Hall, Madsine Charlotte  1810Christianshavn, Denmark I225716
34 Hansen, Adolf  12 Dec 1899Christianshavn, Denmark I240047
35 Hansen, Kjeld  20 Mar 1920Christianshavn, Denmark I400231
36 Henriksen, Anna Margrethe  5 Apr 1890Christianshavn, Denmark I246806
37 Henriksen, Carlo Sofus  6 Jun 1895Christianshavn, Denmark I246808
38 Henriksen, Ernst Johan  25 Nov 1888Christianshavn, Denmark I246805
39 Henriksen, Johannes  12 Nov 1892Christianshavn, Denmark I246807
40 Henriksen, Niels Elith  19 Jan 1894Christianshavn, Denmark I246797
41 Holm, Christian Emil Harald  1825Christianshavn, Denmark I16039
42 Holm, Gudrun Signe  8 Aug 1875Christianshavn, Denmark I239745
43 Huth (Huth), Cathrine Alexandrine  18 Nov 1754Christianshavn, Denmark I324137
44 Kock, Christian Holmer  Abt 1640Christianshavn, Denmark I85050
45 Kock, Corfitz Holmer  Abt 1637Christianshavn, Denmark I85778
46 Kock, Ida Mikkelsen  1638-1639Christianshavn, Denmark I84999
47 Kock, Nicolaus  Abt 1641Christianshavn, Denmark I85074
48 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Jørgen Mouritz Christian  13 Nov 1883Christianshavn, Denmark I239968
49 Krarup (Krarup), Hans Achton  14 Sep 1836Christianshavn, Denmark I423418
50 Kruse, Petrea Johanne Frederikke  10 May 1843Christianshavn, Denmark I92103
51 Krüger (Krüger), Georg Jacob  18 Sep 1771Christianshavn, Denmark I87715
52 Lassen, Anne Christine  Abt 1733Christianshavn, Denmark I133907
53 Meinert, Adolf Peter Theodor  29 Jun 1824Christianshavn, Denmark I412370
54 Meinert, Alfred Valdemar  20 Apr 1829Christianshavn, Denmark I20984
55 Meinert, Andreas Evard Tang  23 Dec 1821Christianshavn, Denmark I412373
56 Meinert, Emma Louise Eugenia  2 May 1831Christianshavn, Denmark I412366
57 Meinert, Frederik Vilhelm August  3 Mar 1833Christianshavn, Denmark I412364
58 Meinert, Helene Adelaide Christine  6 Dec 1827Christianshavn, Denmark I412368
59 Meinert, Ida Mathilde Nikoline  15 May 1826Christianshavn, Denmark I412369
60 Meinert, Maria Camilla  26 Aug 1820Christianshavn, Denmark I412374
61 Meinert, Nanna Charlotte Augusta  3 Mar 1833Christianshavn, Denmark I412365
62 Meinert, Nicolai Jonathan  9 Feb 1791Christianshavn, Denmark I73684
63 Meinert, Niels Conrad  7 Apr 1823Christianshavn, Denmark I412371
64 Olsen, Holger Sofus  2 Sep 1883Christianshavn, Denmark I292675
65 Olsen, Jens  1736Christianshavn, Denmark I364467
66 Oppenheuser, Grethe  7 May 1913Christianshavn, Denmark I226085
67 Petersen, Andreas  1822Christianshavn, Denmark I420758
68 Petersen, August Nicolai  15 Nov 1855Christianshavn, Denmark I169314
69 Petersen, Flora Marie  Abt 1871Christianshavn, Denmark I280163
70 Petersen, Johan Daniel  10 Jun 1794Christianshavn, Denmark I555
71 Philip (Philip of Altona), Agnes  27 Aug 1853Christianshavn, Denmark I165489
72 Philip (Philip of Altona), Carl Ferdinand  19 Jan 1861Christianshavn, Denmark I146652
73 Philip (Philip of Altona), Ida Birgitte  23 Jun 1856Christianshavn, Denmark I165626
74 Philip (Philip of Altona), Oscar  17 Sep 1854Christianshavn, Denmark I173644
75 Philip (Philip of Altona), Regina  1859Christianshavn, Denmark I165900
76 Rasmussen, Agnes Marie  17 Aug 1918Christianshavn, Denmark I199246
77 Rasmussen, Ellen Johanne  8 Nov 1914Christianshavn, Denmark I199245
78 Rasmussen, Svend Christian  13 Oct 1920Christianshavn, Denmark I199248
79 Schmidt, Caroline Louise Malvine  31 Aug 1819Christianshavn, Denmark I23370
80 Schmidt, Kamae Else  Christianshavn, Denmark I68786
81 Strandberg, Marie  Abt 1860Christianshavn, Denmark I288047
82 Strandberg, Vilhelm Peter  Abt 1859Christianshavn, Denmark I288048
83 Tack, Henriette Vilhelmine  3 Mar 1818Christianshavn, Denmark I37634
84 Thisted, Bolette Pauline  Abt 1819Christianshavn, Denmark I281025
85 Wernberg, Niels August  9 Sep 1814Christianshavn, Denmark I69074
86 Willaume-Jantzen, Ludvig Vilhelm Sophus  21 Dec 1848Christianshavn, Denmark I81906
87 Wilsbech, Henrik Wiedemann  30 Dec 1765Christianshavn, Denmark I68764
88 Wilsbech, Margaretha Catharina  10 Feb 1761Christianshavn, Denmark I68753
89 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), August Simon Valdemar  19 Dec 1863Christianshavn, Denmark I171246
90 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Augusta Kirstine Emilie  3 Apr 1884Christianshavn, Denmark I391545
91 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Valdemar Anders  Abt 1879Christianshavn, Denmark I391544
92 Wulff, Hulda Eleonore  9 Mar 1868Christianshavn, Denmark I68852


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Nelly Elisabeth  Christianshavn, Denmark I196607
2 Halkier, Hans Peter Andreas  17 Feb 1808Christianshavn, Denmark I104254


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bonnevie, Regine Dorthea Cathrine  27 Jun 1913Christianshavn, Denmark I83830
2 Brock, Niels  4 Oct 1802Christianshavn, Denmark I385694
3 Cramer, Mette Cathrine  Christianshavn, Denmark I68497
4 Falch, Svend Olufsen  31 Jul 1729Christianshavn, Denmark I248777
5 Fenger, Christian  9 Mar 1769Christianshavn, Denmark I12994
6 Fenger, Christian Noe  24 Jun 1805Christianshavn, Denmark I75797
7 Fenger, Elisabeth  21 Dec 1771Christianshavn, Denmark I12989
8 Fenger, Helene  10 Sep 1874Christianshavn, Denmark I123344
9 Fenger, Johanne Helene  9 Aug 1809Christianshavn, Denmark I76227
10 Fenger, Johannes  15 May 1829Christianshavn, Denmark I5070
11 Fenger, Maria Christine  5 Mar 1780Christianshavn, Denmark I12999
12 Fenger, Marie Helene  4 Dec 1824Christianshavn, Denmark I75792
13 Haagensen, Ole  1737Christianshavn, Denmark I349758
14 Hansen, Olga Sofie Koefoed  21 Feb 1970Christianshavn, Denmark I393706
15 Hellemann, Jacobine Marie  30 May 1873Christianshavn, Denmark I68899
16 Jacobsen, Christian August  20 Jul 1919Christianshavn, Denmark I88664
17 Kaiser, Waldemar Sigro Emil  11 Jul 1901Christianshavn, Denmark I393281
18 Noe, Maren Kirstine  29 Aug 1842Christianshavn, Denmark I75754
19 Olsen, Wilhelm Frederik  20 Jun 1911Christianshavn, Denmark I266523
20 Pedersen, Ingeborg Kirstine  10 Mar 1861Christianshavn, Denmark I367577
21 Petersen, Niels Ernst  Abt 1875Christianshavn, Denmark I181031
22 Wilsbech, Anders Hansen  26 Jan 1781Christianshavn, Denmark I68756


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Beck, Niels Christian  Christianshavn, Denmark I243005
2 Brenøe, Carl Frederik Christian  Christianshavn, Denmark I287183
3 Christensen, Jens Rasmus  Christianshavn, Denmark I70298
4 Dael (Dael), Jean Baptiste  Christianshavn, Denmark I390234
5 Hall, Jochum Heinrich  Christianshavn, Denmark I85936
6 Hill, Susanah-Marie  Christianshavn, Denmark I275335
7 Holm, Jens Axelsen  Christianshavn, Denmark I117540
8 Hoppe (Hoppe), Hans "Hopp"  Christianshavn, Denmark I49771
9 Jacobsen, Christian August  Christianshavn, Denmark I88664
10 Jacobsen, Johannes Emanuel Reinhard Fry  Christianshavn, Denmark I288177
11 Jørgensen, Karla Marie Sofie Jacobsen  Christianshavn, Denmark I288176
12 Kaiser, Waldemar Sigro Emil  Christianshavn, Denmark I393281
13 Klingenberg, Peter Vilhelm  Christianshavn, Denmark I391623
14 Larsen, Jens Peter  Christianshavn, Denmark I388629
15 Lysbo, Helge   I391625
16 Lysboe, Johannes Rasmus  Christianshavn, Denmark I391619
17 Petersen, Niels Ernst  Christianshavn, Denmark I181031
18 Schjoppe, Wilhelm  Christianshavn, Denmark I229620
19 Strandberg, Christian  Christianshavn, Denmark I288045
20 Strandberg, Otto Valdemar Carl Christian  Christianshavn, Denmark I288039
21 Stuve, Hans Jensen  Christianshavn, Denmark I83481
22 Visholm, Henning   I393956
23 Visholm, Ole  Christianshavn, Denmark I393944
24 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 1), Daniel Wilhelm  Christianshavn, Denmark I391430
25 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Peter Georg  Christianshavn, Denmark I73912


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cirsovius (Cirsovius) / Harder  1666Christianshavn, Denmark F1960
2 Fenger / Lange  3 Jun 1878Christianshavn, Denmark F34612
3 Fenger / Meinert  18 Jun 1806Christianshavn, Denmark F3090
4 Fenger / Petersen  10 Apr 1885Christianshavn, Denmark F32109
5 Holm (Holm of Lindholm) / Fenger  23 Apr 1872Christianshavn, Denmark F34885
6 Kjær / Fenger  17 Oct 1887Christianshavn, Denmark F34904
7 Kock / Grubbe (Grubbe)  1632Christianshavn, Denmark F38788
8 Mourier (Mourier) / Wulff  18 Sep 1868Christianshavn, Denmark F32799
9 Weilbach / Borger  19 Sep 1798Christianshavn, Denmark F41312

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