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Berlin, Germany



Matches 1 to 169 of 169

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hedevig  10 Sep 1883Berlin, Germany I265605
2 Louise Christiane Henriette  9 Dec 1852Berlin, Germany I433778
3 Adams, George Washington  12 Apr 1801Berlin, Germany I274358
4 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Volf Christopher von  22 Oct 1761Berlin, Germany I117203
5 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Johann Friederich  10 May 1703Berlin, Germany I155010
6 Baudissin (Baudissin), Friedrich Carl, Imperial Count von  4 Nov 1786Berlin, Germany I176136
7 Bernstorff (Bernstorff), Leopold, Count  2 Apr 1824Berlin, Germany I54351
8 Bertouch-Lehn (Bertouch), Poul Christian, Ruling Baron of  24 Oct 1922Berlin, Germany I158792
9 Besserer, Helene Jacobine Bastian  19 Oct 1823Berlin, Germany I123432
10 Besserer, Willy  3 Oct 1851Berlin, Germany I123431
11 Bier, Erich Eliezer  5 Aug 1901Berlin, Germany I434385
12 Bier, Rudolf Salomon   I434384
13 Bille Brahe of Egeskov (Bille), Jessie "Jessy" Camille, Baroness  18 May 1853Berlin, Germany I148327
14 Bing, Sven  30 May 1910Berlin, Germany I141298
15 Brandes, Astrid Marie Louise  1880Berlin, Germany I136865
16 Brandes, Edith Dora Emilie  17 Jan 1879Berlin, Germany I136910
17 Briand de Crèvecoeur, Fédéric Othon  29 Mar 1710Berlin, Germany I73215
18 Brögger, Astri  4 Jan 1882Berlin, Germany I129566
19 Burkesroda, Elisabeth von  16 Sep 1916Berlin, Germany I148606
20 Castberg (Castberg), Katti Anker  19 Aug 1897Berlin, Germany I411174
21 Castenskiold-Benzon (Castenschiold), Carl-Georg Frederik  7 Oct 1903Berlin, Germany I162455
22 Christensen, Dagmar  16 Sep 1911Berlin, Germany I79053
23 Clemens, Bertha Martha Marie  11 May 1882Berlin, Germany I137010
24 Cohn, Edith Louise  24 Apr 1900Berlin, Germany I137182
25 Dechend, Jenny von  25 Jan 1893Berlin, Germany I170053
26 Dülong, Else von  18 Jun 1878Berlin, Germany I46218
27 Dølle, Therese Romana  23 Feb 1864Berlin, Germany I8463
28 Engel, Astrid Sofie Charlotte  14 Jan 1884Berlin, Germany I12647
29 Engel, Hermann Adolph  16 Jul 1849Berlin, Germany I12658
30 Engel, Walter Harald  24 Nov 1879Berlin, Germany I12703
31 Engelhard, Maria  6 Mar 1843Berlin, Germany I113581
32 Faurholt, Annette   I26647
33 Federspiel, Per Torben  9 Apr 1905Berlin, Germany I82089
34 Feigenberg, Meïr  14 Jan 1923Berlin, Germany I95253
35 Finsen, Estrid   I115969
36 Finsen, Leif William  27 Feb 1931Berlin, Germany I115980
37 Fischer, Rikke  3 Apr 1796Berlin, Germany I132076
38 Fürstenberg-Hedringen (Fürstenberg), Franz-Egon Engelbert Raphael Christophorus Hubertus, Baron von   I43556
39 Geijer, Erik Neville von  15 Jan 1894Berlin, Germany I140148
40 Gerhard, Frederikke  20 May 1811Berlin, Germany I15551
41 Goessel, Katharina Malwine Johanna Ella Hedwig von  17 Oct 1886Berlin, Germany I46225
42 Greiner, Eva Maria  26 Feb 1912Berlin, Germany I141309
43 Grieser, Charlotte Clara  28 Feb 1884Berlin, Germany I139794
44 Haas, Rosine Elisabeth  Abt 1780Berlin, Germany I60909
45 Halberstadt, Hugo  11 Feb 1867Berlin, Germany I118109
46 Hannover (Gölph), Royal Lord George V Friedrich Alexander, Prince of United King ofdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King of The Duke of Cumberland and Teviord Ale  27 May 1819Berlin, Germany I160355
47 Hansen, Heinz Johannes Max   I141349
48 Hefner-Alteneck, Berta von  27 Dec 1887Berlin, Germany I15227
49 Heine, Katharine Wilhelmina  1859Berlin, Germany I283784
50 Hindenburg, Annemarie Barbara Ilse Ursula Margarete Eleonore vonBeneckendorff Und von  29 Nov 1891Berlin, Germany I279398
51 Hinrichs, Ursula  7 May 1920Berlin, Germany I178787
52 Hoffmeyer, Line   I46198
53 Hoge, Agnes Gertrud Herta  27 Feb 1888Berlin, Germany I131694
54 Holländer (Holländer of Germany), Eva  9 Jun 1914Berlin, Germany I140722
55 Holländer (Holländer of Germany), Gertrud  19 Oct 1911Berlin, Germany I140724
56 Holländer (Holländer of Germany), Hans Jacob   I140718
57 Junge, Annemarie Sylvia  31 Dec 1907Berlin, Germany I167976
58 Junge, Elfriede  10 Jan 1907Berlin, Germany I168131
59 Kappel, David  1840Berlin, Germany I103372
60 Krause, Anna Johanne Friederike  31 Jul 1858Berlin, Germany I123769
61 Kreutzer, Hartmut  30 Jan 1940Berlin, Germany I158991
62 Kubisch, Georg  19 Nov 1907Berlin, Germany I247818
63 Kummer, Franz Samuel von  1640Berlin, Germany I48699
64 Kummer, Franz Samuel von  4 Feb 1673Berlin, Germany I48726
65 Kunowski, Friedrich Wilhelm von  4 Jul 1791Berlin, Germany I32462
66 König, Marie Sofie Dorothee  29 Feb 1856Berlin, Germany I76817
67 Køppen, Gotthilf Ludewig  1772Berlin, Germany I167828
68 Langheld, Else  26 Jun 1872Berlin, Germany I122648
69 Larsen, Jørgen  28 Jan 1903Berlin, Germany I13826
70 Larsen, Karen  4 Oct 1911Berlin, Germany I13817
71 Larsen, Knud  27 Dec 1905Berlin, Germany I52075
72 Larsen, Olaf  31 Aug 1933Berlin, Germany I136100
73 Lichtenstein (Lichtenstein), Frederikke Charlotte Pouline  21 Jul 1818Berlin, Germany I157293
74 Lilge, Hanna  2 Mar 1905Berlin, Germany I13824
75 Lübschitz, Joseph  Abt 1771Berlin, Germany I139975
76 Lützow (Lützow), Adolf Ludwig Wilhelm, Baron von  10 May 1782Berlin, Germany I153544
77 Løvenørn (Løvenørn), Poul Ludvig Ernst de  17 Feb 1839Berlin, Germany I156322
78 Marre, Jacques  26 Oct 1753Berlin, Germany I82267
79 Marre, Jean Louis  14 Nov 1764Berlin, Germany I82260
80 Marre, Louise  8 Jan 1759Berlin, Germany I82262
81 Marre, Marianne  17 Dec 1749Berlin, Germany I82268
82 Marre, Marie Anne  9 Jan 1761Berlin, Germany I82261
83 Marre, Renée  21 Sep 1755Berlin, Germany I82264
84 Marre, Susanne  25 Oct 1751Berlin, Germany I85136
85 Mensing, Adolf  7 Mar 1885Berlin, Germany I46233
86 Mensing, Alice Theodora Marie  23 Jun 1886Berlin, Germany I46232
87 Mensing, Cornelia Laura Lucie Miriam  17 Jan 1889Berlin, Germany I46230
88 Meyer, Lillebit Holm   I136279
89 Meyerheim, Gerd Carl Julius Heinrich  16 Jan 1923Berlin, Germany I432528
90 Michaels, Kurt Ernst  29 Sep 1906Berlin, Germany I177246
91 Michaelsen, Helen  22 Dec 1911Berlin, Germany I163191
92 Moltke (Moltke), Ingrid, Comtesse von   I16378
93 Munck, Mette   I187829
94 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Friedrich "Willem Friedrich Karel", Prince of  28 Feb 1797Berlin, Germany I145773
95 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Wilhelmina Frederika Louisa Charlotte Marianne, Princess of  9 May 1810Berlin, Germany I74223
96 Neuberg, Luise Maria Neuber, Baroness von  3 Mar 1918Berlin, Germany I23836
97 Oberländer, Isolde "Isa"  20 Jan 1898Berlin, Germany I13932
98 Ording, Anneliese  26 Oct 1890Berlin, Germany I265445
99 Owen, Vera Tusky  1898Berlin, Germany I195845
100 Pappenheim (Pappenheim), Pauline Wilhelmine Anastasia Kathinka Suzanne Reginsinde, Countess of  29 Jan 1891Berlin, Germany I148963
101 Philip (Philip of de), Gerda Clare Felicie  1908Berlin, Germany I136877
102 Philip (Philip of de), Kurt Reinhold Oscar  8 Jan 1881Berlin, Germany I136887
103 Plan, Marie Du  3 Jul 1710Berlin, Germany I82916
104 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Alexandrine, Princess of  23 Feb 1803Berlin, Germany I8547
105 Prussia (Hohenzollern), August Wilhelm II, King of  9 Aug 1722Berlin, Germany I22348
106 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Ferdinand, Prince of  13 Dec 1804Berlin, Germany I33006
107 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Frederikke Wilhelmine, Princess of  7 Aug 1751Berlin, Germany I9560
108 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friederike Auguste Karoline, Princess of  14 Oct 1799Berlin, Germany I156947
109 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friederike Francisca Auguste Marie Hedwig, Princess of  15 Oct 1825Berlin, Germany I157023
110 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich II der Grande, King of  24 Jan 1712Berlin, Germany I168388
111 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Karl, Prince of  20 Mar 1828Berlin, Germany I19339
112 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Wilhelm I, King of  15 Aug 1688Berlin, Germany I13074
113 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of  25 Sep 1744Berlin, Germany I153379
114 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of  15 Oct 1795Berlin, Germany I158476
115 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Joachim Franz Humbert, Prince of  17 Dec 1890Berlin, Germany I150675
116 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar, Prince of  10 Feb 1868Berlin, Germany I146669
117 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Louise Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie, Princess of  1 Feb 1808Berlin, Germany I156904
118 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Luise Marie Elisabeth, Princess of  3 Dec 1828Berlin, Germany I151119
119 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Luise Ulrike, Princess of  24 Jul 1720Berlin, Germany I23309
120 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Maria Anna Friedrike, Princess of  17 May 1836Berlin, Germany I156183
121 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Maria Elisabeth Karoline, Princess of  18 Jun 1815Berlin, Germany I158764
122 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Marie Luise Anna, Princess of  1 Mar 1829Berlin, Germany I154863
123 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Philippine Charlotte, Princess of  13 Mar 1716Berlin, Germany I20451
124 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Wilhelm I, Emperor "King of" of Germany and King of  22 Mar 1797Berlin, Germany I156958
125 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Wilhelm II "Friedrich Wilhelm Albert Victor", Emperor "King of" of Germany and King of  27 Jan 1859Berlin, Germany I176688
126 Quaade, Elisabeth Margrethe  5 Oct 1862Berlin, Germany I47563
127 Reichborn, Conrad Friedrich  1744Berlin, Germany I128234
128 Reichborn, Johan Herman  1747Berlin, Germany I128233
129 Reichborn, Margaretha Agatha  1752Berlin, Germany I128231
130 Richter, Christian August Ludvig  Abt 1842Berlin, Germany I252127
131 Salewsky, August  28 Feb 1846Berlin, Germany I76818
132 Salewsky, Gustav Alex  12 Aug 1888Berlin, Germany I76819
133 Schlesinger, Alice  30 May 1889Berlin, Germany I132479
134 Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg), Kirill Friedrich-August Jaime Cristobal Hermann Antonius Vincenz Josef Maria, Prince to Denmark, Duke of   I223972
135 Schmettau (Schmettau), Benedicte Christiane Charlotte  5 Jul 1720Berlin, Germany I174574
136 Schmettau (Schmettau), Isabella Eleonora Dorothea von  5 Aug 1750Berlin, Germany I154902
137 Schmettau (Schmettau), Samuel Leopold von  2 Oct 1743Berlin, Germany I196881
138 Schmidt, Ernst Arthur  10 Jun 1911Berlin, Germany I138103
139 Schmidt, Grete  29 Nov 1914Berlin, Germany I138949
140 Schmidt, Rudolph Julius August  13 Jul 1871Berlin, Germany I138121
141 Schmilinsky, Eberhard   I110187
142 Schmilinsky, Gerhart Wilhlem  17 Dec 1896Berlin, Germany I109646
143 Schmilinsky, Gudula   I110352
144 Schmilinsky, Michael   I110617
145 Schubert, Günther  29 Dec 1898Berlin, Germany I235008
146 Selig, Paul  26 Aug 1906Berlin, Germany I13747
147 Stephani, Hedwig von   I45638
148 Stillschweig, Kurt  28 Jul 1905Berlin, Germany I142339
149 Tamm, Margarete Marta Sophie  16 Oct 1907Berlin, Germany I235587
150 Therp, Dora Ulla Mary "Titti"  2 Oct 1917Berlin, Germany I167436
151 Thomsen, Agnete Meinert  10 Jul 1909Berlin, Germany I168753
152 Thorsager, Ingeborg Alexia Jensen  13 Jul 1921Berlin, Germany I123698
153 Trautmann, Christoph   I235093
154 Trautmann, Korinna   I235095
155 Trautmann, Matthias   I235096
156 Troost, Isolde Stephania Fredericke  3 Jun 1897Berlin, Germany I46242
157 Villaume, Charlotte  3 Jun 1715Berlin, Germany I82289
158 Villaume, Daniel  17 Mar 1710Berlin, Germany I82292
159 Villaume, Louis  28 May 1711Berlin, Germany I82291
160 Villaume, Madeleine  30 Apr 1720Berlin, Germany I82288
161 Villaume, Marie  10 Mar 1713Berlin, Germany I82290
162 Villaume, Peter  18 Jul 1746Berlin, Germany I85099
163 Villaume, Pierre  25 Apr 1718Berlin, Germany I85100
164 Werner, Liselott  25 Mar 1909Berlin, Germany I122626
165 Wilcke, Cäcilie von  2 Apr 1859Berlin, Germany I46248
166 Wittgrefe, Helga  21 Feb 1924Berlin, Germany I66571
167 Witzke, Magdalene  19 Jun 1891Berlin, Germany I83525
168 Zangenberg, Hervig Odin Louis  13 Mar 1910Berlin, Germany I410574
169 Zangenberg, Orla Edgar Christian  13 Jun 1908Berlin, Germany I410572


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hase, Minna Bertha Ida Mathilde  4 Dec 1875Berlin, Germany I410571
2 Marre, Jacques  4 Nov 1753Berlin, Germany I82267
3 Marre, Jean Louis  18 Nov 1764Berlin, Germany I82260
4 Marre, Louise  21 Jan 1759Berlin, Germany I82262
5 Marre, Marie Anne  18 Jan 1761Berlin, Germany I82261
6 Plan, Marie Du  8 Jul 1710Berlin, Germany I82916
7 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Maria Elisabeth Karoline, Princess of  Berlin, Germany I158764
8 Schubert, Günther  5 Apr 1899Berlin, Germany I235008
9 Villaume, Daniel  19 Mar 1710Berlin, Germany I82292
10 Villaume, Jacques Samuel  21 Jul 1748Berlin, Germany I82337
11 Villaume, Pierre  2 May 1718Berlin, Germany I85100
12 Zangenberg, Hervig Odin Louis  2 Mar 1913Berlin, Germany I410574
13 Zangenberg, Orla Edgar Christian  13 Jun 1909Berlin, Germany I410572


Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Georgine Albertine Ernestine von  7 Jun 1902Berlin, Germany I131360
2 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Elise Davidia Margrethe, Comtesse  20 Mar 1855Berlin, Germany I45969
3 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Heinrich Friederich  18 Dec 1703Berlin, Germany I183893
4 Bang, Knud  20 Nov 1934Berlin, Germany I415360
5 Baudissin (Baudissin), Dorothea Helene Julia Christiane, Imperial Countess von  17 Dec 1976Berlin, Germany I178909
6 Bernstorff (Bernstorff), Privy Councillor (Joint Minister of Denmark) Christian Günther, Count  28 Mar 1835Berlin, Germany I55349
7 Bernstorff (Bernstorff), Leopold, Count  4 Apr 1824Berlin, Germany I54351
8 Birch, Andreas Christian  29 Aug 1868Berlin, Germany I230436
9 Birch-Pfeiffer, Charlotte Karoline  25 Aug 1868Berlin, Germany I83115
10 Blæsbjerg, Sophie  25 Mar 1922Berlin, Germany I284969
11 Braun, Eva Anna Paula  30 Apr 1945Berlin, Germany I247601
12 Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph), Luise Amalie, Princess of  13 Jan 1780Berlin, Germany I22480
13 Brinck, Murdochine Nicoline  May 1892Berlin, Germany I414124
14 Büsch (Büsch), Mary  14 Jun 1875Berlin, Germany I33420
15 Conze, Rebecca Sophie Elisabeth  13 Nov 1893Berlin, Germany I46372
16 Denmark (Munsö), Margrethe, Princess of  31 May 1340Berlin, Germany I204529
17 Ehrenfried, Palermo  Berlin, Germany I151785
18 Eickhoff, Bent Eigil  9 Jun 1933Berlin, Germany I49249
19 Engel, Hermann Adolph  8 Aug 1927Berlin, Germany I12658
20 Fegelein, Hans Georg Otto Hermann  28 Apr 1945Berlin, Germany I247625
21 Frank, Hanna Maria Ella von  2 Jul 1920Berlin, Germany I136890
22 Hanfstaengl, Hertha Luise  28 Jul 1929Berlin, Germany I283824
23 Hansen, Alfred Peter  10 Nov 1893Berlin, Germany I193148
24 Hassing, Poul  1969Berlin, Germany I21692
25 Hennequin, Rachel  31 Aug 1734Berlin, Germany I274986
26 Henriques (Henriques), Robert  1902Berlin, Germany I107775
27 Henriquez, Fernanda  13 Jan 1904Berlin, Germany I172364
28 Henschel, Therese  17 Sep 1913Berlin, Germany I136434
29 Hesse-Darmstadt (Hesse), Friederike Luise, Princess of  25 Feb 1805Berlin, Germany I153510
30 Hesse-Homburg (Hesse), Marie Anne Amalie, Princess of  14 Apr 1846Berlin, Germany I24441
31 Hindenburg, Wolfram von Beneckendorff Und von  27 Jan 1960Berlin, Germany I277759
32 Hitler (Hitler), Premier Minister of Germany And President of Germany Adolf  30 Apr 1945Berlin, Germany I247580
33 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Henriette Cathrine  7 Aug 1876Berlin, Germany I45833
34 Juncker, Poul Gunnar  1910Berlin, Germany I112651
35 Knuth of Knuthenborg (Knuth), Erik Christian, Count  15 Feb 1905Berlin, Germany I2615
36 Komer, Stenzel von  1654Berlin, Germany I48463
37 Kummer, Franz Samuel von  1710Berlin, Germany I48699
38 Kunowski, Friedrich von  23 Sep 1864Berlin, Germany I32331
39 Larsen, Finn Bønning  20 Aug 2009Berlin, Germany I243943
40 Lotzbeck, Christian Eduard, Baron von  15 Dec 1920Berlin, Germany I109237
41 Lovie, Elisabeth  20 Oct 1806Berlin, Germany I82167
42 Lucas, Laurids Rasmussen  1716-1722Berlin, Germany I331720
43 Lützow (Lützow), Adolf Ludwig Wilhelm, Baron von  6 Dec 1834Berlin, Germany I153544
44 Marre, Charles  17 Jul 1784Berlin, Germany I85133
45 Marre, Jacques  11 Sep 1757Berlin, Germany I82267
46 Marre, Jean Louis  2 Jul 1758Berlin, Germany I82260
47 Marre, Louise  9 Feb 1760Berlin, Germany I82262
48 Marre, Marianne  16 Nov 1750Berlin, Germany I82268
49 Marre, Marie  4 Nov 1750Berlin, Germany I82269
50 Marre, Marie Elisabeth  6 Feb 1786Berlin, Germany I82160
51 Marre, Renée  20 Sep 1757Berlin, Germany I82264
52 Mensing, Adolf  23 May 1885Berlin, Germany I46233
53 Mensing, Carl Adolf Alexander  7 Jan 1929Berlin, Germany I46258
54 Mensing, Elfriede Grosvenor  4 Apr 1932Berlin, Germany I46235
55 Mensing, Franz  5 Feb 1919Berlin, Germany I46244
56 Mensing, Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm  6 Jan 1893Berlin, Germany I46262
57 Metz, Eva  30 May 1931Berlin, Germany I13819
58 Miram, Käthe  29 Jun 1970Berlin, Germany I424038
59 Moltke (Moltke), Helmuth Johannes Ludwig von  18 Jun 1916Berlin, Germany I162127
60 Natzmer, Eleonore Friederike Erdmuthe von  28 Sep 1834Berlin, Germany I50532
61 Neergaard (Neergaard), Alfried Bruun  29 May 1940Berlin, Germany I72190
62 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Willem I "Willem Frederik, Prince of Oranjeboom-Nassau, King of  12 Dec 1843Berlin, Germany I151479
63 Noack, Johannes  9 May 1942Berlin, Germany I239698
64 Nordraach, Richard  20 Mar 1866Berlin, Germany I118513
65 Oppenheim, Frank Marcus  28 May 1913Berlin, Germany I136942
66 Pach, Abraham Aaron  23 Jul 1811Berlin, Germany I2844
67 Pach, Isaac  17 Jun 1780Berlin, Germany I2842
68 Parisius, Urban  2 Feb 1666Berlin, Germany I48461
69 Patzek, Erika Maria Regina Rosalie  30 Jul 2007Berlin, Germany I92632
70 Paulsen (Paulsen), Bartholomæus Hans Christian Ernst de  4 Oct 1846Berlin, Germany I148836
71 Philipsborn, Augusta Ottilie Clara  4 Mar 1920Berlin, Germany I151743
72 Porter, Maria Grosvenor  24 Mar 1924Berlin, Germany I46243
73 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht, Prince of  14 Oct 1872Berlin, Germany I156893
74 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich I, Electoral Prince of Brandenburg and King of  25 Feb 1713Berlin, Germany I168392
75 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Karl Alexander, Prince of  21 Jan 1883Berlin, Germany I1739
76 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of  7 Jun 1840Berlin, Germany I157002
77 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Kira, Princess of  10 Jan 2004Berlin, Germany I95313
78 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Wilhelm I, Emperor "King of" of Germany and King of  9 Mar 1888Berlin, Germany I156958
79 Reuss-Köstritz (Reuss), Heinrich Xxviii, Count of Dürrenberg, Prince of  8 Mar 1924Berlin, Germany I25228
80 Reventlow (Reventlow), Friedrich "Fritz", Count  26 Sep 1828Berlin, Germany I106253
81 Reventlow (Reventlow), Marie Liane Mathilde, Comtesse  21 Jul 1928Berlin, Germany I178387
82 Romundt, Oscar Lucius Joachim Henri  21 Jun 1921Berlin, Germany I23795
83 Rosted, Christian Henrik  1824Berlin, Germany I190138
84 Rütt, Walter  23 Jun 1964Berlin, Germany I229526
85 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Wettin), Marie Luise Alexandrina, Princess of  18 Jan 1877Berlin, Germany I1736
86 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Wettin), Marie Luise Auguste, Princess of  7 Jan 1890Berlin, Germany I145840
87 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn), August Richard, Prince of  22 Dec 1939Berlin, Germany I202698
88 Schack (Schack of Gültzow), Johann Georg von  5 May 1758Berlin, Germany I396486
89 Sedgwick, Katharine Whetten  22 Nov 1859Berlin, Germany I283845
90 Selby (Selby), Caroline Amalia, Baroness  13 Jun 1906Berlin, Germany I194776
91 Simonsen, Edith  1920Berlin, Germany I103333
92 Simonsen, Julius  23 Apr 1870Berlin, Germany I15849
93 Stephani, Franz von  27 Apr 1939Berlin, Germany I46221
94 Struensee, Carl August  17 Oct 1804Berlin, Germany I160284
95 Sørensen, Oskar Albert Johannes  8 Aug 1879Berlin, Germany I37474
96 Villaume, Daniel  9 Jun 1741Berlin, Germany I82334
97 Villaume, Pierre  22 Jun 1752Berlin, Germany I85100
98 Wedel-Heinen (Vedel of Copenhagen), Erik Julius Theodor von  9 Jun 1952Berlin, Germany I147829
99 Westphalen, Otto Wilhelm Henning Ferdiand, Baron von  2 Jul 1876Berlin, Germany I246003
100 Withe, Christen  Berlin, Germany I103079
101 Zahle, Herluf  4 May 1941Berlin, Germany I188233


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Engel, Hermann Adolph  Berlin, Germany I12658


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Aasted, Eigil  Berlin, Germany I19794
2 Alsing, Max Adler  Berlin, Germany I136651
3 Asseburg-Neindorf, Carl Franz Jacob Alexander von  Berlin, Germany I136446
4 Bonin, Svantus von  Berlin, Germany I137126
5 Brockenhuus-Schack (Brockenhuus), Henrik Niels, Count   I159809
6 Brüll, Victor  Berlin, Germany I134745
7 Buch, Alfred  Berlin, Germany I24058
8 Bugge (Bugge of Kiel), Friedrich-Wilhelm  Berlin, Germany I128127
9 Davidsen, Herbert  Berlin, Germany I136401
10 Finsen, Thorkil  Berlin, Germany I115903
11 Friis, Anton  Berlin, Germany I66878
12 Goetz, Georg  Berlin, Germany I131778
13 Grün, Helga Elsbeth  Berlin, Germany I132431
14 Harbou, Erik Johannes von   I150529
15 Hassing, Kai  Berlin, Germany I139558
16 Hassing, Poul  Berlin, Germany I21692
17 Heckscher, Poul  Berlin, Germany I135392
18 Henriques (Henriques), Robert  Berlin, Germany I107775
19 Hirsch, Betty  Berlin, Germany I173012
20 Holländer (Holländer of Germany), Gottfried  Berlin, Germany I140725
21 Kappel, David  Berlin, Germany I103372
22 Kohl, Louis Henri von  Berlin, Germany I179550
23 Krosigk (Krosigk), Prime Minister of Germany Johann Ludwig "Lutz", Count Schwerin von  Berlin, Germany I245960
24 Kunowski, Friedrich von  Berlin, Germany I32331
25 Larsen, Finn Bønning  Berlin, Germany I243943
26 Liebenfeld, Moses  Berlin, Germany I132475
27 Lilge, Johannes  Berlin, Germany I13823
28 Melchior, Marcus Lazarus  Berlin, Germany I137708
29 Philip (Philip of de), Kurt Reinhold Oscar  Berlin, Germany I136887
30 Philipsen, Carl Philip Vilhelm  Berlin, Germany I139903
31 Reventlow (Reventlow), Carl Herman Erik Ernst Friederich Otto Detlev, Count  Berlin, Germany I172605
32 Reventlow (Reventlow), Detlev Christian, Count  Berlin, Germany I170042
33 Reventlow (Reventlow), Heinrich Carl Christian Detlev Hartvig August, Count  Berlin, Germany I113551
34 Reventlow (Reventlow), Heinrich Ernst Emil Kurt, Ruling Count  Berlin, Germany I126937
35 Reventlow (Reventlow), Johanne Charlotte Agnes Friederike Sophie Gottfriede, Comtesse  Berlin, Germany I136779
36 Riedl, Christiane   I163546
37 Rist, Perben Ib Joseph  Berlin, Germany I139795
38 Salm-Horstmar (Salm), Edouard Maximilian Vollrath Friedrich, Prince of  Berlin, Germany I164170
39 Salomonsen, Martin David Moritz  Berlin, Germany I136360
40 Schmettau (Schmettau), Heinrich Wilhelm von  Berlin, Germany I165755
41 Schmidt, Christian Maximilian "Max"  Berlin, Germany I138950
42 Schubert, Paul  Berlin, Germany I435518
43 Sørensen, Oskar Albert Johannes  Berlin, Germany I37474
44 Thalbitzer, Zacharias  Berlin, Germany I187139
45 Thielmann, Frantz, Baron von  Berlin, Germany I159545
46 Villaume, Pierre  Berlin, Germany I85100
47 Websky, Egmont Polydor von  Berlin, Germany I162130
48 Wedel-Heinen (Vedel of Copenhagen), Erik Julius Theodor von  Berlin, Germany I147829
49 Weymann, Gottfried Emmanuel Adolf  Berlin, Germany I27080


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baden-Durlach (Baden) / Prussia (Hohenzollern)  20 Sep 1856Berlin, Germany F5544
2 Baudissin (Baudissin) / Hopffgarten  11 Jul 1901Berlin, Germany F73948
3 Bernus / Hefner-Alteneck  14 Jun 1911Berlin, Germany F6889
4 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille) / Hochschild  Abt 14 Nov 1851Berlin, Germany F24016
5 Brandes / Steinhof  29 Jul 1876Berlin, Germany F60310
6 Briand de Crèvecoeur / Girard (Girard Family)  Abt 1702Berlin, Germany F61542
7 Conze / Mensing  7 May 1921Berlin, Germany F23843
8 Cornelius-Wheeler / Singh   F102914
9 Dresky and Merzdorf / Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt)  13 Sep 1893Berlin, Germany F10871
10 Erhard-Frederiksen / Alsing   F98893
11 Estienne / Payot  25 Oct 1717Berlin, Germany F114835
12 Göring (Göring of Germany) / Sonnemann  10 Apr 1935Berlin, Germany F1528
13 Heckscher / Delbanco  7 Apr 1889Berlin, Germany F56329
14 Hitler (Hitler) / Braun  28 Apr 1945Berlin, Germany F102341
15 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev) / Hegermann-Lindencrone  21 Jan 1919Berlin, Germany F7977
16 Kummer / Parysius  1 Jul 1669Berlin, Germany F24901
17 Kunowski / Bügel  4 Jul 1791Berlin, Germany F39838
18 Larsen / Lilge  19 Mar 1932Berlin, Germany F7240
19 Mensing / Wilcke  2 May 1887Berlin, Germany F23851
20 Michaelsen / Kappel  24 Nov 1909Berlin, Germany F2545
21 Munck / Weymann  8 Apr 1934Berlin, Germany F14056
22 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau) / Oultremont  17 Feb 1841Berlin, Germany F62809
23 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau) / Prussia (Hohenzollern)  4 Oct 1767Berlin, Germany F5419
24 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau) / Prussia (Hohenzollern)  1 Oct 1791Berlin, Germany F62808
25 Ording / Ording  28 Dec 1916Berlin, Germany F110009
26 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / Anhalt-Dessau (Ascania)  11 Mar 1916Berlin, Germany F62447
27 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph)  6 Jan 1742Berlin, Germany F11853
28 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / Hesse-Homburg (Hesse)  12 Jan 1804Berlin, Germany F192
29 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg)  28 Nov 1708Berlin, Germany F70827
30 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Wettin)  11 Jun 1829Berlin, Germany F60096
31 Prussia (Hohenzollern) / United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph)  28 Nov 1706Berlin, Germany F11972
32 Raff / Hoge  27 Dec 1906Berlin, Germany F55131
33 Raffel / Wolff   F55471
34 Ruppert / Estrup (Estrup)  16 Sep 1939Berlin, Germany F50708
35 Salomonsen / Frank  10 Nov 1908Berlin, Germany F56683
36 Salomonsen / Orzechowska  5 Aug 1911Berlin, Germany F56630
37 Salto / Mielenz  5 Mar 1918Berlin, Germany F72393
38 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn) / Ysenburg-Büdingen (Ysenburg)  21 Feb 1942Berlin, Germany F83019
39 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Demuth  9 Jan 1925Berlin, Germany F68811
40 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Wedel  11 Sep 1917Berlin, Germany F68814
41 Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg) / Prussia (Hohenzollern)  18 Feb 1878Berlin, Germany F63475
42 Schmilinsky / Kühne  3 Mar 1935Berlin, Germany F47937
43 Schmilinsky / Sonnet  4 Apr 1929Berlin, Germany F47892
44 Simonsen / Löwenthal  20 Dec 1915Berlin, Germany F58217
45 Solms-Braunfels (Solms) / Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg)  10 Jan 1798Berlin, Germany F65453
46 Stephani / Dülong  23 Mar 1905Berlin, Germany F23795
47 Stephani / Hahn (Hahn of Mecklenburg)  18 Jun 1912Berlin, Germany F23793
48 Sørensen / Emi  8 Apr 1876Berlin, Germany F19546
49 Thorsager / Itkis  Abt 1921Berlin, Germany F52735
50 Trautmann / Noack  18 Oct 1949Berlin, Germany F94652
51 Troschke / Küster  20 Oct 1942Berlin, Germany F23765
52 Troschke / Mensing  18 Aug 1906Berlin, Germany F23769
53 Villaume / Baret  1790Berlin, Germany F36146
54 Villaume / Marre  4 Jul 1771Berlin, Germany F38666
55 Villaume / Paquot  15 Mar 1709Berlin, Germany F37446
56 Villaume / Plan  11 Jun 1745Berlin, Germany F37667
57 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen) / Engelhard  26 Oct 1879Berlin, Germany F67674
58 Westerby / Panneck  21 Jul 1971Berlin, Germany F21224

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