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Ankenes, Nordland, Norway



Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aas, Knud Olsen  1792Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I130588
2 Aas, Ole Hans  1794Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I130587
3 Amundsen, Antonette Birgitte  22 Sep 1840Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132300
4 Amundsen, Iver Eidis Lech  8 Apr 1832Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132307
5 Amundsen, Johanna Margrethe  3 Aug 1834Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132319
6 Amundsen, Sirene  16 Apr 1837Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132328
7 Andersen, Elias Petter  1843Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132747
8 Andreasen, Amalia  1873Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132407
9 Andreasen, Aron  1870Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132395
10 Andreasen, Jentoft  1867Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132383
11 Axelsen, Rasmus Johan  2 Sep 1846Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132349
12 Bertheusen, Ane  1761Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I122259
13 Bertheusen, Johan  2 Nov 1822Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132870
14 Davidsen, David  1889Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134918
15 Davidsen, Hans  1891Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132895
16 Davidsen, Jacob  1875Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134919
17 Davidsen, Kjersten  1894Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132893
18 Davidsen, Konstanse  1886Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134914
19 Davidsen, Lavine  1877Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134915
20 Eliasen, Christian J P  1868Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132709
21 Eliasen, Emma  1860Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132645
22 Eliasen, Malene B C A  1867Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132630
23 Gabrielsen, Maren Gabrikka  1832Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132371
24 Hansen, Berntine  1867Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131402
25 Hartviksen, Maren Andrea  1851Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134923
26 Hergot, Abelone Berg  10 Aug 1864Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132348
27 Hergot, Hilda  1896Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131403
28 Hergot, Jacob  1897Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131404
29 Hergot, Konrad Olsen  22 Feb 1865Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132419
30 Iversen, Anne Kristine  1893Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131574
31 Jacobsen, Karen  1853Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132851
32 Johansen, Andreas Martinius  21 Jun 1827Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131503
33 Johansen, Dave Størk  12 Aug 1848Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132433
34 Johansen, Ingeborg Ane Marie  11 Oct 1839Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131426
35 Johansen, Jacob Pareli  26 Jul 1825Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131504
36 Johansen, Johanna Margrethe  29 Jun 1829Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131502
37 Johansen, Jonette Caroline  17 Apr 1851Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132485
38 Johansen, Juliana  1796Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I122257
39 Johansen, Kirsten Maria  7 Oct 1833Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131493
40 Johansen, Marcus Berg  22 Sep 1831Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131495
41 Johansen, Mikkel  1749Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I122260
42 Johansen, Petter Normann  24 Oct 1836Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131498
43 Kauffmann, Ane Maria Nicolaisen  27 Jan 1798Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133942
44 Kauffmann, Bernthina Maria  20 Mar 1844Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132559
45 Kauffmann, Christiana Peternille Nikolaisen  3 Apr 1801Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I97962
46 Kauffmann, Gjertrud  3 Oct 1833Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134907
47 Kauffmann, Iverina Lech  6 May 1806Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133828
48 Kauffmann, Johanna Karoline  22 Jul 1831Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131599
49 Kauffmann, Kirsten Ebrikka Aas  12 Jun 1799Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133941
50 Kauffmann, Petter Antoni Johan  1 Sep 1862Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132427
51 Kauffmann, Øllegaard  10 Jan 1842Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131631
52 Lech, Edis Iversen  1782Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133957
53 Lech, Johanna Margreta "Nygaard"  1778Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133940
54 Lech, Kirsten Maria  1784Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133946
55 Marcussen (Marcussen), Jonette  1868Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134862
56 Marcussen (Marcussen), Regine Mathilde  1869Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134860
57 Mikkelsen, Bertheus  1791Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I122258
58 Mikkelsen, Johan  1794Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131508
59 Mikkelsen, Petter  1800Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I122256
60 Nicolaisen, Jacob Kaufmann  24 Apr 1771Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133795
61 Nygaard, Axel "Olsen"  23 Apr 1795Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133827
62 Olsen, Ane Pernilla  1789Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I130589
63 Olsen, Barbro  1769Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133147
64 Olsen, Ingebrigt  1797Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I130583
65 Olsen, Jonetta  1860Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133041
66 Olsen, Mathias Jacob Berg  1822Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134911
67 Olsen, Nikolai Konrad  22 Feb 1865Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134912
68 Olsen, Søren Andreas  17 May 1855Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I132926
69 Olsen, Øllegaard  1798Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I130582


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Kauffmann, Ane Maria Nicolaisen  22 Aug 1798Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133942
2 Kauffmann, Christiana Peternille Nikolaisen  3 May 1801Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I97962
3 Kauffmann, Iverina Lech  18 May 1806Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133828
4 Kauffmann, Johan Jørgen  24 Jun 1804Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134909


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amundsen, Amund  Abt 1865Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131395
2 Eriksen, Maria Elisabeth  9 Oct 1837Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134908
3 Johansen, Ingeborg Ane Marie  Abt 1875Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I131426
4 Kauffmann, Nikolai Konrad  1812Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133943
5 Larsen, Margrethe  24 Jun 1795Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I134436
6 Lech, Johanna Margreta "Nygaard"  Abt 1850Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133940
7 Nygaard, Axel "Olsen"  1856Ankenes, Nordland, Norway I133827


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Amundsen / Kauffmann  1 Aug 1831Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55035
2 Axelsen / Hartviksen  25 Sep 1871Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55353
3 Johansen / Gabrielsen  13 Nov 1865Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55070
4 Kauffmann / Davidsen  19 Nov 1838Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55108
5 Kauffmann / Eriksen  11 Oct 1830Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F56172
6 Kauffmann / Larsen  8 Nov 1767Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55894
7 Kristensen / Kauffmann  8 Nov 1861Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55101
8 Moltu / Kauffmann  21 Nov 1829Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55033
9 Nicolaisen / Olsen  1800Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55625
10 Nygaard / Kauffmann  21 Sep 1824Ankenes, Nordland, Norway F55851

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