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Stockholm, Sweden



Matches 1 to 688 of 688

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Betty  1828Stockholm, Sweden I88531
2 Ingegerd  2 Oct 1917Stockholm, Sweden I265269
3 Aall, Nils  1831Stockholm, Sweden I99012
4 Abenius, Märta  1871Stockholm, Sweden I43295
5 Adler, Dagmar Ingegerd  26 Feb 1878Stockholm, Sweden I140388
6 Adlercreutz, Carl  16 Jun 1698Stockholm, Sweden I233550
7 Adlercreutz, Erik  6 Jan 1694Stockholm, Sweden I233482
8 Adlercreutz, Hedvig Sophia  15 Mar 1731Stockholm, Sweden I233542
9 Adlercreutz, Henrik Tomas  15 May 1732Stockholm, Sweden I233387
10 Adlersköld, Lydert Bartels  20 Sep 1629Stockholm, Sweden I237337
11 Almkvist, Alvar Lison  9 Sep 1914Stockholm, Sweden I140796
12 Almkvist, Bertil Lison  11 Jun 1911Stockholm, Sweden I140806
13 Almkvist, Bo Erland Lison "Bobo"   I140798
14 Almkvist, Carmen Agneta Lison   I140809
15 Almkvist, Dick Lison  23 Aug 1917Stockholm, Sweden I140791
16 Almkvist, Erland Herman Lison  2 Sep 1912Stockholm, Sweden I140800
17 Almkvist, Hans Lison "Hansi"   I140797
18 Almkvist, Hans Viggo Lison   I140789
19 Almkvist, Janine Christine   I140794
20 Almkvist, Mats Lison  15 Jan 1937Stockholm, Sweden I140810
21 Almkvist, Monique Elisabeth   I140792
22 Almkvist, Peter Lison   I140788
23 Almkvist, Tory Gabrielle Lison   I140807
24 Almström, Margit Matilda Elisabeth   I84316
25 Aminoff, Henrik  8 Nov 1653Stockholm, Sweden I234606
26 Aminoff, Johan Esaiasson  1626Stockholm, Sweden I232549
27 Amundsen, Inger Margaretha   I17072
28 Amundson, Karin Anne-Marie  27 Feb 1916Stockholm, Sweden I79266
29 Andersson, Aina Vilhelmina  12 Jun 1882Stockholm, Sweden I140589
30 Andreen, Viveka Eleonore Dreyer   I230851
31 Arbin, Catherine von   I27023
32 Arbin, Marianne von   I1086
33 Arbo, Ingeborg  1872Stockholm, Sweden I127573
34 Arnold, Hans-Göran Reinhold Baltazar von  5 Feb 1921Stockholm, Sweden I139062
35 Asker, Björn   I193123
36 Aulin, Iwa Alida  12 Oct 1900Stockholm, Sweden I140396
37 Aulin, Tor Bernhard Vilhelm  10 Sep 1866Stockholm, Sweden I140402
38 Aurelius, Märta Sigrid Sophia  5 Mar 1910Stockholm, Sweden I140805
39 Axelsen ( Oxenstierna), Barbro  12 Feb 1615Stockholm, Sweden I235609
40 Axelsen ( Oxenstierna), Beata  22 Nov 1613Stockholm, Sweden I235610
41 Axelsen ( Oxenstierna), Maria  Aug 1618Stockholm, Sweden I235606
42 Axelsson ( Oxenstierna), Gabriel  Mar 1620Stockholm, Sweden I235605
43 Axelsson (Oxenstierna), Aake  13 Feb 1616Stockholm, Sweden I235608
44 Axelsson Oxenstierna  1617Stockholm, Sweden I235607
45 Baage, Carl Einar   I140304
46 Baage, Ernst Hugo  17 Jun 1892Stockholm, Sweden I140306
47 Baage, Ulf Walter   I140305
48 Bannér (Bannér), Barbro Margareta  5 May 1634Stockholm, Sweden I237814
49 Bannér (Bannér), Christina Dorothea  1 Feb 1626Stockholm, Sweden I237740
50 Bannér (Bannér), Elsa Ebba Axelsen  5 Jun 1634Stockholm, Sweden I237815
51 Bannér (Bannér), Maria Eleonora  1632Stockholm, Sweden I237811
52 Bartels, Margareta  Sep 1643Stockholm, Sweden I237340
53 Barthner, Kay   I142209
54 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), Inga Susanne  18 Dec 1945Stockholm, Sweden I182765
55 Beck-Friis (Friis), Anna Karin Elizabeth, Baroness  10 Jan 1921Stockholm, Sweden I158965
56 Beck-Friis (Friis), Signe Marie Barbara, Baroness   I168134
57 Beermann, Kirsten Nanny Wolf   I135952
58 Benckert, Anna Margaretha  23 Aug 1786Stockholm, Sweden I233957
59 Bendix, Pauline  2 Oct 1814Stockholm, Sweden I137385
60 Bendixon, Anna Hedvig  30 Jun 1865Stockholm, Sweden I140405
61 Bendixon, Arthur Lars  16 Nov 1859Stockholm, Sweden I140412
62 Bendixon, Detlev Harald  26 Sep 1858Stockholm, Sweden I140429
63 Bendixon, Ellen Valfrid  26 Aug 1857Stockholm, Sweden I140513
64 Bendixon, Ivar Otto  1 Aug 1861Stockholm, Sweden I140407
65 Bendixon, Stig Harald  31 Jul 1888Stockholm, Sweden I140409
66 Bendixon, Vilhelm Emanuel  13 Jan 1822Stockholm, Sweden I140635
67 Bergendal, Sara Pedersen  Abt 1657Stockholm, Sweden I363954
68 Bergenstraahle, Johan   I168044
69 Bergman, Ingvar  21 Aug 1916Stockholm, Sweden I141523
70 Bergström, Per-Erik   I27019
71 Bergström, Therese Marianne   I1100
72 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Bertil Oscar, Count   I92117
73 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Birgitta, Countess   I196966
74 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Carl Johan "Jan", Count   I170585
75 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Carl Johan Arthur, Duke of Dalarna, Count  31 Oct 1916Stockholm, Sweden I191253
76 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Christian Carl Henning, Count   I30696
77 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Dagmar Ebba, Countess  10 Apr 1916Stockholm, Sweden I110095
78 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Ebba Marianne, Countess   I27008
79 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Elsa Victoria, Countess  3 Aug 1893Stockholm, Sweden I40662
80 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Elsa, Countess   I26581
81 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Folke, Count  2 Jan 1895Stockholm, Sweden I37049
82 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Frederik Oscar, Count  10 Jan 1934Stockholm, Sweden I92937
83 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Frederika, Countess   I26582
84 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Gustaf Edward, Count  20 Jan 1930Stockholm, Sweden I95420
85 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Josephine, Countess   I26583
86 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Karin Cecilia "Cia", Countess   I153855
87 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Lennart "Gustaf Lennart Nicolaus Paul", Duke of Smaaland, Prins  8 May 1909Stockholm, Sweden I10912
88 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Madeleine Ingeborg Ella Astra Elsa von Rosen, Countess   I190045
89 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Marie-Louise, Countess  6 Nov 1935Stockholm, Sweden I184326
90 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Märtha Elsa "Catharina", Countess   I104699
91 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Nils Carl, Count  9 Feb 1918Stockholm, Sweden I107585
92 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Oscar Emanuel, Count   I106297
93 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Sophia Magdalena Maria Birgitta, Countess   I190349
94 Bexelius, Erland Anton   I29846
95 Bexelius, Ernst Gustaf  29 Nov 1900Stockholm, Sweden I115646
96 Bierlich, Peter   I281669
97 Bille Brahe of Egeskov (Bille), Frederik "Freddy" Henrik, Baron  25 Jul 1851Stockholm, Sweden I48888
98 Billman, Inger Helene  2 Mar 1882Stockholm, Sweden I223374
99 Bing, Lars Jørgen   I141293
100 Björck, Gunnar   I128315
101 Björck, Göran   I125233
102 Björck, Thure   I128302
103 Björck, Ulf   I128225
104 Björkman, Ann-Marie   I138660
105 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Gustaf Carl Axel, Baron von   I158980
106 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Hans Fredrik Bror, Baron von   I158970
107 Blomberg, Karl Harald Siegfried  14 Sep 1890Stockholm, Sweden I142310
108 Blomberg, Lili  1 Jun 1917Stockholm, Sweden I142308
109 Blomqwist, Carl Anders Peter   I150560
110 Blomqwist, Carl Frederik Joachim   I150557
111 Bodin, Karin Theresia  21 May 1918Stockholm, Sweden I140587
112 Boivie, Ernst Arvid  7 Nov 1868Stockholm, Sweden I192957
113 Bolin, Mathilda  14 Feb 1873Stockholm, Sweden I109014
114 Bonde (Bonde of Björnö), Carl Gustafsson, Count  11 Oct 1648Stockholm, Sweden I253083
115 Bonde (Bonde of Laihela), Catharina Carlsen  1617Stockholm, Sweden I238846
116 Bonnier (Bonnier), Albert   I92691
117 Bonnier (Bonnier), Carl-Johan   I92796
118 Bonnier (Bonnier), Eva   I92570
119 Bonnier (Bonnier), Eva Fredrika  1857Stockholm, Sweden I92180
120 Bonnier (Bonnier), Gerard M  7 Mar 1917Stockholm, Sweden I92572
121 Bonnier (Bonnier), Jenny Elin  1855Stockholm, Sweden I88532
122 Bonnier (Bonnier), Karl Otto  1856Stockholm, Sweden I92579
123 Bonnier (Bonnier), Karl Otto   I92571
124 Bonnier (Bonnier), Karl-Adam   I92910
125 Bonnier (Bonnier), Pontus   I92568
126 Bonnier (Bonnier), T Jonas G   I92629
127 Borg, Katja   I76848
128 Brahe, Magnus Fredrik  15 Oct 1756Stockholm, Sweden I238665
129 Brandell, Astrid Barbro   I141036
130 Brandell, Ulf  10 Jan 1910Stockholm, Sweden I141041
131 Brander, Emilia  1836Stockholm, Sweden I43294
132 Brauner, Anna Charlotte, Baroness  9 Jul 1861Stockholm, Sweden I17106
133 Bregh, Severa Ida Mathilde  21 May 1890Stockholm, Sweden I140408
134 Brockenhuus-Schack (Brockenhuus), Hans Henrik Sophus Adam, Count  17 Apr 1900Stockholm, Sweden I77365
135 Broms, Gustaf Olof "Gösta"  13 Aug 1887Stockholm, Sweden I140373
136 Broms, Rosanna Maud Maria   I140365
137 Brögger, Borghild  29 Aug 1883Stockholm, Sweden I102966
138 Bäckström, Jan Erik  25 Apr 1805Stockholm, Sweden I283382
139 Börjeson, Rolf  20 Aug 1886Stockholm, Sweden I134885
140 Callendar, Elin Maria  3 Aug 1868Stockholm, Sweden I131092
141 Cederschiöld, Elisa Mathilda Cordelia  22 Apr 1845Stockholm, Sweden I113221
142 Cederschiöld, George Louis  10 Jul 1852Stockholm, Sweden I194921
143 Cederschiöld, Gustafva Anna Julia Frederikke Gabriella  23 Sep 1843Stockholm, Sweden I113198
144 Cederschiöld, Staffan  28 Jan 1847Stockholm, Sweden I194909
145 Cederstolpe, Hans Helding  1679Stockholm, Sweden I233742
146 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Gunnar Axel  29 Mar 1900Stockholm, Sweden I131084
147 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Hans Olof  20 Nov 1917Stockholm, Sweden I131087
148 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Hans Olof Brorson  20 Nov 1894Stockholm, Sweden I131085
149 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Helge Oscar  9 Jun 1893Stockholm, Sweden I131091
150 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Hjalmar  8 Apr 1877Stockholm, Sweden I131074
151 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Lillemor Birgit Elisabeth   I131079
152 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Signe Valborg  23 Jul 1880Stockholm, Sweden I131140
153 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Tage Lennart   I131086
154 Coijet, Anna Gillisen  21 Apr 1585Stockholm, Sweden I237424
155 Colbjörnsen, Anna Maria Rannveig Pedersson   I190910
156 Colbjörnsen, Grete Kristin   I190894
157 Colbjörnsen, Karen Birgitte   I122862
158 Colbjörnsen, Lovisa Anna Charlotta Pedersson   I190915
159 Colbjörnsen, Peder Christian Colbjörn Pederson   I190911
160 Colbjörnsen, Ulla-Britt   I190899
161 Conné, Greta Elenora Flory Cohné  25 Apr 1893Stockholm, Sweden I131434
162 Dahl, Siri Anna Rosa  24 Jul 1878Stockholm, Sweden I140830
163 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Niels, Count of   I166485
164 Dardel, Nina Viveka Maria von   I30708
165 Delbanco, Christer Ove   I141527
166 Delbanco, Gudrun  24 Sep 1897Stockholm, Sweden I141522
167 Delbanco, Gunvor  9 Jul 1913Stockholm, Sweden I141531
168 Delbanco, Inga Elisabeth  13 May 1890Stockholm, Sweden I141526
169 Delbanco, Ove Simon  6 Jan 1887Stockholm, Sweden I141533
170 Devin, Gulian "Gurli" Maria Devin  26 Aug 1867Stockholm, Sweden I389150
171 Dreffling, Brita  30 Dec 1688Stockholm, Sweden I234620
172 Eckermann, Sophie-Louise Wilhelmina Augusta von  3 Dec 1862Stockholm, Sweden I42612
173 Ehrensvärd (Ehrensvärd), Carl August  5 May 1745Stockholm, Sweden I238204
174 Ekblad, Sigrid Alfhild Fredrika  20 Feb 1870Stockholm, Sweden I186536
175 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Anna Elisabeth  1753Stockholm, Sweden I283369
176 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Johannes  1753Stockholm, Sweden I283524
177 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Olivia Gustva  17 Dec 1800Stockholm, Sweden I283383
178 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Olof  11 Sep 1750Stockholm, Sweden I283377
179 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Sofia Dorothea  8 Feb 1802Stockholm, Sweden I283384
180 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 2), Franz Gösta Victor  28 Dec 1890Stockholm, Sweden I168035
181 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 2), Hans "Hasse" Gösta  10 Sep 1915Stockholm, Sweden I168031
182 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 2), Hans Gösta Gustaf   I168032
183 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 2), Hans Stefan   I168051
184 Elliot (Elliot), Marie Louise  23 Jul 1865Stockholm, Sweden I171809
185 Ericson, Lars-Ove   I141529
186 Ericson, Sven-Henry  1 Mar 1914Stockholm, Sweden I141530
187 Ericsson, Eva Joy  24 Jun 1903Stockholm, Sweden I29580
188 Eriksen Vasa, Constantia  14 Jun 1560Stockholm, Sweden I238386
189 Falk, Hillevi  24 Aug 1905Stockholm, Sweden I171249
190 Falkenberg (Falkenberg), Elisabeth Ulrika "Ulla" Matilda, Baroness  4 Jul 1903Stockholm, Sweden I201720
191 Faye, Carles Felicien Pascal de  21 Dec 1783Stockholm, Sweden I198071
192 Flach, Jana Camilla   I27016
193 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Lars Peter Eriksson, Baron   I296103
194 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Margareta Henriksen  1619Stockholm, Sweden I238136
195 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Maria Elisabeth Henriksen  1 Aug 1638Stockholm, Sweden I235776
196 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Maria Helena  11 Nov 1688Stockholm, Sweden I238736
197 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Märta Henriksen  1619Stockholm, Sweden I235777
198 Fock, Carin Axelina Hulda, Baroness  21 Oct 1888Stockholm, Sweden I4282
199 Forsell, Jacob  9 Sep 1902Stockholm, Sweden I44993
200 Forsell, Jacob   I27011
201 Forsell, Joachim "Kim" Vidar   I26998
202 Forsell, Liv   I26929
203 Forsmann, Hedvig Charlotte  1838Stockholm, Sweden I123248
204 Fraenckel, Elin Susanna   I141873
205 Francke, Anne-Mari Louise   I140239
206 Francke, Cecilia Margareta Elisabeth   I140240
207 Francke, Otto Carl Magnus   I140238
208 Fries, Gösta Elias  23 Jul 1907Stockholm, Sweden I141459
209 Fries, Gösta Eric Elias   I171437
210 Fries, Stellan Eric Elias   I171439
211 Fries, Vera  26 Dec 1911Stockholm, Sweden I141503
212 Frisk, Florence Elisabet Ingrid   I122409
213 Frisk, Ingrid "Inga"  24 Oct 1901Stockholm, Sweden I168475
214 Frostenson, Alma Katarina   I394611
215 Fröberg, Elizabeth Charlotte  4 Nov 1858Stockholm, Sweden I76930
216 Fuchs, Marie-Louise Ester Maude   I168039
217 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), Ann-Kartrin   I141061
218 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), Elsa Agneta   I141058
219 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), Ingrid   I141064
220 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), Maria   I141060
221 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Britta  14 Apr 1910Stockholm, Sweden I140577
222 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Gunvor  21 Mar 1914Stockholm, Sweden I140572
223 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Kerstin Julia  22 Aug 1908Stockholm, Sweden I140583
224 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Nils Vilhelm Ottosson  23 Mar 1907Stockholm, Sweden I140588
225 Gardie (Gardie), Axel Julius  12 Feb 1637Stockholm, Sweden I235404
226 Gardie (Gardie), Christina Catharina  7 Oct 1632Stockholm, Sweden I235435
227 Gardie (Gardie), Hedvig Ulrika  1761Stockholm, Sweden I192021
228 Gardie (Gardie), Pontus Fredrik  4 Oct 1630Stockholm, Sweden I235406
229 Gehlin, Boel Helena   I140941
230 Gehlin, Hans Mikael   I140940
231 Geijer, Sonja von  18 Nov 1895Stockholm, Sweden I140826
232 Germark, Hanne   I36090
233 Giertz, Anna-Stina   I30688
234 Giertz, Gunilla   I30662
235 Giertz, John   I30702
236 Giertz, Laura   I30061
237 Goldmann, Lea  1878Stockholm, Sweden I132629
238 Goldmann, William  15 Dec 1879Stockholm, Sweden I132628
239 Grewin, Jan Waldemar   I190940
240 Grut (Grut), Gustav Andreas Nicolai   I31477
241 Grut (Grut), Jeanne Ellen Astri Mary  14 Apr 1910Stockholm, Sweden I115101
242 Grut (Grut), Karl Christian  8 Oct 1942Stockholm, Sweden I31490
243 Grut (Grut), Lene Margit   I30729
244 Grut (Grut), Lizzie Margit Helen Valborg  16 Jun 1912Stockholm, Sweden I114526
245 Grut (Grut), Marianne  31 Mar 1903Stockholm, Sweden I116361
246 Grut (Grut), Rolf Torben   I30715
247 Gunne, Astrid Isa Maria Hällström  29 Jan 1896Stockholm, Sweden I140300
248 Gyllenhaal, Lars Herman, Baron  1865Stockholm, Sweden I154798
249 Gyllenkrok, Ebba-Anna Ida Louise, Baroness  26 Jul 1918Stockholm, Sweden I86208
250 Gyllenstedt, Maria Beata Karlsen  27 Nov 1696Stockholm, Sweden I232558
251 Gyllenstierna (Gyldenstjerne), Sigrid Agneta, Baroness  21 Dec 1917Stockholm, Sweden I113340
252 Günther, Anna Elisabeth "Lisa"  13 May 1893Stockholm, Sweden I140510
253 Günther, Gerda Hilda Agneta  18 Aug 1891Stockholm, Sweden I196407
254 Haard (Haard of Segerstad), Lennart  25 Nov 1694Stockholm, Sweden I234933
255 Haenflein, Georg Edmond Henriques "Jojje"   I138240
256 Haenflein, Peter Martin Henriques   I138238
257 Haenflein, Yasmine Elisabeth   I138233
258 Haffner, Ragna  26 Jan 1837Stockholm, Sweden I99266
259 Hahr, Louise   I140601
260 Hahr, Mona   I140598
261 Hallberg, Britt  30 Mar 1914Stockholm, Sweden I174141
262 Hammaren, Karin Hildur   I141011
263 Hansen, Agnes Birgitta Angelica  20 Feb 1892Stockholm, Sweden I224204
264 Hansen, Bernhard Stanislaus  15 Nov 1882Stockholm, Sweden I283523
265 Hansen, Josef Aloy Ansgar  16 Aug 1880Stockholm, Sweden I283522
266 Hansen, Louis Edvard Frederik  26 Oct 1894Stockholm, Sweden I224203
267 Hansson, Elsa Ingeborg  22 Aug 1900Stockholm, Sweden I152304
268 Harhoff (Harhoff), Börje Arnold   I82754
269 Harhoff (Harhoff), Christer Arnold   I47326
270 Harhoff (Harhoff), Gerd Britten   I182116
271 Harhoff (Harhoff), Marie Angela   I160407
272 Harhoff (Harhoff), Mickael Christer Toivo   I160406
273 Harhoff (Harhoff), Sven Göran Arnold   I47313
274 Harhoff (Harhoff), Yvonne Renéé  14 May 1943Stockholm, Sweden I47340
275 Hartman, Maria Lovisa  30 Jun 1750Stockholm, Sweden I235679
276 Hartmann, Bolette  17 Apr 1941Stockholm, Sweden I716
277 Hartmann, Flemming   I73
278 Haslund-Christensen, Ian Søren   I201228
279 Hasselquist, Jenny Mathilde Elisabeth  31 Jul 1894Stockholm, Sweden I140399
280 Hebbe, Gustaf Clemens  24 Jul 1804Stockholm, Sweden I147800
281 Hebbe, Simon Bernhard  1726Stockholm, Sweden I251937
282 Heckscher, Dagmar  4 Jul 1899Stockholm, Sweden I135395
283 Heckscher, Eli Filip  24 Nov 1879Stockholm, Sweden I134877
284 Heckscher, Ella Bertha Amalia  12 May 1882Stockholm, Sweden I134870
285 Heckscher, Folke Julius  4 Nov 1897Stockholm, Sweden I135396
286 Heckscher, Lisa  24 Jan 1902Stockholm, Sweden I135394
287 Hedenius, Israel  19 Jul 1868Stockholm, Sweden I113675
288 Hedlund, Aake  20 May 1913Stockholm, Sweden I139534
289 Hedlund, Tore  8 Jan 1916Stockholm, Sweden I139533
290 Heijl, Tora Margaretha   I140820
291 Heldenhielm, Samuel Helding  1683Stockholm, Sweden I233743
292 Helding, Inga  18 Jan 1695Stockholm, Sweden I233744
293 Hellwig, Nina Eva Irene   I70665
294 Helweg, Jesper "Jeppe"   I140434
295 Helweg, Lars   I140433
296 Hemming, Ragna  16 Sep 1895Stockholm, Sweden I185553
297 Hendrickson Fleming, Jacob  24 Feb 1640Stockholm, Sweden I235775
298 Henriques (Henriques), Björn Per Wilhelm   I141005
299 Henriques (Henriques), Ester  6 Feb 1918Stockholm, Sweden I141029
300 Henriques (Henriques), Fanny  10 Apr 1845Stockholm, Sweden I141074
301 Henriques (Henriques), Märtha  2 Apr 1890Stockholm, Sweden I141024
302 Henriques (Henriques), Nils Bertil   I141028
303 Henriques (Henriques), Pontus Ragnar  1 Feb 1913Stockholm, Sweden I141032
304 Henriques (Henriques), Rolf Aake   I141003
305 Henriques (Henriques), Sonja  10 Feb 1915Stockholm, Sweden I141030
306 Henriques (Henriques), Susanne   I141025
307 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Axel  31 May 1914Stockholm, Sweden I140829
308 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Barbro Margareta   I140818
309 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Bengt  26 Aug 1883Stockholm, Sweden I140831
310 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Bengt Olof   I140819
311 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Bengt-Christian   I140817
312 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Harald John  20 Sep 1889Stockholm, Sweden I140787
313 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Hilda  21 Apr 1886Stockholm, Sweden I140816
314 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Ture  26 Dec 1917Stockholm, Sweden I140821
315 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Ulla  8 Dec 1915Stockholm, Sweden I140825
316 Hjortsberg, Märtha  11 Mar 1892Stockholm, Sweden I140398
317 Holm, Hulda Victoria  31 Mar 1887Stockholm, Sweden I141532
318 Holm, Ingrid Ulrika   I140822
319 Holm, Per Magnus   I140823
320 Horngren, Ingrid Maria  3 Apr 1879Stockholm, Sweden I140291
321 Hultkrantz, Alnza  15 May 1863Stockholm, Sweden I411310
322 Hyltén-Cavallius, Carl Johan Agne  3 Jun 1924Stockholm, Sweden I142306
323 Hyltén-Cavallius, Gunnar Olof Erngiste   I142297
324 Hyltén-Cavallius, Maud Betty Carola "Bettan"  21 Feb 1927Stockholm, Sweden I142287
325 Hyltén-Cavallius, Ragnar Gösta  27 Nov 1885Stockholm, Sweden I142309
326 Högquist (Bernadotte), Maximilian "Max"  12 Aug 1840Stockholm, Sweden I264715
327 Högquist (Högquist), Emilie Sophie  29 Apr 1812Stockholm, Sweden I264817
328 Höök-Nilsson, Marianne Charlotte   I30164
329 Jacobson, Mary Bernadina  28 Apr 1871Stockholm, Sweden I140620
330 Jacoby, Eva   I141152
331 Jacoby, Jan   I141147
332 Jansson, Irène Lovisa  10 Jul 1887Stockholm, Sweden I167221
333 Jensen, Jens Jørgen  7 Jun 1928Stockholm, Sweden I420052
334 Johnson, Helen Elisabeth Wilhelmson   I194884
335 Johnson (Johnson of Sweden), Axel Axson  4 Oct 1910Stockholm, Sweden I157932
336 Johnson (Johnson of Sweden), Bo Axson  3 Oct 1917Stockholm, Sweden I157928
337 Josephson, Aake Viktor   I141035
338 Josephson, Beata Elise "Lisen"  1861Stockholm, Sweden I92424
339 Juel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Hedevig Eleonore, Baroness  22 Nov 1662Stockholm, Sweden I149621
340 Järnefelt, Vasti Olivia Elisabeth  10 Oct 1911Stockholm, Sweden I233672
341 Jönsson, Ulla-Bell Olga Linea "Ulla"  20 Sep 1935Stockholm, Sweden I123717
342 Kalkar, Christian Andreas Herman  27 Feb 1803Stockholm, Sweden I165039
343 Kalkar, Frederikke Marie Louise  1798Stockholm, Sweden I133832
344 Kalkar, Jette "Henriette"  1800Stockholm, Sweden I133831
345 Kalkar, Joel Levin  1797Stockholm, Sweden I133833
346 Kalkar, Joel Moses  Abt 1793Stockholm, Sweden I133834
347 Kampmann (Kampmann), Benedicte Louise   I139246
348 Kampmann (Kampmann), Elsebeth   I139247
349 Kampmann (Kampmann), Suzanne   I139248
350 Kielland (Kielland), Johanna Charlotta  21 Apr 1824Stockholm, Sweden I266112
351 Kinberg, Sven Olof "Olle" Moritz  16 Apr 1901Stockholm, Sweden I166411
352 Klingfeldt, Charlotte Elisabeth von  8 Nov 1755Stockholm, Sweden I192743
353 Klingfeldt, Gustafva Märta  16 May 1756Stockholm, Sweden I195075
354 Klintberg, Agda Elisabeth de   I136595
355 Klintberg, Carl Hugo de  5 May 1918Stockholm, Sweden I136596
356 Klintberg, Gertrud de  29 Nov 1913Stockholm, Sweden I136598
357 Klintberg, Lennart de  12 May 1915Stockholm, Sweden I136597
358 Klintberg, Rolf Hugo Ferdinand de  13 May 1912Stockholm, Sweden I136599
359 Knudsen, Elsebet   I408368
360 Knudsen, Olga Catharina  20 Jan 1881Stockholm, Sweden I182129
361 Krook, Elin  26 Jun 1862Stockholm, Sweden I98262
362 Kruuse, Ellen Katarine  25 Jul 1875Stockholm, Sweden I410930
363 Kurck (Kurck), Sophia Ulrika Johanna, Baroness  30 Nov 1823Stockholm, Sweden I283549
364 Källström, Clas Göran Ulf  23 Jun 1922Stockholm, Sweden I140673
365 Kønigsfeldt, Dorthe   I147966
366 La Cour (La Cour), Christina Beatrice Dornonville de   I223191
367 La Cour (La Cour), Jacqueline Sibille Dornonville de   I223184
368 La Cour (La Cour), Monique Ruth Dornonville de   I223185
369 Lagercrantz, Adèle Märta Augusta  8 Jun 1873Stockholm, Sweden I233960
370 Lagercrantz, Augusta Catharina Elisabet  12 Oct 1853Stockholm, Sweden I233961
371 Lagercrantz, Carl Adolf  2 Dec 1846Stockholm, Sweden I233951
372 Lagercrantz, Carl Fredrik Bengt  12 Mar 1887Stockholm, Sweden I233958
373 Lagercrantz, Henrik Gustaf  27 May 1856Stockholm, Sweden I233964
374 Lagercrantz, Sigrid Ethel  18 Apr 1876Stockholm, Sweden I233959
375 Lagergren, Nane Maria   I30707
376 Lagström, Gerda Vilhelmina Serena  28 Mar 1868Stockholm, Sweden I131435
377 Lamm, Erik  30 May 1890Stockholm, Sweden I140344
378 Lamm, Esther  15 Apr 1909Stockholm, Sweden I140354
379 Lamm, Gustaf Robert  15 Mar 1901Stockholm, Sweden I121026
380 Lamm, Göran   I140349
381 Lamm, Herman Fredrik  20 Apr 1853Stockholm, Sweden I140363
382 Lamm, Kurt Olof  12 Dec 1883Stockholm, Sweden I140347
383 Lamm, Martin  22 Jun 1880Stockholm, Sweden I140362
384 Lamm, Olof Herman  23 Apr 1887Stockholm, Sweden I140346
385 Langenskiöld (Langenskiöld), Peter, Baron   I27001
386 Larsen, Jens Georg Kirschhoff   I86168
387 Larson, Lars Olov   I140781
388 Larson, Leif Erik   I140783
389 Lavin, Ester Anna-Lisa  11 Apr 1897Stockholm, Sweden I131090
390 Leijoncrona, Chatarina Elisabet  1651Stockholm, Sweden I232562
391 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Anna Carin  10 Dec 1867Stockholm, Sweden I237748
392 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Axel Gabriel Eriksson  8 Nov 1650Stockholm, Sweden I237737
393 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Eva Fredrika Emerentia, Baroness  4 Mar 1848Stockholm, Sweden I3493
394 Levertin, Birgitte "Bibi"  4 Nov 1844Stockholm, Sweden I137387
395 Lidell, Ebba Serine Elsa  31 Oct 1888Stockholm, Sweden I139677
396 Lidell, Emilie Elisabeth Margareta "Greta"  8 Mar 1886Stockholm, Sweden I139680
397 Lidell, Per Adolf  16 May 1855Stockholm, Sweden I139834
398 Liliencrantz, Märta Elonora  7 May 1884Stockholm, Sweden I167218
399 Lilliehöök, Gustaf Malcolm  25 May 1884Stockholm, Sweden I265057
400 Lilliehöök of Faardala, Nils Gabrielsson Johan II  4 Oct 1695Stockholm, Sweden I234943
401 Lind, Adolf  6 May 1848Stockholm, Sweden I140512
402 Lind, Anna Helena  12 Feb 1860Stockholm, Sweden I140406
403 Lind, Ellen Elisabeth  26 Jun 1890Stockholm, Sweden I140431
404 Lind, Erik Valle  17 Oct 1888Stockholm, Sweden I140511
405 Lind, Eva Agneta   I140443
406 Lind, Hans Johan   I140444
407 Lind, Lars Johan  9 Mar 1918Stockholm, Sweden I140442
408 Lind, Per Erik  8 Jan 1916Stockholm, Sweden I140446
409 Lindahl, Karin   I182480
410 Lindberg, Marianne   I30059
411 Linde (Linde of Sweden), Lorenz, Baron von der  Stockholm, Sweden I281650
412 Lippmann, Puk   I188566
413 Ljunglöf, Carin Sigrid Theresia Aurora  1 Sep 1906Stockholm, Sweden I3848
414 Ljungquist, Sigrid  4 Oct 1885Stockholm, Sweden I138873
415 Lumbye, Theodor Valdemar Alfred  27 Nov 1879Stockholm, Sweden I224462
416 Lundin, Adolf Henrik  19 Dec 1932Stockholm, Sweden I295919
417 Lundström, Johan Aage  8 Jun 1890Stockholm, Sweden I140926
418 Lüxdorph, Hedevig Ulrica  Abt 1690Stockholm, Sweden I162228
419 Löwegren, Catharina Marie   I157719
420 Löwenhielm (Løwenhielm), Frederik Adolf  9 Jun 1916Stockholm, Sweden I168135
421 Löwenstjerne, Robert Peter August Gravenhorst  27 Oct 1840Stockholm, Sweden I161834
422 Maartenson, Mary Sofia  4 Nov 1887Stockholm, Sweden I135105
423 Magnusson, Elin Ingrid Marie  17 Feb 1866Stockholm, Sweden I187963
424 Magnusson, Ingvor Emilia  10 Apr 1908Stockholm, Sweden I135921
425 Magnusson, Tord Gösta   I145799
426 Mannheimer, Ernst Herman   I140212
427 Mannheimer, Irene Henriette   I140213
428 Mannheimer, Karin Hildegard   I140216
429 Marcus, Max  23 Mar 1879Stockholm, Sweden I140430
430 Maré (Maré), Elsa Maria de  10 May 1886Stockholm, Sweden I140233
431 Maré (Maré), Jacques Samuel Magnus de   I140188
432 Maré (Maré), Samuel Viktor de  26 Feb 1864Stockholm, Sweden I141956
433 Meier, Anna Ester Magdalena  30 Jun 1899Stockholm, Sweden I169109
434 Melberg, Christine  25 Aug 1756Stockholm, Sweden I108346
435 Metzon, Jørgen   I135940
436 Meyer, Jens Torben   I141989
437 Meyer, Rosa  25 Jul 1855Stockholm, Sweden I134878
438 Meyerson, Emma  13 Jan 1838Stockholm, Sweden I102588
439 Moltke-Huitfeldt (Moltke), Julie Marie, Comtesse   I184875
440 Moth-Lund, Ruth Hulda Eugeniea Margerita Maria  27 Jul 1905Stockholm, Sweden I432359
441 Müller, Lise Lotte   I190925
442 Mörner of Morlanda (Mörner), Madeleine Birgitta "Madde"   I138037
443 Mörner of Morlanda (Mörner), Michael Hjalmar Krister "Micky", Count   I138036
444 Møller, Leila   I16320
445 Nathansen, Alma Sara  18 May 1883Stockholm, Sweden I173034
446 Nelson, Carl Joar  5 Oct 1964Stockholm, Sweden I123752
447 Nelson, Carl Maarten Jonas   I124149
448 Nelson, Eva Gunvor   I123741
449 Nielsen, Birgit Abildgaard   I47354
450 Nilert, Tore Henrik  9 Feb 1915Stockholm, Sweden I26997
451 Nisell, Inger Mirjam  25 Aug 1932Stockholm, Sweden I123725
452 Nisell, Jakob Sigvard   I124165
453 Nisell, Jonas Wilhelm   I124159
454 Nisell, Karin Ulrika   I124775
455 Nyberg, Monica Gertsson   I171432
456 Nycander, Berndt  20 Dec 1890Stockholm, Sweden I139552
457 Odén, Gerda Frederika  21 Feb 1883Stockholm, Sweden I157630
458 Ollén, Gertrude  10 May 1916Stockholm, Sweden I27007
459 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Christina Axelsen  1612Stockholm, Sweden I235611
460 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Jacob Axelsson  30 Jul 1621Stockholm, Sweden I235604
461 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Märta Gustavsen  Abt 1586Stockholm, Sweden I232499
462 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Ulrika Eleonora  1691Stockholm, Sweden I232581
463 Palmgren, Alfhild Valfrid Mathilda  3 Jun 1877Stockholm, Sweden I25958
464 Palmstierna, Stephan Carl Kule, Baron   I198248
465 Petersen, Maria Thaysen   I61364
466 Pettersson, Johanna Maria Elisabeth "Lisa"  26 Dec 1877Stockholm, Sweden I131080
467 Philipson, Brita Henny  14 Oct 1894Stockholm, Sweden I140307
468 Philipson, Carl Lennart   I140296
469 Philipson, Carl Otto  28 Jan 1899Stockholm, Sweden I140302
470 Philipson, Eva Maria  22 Jan 1903Stockholm, Sweden I140290
471 Philipson, Hariet Maria   I140295
472 Philipson, Johan Berndt Mauritz  29 Sep 1909Stockholm, Sweden I140286
473 Philipson, John Ivar  12 Dec 1901Stockholm, Sweden I140294
474 Philipson, Lennart Erik   I140313
475 Philipson, Sten Mauritz   I140284
476 Philipson, Walter Gunnar Valfrid   I140299
477 Piehl, Greta Carolina  8 Jul 1895Stockholm, Sweden I141021
478 Pitzner (Aaman), Hector Aaman   I424968
479 Pitzner (Aaman), Ophelia Aaman   I424969
480 Posner, Joel Oscar   I141863
481 Posner, Marianne Therese   I141867
482 Posse of Säby, Anna  1672Stockholm, Sweden I235468
483 Posse of Säby, Axel  1678Stockholm, Sweden I235467
484 Posse of Säby, Carl  Stockholm, Sweden I235450
485 Posse of Säby, Johan Peter  1680Stockholm, Sweden I235466
486 Posse of Säby, Mauritz Nilsson von  1632Stockholm, Sweden I235482
487 Post (Rangel), Claes Axel Wilhelm Mauritz von   I285420
488 Post (Rangel), Margaretha Ingeborg Adêle von   I285422
489 Post (Rangel), Martha Catharina Ulrika von   I285267
490 Rapp, Carl-David Ragnar Gudmundsson   I142284
491 Rapp, Gudmund Carl-Erik   I142286
492 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Bernhard "Bernt"  4 Jul 1639Stockholm, Sweden I238924
493 Renborg, Valborg Renée  12 Nov 1903Stockholm, Sweden I140223
494 Reutersvärd, Maans Ulrik   I140397
495 Reutersvärd, Märta Cecilia  17 Jul 1888Stockholm, Sweden I140401
496 Reutersvärd, Nils Gösta  1 Apr 1894Stockholm, Sweden I140400
497 Reutersvärd, Pontus   I26937
498 Risom, Madeleine   I142203
499 Roos (Roos of Sweden), Johan   I158188
500 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Elsa von  7 Feb 1904Stockholm, Sweden I148399
501 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Elsa-Marianne von  21 Apr 1924Stockholm, Sweden I142151
502 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Margit, Countess von  12 Jan 1917Stockholm, Sweden I163081
503 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Märta Sophia  26 Jul 1884Stockholm, Sweden I43511
504 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Ulrik Eugéne, Count von   I2404
505 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 2-2), Flemming "Flemming Valdemar Carl Axel", Royal Count of of Line 2-2 (Axel)  9 Mar 1922Stockholm, Sweden I38829
506 Rosenhane, Axel Scheringsson  1637Stockholm, Sweden I238861
507 Rosenhane, Beata  1669Stockholm, Sweden I238859
508 Rosenhane, Charlotta Maria  12 Dec 1750Stockholm, Sweden I238865
509 Rosenhane, Edla Brita  29 Dec 1749Stockholm, Sweden I238864
510 Rubenson, Moritz  19 Jun 1834Stockholm, Sweden I135318
511 Rubenson, Sophie  10 Apr 1841Stockholm, Sweden I135375
512 Rydberg, Erik Wilhelm  22 Nov 1891Stockholm, Sweden I45851
513 Ryder (Ryder of Denmark), Torid  11 Mar 1910Stockholm, Sweden I199292
514 Ryding, Ebba Charlotte   I27009
515 Ryding, Nis Gustaf   I27010
516 Ræder, Johan Georg Jacob  14 Mar 1877Stockholm, Sweden I194223
517 Saadon, Samuel Eliahu   I111535
518 Sabelström, Fritz Constans  15 Mar 1918Stockholm, Sweden I140600
519 Sabelström, Nina Anna Elisabeth   I140599
520 Sandstroem, Berttha Catharina  29 Apr 1858Stockholm, Sweden I99889
521 Sandström, Hilder Gustaf  18 Jun 1848Stockholm, Sweden I136160
522 Scavenius (Scavenius), Bente Christina Brønnum   I163256
523 Schack-Eyber (Eyber), Annette   I16707
524 Schepeler, Solveig Ingeborg Margaretha Vivian  13 Aug 1908Stockholm, Sweden I162679
525 Schiratzki, Arne   I140100
526 Schiratzki, Helge Hillel   I140101
527 Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp), Karl Friedrich, Prince to Denmark and Norway, Duke of  30 Apr 1700Stockholm, Sweden I177644
528 Schrøder, Jan Patrick   I141960
529 Schrøder, Karl Michael "Kalle"   I141961
530 Seligmann, Elin  4 Nov 1872Stockholm, Sweden I135397
531 Sidenbladh, Erik   I92547
532 Sjögren, Peter A   I92558
533 Skarne, Anna Birgitta   I190342
534 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Christina Larsson  11 Apr 1620Stockholm, Sweden I235333
535 Sparre (Sparre of Sweden), Alethe Madelaine Elisabeth  1 Sep 1851Stockholm, Sweden I233952
536 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg), Sofia Lovisa  7 Apr 1717Stockholm, Sweden I238185
537 Spitzer, Albert  13 Apr 1863Stockholm, Sweden I139705
538 Staalhandske, Johan Hansson  Dec 1620Stockholm, Sweden I238137
539 Staalhandske, Karl Adolf  1744Stockholm, Sweden I235785
540 Stackelberg, Henrietta Amalia  15 Aug 1771Stockholm, Sweden I233590
541 Stake, Brita Christina  1669Stockholm, Sweden I234055
542 Stake, Magdalena Catharina  19 Nov 1667Stockholm, Sweden I234035
543 Stampe-Holst (Holst), Peter Henrik  24 May 1945Stockholm, Sweden I160029
544 Stangenberg, Antonia Helena  29 Jun 1874Stockholm, Sweden I140378
545 Stangenberg, Carl Simon  1 Dec 1871Stockholm, Sweden I140390
546 Stangenberg, Gustaf Severin  18 May 1830Stockholm, Sweden I140633
547 Stangenberg, Gustava Maria "Gusten"  12 Apr 1879Stockholm, Sweden I140377
548 Stangenberg, Karl Gösta  11 Dec 1910Stockholm, Sweden I142332
549 Stangenberg, Kate  16 Jul 1906Stockholm, Sweden I142341
550 Stangenberg, Lars Axel Samuel  23 Mar 1876Stockholm, Sweden I142342
551 Stangenberg, Margareta Virginia  2 Jul 1902Stockholm, Sweden I140387
552 Stangenberg, Sophia Göthilda  8 Dec 1872Stockholm, Sweden I140379
553 Steenberry, Aurora M  1818Stockholm, Sweden I99772
554 Stenbock, Magnus  19 May 1665Stockholm, Sweden I235397
555 Stendahl, Anna  18 May 1884Stockholm, Sweden I138872
556 Stendahl, Anna  6 Oct 1905Stockholm, Sweden I138880
557 Stendahl, Arne   I138675
558 Stendahl, Björn  29 Nov 1902Stockholm, Sweden I138882
559 Stendahl, Christina   I138682
560 Stendahl, Einar  18 Mar 1880Stockholm, Sweden I138875
561 Stendahl, Elsa   I138681
562 Stendahl, Erik  28 Jan 1904Stockholm, Sweden I138881
563 Stendahl, Görel Margrethe   I138661
564 Stendahl, Hans Ivar  11 Jun 1916Stockholm, Sweden I138868
565 Stendahl, Inga  8 Nov 1914Stockholm, Sweden I138869
566 Stendahl, Ingalill Birgitta Elisabeth   I138690
567 Stendahl, Ingela Britt Marie   I138692
568 Stendahl, Ingrid "Inga"  1 Aug 1888Stockholm, Sweden I138867
569 Stendahl, Ivar  27 Feb 1887Stockholm, Sweden I138871
570 Stendahl, Lars Olof  9 May 1901Stockholm, Sweden I138883
571 Stendahl, Lars Peder Teddy   I138659
572 Stendahl, Olof  3 Feb 1882Stockholm, Sweden I138874
573 Stendahl, Sara  10 Sep 1892Stockholm, Sweden I138862
574 Stendahl, Ture  29 Mar 1920Stockholm, Sweden I138676
575 Stephens (Stephens of Sweden), Joseph  13 Jul 1841Stockholm, Sweden I384884
576 Stillschweig, Helen Katrin   I142338
577 Stolpe, Estrid  3 Jun 1876Stockholm, Sweden I161288
578 Storm, Arvid Christian von  1648Stockholm, Sweden I119923
579 Storm, Balthazar von  1620Stockholm, Sweden I119915
580 Storm, Jöns  Abt 1590Stockholm, Sweden I119913
581 Strandmark, Erland  14 Nov 1907Stockholm, Sweden I140581
582 Strömberg, Karin  29 Jun 1912Stockholm, Sweden I139255
583 Sucksdorf, Britta Karin Birgitta  1 Mar 1918Stockholm, Sweden I140790
584 Svensson, Carl Rudolf Helge  29 Sep 1923Stockholm, Sweden I285009
585 Svensson, Selma Elisabeth  24 May 1877Stockholm, Sweden I120817
586 Svärdfelt, Christina Gunnarsen  Stockholm, Sweden I234979
587 Sweden, Charles XI, King of  1655Stockholm, Sweden I270323
588 Sweden, Charles XII, King of  17 Jun 1682Stockholm, Sweden I270318
589 Sweden (Bernadotte), Astrid Sophie Lovisa Thyra, Princess of  17 Nov 1905Stockholm, Sweden I49176
590 Sweden (Bernadotte), Bernadotte, Princess of  30 May 1925Stockholm, Sweden I26599
591 Sweden (Bernadotte), Carl "Carl Gustaf Oscar Frederik Christian", Duke of Östergötland, Prince Bernadotte, Prince of  10 Jan 1911Stockholm, Sweden I149381
592 Sweden (Bernadotte), Erik "Erik Gustaf Louis Albert", Duke of Västmanland, Prince of  20 Apr 1889Stockholm, Sweden I30675
593 Sweden (Bernadotte), Gustaf Adolf "Gustaf Adolf Oscar Frederik Arthur Edmund", Duke of Västerbotten, Hereditary Prince of  22 Apr 1906Stockholm, Sweden I191519
594 Sweden (Bernadotte), Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta, Princess of  28 Mar 1910Stockholm, Sweden I194962
595 Sweden (Bernadotte), Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra, Princess of  28 Mar 1901Stockholm, Sweden I62207
596 Sweden (Oldenburg), Amalia, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Princess of  22 Feb 1805Stockholm, Sweden I25348
597 Sweden (Oldenburg), Carl Adolf, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Crown Prince of  4 Jul 1798Stockholm, Sweden I25354
598 Sweden (Oldenburg), Carl Gustaf, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Crown Prince of  9 Nov 1799Stockholm, Sweden I152841
599 Sweden (Oldenburg), Carl Xiii, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, King of  7 Oct 1748Stockholm, Sweden I145781
600 Sweden (Oldenburg), Gustaf III, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, King of  24 Jan 1746Stockholm, Sweden I670
601 Sweden (Oldenburg), Gustaf IV Adolf, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, King of  1 Nov 1778Stockholm, Sweden I9213
602 Sweden (Oldenburg), Sofia Albertina, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Princess of  8 Oct 1753Stockholm, Sweden I25357
603 Sweden (Vasa), Katharina, Princess of  6 Jun 1539Stockholm, Sweden I20572
604 Sweden (Vasa), Sophia, Princess of  29 Oct 1547Stockholm, Sweden I20578
605 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Carl Yhe Xv & IV "Carl Ludwig Eugen", Duke of Scania, King of  3 May 1826Stockholm, Sweden I147905
606 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Lovisa Josephine Eugenie, Princess of  31 Oct 1851Stockholm, Sweden I160982
607 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Oscar II, Duke of Östergötland, King of  21 Jan 1829Stockholm, Sweden I147585
608 Swiring, Catharina  1641Stockholm, Sweden I233554
609 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Carl Ludwig Friederich Theodor  10 Sep 1869Stockholm, Sweden I122010
610 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Dora  1899Stockholm, Sweden I43296
611 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Erik Oscar A Rson   I30727
612 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Fredrik  1833Stockholm, Sweden I43293
613 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Hjalmar Emil Fredrik  2 Jul 1869Stockholm, Sweden I43256
614 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Johan Oscar Rson   I30730
615 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Mikael  1903Stockholm, Sweden I43298
616 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Sven P O Rson   I30719
617 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Tom  1900Stockholm, Sweden I43297
618 Söderman, Ingalil  13 Apr 1903Stockholm, Sweden I140210
619 Tengelin, Ernst Aake  30 Mar 1889Stockholm, Sweden I138861
620 Tengelin, Sten Eskil Stendahl   I138670
621 Tengroth, Eva Birgitta "Birgit"  13 Jul 1915Stockholm, Sweden I195453
622 Tenow, Ulla Christina   I124161
623 Tham, Michael Richard Henrik  20 May 1910Stockholm, Sweden I104038
624 Thornquist, Karin  1917Stockholm, Sweden I136588
625 Thornquist, Lars Hugo   I136586
626 Thornquist, Stina   I136587
627 Thornquist, Ulla  1915Stockholm, Sweden I136589
628 Thott (Thott), Karin Axelsen, Baroness  7 Jul 1909Stockholm, Sweden I191424
629 Thunberg, Christina Regina  31 Mar 1765Stockholm, Sweden I283376
630 Torssell, Margit  18 May 1878Stockholm, Sweden I50550
631 Treschow (Treschow), Eva Birgitta   I78997
632 Treschow (Treschow), Ewa Johanna Palaemona   I78965
633 Treschow (Treschow), Fredrik Johan August  22 Jun 1943Stockholm, Sweden I79291
634 Treschow (Treschow), Helena Charlotte   I78987
635 Treschow (Treschow), Karin Marianne   I79052
636 Treschow (Treschow), Michaela Ebba Marianne   I79275
637 Treschow (Treschow), Pauline   I79340
638 Trolle-Bonde (Bonde of Björnö), Gustaf, Count  6 Apr 1682Stockholm, Sweden I48303
639 Trägaardh, Eva Marianne  1 Feb 1911Stockholm, Sweden I140242
640 Törnsköld, Anna Pedersson  1622Stockholm, Sweden I237397
641 Törnsköld, Brita Pedersson  Abt 1626Stockholm, Sweden I237398
642 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Laura Elisabeth  23 May 1878Stockholm, Sweden I72868
643 Uddströmer, Martin  7 Dec 1896Stockholm, Sweden I397059
644 Uggla (Uggla), Hans Gustaf Otto Carlsson of  4 Jan 1904Stockholm, Sweden I28998
645 Unger, Kerstin Märta Constance   I158971
646 Urban, Ammy   I138683
647 Urban, Charlotte   I26584
648 Vallentin of Stockholm (Vallentin), Albert  Stockholm, Sweden I2798
649 Vallentin of Stockholm (Vallentin), Isidor  3 Apr 1863Stockholm, Sweden I136571
650 Voghera, Guido   I140393
651 Voghera, Paolo   I140391
652 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Alarik Hansson  1694Stockholm, Sweden I237703
653 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Eleonora Hansson  10 Apr 1686Stockholm, Sweden I237702
654 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Gunnila Märta Louise  12 May 1923Stockholm, Sweden I148412
655 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Gustaf Rutger Hansson  1690Stockholm, Sweden I233611
656 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Hans, Count  29 Dec 1641Stockholm, Sweden I215223
657 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Sofia Lovisa Hansson  1696Stockholm, Sweden I233610
658 Wahlgren, Ulla Christina   I140574
659 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Axel  1 Sep 1958Stockholm, Sweden I31627
660 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Axel Fingal  13 Sep 1874Stockholm, Sweden I31463
661 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Jacob   I31621
662 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Knut Agathon  19 May 1853Stockholm, Sweden I31467
663 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Marcus  5 Oct 1899Stockholm, Sweden I31635
664 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Marcus   I31628
665 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Marcus Laurentius  5 Mar 1864Stockholm, Sweden I31489
666 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Raoul Gustaf  18 Aug 1912Stockholm, Sweden I30699
667 Warburg (Warburg), Alice Ingeborg Helene  28 Sep 1886Stockholm, Sweden I135107
668 Wavrinsky, Greta  17 Oct 1888Stockholm, Sweden I140361
669 Wern, Benedicte   I135876
670 Werner (Werner of Sweden 1), Jean Christian Eugène  8 Apr 1866Stockholm, Sweden I18749
671 Werner (Werner of Sweden 2), Signe Maria Eleonora  26 Nov 1895Stockholm, Sweden I82716
672 Westberg, Fanny Marie  1836Stockholm, Sweden I164526
673 Westerling, Brita Maria von  1 Sep 1710Stockholm, Sweden I233483
674 Westman, Nils Hjalmar  20 Aug 1881Stockholm, Sweden I71187
675 Wicksell, Annika "Anne"  5 Sep 1941Stockholm, Sweden I187332
676 Wicksell, Eva Karen   I122410
677 Wicksell, Johan Gustaf Knut  20 Dec 1851Stockholm, Sweden I122564
678 Wicksell, Knut Johan Sigmund   I122385
679 Wicksell, Sven Dag  22 Oct 1890Stockholm, Sweden I122562
680 Wijkmark, Elin Kerstin Margareta  4 Mar 1910Stockholm, Sweden I96945
681 Wrande, Denis   I140475
682 Wrande, Felicia   I140474
683 Wrande, Mikael   I140478
684 Wrande, Niklas   I140473
685 Zadig, Adolf Ludvig  7 Feb 1917Stockholm, Sweden I135299
686 Zadig, Philipp Herman  21 Mar 1911Stockholm, Sweden I135300
687 Örneclou, Christina Pedersen  1631Stockholm, Sweden I238350
688 Östlund, Tory  25 Jan 1907Stockholm, Sweden I140812


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Billman, Inger Helene  6 Apr 1882Stockholm, Sweden I223374
2 Bäckström, Jan Erik  28 Apr 1805Stockholm, Sweden I283382
3 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Olivia Gustva  21 Dec 1800Stockholm, Sweden I283383
4 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Sofia Dorothea  14 Feb 1802Stockholm, Sweden I283384
5 Melberg, Christine  26 Aug 1756Stockholm, Sweden I108346
6 Moltke (Moltke), Cornelia Alexandra, Comtesse   I184971
7 Törnsköld, Brita Pedersson  1 Oct 1626Stockholm, Sweden I237398
8 Wadenfelt, Ebba Beata  3 Dec 1679Stockholm, Sweden I236059


Matches 1 to 309 of 309

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Vendla Maartensson  1650Stockholm, Sweden I237422
2 Aastrand, Vendela  27 Aug 1899Stockholm, Sweden I147801
3 Aberstén, Simon  8 Jun 1937Stockholm, Sweden I140106
4 Aberstén, Sven  26 Mar 1929Stockholm, Sweden I140099
5 Adlercreutz, Axel Gustaf  8 May 1880Stockholm, Sweden I233583
6 Adlercreutz, Carl Johan  21 Aug 1815Stockholm, Sweden I233578
7 Adlercreutz, Charlotta Amalia  1860Stockholm, Sweden I233596
8 Adlercreutz, Fredric Thomas  9 Nov 1852Stockholm, Sweden I233592
9 Adlercreutz, Hedvig Sophia  23 Nov 1781Stockholm, Sweden I233542
10 Adlercreutz, Oskar Nikolas Adolf Valentin  1909Stockholm, Sweden I238209
11 Adlersköld, Lydert Bartels  1700Stockholm, Sweden I237337
12 Alanus, Abraham Classon  1720Stockholm, Sweden I237585
13 Almkvist, Allan Lison  13 Jul 1971Stockholm, Sweden I140814
14 Ammitsöe, Poul Holger  27 Jul 1970Stockholm, Sweden I242397
15 Ammitzbøll, Mathilde  25 Mar 1915Stockholm, Sweden I47151
16 Amundsen, Lars Thorleif  1976Stockholm, Sweden I17083
17 Ankarcrona (Ankarcrona), Teodor Vilhelm  14 Jan 1865Stockholm, Sweden I159184
18 Areschoug, Hjalmar Alexander  1909Stockholm, Sweden I412967
19 Armfelt, Carl Magnus Mauritz, Count  11 Jun 1941Stockholm, Sweden I148424
20 Balck, Viktor Gustaf  31 May 1928Stockholm, Sweden I266257
21 Bannér (Bannér), Barbro Margareta  1691Stockholm, Sweden I237814
22 Bannér (Bannér), Christina Dorothea  20 Oct 1696Stockholm, Sweden I237740
23 Bannér (Bannér), Elsa Ebba Axelsen  11 Apr 1682Stockholm, Sweden I237815
24 Bannér (Bannér), Maria Eleonora  1660Stockholm, Sweden I237811
25 Bannér (Bannér), Märta Gustafsen  Abt 19 Jun 1638Stockholm, Sweden I235348
26 Barr, Kristin Agneta  8 Oct 1983Stockholm, Sweden I190939
27 Bartels, Hans  1664Stockholm, Sweden I237339
28 Belfrage, Valborg Marie  3 Feb 1926Stockholm, Sweden I182128
29 Bendix, Emma Rosalie  24 Aug 1908Stockholm, Sweden I16167
30 Bendix, Pauline  27 Aug 1847Stockholm, Sweden I137385
31 Benedictsen, Anna Maria  1874Stockholm, Sweden I4526
32 Bergling, Hedvig Sofia  1 Sep 1809Stockholm, Sweden I413008
33 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Ebba Sophia, Countess  21 Jun 1936Stockholm, Sweden I840
34 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Frederik Oscar, Count  20 Aug 1944Stockholm, Sweden I92937
35 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Gustaf Edward, Count  2 Feb 1936Stockholm, Sweden I95420
36 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Maria Sophie Henrietta, Countess  19 Jun 1974Stockholm, Sweden I18887
37 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Nils Carl, Count  21 Apr 1920Stockholm, Sweden I107585
38 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Sigvard Oscar Frederik, Duke of Uppland, Count  4 Feb 2002Stockholm, Sweden I191663
39 Beyer, Johanna Colbjørnsen Munch  1 May 1941Stockholm, Sweden I266669
40 Blaauw, Anna Dorothea de Fine  31 Dec 1983Stockholm, Sweden I265061
41 Boedtker, Fredrikke Dorothea  1919Stockholm, Sweden I98750
42 Boije, Märta Göransen  1627Stockholm, Sweden I238025
43 Bolt-Christmas (Smith-Christmas), Harriet Adelaide Adele  13 Jan 1974Stockholm, Sweden I195788
44 Bonde (Bonde of Björnö), Carl Gustafsson, Count  16 Dec 1699Stockholm, Sweden I253083
45 Bonnier (Bonnier), Adolph  31 Mar 1867Stockholm, Sweden I92185
46 Borberg (Borberg), Knud  21 Nov 1968Stockholm, Sweden I192552
47 Bournonville (Bournonville), Leonne Julie  14 Mar 1826Stockholm, Sweden I198068
48 Brahe, Ebba  5 Jan 1674Stockholm, Sweden I235416
49 Brahe, Magnus Fredrik  1826Stockholm, Sweden I238665
50 Brahe (Brahe of Sweden), Beata Abrahamsson  1617Stockholm, Sweden I237800
51 Brahe (Brahe of Sweden), Eleonora Margareta, Countess  2 Nov 1690Stockholm, Sweden I253128
52 Brahe (Brahe of Sweden), Joakim Pedersson  8 Nov 1520Stockholm, Sweden I235366
53 Brandell, Simon  23 Nov 1925Stockholm, Sweden I141042
54 Brander, Emilia  1892Stockholm, Sweden I43294
55 Bratt, Lars Hjalmar Christian  1943Stockholm, Sweden I5356
56 Brauns, Harriet Elsbeth Esther  27 Feb 1980Stockholm, Sweden I417649
57 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirsten  8 Nov 1980Stockholm, Sweden I90002
58 Böckelman, Helena  1670Stockholm, Sweden I237338
59 Börjeson, Johan Laurentius Helenius  30 Jan 1919Stockholm, Sweden I419552
60 Cedergren, Hugo  10 Jul 1971Stockholm, Sweden I1252
61 Cederschiöld, Elisa Mathilda Cordelia  9 May 1845Stockholm, Sweden I113221
62 Cederschiöld, Gustafva Anna Julia Frederikke Gabriella  19 Apr 1884Stockholm, Sweden I113198
63 Cederschiöld, Rudolph Uranius  24 Aug 1892Stockholm, Sweden I194898
64 Cederstolpe, Hans Helding  1753Stockholm, Sweden I233742
65 Chang, Gabriel Antoine  11 Aug 1980Stockholm, Sweden I148411
66 Christensen, Ernst Bernhard  1889Stockholm, Sweden I284883
67 Clary (Clary), Desideria "Bernhardine Eugénie Désirée "  17 Dec 1860Stockholm, Sweden I151074
68 Clausen, Pauline Elisabeth  2 May 1877Stockholm, Sweden I47797
69 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Carl Emil  10 May 1908Stockholm, Sweden I131095
70 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Magnus  30 Apr 1887Stockholm, Sweden I131144
71 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Valdemar  8 Jul 1912Stockholm, Sweden I131142
72 Cremer, Göran Johan  20 Feb 1787Stockholm, Sweden I237701
73 Crone (Crone), Ebbe  5 Jul 1960Stockholm, Sweden I50505
74 Dalander, Pontus  Stockholm, Sweden I135351
75 Davies, Lilian May  10 Mar 2013Stockholm, Sweden I145801
76 Delbanco, Christian Vilhelm  2 Jun 1938Stockholm, Sweden I141535
77 Douglas-Stjärnorp (Douglas of Sweden), Robert  28 May 1662Stockholm, Sweden I232703
78 Drucker, Betty  26 May 1923Stockholm, Sweden I109120
79 Ehrenborg, Sofia  13 Oct 1713Stockholm, Sweden I233540
80 Ehrenlund, David Lund  1770Stockholm, Sweden I237607
81 Ehrenlund, Samuel Lund  1756Stockholm, Sweden I237610
82 Ehrenstéen, Margareta  Mar 1721Stockholm, Sweden I234685
83 Ekman (Ekman of Stockholm 1), Olof  6 Sep 1802Stockholm, Sweden I283377
84 Engeström, Margareta Beata von  1855Stockholm, Sweden I233591
85 Falbe, Hans Hagerup  17 Oct 1830Stockholm, Sweden I39147
86 Fehman (Fehman), Lucia Sofia Amalie  6 Jun 1900Stockholm, Sweden I283291
87 Fehman (Fehman), Sara Petronella  3 May 1829Stockholm, Sweden I245701
88 Fenger, Johan Joachim  26 May 1868Stockholm, Sweden I75323
89 Flach, Sixten Erik Oslar  4 Nov 1911Stockholm, Sweden I163648
90 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Henrik Claesson  7 Nov 1650Stockholm, Sweden I235784
91 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Johan Henriksson  29 Jun 1646Stockholm, Sweden I235782
92 Fock, Carin Axelina Hulda, Baroness  17 Oct 1931Stockholm, Sweden I4282
93 Frese (Frese of Finland), Hans  27 Jul 1728Stockholm, Sweden I236113
94 Frese (Frese of Finland), Jacob  31 Aug 1729Stockholm, Sweden I236109
95 Fridericia, Sophus Leopold  14 Aug 1904Stockholm, Sweden I136767
96 Frostenson, Georg  24 Jul 2002Stockholm, Sweden I394606
97 Fränckel, Hariet  14 Jul 1904Stockholm, Sweden I140308
98 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Arthur  25 Oct 1936Stockholm, Sweden I140617
99 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Elise  1945Stockholm, Sweden I161801
100 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Otto Lennart  5 Jan 1924Stockholm, Sweden I140590
101 Gardie (Gardie), Axel Julius  17 May 1710Stockholm, Sweden I235404
102 Gardie (Gardie), Jakob  12 Aug 1652Stockholm, Sweden I235417
103 Gardie (Gardie), Maria Sofia  22 Aug 1694Stockholm, Sweden I235408
104 Gardie (Gardie), Pontus Fredrik  9 Oct 1692Stockholm, Sweden I235406
105 Gardie (Gardie), Sofia  1 Oct 1647Stockholm, Sweden I237854
106 Geer of Leufsta (Geer), Marianne, Baroness de  31 Jul 1978Stockholm, Sweden I31705
107 Geijer, Sonja von  1 Jan 1896Stockholm, Sweden I140826
108 Gerell, Erik Gustaf Herman  25 Jun 1978Stockholm, Sweden I50391
109 Germark, Henry  1968Stockholm, Sweden I172196
110 Glückstadt, Emma  5 May 1880Stockholm, Sweden I140892
111 Gottlieb, Carl Johan Torsten Emil  1978Stockholm, Sweden I180095
112 Gripenberg, Carolina Gustava  1779Stockholm, Sweden I237354
113 Grut (Grut), Lizzie Margit Helen Valborg  18 Dec 1977Stockholm, Sweden I114526
114 Grünau, Maria von der  9 Aug 1634Stockholm, Sweden I232707
115 Gustafsson Banér, Peder - Per  12 Jul 1644Stockholm, Sweden I235341
116 Gyldenstolpe (Gyldenstolpe), Nils  4 May 1709Stockholm, Sweden I234559
117 Gyllenstedt, Maria Beata Karlsen  11 Jul 1782Stockholm, Sweden I232558
118 Görtz, Georg Otto Heinrich Schlitz, Baron von  19 Feb 1719Stockholm, Sweden I115884
119 Haard (Haard of Segerstad), Gustaf Eriksson  6 Feb 1714Stockholm, Sweden I234056
120 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Andreas Dedekam Ejlertsen  21 Oct 1832Stockholm, Sweden I111061
121 Hall, John  29 Dec 1830Stockholm, Sweden I148552
122 Halle (Halle of Sweden), Andreas "Amsel" Levin von  1845Stockholm, Sweden I25205
123 Hamilton of Sweden (Hamilton of Sweden), James Douglas, Count  31 Oct 1943Stockholm, Sweden I156418
124 Hebbe, Signe Amanda Georgina  14 Feb 1925Stockholm, Sweden I251929
125 Hebbe, Simon Bernhard  1803Stockholm, Sweden I251937
126 Heckscher, Carl Benjamin  24 May 1914Stockholm, Sweden I135408
127 Heckscher, Eduard  31 Jan 1910Stockholm, Sweden I135376
128 Heckscher, Isidor  12 Dec 1923Stockholm, Sweden I134879
129 Heckscher, Thalia  11 May 1899Stockholm, Sweden I135319
130 Hedtoft, The 29th Prime Minister of Denmark Hans  29 Jan 1955Stockholm, Sweden I188736
131 Helding, Inga  28 Dec 1763Stockholm, Sweden I233744
132 Helding, Samuel  25 Mar 1705Stockholm, Sweden I233740
133 Helms (Helms), Adam  2 Sep 1980Stockholm, Sweden I165887
134 Henriques (Henriques), Pontus Herman  14 May 1933Stockholm, Sweden I141045
135 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Elias  14 Dec 1889Stockholm, Sweden I16166
136 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Ernst Axel  16 Dec 1902Stockholm, Sweden I140834
137 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Greta Emilie  23 Jan 1982Stockholm, Sweden I123714
138 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Gustafva  12 Sep 1935Stockholm, Sweden I141044
139 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Karin Alida  15 Aug 1986Stockholm, Sweden I123550
140 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Moritz Vilhelm  20 Jan 1918Stockholm, Sweden I16309
141 Hierta, Lars Johan  20 Nov 1872Stockholm, Sweden I251922
142 Hjerta, Conrad Vilhelm  18 Jan 1807Stockholm, Sweden I236312
143 Holmblad (Holmblad of Estonia), Franz von  Abt 1965Stockholm, Sweden I36911
144 Hoppenstedt, Sofia Emerentia  1870Stockholm, Sweden I237754
145 Hornborg, Bogislaus  1714Stockholm, Sweden I234409
146 Härenstam, Johan Herbert Magnus  13 Jun 2015Stockholm, Sweden I389271
147 Irgens, Christiane  26 Feb 1906Stockholm, Sweden I438569
148 Johansen, Anna  Abt 1682Stockholm, Sweden I119912
149 Johnson (Johnson of Sweden), Axel Axson  1988Stockholm, Sweden I157932
150 Julhlin-Dannfelt, Lili  1976Stockholm, Sweden I196463
151 Järnefelt, Edvard Armas  23 Jun 1958Stockholm, Sweden I233090
152 Jørgenfelt, Skat Harry William  14 Nov 1974Stockholm, Sweden I50447
153 Kjellström, Ingrid  24 Sep 1946Stockholm, Sweden I411183
154 Klöfverblad, Aron -Klöfversköld  1666Stockholm, Sweden I234897
155 Kuenzi, Georgette Gertrude  19 Apr 1996Stockholm, Sweden I140795
156 Lagercrantz, Adèle Märta Augusta  17 Feb 1874Stockholm, Sweden I233960
157 Lagercrantz, Carl Adolf  16 Dec 1897Stockholm, Sweden I233951
158 Lagercrantz, Carl Gustaf  15 Oct 1867Stockholm, Sweden I233953
159 Lagercrantz, Henrik Gustaf  14 Feb 1925Stockholm, Sweden I233964
160 Lagercrantz, Sofia Margareta Carolina  16 Oct 1910Stockholm, Sweden I233962
161 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Anna Carin  24 Jan 1871Stockholm, Sweden I237748
162 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Axel Gabriel Eriksson  1 Dec 1732Stockholm, Sweden I237737
163 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Axel Hjalmar  23 Nov 1908Stockholm, Sweden I237742
164 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Knut Erik  1873Stockholm, Sweden I237755
165 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Sigrid Amalia  14 Nov 1937Stockholm, Sweden I237745
166 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Sten Eriksson, Baron Av Gräfsnäs,  5 Oct 1568Stockholm, Sweden I238413
167 Leuchtenberg (Beauharnais), Josefina, Duchess of Galiera, Princess of Bologne, Princess of  7 Jun 1876Stockholm, Sweden I150519
168 Lewenhaupt, Christina  1716Stockholm, Sweden I235395
169 Liljewalch, Magnus  1930Stockholm, Sweden I265058
170 Lillienberg, Margareta Charlotta  1829Stockholm, Sweden I235644
171 Linaae, Laura Frederikke Baggesen  28 Jan 1899Stockholm, Sweden I412701
172 Lindberg, Cecilia Nilsson  30 Jul 1924Stockholm, Sweden I310930
173 Linde (Linde of Sweden), Lorenz, Baron von der  25 Jun 1670Stockholm, Sweden I281650
174 Lindh, Bo Georg  19 Mar 1982Stockholm, Sweden I166601
175 Lindquist, Maria Augusta Kristina Johanna  4 May 1925Stockholm, Sweden I141534
176 Lindström, Inga Margareta "Mammie"  23 Jan 1975Stockholm, Sweden I163051
177 Lundström, Carola "Lola" Emilia  31 May 1978Stockholm, Sweden I50392
178 Lüxdorph, Bolle Christensen  5 Sep 1698Stockholm, Sweden I152220
179 Löwegren, Anders Gunnar Hilding  2 Aug 1958Stockholm, Sweden I431085
180 Magnus, Göthilda  29 Jul 1905Stockholm, Sweden I174082
181 Magnusson, Matilda Nikolava  1954Stockholm, Sweden I282264
182 Malling (Malling of Norway), Michael  1834Stockholm, Sweden I127569
183 Mannheimer, Gunnar Magnus  21 Feb 1942Stockholm, Sweden I140218
184 Martelius, Ingrid Solfrid  1974Stockholm, Sweden I281750
185 Martelius, Olof Emanuel  14 Jan 1974Stockholm, Sweden I282265
186 Matthiæ, Johannes  18 Feb 1670Stockholm, Sweden I237384
187 Meuror, Jean Baptiste Edouard Louis Camille Du Puy  3 Apr 1822Stockholm, Sweden I178326
188 Michaelsen, Leonora  1844Stockholm, Sweden I150210
189 Moltke (Moltke), Margrethe von  Aug 1413Stockholm, Sweden I204346
190 Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau), Sophie Wilhelmina Mariana, Princess of  30 Dec 1913Stockholm, Sweden I150089
191 Neergaard (Neergaard), Frantz de  24 Jun 1936Stockholm, Sweden I170866
192 Neergaard (Neergaard), Wendela Annette Hilleved Flach de  2 Jun 1958Stockholm, Sweden I163647
193 Nelson, Roger Fredrik Oskar  UnknownStockholm, Sweden I325971
194 Nielsen, Hansine Andrine Christine  15 Oct 1830Stockholm, Sweden I131143
195 Nilsson, Greta Esther Linnea  Stockholm, Sweden I143927
196 Nisell, Salomon  28 Jun 1985Stockholm, Sweden I123721
197 Nordström, Maria Catharina Lovisa  20 Nov 1918Stockholm, Sweden I113265
198 Olsson, Petter  20 Sep 2001Stockholm, Sweden I138332
199 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Axel Gustafsson, Count  28 Aug 1654Stockholm, Sweden I232496
200 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Bengt  12 Apr 1591Stockholm, Sweden I237869
201 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Ebba Gustafsen  13 Jan 1663Stockholm, Sweden I232514
202 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Esther  3 Oct 1845Stockholm, Sweden I137376
203 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Samuel "Sam"  Stockholm, Sweden I3117
204 Philipson, Elise Sofie "Lisen"  2 May 1920Stockholm, Sweden I140900
205 Philipson, Sten Isaac Walter  17 Jan 1934Stockholm, Sweden I140309
206 Posner, Joachim  1 Oct 1960Stockholm, Sweden I141874
207 Quaade, Cordelia Augusta Louise M C  15 Jul 1900Stockholm, Sweden I112809
208 Quaade, Louise Gustave Adelheid  19 Oct 1893Stockholm, Sweden I194887
209 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Elsa von  15 Apr 1991Stockholm, Sweden I148399
210 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Jørgen Otto, Baron  23 Mar 2004Stockholm, Sweden I162888
211 Rothaaf, Jonas  29 Jul 1676Stockholm, Sweden I237534
212 Rubenson, Elsa  25 Aug 1925Stockholm, Sweden I140616
213 Ruuth, Jakob Hansson  1728Stockholm, Sweden I233071
214 Sachsen-Engern-Westphal, Gustav von  11 Nov 1597Stockholm, Sweden I238378
215 Sacklén, Eva Elisabet Larsen  9 May 1807Stockholm, Sweden I237511
216 Saxe-Lauenburg (Wettin), Catherina, Princess of  23 Sep 1535Stockholm, Sweden I20567
217 Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Coburg-Saalfeld (Wettin), Royal Lady Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Norah Saxe-Coburg-Saafeld, Princess of United King ofdom of Great Britain,  1 May 1920Stockholm, Sweden I137224
218 Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Coburg-Saalfeld (Wettin), Sibylla Calma Marie Alice, Princess of  28 Nov 1972Stockholm, Sweden I191807
219 Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Hildburghausen-Altenburg (Wettin), Teresia, Princess of  1914Stockholm, Sweden I9913
220 Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg), Hedwig Elisabeth Charlotte, Princess of  20 Jun 1818Stockholm, Sweden I152847
221 Schouboe (Schouboe of Margaard), Oluf Borch de  21 Dec 1844Stockholm, Sweden I23174
222 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Preben Cappelen  Apr 1996Stockholm, Sweden I71049
223 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Ellen Johanne "Lone"  2 Dec 1979Stockholm, Sweden I36479
224 Schönthal, Edith Rosalie "Judith"  23 Jan 1935Stockholm, Sweden I140833
225 Silfversparre, Adam  Stockholm, Sweden I235740
226 Silfversparre, Anna  Abt 1694Stockholm, Sweden I235768
227 Silverlaas, Catharina Johansen  Abt 1679Stockholm, Sweden I119914
228 Smith (Smith of Norway), Lovisa Henrietta Wilhelmina  1836Stockholm, Sweden I5362
229 Snakenborg (Baaaat), Brita Jönsen  2 Jun 1635Stockholm, Sweden I238076
230 Sohlman, Nanna  27 Nov 1923Stockholm, Sweden I140411
231 Soop, Harald Knutsson  1530Stockholm, Sweden I233028
232 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Christina Larsson  1 Jul 1662Stockholm, Sweden I235333
233 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Ebba Larsen  1662Stockholm, Sweden I235328
234 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Gustaf  14 Nov 1689Stockholm, Sweden I235329
235 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Lars Eriksson  18 Dec 1644Stockholm, Sweden I235349
236 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Per Larsson  4 Apr 1692Stockholm, Sweden I235350
237 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Svante  15 May 1652Stockholm, Sweden I235330
238 Sparre (Sparre of Sweden), Alethe Madelaine Elisabeth  11 Oct 1911Stockholm, Sweden I233952
239 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg), Claes, Count of Söfdeborg,  25 Apr 1733Stockholm, Sweden I238196
240 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg), Ebba Ulrika  24 Feb 1920Stockholm, Sweden I237743
241 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg), Fredrik  Stockholm, Sweden I238182
242 Staalhammar, Anders Jacob  5 May 1935Stockholm, Sweden I140997
243 Staalhandske, Hans  23 Sep 1689Stockholm, Sweden I238135
244 Stackelberg, Henrietta Amalia  27 Apr 1796Stockholm, Sweden I233590
245 Steen, Nikolai Frederik  1882Stockholm, Sweden I411989
246 Stenbock, Beata Margareta  7 Sep 1735Stockholm, Sweden I235433
247 Stenbock, Birgitta  29 May 1682Stockholm, Sweden I235434
248 Stenbock, Fredrik Gustafsson  1652Stockholm, Sweden I237836
249 Stenbock, Gustaf Eriksson  16 Jun 1629Stockholm, Sweden I237834
250 Stenbock, Magdalena Catharina  28 Oct 1676Stockholm, Sweden I235437
251 Stenbock, Magdalena Gustafsen  1727Stockholm, Sweden I237843
252 Stendahl, Sten  18 Aug 1954Stockholm, Sweden I138885
253 Storm, Balthazar von  1679Stockholm, Sweden I119915
254 Stura (Stura), Anna  1595Stockholm, Sweden I235428
255 Stura (Stura), Carl  24 Jan 1598Stockholm, Sweden I235422
256 Stura (Stura), Christina Svantesen  4 Jan 1619Stockholm, Sweden I235421
257 Stura (Stura), Erik  1567Stockholm, Sweden I235425
258 Stura (Stura), Margareta  1617Stockholm, Sweden I235424
259 Stura (Stura), Nils  1567Stockholm, Sweden I235427
260 Svensson, Carl Rudolf Helge  1996Stockholm, Sweden I285009
261 Sweden, Magnus, Prince of  1320Stockholm, Sweden I204959
262 Sweden (Bernadotte), Bernadotte, Princess of  30 May 1925Stockholm, Sweden I26599
263 Sweden (Bernadotte), Carl "Oscar Carl Wilhelm", Duke of Västergötland, Prince of  24 Oct 1951Stockholm, Sweden I192485
264 Sweden (Oldenburg), Carl Adolf, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Crown Prince of  10 Jul 1798Stockholm, Sweden I25354
265 Sweden (Oldenburg), Carl Xiii, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, King of  5 Feb 1818Stockholm, Sweden I145781
266 Sweden (Oldenburg), Gustaf III, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, King of  29 Mar 1792Stockholm, Sweden I670
267 Sweden (Oldenburg), Sofia Albertina, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Princess of  17 Mar 1829Stockholm, Sweden I25357
268 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), August Nikolaus, Duke of Dalarna, Prince of  4 Mar 1873Stockholm, Sweden I191120
269 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Carl Xiv "Carl Johan Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte", Prince of Ponto Corvo, King of  8 Mar 1844Stockholm, Sweden I150930
270 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Oscar I "Joseph François Oscar", Duke of Södermanland, King of  8 Jul 1859Stockholm, Sweden I150386
271 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Oscar II, Duke of Östergötland, King of  8 Dec 1907Stockholm, Sweden I147585
272 Swiring, Henrik  1651Stockholm, Sweden I233535
273 Sünderman, Carl Göran  14 Jul 1728Stockholm, Sweden I232563
274 Söderberg (Söderberg of Stockholm), Fredrik  1900Stockholm, Sweden I43293
275 Tawast, Johan Henrik  11 Jul 1841Stockholm, Sweden I234538
276 Teit, Martti Matinpoika  1544Stockholm, Sweden I233064
277 Teuterström, Tomas  15 Oct 1710Stockholm, Sweden I233541
278 Thunberg, Christina Regina  22 Apr 1817Stockholm, Sweden I283376
279 Torpadius, Elias Israelsson  2 Apr 1747Stockholm, Sweden I232559
280 Torstenson Till Ortala, Anders  8 Nov 1686Stockholm, Sweden I237858
281 Torstenson Till Ortala, Lennart  7 Apr 1651Stockholm, Sweden I237848
282 Tranefelt, Margareta Birgitta  2 Jul 1779Stockholm, Sweden I237357
283 Trolle (Trolle of Bergvara), Fredrika Viveka  24 Mar 1806Stockholm, Sweden I48067
284 Trolle-Bonde (Bonde of Björnö), Gustaf, Count  5 Dec 1764Stockholm, Sweden I48303
285 Törnsköld, Jacob Pedersson  1674Stockholm, Sweden I237430
286 Ulfeldt (Ulfeldt), Ebbe  30 Jan 1682Stockholm, Sweden I56683
287 Vallentin of Stockholm (Vallentin), Albert  Stockholm, Sweden I2798
288 Vallentin of Stockholm (Vallentin), Simon  Stockholm, Sweden I217691
289 Vasa (Vasa of Sweden), Erik Johansson  8 Nov 1520Stockholm, Sweden I145681
290 Villaume, Ernst Gunnar  22 Aug 1976Stockholm, Sweden I78841
291 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Hans, Count  15 Feb 1714Stockholm, Sweden I215223
292 Wadsten, Simon  27 Oct 1757Stockholm, Sweden I234870
293 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), André Oscar  12 Jan 1886Stockholm, Sweden I31475
294 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Knut Agathon  1 Jun 1938Stockholm, Sweden I31467
295 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Marcus  13 Sep 1982Stockholm, Sweden I31635
296 Warburg (Warburg), Amelie Antonia "Tony"  14 Apr 1874Stockholm, Sweden I140636
297 Warburg (Warburg), Anna Maria  15 Apr 1897Stockholm, Sweden I142313
298 Warburg (Warburg), Karl Johan  14 Sep 1918Stockholm, Sweden I109203
299 Warburg (Warburg), Magnus Mauritz  11 Apr 1912Stockholm, Sweden I140630
300 Warburg (Warburg), Rachel Alida  29 Mar 1913Stockholm, Sweden I140634
301 Warburg (Warburg), Samuel  16 Feb 1881Stockholm, Sweden I140887
302 Warburg (Warburg), Simon Elias  21 Mar 1899Stockholm, Sweden I141512
303 Warburg (Warburg), Wilhelm "Wulff"  18 Jun 1892Stockholm, Sweden I135126
304 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Frederik "Fritz" Joachim, Baron  27 Mar 1880Stockholm, Sweden I55584
305 Westerling, Adlet von Westerling 1727, Henrik  7 May 1743Stockholm, Sweden I233518
306 Winther-Hjelm, Kristian Anastas  13 Sep 1915Stockholm, Sweden I123249
307 Zetterström, Elin Charlotta  20 Feb 1982Stockholm, Sweden I427075
308 Zimmer, Felix  27 Apr 1964Stockholm, Sweden I421082
309 Örneclou, Christina Pedersen  1715Stockholm, Sweden I238350


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Billman, Inger Helene  13 Oct 1966Stockholm, Sweden I223374
2 Clary (Clary), Desideria "Bernhardine Eugénie Désirée "  Stockholm, Sweden I151074
3 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Eric  Stockholm, Sweden I235780
4 Lagercrantz, Fredrik Reinhold  28 Jul 1850Stockholm, Sweden I233963
5 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Louise, Princess of  Stockholm, Sweden I184292
6 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Ebba Larsen  19 Oct 1662Stockholm, Sweden I235328
7 Staalhandske, Otto  3 Jan 1717Stockholm, Sweden I235799
8 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Carl Xiv "Carl Johan Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte", Prince of Ponto Corvo, King of  Stockholm, Sweden I150930
9 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Oscar I "Joseph François Oscar", Duke of Södermanland, King of  Stockholm, Sweden I150386


Matches 1 to 141 of 141

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ahnfeldt-Rønne / Hemming  1914Stockholm, Sweden F78111
2 Almkvist / Aurelius  27 Feb 1937Stockholm, Sweden F58101
3 Almkvist / Heyman (Heyman of Sweden)  4 Mar 1907Stockholm, Sweden F58104
4 Almkvist / Sucksdorf  22 Oct 1943Stockholm, Sweden F58097
5 Aulin / Bendixon  2 Jan 1900Stockholm, Sweden F57966
6 Bannér (Bannér) / Stura (Stura)  8 Oct 1581Stockholm, Sweden F97949
7 Bendixon / Bregh  24 Sep 1921Stockholm, Sweden F57970
8 Bendixon / Lind  9 Dec 1887Stockholm, Sweden F57969
9 Bergman / Delbanco  22 Oct 1915Stockholm, Sweden F58315
10 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte) / Urban   F44172
11 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke) / Beck-Friis (Friis)  4 Apr 1942Stockholm, Sweden F66427
12 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke) / Unger   F66431
13 Blomberg / Warburg (Warburg)  8 Jul 1916Stockholm, Sweden F58586
14 Bonde (Bonde of Laihela) / Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud)  1654Stockholm, Sweden F98969
15 Broms / Warburg (Warburg)  15 Jun 1912Stockholm, Sweden F57958
16 Castberg (Castberg) / Ekholm  10 Sep 1930Stockholm, Sweden F158805
17 Cederschiöld / Cederhjelm  18 Nov 1873Stockholm, Sweden F81981
18 Chang / Lindberg   F60386
19 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark) / Callendar  19 Jun 1892Stockholm, Sweden F54937
20 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark) / Lavin  29 Sep 1916Stockholm, Sweden F54936
21 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark) / Pettersson  14 Oct 1916Stockholm, Sweden F54931
22 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark) / Pettersson  29 May 1918Stockholm, Sweden F54933
23 Colfach / Arbin   F44471
24 Delbanco / Holm  7 Oct 1911Stockholm, Sweden F58318
25 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg) / Sweden (Bernadotte)  22 May 1919Stockholm, Sweden F10260
26 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg) / Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte)  28 Jun 1869Stockholm, Sweden F67448
27 Ditten / Sandstroem  Abt 1887Stockholm, Sweden F44432
28 Ernfors / Werner-Larsen   F37503
29 Fischer / Kalckar   F74547
30 Fleetwood / Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte)  14 May 1917Stockholm, Sweden F41284
31 Flint / Henriques (Henriques)  19 May 1945Stockholm, Sweden F56689
32 Forsell / Grut (Grut)  20 Jul 1941Stockholm, Sweden F25294
33 Francke / Trägaardh  30 Jun 1938Stockholm, Sweden F57917
34 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg) / Hagberg   F58185
35 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg) / Andersson  15 Aug 1907Stockholm, Sweden F58028
36 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg) / Bodin  30 Jun 1940Stockholm, Sweden F58027
37 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg) / Jacobson  24 Mar 1891Stockholm, Sweden F58039
38 Gersted / Byrdal  15 May 1959Stockholm, Sweden F69226
39 Grut (Grut) / Kleen  20 Apr 1902Stockholm, Sweden F41193
40 Grut (Grut) / Sundén  3 Feb 1958Stockholm, Sweden F66223
41 Grüner (Grüner) / Svinhufvud  1691Stockholm, Sweden F66894
42 Gyllenskepp / Falkensten  22 Nov 1682Stockholm, Sweden F98170
43 Hartman / Tujulin  1771Stockholm, Sweden F98072
44 Heckscher / Meyer  28 Dec 1878Stockholm, Sweden F56162
45 Heckscher / Rubenson  30 Jan 1861Stockholm, Sweden F56301
46 Heckscher / Seligmann  20 Jan 1897Stockholm, Sweden F56307
47 Heckscher / Westberg  20 Jun 1907Stockholm, Sweden F56161
48 Hein (Hein) / Ericsson  19 Apr 1955Stockholm, Sweden F78867
49 Helms (Helms) / Nilsson  30 Jul 1939Stockholm, Sweden F59269
50 Helweg / Lind   F57979
51 Henriques (Henriques) / Johansson   F56112
52 Henriques (Henriques) / Piehl  8 Jul 1924Stockholm, Sweden F58172
53 Henriques (Henriques) / Wester   F58175
54 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden) / Heijl   F58105
55 Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (Hohenzollern) / Sweden (Bernadotte)   F60072
56 Hyltén-Cavallius / Warburg (Warburg)  11 Mar 1923Stockholm, Sweden F58585
57 Ippolito / Estrup (Estrup)   F50172
58 Jacobsen / Møller  21 Dec 1943Stockholm, Sweden F75087
59 Johansson / Hartwig  26 Jun 1939Stockholm, Sweden F58087
60 Johnson / Wijkmark  29 Jun 1935Stockholm, Sweden F11789
61 Josephson / Brandell   F58178
62 Jönsson / Heyman (Heyman of Sweden)  16 Jun 1928Stockholm, Sweden F52741
63 Jørgenfelt / Lundström  15 Oct 1918Stockholm, Sweden F21136
64 Klerk / Kaastrup-Olsen (Kaastrup-Olsen)  27 Oct 1952Stockholm, Sweden F74413
65 Koppel (Koppel of Bavaria) / Kleen  11 May 1911Stockholm, Sweden F68847
66 Källberg / Stendahl  20 Dec 1911Stockholm, Sweden F57463
67 La Cour (La Cour) / Nilsson  14 Feb 1945Stockholm, Sweden F92826
68 Lagercrantz / Sparre (Sparre of Sweden)  7 Oct 1871Stockholm, Sweden F97495
69 Lamm / Falkenberg (Falkenberg)  7 Mar 1925Stockholm, Sweden F5758
70 Larsen / Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte)   F44068
71 Larsen / Werner (Werner of Sweden 2)  2 Jan 1926Stockholm, Sweden F37598
72 Larson / Heyman (Heyman of Sweden)  16 Mar 1940Stockholm, Sweden F58095
73 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud) / Bannér (Bannér)  27 Jun 1647Stockholm, Sweden F98461
74 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud) / Bielkenstierna  1677Stockholm, Sweden F98460
75 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud) / Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg)  4 Sep 1859Stockholm, Sweden F98462
76 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud) / Thott (Thott)  22 Feb 1538Stockholm, Sweden F98927
77 Lembke / Fröberg  14 May 1881Stockholm, Sweden F35374
78 Lind / Bendixon  31 Oct 1887Stockholm, Sweden F58007
79 Lind / Günther  29 Mar 1915Stockholm, Sweden F58006
80 Linton (Linton) / Rheborg  6 Apr 1925Stockholm, Sweden F57921
81 Linton (Linton) / Solem  31 May 1941Stockholm, Sweden F57920
82 Magnus / Cardell  2 Mar 1940Stockholm, Sweden F57900
83 Magnus / Englund  3 Dec 1947Stockholm, Sweden F70291
84 Magnus / Jansson  17 Jun 1913Stockholm, Sweden F70290
85 Magnusson / Sweden (Bernadotte)   F60074
86 Mannheimer / Lindhagen  30 May 1947Stockholm, Sweden F57904
87 Marcus / Lind  15 Dec 1927Stockholm, Sweden F57978
88 Maré (Maré) / Erichsson  4 Nov 1943Stockholm, Sweden F57901
89 Melchior / Hellwig   F33460
90 Melchior / Interstein   F58398
91 Moltke (Moltke) / Wilson  26 May 1944Stockholm, Sweden F77894
92 Munch-Petersen / Palmgren  30 Apr 1911Stockholm, Sweden F13453
93 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Knudsen  6 Oct 1935Stockholm, Sweden F71948
94 Nelson / Nisell   F52746
95 Nisell / Heyman (Heyman of Sweden)  21 Jun 1931Stockholm, Sweden F52743
96 Nisell / Tenow   F52879
97 Norman / Døcker-Hansen   F41927
98 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna) / Löwenstein Und Scharffeneck  1 May 1644Stockholm, Sweden F97531
99 Philipson / Fränckel  14 Jan 1891Stockholm, Sweden F57937
100 Philipson / Horngren  10 Apr 1902Stockholm, Sweden F57931
101 Philipson / Maré (Maré)  15 Jul 1914Stockholm, Sweden F57915
102 Philipson / Renborg  12 Apr 1930Stockholm, Sweden F57911
103 Philipson / Svanström  23 Sep 1925Stockholm, Sweden F57935
104 Philipson / Taitz   F57914
105 Rehbinder (Rehbinder) / Munck of Fulkila  7 Sep 1662Stockholm, Sweden F98882
106 Reutersvärd / Hasselquist  29 Sep 1923Stockholm, Sweden F57965
107 Reutersvärd / Hjortsberg  22 Nov 1927Stockholm, Sweden F57964
108 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden) / Stendahl  2 Apr 1912Stockholm, Sweden F57469
109 Sabelström / Hahr   F58030
110 Schiøler (Bendix) / Howitz  17 Jan 1944Stockholm, Sweden F7764
111 Sehested (Sehested) / Frisk  11 Oct 1921Stockholm, Sweden F70837
112 Sennerfeldt / Zierau  9 Jan 1944Stockholm, Sweden F52635
113 Sheridan / Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg)  11 Apr 1938Stockholm, Sweden F58024
114 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg) / Cheuses  2 Aug 1752Stockholm, Sweden F98831
115 Spitzer / Raffenberg  28 Dec 1917Stockholm, Sweden F57712
116 Staalhandske / Brase  13 Oct 1738Stockholm, Sweden F98085
117 Stangenberg / Adler  24 Sep 1900Stockholm, Sweden F57961
118 Stangenberg / Warburg (Warburg)  23 Dec 1870Stockholm, Sweden F58042
119 Stendahl / Ljungquist  12 Oct 1916Stockholm, Sweden F57466
120 Stendahl / Stendahl  29 Nov 1940Stockholm, Sweden F57397
121 Stillschweig / Stangenberg  15 Jun 1946Stockholm, Sweden F58597
122 Strandmark / Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg)  15 Sep 1933Stockholm, Sweden F58026
123 Sweden (Oldenburg) / Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg)  7 Jul 1774Stockholm, Sweden F60064
124 Sweden (Vasa) / Eriksen Leijonhufvud  1 Oct 1536Stockholm, Sweden F98899
125 Sweden (Vasa) / Saxe-Lauenburg (Wettin)  24 Sep 1531Stockholm, Sweden F10934
126 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte) / Leuchtenberg (Beauharnais)  19 Jun 1823Stockholm, Sweden F62329
127 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte) / Netherlands (Orange-Nassau)  19 Jun 1850Stockholm, Sweden F61134
128 Söderström / Lamm   F57947
129 Tengelin / Stendahl  30 Mar 1916Stockholm, Sweden F57462
130 Thott (Thott) / Brahe (Brahe of Sweden)  1638Stockholm, Sweden F149129
131 Treschow (Treschow) / Amundson  3 Aug 1940Stockholm, Sweden F17690
132 Treschow (Treschow) / Esen (Esen)   F17689
133 Treschow (Treschow) / Gezelius   F17731
134 Ullens Schooten / Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte)   F80058
135 Utzon (Udesen) / Fenger  4 Dec 1942Stockholm, Sweden F66709
136 Voghera / Aulin  4 May 1926Stockholm, Sweden F57963
137 Vrang / Heide  2 Oct 1937Stockholm, Sweden F113895
138 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister) / Ascheberg (Ascheberg)  30 Jun 1685Stockholm, Sweden F89388
139 Warburg (Warburg) / Philipson  8 Nov 1926Stockholm, Sweden F57930
140 Welinder / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  25 Feb 1920Stockholm, Sweden F54948
141 Winther-Hjelm / Forsmann  1874Stockholm, Sweden F52562

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