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Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 140 of 140

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Henrich  Abt 1644Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I85486
2 Alstrup, Ingeborg Elisabeth Kirstine  30 Jun 1879Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I242358
3 Baastrup, Gudrun   I129836
4 Bang, Hans Vilhelm  15 Jul 1891Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I63829
5 Bering (Lauritzen), Michael Henrik  2 Oct 1858Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I406863
6 Bojesen, Lydia Vilhelmine  29 Dec 1852Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174472
7 Bojesen, Robert Peel  27 Dec 1841Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174470
8 Bonne, Anton  8 Jan 1868Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I408061
9 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Claus Pedersen  5 Nov 1681Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I159226
10 Boserup (Boserup), Ellen  1882Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I243255
11 Breum, Jens-Christian Juulsgaard  29 Dec 1890Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I102597
12 Brøndum, Jens Christian Jacobsen  24 Jun 1826Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236393
13 Brøndum, Jens Jensen  4 Dec 1755Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I232815
14 Brøndum, Mads Christian  16 Jun 1851Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236391
15 Brøndum, Niels Vejlstrup  15 Dec 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236384
16 Brøndum, Nielsine  12 Sep 1822Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I232706
17 Christensen, Casper  1 Dec 1888Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I132807
18 Christensen, Christiane Jensine  20 Apr 1888Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I61838
19 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Anders   I166813
20 Dinesen (Dinesen), Karen Margrethe  8 Jul 1898Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I150883
21 Erichsen, Jan-Eric   I86218
22 Friis, Anders Bay  13 Aug 1795Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I81150
23 Friis, Ludvig Frederik Mathias Henrik Sophus "Lars"  17 May 1859Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I167117
24 Frølund, Mogens   I189474
25 Gotfredsen, Adamine  13 Aug 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I82038
26 Grønning, Vilhelmine  19 Jun 1833Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I86323
27 Haderup, Knud Justesen  9 Mar 1708Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174521
28 Hansen, Marie  20 Aug 1913Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I445007
29 Hansen, Martin  26 Sep 1911Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I445005
30 Hansen, Mette  20 Aug 1913Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I445006
31 Harder, Hedevig  22 Jul 1880Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I91564
32 Harder, Prima Theodora Marie Elise  28 Jan 1845Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I108446
33 Hegelund (Hegelund of Viborg), Marine Ibsen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I198733
34 Heiberg, Frederikke Charlotte Kirstine  14 Jun 1814Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I165606
35 Henckel, Sonja  2 Apr 1914Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I146223
36 Henckel, William  24 Apr 1871Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I85295
37 Henrichsen, Agnete  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I179398
38 Hestbech, Mette Nielsine  Abt 1854Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I217693
39 Heurlin, Søren  7 Mar 1951Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I246726
40 Holm (Holm of Skive), Hans Susannes  17 Oct 1838Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I88376
41 Holm (Holm of Skive), Ingvard Blegvad  20 Nov 1806Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I88373
42 Iwers, Kamma Harriet  14 Sep 1901Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I244168
43 Jensen, Johannes   I74892
44 Jerichau, Johan Christian Schack  12 Jun 1855Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I183788
45 Johnsen, Jon  5 Feb 1888Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I151630
46 Jørgensen, Gerda Willemoës   I122046
47 Jørgensen, Peter Willemoës   I122042
48 Kaiser, Niels   I60294
49 Kellmer, Elisabeth   I57993
50 Kielgast, Anna Camilla  29 Dec 1867Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I235962
51 Kielgast, Esther  19 Jul 1885Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I61182
52 Kielgast, Hugo  7 Apr 1914Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I228374
53 Kielgast, Knud  6 Jun 1881Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I228375
54 Kümmel, Britta   I155960
55 Ladefoged, Kirsten Marie Madsen   I401203
56 Larsen, Lars Peter  1879Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I495
57 Lazarus, Edel Marie  9 Oct 1839Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I108443
58 Lemming, Hans Andreas   I192561
59 Leth (Leth of Aarhus), Absalon Christian Jonathan  13 Jul 1812Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I8085
60 Leth (Leth of Aarhus), Jens Nicolaus Fabricius  9 May 1810Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I243682
61 Leth (Leth of Aarhus), Michael Christian Theodor  3 Jul 1808Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I243681
62 Lind, Hanne Margrete   I19648
63 Linde (Linde of Germany), Harry Theodor  7 Jul 1897Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I164490
64 Linde (Linde of Germany), Karen  8 Jan 1903Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I198437
65 Linde (Linde of Germany), Rigmor Elisabeth  27 May 1899Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I164503
66 Lindschow, Helene "Lene" Christensen  11 Jan 1733Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I408895
67 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Frederik August  25 Jan 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248103
68 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Heinrich Frederik Christian  26 Mar 1865Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248102
69 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Henriette Christine Laura  2 Jul 1861Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248100
70 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Isak Christian Georg  21 Mar 1863Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248101
71 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Kirstine Vilhelmine  26 Nov 1866Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248098
72 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Sophie  8 Jun 1868Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174954
73 Lund, Hans  31 May 1734Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I80425
74 Lund, Just Michael  28 Oct 1725Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I115567
75 Meldgaard, Jørgen Laursen  7 Mar 1927Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I242501
76 Metzon, Susanne   I135658
77 Metzon, Vibeke Birgitte   I135943
78 Mohr (Mohr of Denmark), Kjeld   I201568
79 Mühlhausen, Lise   I252958
80 Møller, Axel  17 Jan 1894Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I54296
81 Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Erik Høyer  28 Apr 1818Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I48482
82 Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Nicoline Louise  31 Aug 1820Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I185758
83 Nielsen, Birgitte   I52274
84 Nielsen, Emmy Bech  28 Sep 1900Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I192558
85 Nielsen, Søren   I177309
86 Nyegaard (Nyegaard of Nyegaard), Louise Amalie  27 Jan 1852Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I183982
87 Nørløv, Joachim Nikolaj  17 Mar 1897Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I409397
88 Ortmann, Maria Cecilie   I135162
89 Pedersen, Janus Metz   I135760
90 Petersen, Mette Marie  1 Aug 1809Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I183616
91 Poulsen, Bjarke   I61430
92 Præst, Jytte  10 Sep 1949Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I440586
93 Ramsgaard, Gerda  28 Oct 1904Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I160793
94 Riis, Valdemar  24 Jun 1878Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I139681
95 Ring, Nicoline  11 Mar 1792Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I191445
96 Ring, Nicoline  7 Feb 1820Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I183974
97 Ring, Rigmor Lovise  23 Jul 1869Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I24892
98 Ring, Sofie Marie  26 Apr 1753Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I14742
99 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Christian Theodor  19 Jan 1833Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I200175
100 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Christiane Dorothea  27 Aug 1830Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I235804
101 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Christiane Dorothea  16 Jun 1838Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I235947
102 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Frants Vilhelm Ferdinand  8 Aug 1836Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I187879
103 Rothe (Rothe), Severine Elisabeth  9 Feb 1773Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I157639
104 Schade, Jens August  10 Jan 1903Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I102732
105 Scheel (Skeel), Henrik Jørgen Carsten, Count   I171873
106 Schiwe (Skive of Denmark), Niels Pedersen  1679Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I204079
107 Schjørring, Jens Broder Theodor  21 Jul 1836Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I88016
108 Schjørring, Mathias Jacob Christopher  24 Mar 1838Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I88005
109 Schonnemann, Birgithe Justsen Arctander  11 Feb 1714Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138073
110 Schonnemann, Johannes Justesen  11 Feb 1714Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138074
111 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Jesper Clausen  1741Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248358
112 Schrøder, Erla  7 Jan 1914Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I160331
113 Schrøder, Gregers Daa   I129843
114 Sehested (Sehested), Birgitte Sofie Elisabeth "Bella"  11 Dec 1824Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I200157
115 Selchau (Selchau), Edith Riis  18 Jul 1912Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I18257
116 Selmer, Charlotte Georgiana  21 Jan 1783Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I387783
117 Serritzlew, Inga Elisabeth  18 Apr 1904Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I146159
118 Sløk (Friis of Flensburg), Ove Friis  7 Oct 1910Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I287492
119 Sporon, Ellen  20 Apr 1894Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78067
120 Sporon, Karen Egede  19 Feb 1891Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78056
121 Svendsen, Agnes  5 Sep 1911Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I146151
122 Svendsen, Kristen   I52246
123 Swindt, Casper Peter  11 Nov 1762Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I117019
124 Sørensen, Inger Margrethe   I129838
125 Teschl, Mette   I435746
126 Theill, Caroline Amalie  1828Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I107131
127 Tolsgaard Pedersen, Thorkild   I135851
128 Trankjær, Ib   I52629
129 Trankjær, Jens   I52233
130 Trojel (Trojel), Hans Jørgen  6 Jan 1813Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I230551
131 Utzon (Udesen), Mette Vibe   I192695
132 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Tage Solmer   I61821
133 Wedege (Wedege), Jacob  15 Feb 1859Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I113809
134 Westergaard, Bolette   I103776
135 Willemoës, Frederik Christian Sneedorff  9 Oct 1848Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I192442
136 Willemoës, Marie Elise  Abt 1849Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I191849
137 Ørum (Ørum of Skive), Elly   I444350
138 Ørum (Ørum of Skive), Erling   I444345
139 Ørum (Ørum of Skive), Thomas Hansen  21 Apr 1893Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I444346
140 Østergaard, Karen Vibeke   I164239


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brøndum, Carl Marinus  22 Oct 1860Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236388
2 Brøndum, Caroline Petrine  3 Sep 1865Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236386
3 Brøndum, Jens Christian Jacobsen  1 Jul 1826Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236393
4 Brøndum, Jens Nicolai  20 Apr 1868Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236385
5 Brøndum, Juliane Johanne  11 Jun 1855Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236390
6 Brøndum, Mads Christian  16 Mar 1854Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236391
7 Brøndum, Marie Sophie  1 Jan 1859Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236389
8 Brøndum, Mathias Smith  20 Apr 1857Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I237650
9 Brøndum, Niels Vejlstrup  13 Apr 1874Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236384
10 Brøndum, Nielsine  13 Sep 1822Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I232706
11 Dam, Ida Johanne  18 Oct 1863Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236387
12 Gotfredsen, Adamine  19 Oct 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I82038
13 Harder, Prima Theodora Marie Elise  17 May 1845Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I108446
14 Henckel, William  28 May 1871Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I85295
15 Heurlin, Søren  8 Jul 1951Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I246726
16 Holst, Christiane Vilhelmine  18 Sep 1805Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I387772
17 Kielgast, Anna Camilla  9 May 1868Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I235962
18 Kielgast, Julius Christian Ludvig  12 Sep 1863Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I233027
19 Lazarus, Edel Marie  22 Oct 1839Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I108443
20 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Frederik August  25 Jan 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248103
21 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Heinrich Frederik Christian  21 Jan 1866Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248102
22 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Henriette Christine Laura  6 Oct 1861Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248100
23 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Isak Christian Georg  19 Jul 1863Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248101
24 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Kirstine Vilhelmine  5 May 1867Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248098
25 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Sophie  22 Aug 1869Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174954
26 Lund, Elisabeth  2 Aug 1732Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I86104
27 Præst, Jytte  2 Oct 1949Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I440586
28 Ring, Nicoline  23 Mar 1792Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I191445
29 Schonnemann, Kirstine Justesen  5 Jul 1711Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138077
30 Sløk (Friis of Flensburg), Esther Friis  27 Jul 1909Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I287493
31 Sløk (Friis of Flensburg), Ove Friis  26 Dec 1910Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I287492
32 Theill, Caroline Amalie  26 Sep 1828Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I107131
33 Westergaard, Bolette   I103776


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Kirsten  16 Dec 1715Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I175201
2 Arctander (Arctander), Mette Cathrine Justsen  12 Jul 1765Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I80445
3 Baastrup, Skat  19 Mar 1956Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I34498
4 Bak, Anna Nielsen  22 Nov 1993Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I68313
5 Bonnevie, Olaf Honoratus Emanuel  28 Jan 1895Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I85411
6 Bonnevie, Peter Ferdinand Emil  24 Jul 1912Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84764
7 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Peder Hansen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I166320
8 Brøchner (Brøchner), Johanne Jensen  13 Oct 1764Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I62952
9 Brøndum, Jens Christian Jacobsen  22 Sep 1877Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236393
10 Brøndum, Jens Jensen  15 Nov 1793Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I232815
11 Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt), Mette von  Dec 1715Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I405773
12 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich "Frederik" Rudbeck Christian von  2 May 1819Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I165727
13 Dahm, Louise  13 Nov 1899Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236392
14 Errboe, Karen  1867Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I149078
15 Esen (Esen), Harald Isidor von  1 Oct 1929Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I133192
16 Falk (Falck of Norway), Helle  24 Oct 1979Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I60478
17 Faurschou (Faurschou), Martha Sophie  22 Oct 1923Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I192560
18 Haderup, Anna Hansen  1748Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174930
19 Haderup, Lauritz Hansen  23 Jul 1748Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138068
20 Hastrup (Hastrup), Jens Carl  21 Oct 1908Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174616
21 Hedemann (Hedemann), Erik Oskar Julius von  17 Apr 1896Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I173366
22 Hegelund (Hegelund of Viborg), Morten Christensen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I6570
23 Holst (Holst of Aalborg), Maren Grotum Petersen  17 Mar 1811Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I92675
24 Ingwersen, Jonas Casmir  27 Feb 1887Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I73947
25 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Ludvig  23 Mar 1875Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I198513
26 Krog, Niels Nielsen  6 Oct 1680Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84554
27 Larsen, Niels Peter  1898Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I200127
28 Lasson (Thøgersen Lassen), Marie de  29 Apr 1805Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I56606
29 Lemming, Lars Andreas  3 Jun 1927Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I121461
30 Leth (Leth of Aarhus), Jens Høyer  17 Nov 1812Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I164374
31 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), Hans Gustav de  8 Mar 1876Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I188166
32 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Friedrich Wilhelm August  5 Mar 1896Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248096
33 Lund, Andreas Mikkelsen  3 Jan 1765Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84213
34 Lüttichau (Lüttichau), Hans Helmuth von  28 Apr 1801Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I56584
35 Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Nicoline Louise  21 Oct 1865Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I185758
36 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Svend Andreas Grøn  22 Dec 1949Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I45112
37 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Martha Kirstine  26 Apr 1852Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I243702
38 Schjørring, Lauritz Hastrup  10 Aug 1867Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I88007
39 Schonnemann, Anne Justsen  18 Apr 1763Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138080
40 Schonnemann, Else Justsen  18 May 1715Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138082
41 Schonnemann, Just Heinrichsen  30 Mar 1731Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I174795
42 Schonnemann, Otto Heinrich Halvig  30 Aug 1732Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138079
43 Sehested (Sehested), Poul  30 Sep 1834Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I54984
44 Simon, Gunhilda  14 Aug 1913Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I133194
45 Smidth (Smidth), Andreas Wilhelm  7 Apr 1874Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I149131
46 Smidth (Smidth), Edvard Philip  20 May 1878Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I149090
47 Smidth (Smidth), Hans  9 Dec 1870Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I149104
48 Sporon, Carl Henrik Berregaard  6 Oct 1897Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78011
49 Sporon, Ellen  18 Jan 1895Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78067
50 Springborg, Maren Larsen  27 Sep 1828Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I387925
51 Svendborg, Hans Thomsen  1674Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84948
52 Trankjær, Thorvald  13 Jul 1967Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I52986


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Ane  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I232813
2 Bonnevie, Peter Ferdinand Emil  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84764
3 Brøndum, Jens Christian Jacobsen  27 Sep 1877Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236393
4 Brøndum, Niels Vejlstrup  13 Jul 1919Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236384
5 Christiansen, Gurli  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I122043
6 Dahm, Louise  25 Nov 1899Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I236392
7 Jensen, Juliane Marie  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84269
8 Jørgensen, Knud Willemoës  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I122044
9 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Friedrich Wilhelm August  12 Mar 1896Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248096


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alstrup, Thomas  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I242359
2 Andersen, Hans  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I440591
3 Baastrup, Skat  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I34498
4 Bering (Lauritzen), Michael Ditlev  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I387794
5 Bonnevie, Peter Ferdinand Emil  16 Dec 1890Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84764
6 Bonnevie, Peter Ferdinand Emil  16 Dec 1890Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84764
7 Boserup (Boserup), Niels Langballe  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I243256
8 Breum, Jacob Nielsen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I275370
9 Christensen, Casper  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I132807
10 Clausen, Mathias  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I241193
11 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Allan   I166807
12 Eller, Edvard Mathias Richard  1 Oct 1869Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I85512
13 Esen (Esen), Harald Isidor von  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I133192
14 Friis, Frederik Ferdinand Gottlieb  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I167118
15 Haderup, Lauritz Hansen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138068
16 Harhoff (Harhoff), Erik Conrad  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I146553
17 Heiberg, Christopher Frederik Fabritius  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I165607
18 Henrichsen, Johannes Rudolf Frederik  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I138383
19 Hildebrandt-Nielsen, Heinrich Viggo Erland   I158672
20 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Ludvig  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I198513
21 Jørgensen, Knud Willemoës  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I122044
22 Kielgast, Frederik Johan Christian  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I61178
23 Krog, Niels Nielsen  25 Mar 1674Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84554
24 Ladefoged, Laust Madsen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I401204
25 Lemming, Hans Peter  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I192556
26 Lemming, Lars Andreas  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I121461
27 Leth (Leth of Aarhus), Jens Høyer  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I164374
28 Linde (Linde of Germany), Hans Christian  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I164465
29 Linnemann (Linnemann of Haustenbec), Friedrich Wilhelm August  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I248096
30 Meldgaard, Ejnar  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I275893
31 Metzon, Hans-Julius "Hans"   I135945
32 Møller, Johan Sophus Feller  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I31990
33 Nielsen, Hans Bech  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I192559
34 Nørløv, Carl August  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I409401
35 Præst, Lilly Kristensen  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I440590
36 Rasmussen, Rasmus  1816Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78914
37 Ring, Carl Vilhelm  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I151352
38 Ring, Jacob Peter Riese  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I24885
39 Ring, Nicolaj Riese  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I24896
40 Schade, Frederik  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I102541
41 Schrøder, Vilhelm Sophus  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I160337
42 Sehested (Sehested), Poul  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I54984
43 Skov, Hans Laurits  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I129835
44 Smidth (Smidth), Edvard Philip  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I149090
45 Sporon, Carl Henrik Berregaard  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I78011
46 Svendborg, Hans Thomsen  4 Jul 1667Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I84948
47 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Hans Christian  Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark I173147


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bojesen / Opitius  26 Feb 1841Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F73432
2 Christensen / Esen (Esen)  22 Jul 1918Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F55507
3 Fasting / Smidth (Smidth)  26 Jul 1873Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F61755
4 Frølund / Schrøder  10 Nov 1940Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F67124
5 Graugaard / Schrøder  21 Jun 1961Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F32161
6 Haderup / Ring  9 Oct 1772Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F8036
7 Harsløf / Baastrup   F54536
8 Henckel / Bonnevie  17 May 1898Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F38398
9 Henckel / Harder  28 May 1869Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F47522
10 Henckel / Lazarus  28 Mar 1863Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F47519
11 Holst / Selmer  3 Nov 1811Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F149715
12 Kielgast / Behrens  3 Sep 1874Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F14486
13 Kirketerp-Møller (Møller) / Kielgast  12 May 1908Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F14487
14 Landorph (Lassen of Hejls) / Lemming  11 Jul 1922Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F81067
15 Lemming / Nielsen  20 May 1924Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F81070
16 Lethmathe / Majoner  25 Nov 1684Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F38303
17 Munck / Fabricius (Fabricius)  12 Nov 1802Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F5323
18 Møller (Møller of Tolstrup) / Leth (Leth of Aarhus)  5 Dec 1816Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F69042
19 Pedersen / Heidenheim  16 Oct 1926Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F58289
20 Ringsted (Ringsted) / Boserup (Boserup)  24 Sep 1909Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F100640
21 Schouboe (Schouboe of Fuglebjerg) / Alstrup  29 Jun 1900Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F100236
22 Schrøder / Baastrup   F54535
23 Svendsen / Trankjær   F26568
24 Tachau / Nielsen  15 Apr 1934Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F56521
25 Wøldike / Lund  30 Oct 1748Skive, Central Jutland, Denmark F38991

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