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Skibby, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ane Maren  Abt 1819Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I390242
2 Brodersen, Christian Edvard William  6 Jun 1845Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I168499
3 Brodersen, Jens Wilken  Abt 1840Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I177429
4 Brodersen, Johannes Nicolaj  6 Jun 1845Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I24244
5 Brodersen, Jørgen Emil  1842Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I177451
6 Engelsted, Ingeborg  28 Nov 1874Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I186572
7 Engelsted, Otto  8 Jul 1871Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I194796
8 Hey (Møller), Grete Sara   I240309
9 Hey (Møller), Mogens Aksel   I240310
10 Husum, Hans Peter  1785Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I115939
11 Husum, Petra  1784Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I115940
12 Hørby, Helge  12 Feb 1920Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I184028
13 Jacobsen, Niels Leth  Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200601
14 Kaae (Kaae), Maren Nielsen  Abt 1783Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200991
15 Kaae (Kaae), Peder Nielsen  Abt 1740Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I201017
16 Leth, Niels Nielsen  Abt 1714Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I201030
17 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Anders Nielsen  Abt 1718Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I201004
18 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Anders Pedersen  Abt 1792Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200656
19 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Ane Nielsen  Abt 1824Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200909
20 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Christen Andersen  Abt 1751Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200708
21 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Christen Christensen  Abt 1803Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200761
22 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Kirsten Marie Nielsen  Abt 1828Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200683
23 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Kirsten Nielsen  Abt 1822Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200840
24 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Maren Andersen  Abt 1748Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200747
25 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Niels Andersen  Abt 1745Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200853
26 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Niels Pedersen  Abt 1801Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200629
27 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Peder Andersen  Abt 1755Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200869
28 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Peder Nielsen  Abt 1829Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200896
29 Løppenthien, Anna  1875Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I393084
30 Siesbye, Ester  17 Aug 1900Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I172921
31 Wanscher (Wanscher), Emil Wilhelm  13 Jan 1875Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I197039
32 Weyle, Anna Gjertrud Hansen  Abt 1750Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I102657


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brodersen, Christian Edvard William  29 Jul 1845Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I168499
2 Brodersen, Johannes Nicolaj  29 Jul 1845Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I24244
3 Christiansen, Anny Ulla   I240375
4 Hey (Møller), Grete Sara   I240309
5 Hey (Møller), Knud Bent Seidelin   I240308
6 Hey (Møller), Mogens Aksel   I240310
7 Husum, Hans Peter  20 Jul 1785Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I115939
8 Nehring, Carl Wilhelm  7 Sep 1809Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I114381
9 Nehring, Johannes Wilhelm  8 Jun 1804Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I114382
10 Nehring, Marthe Regine  3 May 1797Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I114389
11 Nehring, Niels Ludvig  5 Jun 1801Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I114387
12 Nehring, Werner Nicolai  24 May 1799Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I114388
13 Wanscher (Wanscher), Emil Wilhelm  9 May 1875Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I197039


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Christensen, Jacob  Abt 1904Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200670
2 Engelsted, Jacob Christian  16 Feb 1871Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I194795
3 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Margrethe "Grethe" von  28 Jul 1864Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I32002
4 Kaae (Kaae), Anne Danielsen  Abt 1792Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I7527
5 Kaae (Kaae), Christen Pedersen  Abt 1758Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200936
6 Kaae (Kaae), Maren Christensen  Abt 1780Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I74219
7 Leth, Niels Nielsen  Abt 1787Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I201030
8 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Anders Nielsen  Abt 1797Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I201004
9 Leth (Leth of Skibby), Niels Pedersen  Abt 1831Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I200629
10 Malling (Malling of Pøel), Otto Kai  28 Apr 1980Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I285697
11 Rasmussen, Anne  9 Dec 1733Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I7482
12 Secher, Rasmine Marie  3 Jan 1930Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I240380


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Secher, Rasmine Marie  7 Jan 1930Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I240380


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brodersen, Jørgen Peter Blicher  Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I171149
2 Engelsted, Malthe Jacob Peter Neergaard  18 Jan 1870Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I183794
3 Malling (Malling of Pøel), Otto Kai  Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I285697
4 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Carl Gustav  Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I107682
5 Wanscher (Wanscher), Wilhelm  Skibby, Zealand, Denmark I197038


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carlsen / Nehring  10 Jun 1829Skibby, Zealand, Denmark F49513
2 Drachmann (Drachmann) / Sørensen  14 Sep 1859Skibby, Zealand, Denmark F62540
3 Nielsen / Nehring  28 Mar 1817Skibby, Zealand, Denmark F49511
4 Panduro / Haung   F37543

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