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Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 195 of 195

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Johanne Christiane  24 Jan 1819Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432072
2 Aabel, Anne Marie Elisabeth  24 Apr 1791Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67928
3 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Albert  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I293710
4 Ammonsen, Christiane Elise  20 Oct 1841Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432039
5 Andersen, Anne Marie   I294938
6 Andersen, Caroline Amelia  20 Sep 1869Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I110536
7 Andersen, Christine Marie  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89875
8 Andersen, Christine Marie  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292774
9 Andersen, Mariane  15 Dec 1833Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I148039
10 Andersen, Mereta   I297054
11 Arendrup, Johanne Clausine  7 Sep 1832Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I90083
12 Bech, Andeas Houmann  3 Feb 1803Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296802
13 Bech, Anders Jørgen  Mar 1797Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296789
14 Bech, Inger Helene  Nov 1798Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296790
15 Bech, Johanne Andrea  1 Dec 1801Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296791
16 Beck, Kirsten Dortea   I296517
17 Bering (Velling), Jens   I298075
18 Bering (Velling), Ole   I298088
19 Bering (Velling), Søren   I298074
20 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Ellen Christensen  1642Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89057
21 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Jens Christensen  1642Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89059
22 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Karen Christensen  1640Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89058
23 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Kirsten Christensen  1644Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89056
24 Bjørn (Bjørn), Axel Jensen "Ursin"  1620Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I93036
25 Borchhorst, Johan  Abt 1545Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I273685
26 Borchhorst, Mourits Jensen  Abt 1615Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I72663
27 Carstensen, Chr Brandt  22 Dec 1789Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399329
28 Carstensen, Christiane  5 Sep 1787Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399328
29 Carstensen, Mathias Georg Gotthilf  22 Dec 1789Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399330
30 Carstensen, Otho Fabricius  13 Dec 1785Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399327
31 Christensen, Aksel Johannes  28 Dec 1904Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89587
32 Christensen, Alfred Marinus  6 Oct 1895Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89593
33 Christensen, Anne Elisabeth  27 Jul 1902Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89589
34 Christensen, Edvard Vilhelm  26 Mar 1894Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89594
35 Christensen, Henrik   I296468
36 Christensen, Inga Charlotte  4 Dec 1888Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89598
37 Christensen, Johnny   I296475
38 Christensen, Lilli Christine   I296934
39 Christensen, Louise   I296476
40 Christensen, Marie  1739Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I176946
41 Christensen, Marie Magdalene  25 Aug 1898Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89592
42 Christensen, Niels Johan  7 Mar 1910Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I299011
43 Christensen, Otto Frederik  14 Jul 1900Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89590
44 Christensen, Poul  10 Sep 1907Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89586
45 Christensen, Robert Ditlev  3 Oct 1903Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89588
46 Christensen, Steffen Sandager   I296481
47 Christiansen, Aase   I91058
48 Christiansen, Benedicte Lovise Augusta  7 Jul 1843Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432097
49 Christiansen, Jakob Diderik  19 May 1853Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432066
50 Christiansen, Jørgen   I91057
51 Clausen, Ellen Cathrine Ahnfeldt  29 Dec 1876Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I195155
52 Clemmensen, Anna Marie   I289341
53 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge), Erhard Christian Frost  8 Sep 1856Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I118869
54 Egeborg, Erna  3 Jun 1902Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I90422
55 Eich, Adolph Ludvig  28 Mar 1858Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I155945
56 Falster, Dorthe Elisabeth   I102000
57 Gadensgaard, Tanja   I289777
58 Gjedsmann, Rasmus Wilsbæk Sørensen  1650Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69123
59 Gjedsmann, Søren Andreasen  1630Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69120
60 Hansen, Albert  24 Nov 1908Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298006
61 Hansen, Birgitte Marie  1 Jan 1849Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I55762
62 Hansen, Oda Margrethe   I298970
63 Hansen, Robert  22 Dec 1902Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I299279
64 Hansen Hyttel, Rasmus  9 Sep 1850Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432036
65 Hasselriis, Annette Kirstine   I7754
66 Hée, Thomas Christensen  8 Apr 1701Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I198560
67 Henriksen, Inger Tove   I296509
68 Hyttel, Aage Christian  26 Oct 1901Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432112
69 Hyttel, Frederik Wilhelm I  1 Mar 1844Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432098
70 Hyttel, Johan Christian  20 May 1856Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432034
71 Hyttel, Johannes Brønnum  30 Aug 1844Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432038
72 Hyttel, Palle Carl Frederik  19 Oct 1865Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432065
73 Hyttel, Palle Wilhelm Mørk  24 Apr 1813Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432073
74 Høyer, Ingeborg Birgitte  Jan 1757Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296760
75 Ilsøe, Johanne  23 Oct 1897Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I123732
76 Isaksen, Anna Birgithe  9 Aug 1884Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432032
77 Jensen, Anna   I296140
78 Jensen, Birger Torben Bach   I298354
79 Jensen, Birger Ødegaard   I296421
80 Jensen, Birgitte   I296419
81 Jensen, Charlotte Egebak   I296335
82 Jensen, Christian Kragkær   I296558
83 Jensen, Ejgil Ødegaard   I296412
84 Jensen, Elin Holm   I296392
85 Jensen, Erland Michael   I293266
86 Jensen, Jens Chr, Adolf  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399230
87 Jensen, Jens Ole Holm   I293935
88 Jensen, Jørgen Holm   I296380
89 Jensen, Leif Ødegaard   I296416
90 Jensen, Maibritt Egebak   I296336
91 Jensen, Martin Bach   I298356
92 Jensen, Stig Ødegaard   I296417
93 Johansen, Anders   I107060
94 Johansen, Laurs   I107058
95 Johnsen, Arthur Johannes  28 Nov 1914Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I97947
96 Jørgensen, Anne  1604Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68478
97 Jørgensen, Christa  31 Oct 1907Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I290896
98 Jørgensen, Leif Ole  7 Dec 1948Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399374
99 Kjær, Anders Jensen  6 Mar 1790Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I47303
100 Kjær (Kjær of Sæby), Erik Johan Andreas  24 May 1851Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I58105
101 Kjærsgaard, Aase  24 Nov 1915Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I195200
102 Kock, Helene Dorthea  21 May 1874Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I299039
103 Krarup (Krarup), Ejnar Valdemar  11 Mar 1917Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I61647
104 Krarup (Krarup), Johannes Ove Christian  28 Feb 1916Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88854
105 Krarup (Krarup), Mourits Nicolai  20 Jun 1912Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88843
106 Kringelbach, Erik  9 Oct 1903Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I120264
107 Kyvsgaard, Kaj Henrik   I298145
108 Kyvsgaard, Niels Christian   I298144
109 Kyvsgaard, Ole Alexander   I298143
110 Larsen, Bjarke Henrik   I296926
111 Larsen, Else Marie  10 Apr 1854Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432035
112 Larsen, Freddy Kent   I296927
113 Larsen, Gurli  22 Jun 1948Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296925
114 Larsen, Leif  17 Jan 1955Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I290803
115 Larsen, Niels Jørgen Rosenbak   I290804
116 Lassen, Jens Christian  1720Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I118444
117 Licht (Licht), Flemming Emil de Fine  1 Jan 1921Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I117328
118 Lythje, Jan   I297128
119 Lythje, Søren   I297127
120 Marthinusen, Ellen Gudrun  5 Nov 1899Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I19720
121 Mathiassen, Maria Gadegaard   I289490
122 Mayntzhusen, Marie Kirstine  12 Dec 1863Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I47362
123 Moltke (Moltke), Carl Christian Frederik von  24 Feb 1867Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I160814
124 Moltke (Moltke), Vilhelm Gebhardt von  4 Dec 1872Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I184770
125 Munch, Birte Marie  1792Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I109604
126 Myhrmann, Helena Britta  25 Jul 1857Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89247
127 Møller, Arne W  20 Nov 1928Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I404457
128 Neergaard (Neergaard), Carl Johan   I240573
129 Nielsen, Christian Anton  27 Sep 1913Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298859
130 Nielsen, Finn   I296506
131 Nielsen, Helle   I296510
132 Nielsen, Jane   I296504
133 Nielsen, Jens  30 Jul 1887Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298857
134 Nielsen, Jens Christian   I299286
135 Nielsen, Poul Henry  27 Feb 1915Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298860
136 Nissen, Else   I129859
137 Olesen, Henrik   I289235
138 Olesen, Per Krarup   I293708
139 Olsen, Henry  12 Jun 1918Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I290801
140 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Anna Lucia  21 Feb 1745Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I118445
141 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Christian  1738Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188342
142 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Eric Møller  1 Nov 1750Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I119213
143 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Thomas Todberg  15 Jul 1740Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I119199
144 Overby, Lone   I298367
145 Pedersen, Edvard Bering  6 Jan 1906Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297579
146 Pedersen, Ella  21 Apr 1905Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297578
147 Pedersen, Ella  6 Dec 1907Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297580
148 Pedersen, Marie Kirstine  28 Nov 1903Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297536
149 Pedersen, Niels Peder  21 Mar 1861Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I422083
150 Pedersen, Robert Bering  13 Aug 1901Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297535
151 Pedersen, Thorkild Bjergager   I296427
152 Pedersen, Ulla   I296935
153 Pedersen, Vitus Bering  13 Dec 1898Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297515
154 Pettersen, Johan Bertel Martin Mørch de Eich  23 Apr 1844Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I136569
155 Poulsen, Ester Magda  25 Oct 1905Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298855
156 Poulsen, Harry  30 Jun 1901Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298853
157 Poulsen, Roland Arthur  12 May 1909Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298856
158 Poulsen, Svend Aage  20 Nov 1903Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298854
159 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Cathrine Kirstine  1786Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I161739
160 Schmidt, Carl Christian  5 Jul 1891Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88140
161 Schunck, Ane Marie  28 Aug 1819Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I174223
162 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Kaj Carl Søren  1899Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I244403
163 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Svend  11 Apr 1901Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I255572
164 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Svend Frederik Christian  7 Jul 1904Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I240526
165 Simonsen, Lisbeth Stübb   I291523
166 Smidth (Smidth), Lone Gredsted   I200858
167 Solsbech, Elisabeth Johannesen  12 Dec 1786Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67843
168 Solsbech, Elisabeth Johannesen  12 Dec 1786Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295612
169 Solsbech, Frederica Johannesen  19 Jun 1788Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67844
170 Solsbech, Frederica Johannesen  19 Jun 1788Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295613
171 Spend, Jens Nielsen  1631Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89013
172 Spend, Karen Nielsen  Oct 1635Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I87793
173 Spend, Sofie Amalie  Oct 1634Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I87794
174 Sæby, Christen Christensen  Oct 1625Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89064
175 Sørensen, Anni   I298073
176 Sørensen, Frederik Christopher Vilsen  20 Jul 1848Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88991
177 Sørensen, Kirstine Jørgine  23 May 1899Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292457
178 Thim, Christoffer  3 May 1764Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I93097
179 Todberg, Mariane  1721Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I119201
180 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Inger Jensen "Bjørn"  1610Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89060
181 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Laurids Jensen "Bjørn"  1607Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I70108
182 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Niels Jensen "Bjørn"  1612Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I87787
183 Ussing, Conrad Wilhelm  29 Jun 1835Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I196513
184 Ussing, Petra Agathe  9 May 1838Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I158063
185 Værbak, Jørgen   I292515
186 Waarst, Karen  13 Sep 1905Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I141188
187 Walther, Astrid Louise   I239071
188 Walther, Cathrine   I239072
189 Wilsbech, Frederik Rasmussen  2 Feb 1640Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68484
190 Wilsbech, Frederik Rasmussen  1704Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I57351
191 Wilsbech, Otto Rasmussen  20 Feb 1643Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68486
192 Wilsbech, Rasmus  1597Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68479
193 Wilsbæk, Anna Marie  1673Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69128
194 Wilsbæk, Frederik  9 Aug 1709Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69143
195 Wulff, Leonhardine Angelika "Engelke"  26 Jan 1867Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I98103


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ammonsen, Christiane Elise  26 Dec 1841Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432039
2 Andersen, Poul Julius Valdemar  15 Oct 1853Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I240323
3 Bech, Andeas Houmann  3 Mar 1803Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296802
4 Bech, Anders Jørgen  3 Jul 1797Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296789
5 Bech, Inger Helene  11 Jul 1798Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296790
6 Bech, Johanne Andrea  25 Feb 1801Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296791
7 Carstensen, Chr Brandt  1789Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399329
8 Carstensen, Christiane  1787Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399328
9 Carstensen, Otho Fabricius  1785Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399327
10 Christiansen, Benedicte Lovise Augusta  17 Sep 1843Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432097
11 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge), Erhard Christian Frost  27 Oct 1856Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I118869
12 Egeborg, Anette   I297487
13 Egeborg, Flemming   I297488
14 Gad (Gad of Norway), Ida Caroline  22 Mar 1854Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I178888
15 Hansen Hyttel, Rasmus  20 Oct 1850Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432036
16 Hyttel, Frederik Wilhelm I  8 Jul 1844Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432098
17 Hyttel, Hans August  3 Nov 1867Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432106
18 Hyttel, Johan Christian  10 Aug 1856Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432034
19 Hyttel, Johannes Brønnum  20 Oct 1844Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432038
20 Hyttel, Palle Carl Frederik  11 Feb 1866Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432065
21 Hyttel, Palle Wilhelm Mørk  18 Jul 1813Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432073
22 Hyttel, Rasmus Hansen  21 Nov 1847Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432037
23 Hyttel, Sophie Cathrine  10 Apr 1870Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432069
24 Høyer, Ingeborg Birgitte  1 Jun 1757Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296760
25 Isaksen, Anna Birgithe  7 Sep 1884Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432032
26 Jensen, Anna Maria  26 Dec 1897Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I398760
27 Larsen, Chris Egeborg Østgaard   I297490
28 Larsen, Else Marie  11 May 1854Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432035
29 Larsen, Mari Egeborg Østgaard   I297491
30 Neergaard (Neergaard), Carl Johan   I240573
31 Pedersen, Johanne  1702Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399198
32 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Svend Frederik Christian  11 Sep 1904Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I240526
33 Sørensen, Kirstine Jørgine  7 Jan 1900Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292457


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Christine  1992Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295245
2 Johanne Christiane  19 Jul 1882Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432072
3 Aaen, Carl Henry Immanuel  2 Apr 1987Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I294972
4 Ammonsen, Christiane Elise  15 Aug 1880Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432039
5 Andersen, Hans  7 Jan 1977Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I290544
6 Andersen, Johannes  1649Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I107117
7 Andersen, Johannes  7 Apr 1832Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295611
8 Bach, Elius "Peter" Pedersen  12 Mar 1978Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89711
9 Bech, Thomas Christian Jensen  27 Feb 1809Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296766
10 Bering (Velling), Vitus  6 Mar 1898Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298032
11 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Christen Christensen  28 Nov 1660Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89061
12 Busch, Christian Gottlieb  22 May 1856Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I174359
13 Bæk, Svend Aage  17 Feb 1991Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296835
14 Christensen, Anna Petrea  26 Mar 1988Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292467
15 Christensen, Christen Peter  17 Mar 1976Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295490
16 Christensen, Christian Peter  25 Aug 1941Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89600
17 Christensen, Christian Peter  19 Jan 1950Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292466
18 Christensen, Jens Christian  16 Jul 1942Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295489
19 Christensen, Peter Bernhard  28 Jul 1963Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89596
20 Christensen, Robert Ditlev  1981Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89588
21 Clemmensen, Niels  8 Sep 1955Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89980
22 Egeborg, Agnes  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295068
23 Gad (Gad of Norway), Henrik "Henry" Christian  29 Aug 1865Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188283
24 Gadensgaard, Jens Anker  16 Jun 2001Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I292579
25 Gjedsmann, Søren Andreasen  25 Aug 1691Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69120
26 Gutormsen, Helena  1211Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I205090
27 Hansen, Karen  6 Apr 2001Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I293211
28 Hansen, Mads  Jul 1780Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296774
29 Hansen, Olga  Jan 2001Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I291602
30 Hansen Hyttel, Rasmus  26 Jan 1934Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432036
31 Hyttel, Johan Christian  2 May 1923Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432034
32 Hyttel, Palle Wilhelm Mørk  27 Dec 1892Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432073
33 Høyer, Andreas  Oct 1760Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296759
34 Høyer, Ingeborg Birgitte  May 1759Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296760
35 Jensen, Agnes  9 Mar 1973Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297114
36 Jensen, Agnes  1 Mar 1992Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I294601
37 Jensen, Alfred  8 Jun 1966Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296538
38 Jensen, Anne Kirstine Marie  23 Nov 1935Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I299050
39 Jensen, Charlotte Christiane  23 Aug 1851Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I171146
40 Jensen, Jens Christian  9 Oct 1953Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89760
41 Johansen, Per  16 Jul 1985Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I288992
42 Jørgensen, Anne  2 Jul 1682Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68478
43 Jørgensen, Leif Ole  8 May 1999Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I399374
44 Kjærulf (Kierulff - Skriver), Niels Christensen  Abt 1650Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I94517
45 Klein, Cathrine Henriksen  1769Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I87369
46 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Inge Sophie Julie  13 Aug 1947Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88275
47 Kristensen, Anna Marie  18 May 1969Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88237
48 Larsen, Astrid Marie  15 Aug 1979Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296813
49 Larsen, Gurli  23 Jan 1954Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296925
50 Larsen, Kirsten Marie  9 Aug 1937Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295486
51 Lythje, Villy  29 Dec 1997Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297125
52 Madsen, Maren  19 Sep 1836Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67826
53 Moltke (Moltke), Henny Caroline Julie, Comtesse  2 Sep 1954Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I161074
54 Mortensen, Knud  6 Jun 2001Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I293575
55 Myhrmann, Helena Britta  29 Oct 1913Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89247
56 Olesen, Einar Christian  8 Dec 1899Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89778
57 Olesen, Kristian Peter  29 Oct 1986Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89726
58 Olesen, Martin Christian  22 Jan 1968Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89786
59 Olesen, Oluf  11 Mar 1978Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I90393
60 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Christian  27 May 1818Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188342
61 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Christian Peiter  16 Jun 1799Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188341
62 Pedersen, Inga Marie  24 Nov 1981Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I290496
63 Pedersen, Sigrid  7 Jan 2001Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I297103
64 Pedersen, Søren  Bef 6 Jul 1686Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I277346
65 Povlsen, Emma Sophie  5 Oct 1889Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I422223
66 Rasmussen, Ejner  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I298971
67 Risgaard, Jens Oluf  27 Aug 1973Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I289369
68 Samuelsen, Kirstine  1801Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I309748
69 Schack (Schack of Gültzow), Hedvig Elenore Frederikke Christiane von  3 Jul 1855Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I991
70 Schade, Ane Marie  21 Jan 1890Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88990
71 Schmidt, Catrine Hansine  Nov 1999Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I289869
72 Schunck, Ane Marie  6 Feb 1878Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I174223
73 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Laurits  9 Mar 1915Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I240574
74 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Svend  2 May 1901Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I255572
75 Skovmand-Jørgensen, Gunhild  12 Jul 1985Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I289352
76 Solsbech, Elisabeth Johannesen  12 Mar 1788Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295612
77 Solsbech, Elisabeth Johannesen  3 Dec 1788Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67843
78 Solsbæk, Johannes Andersen  4 Jul 1832Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I67842
79 Sæby, Christen Christensen  9 Jan 1688Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89064
80 Sørensen, Laura Kristence  7 Dec 1977Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I289437
81 Sørensen, Marie Dorthea  1 Jun 1933Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89599
82 Thomasen, Inger Hellena  23 Jan 1794Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I92667
83 Thomasen, Maren  1649Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I107118
84 Thomsen, Carl Christian  23 May 1983Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88238
85 Thomsen, Jens Christian  26 May 1960Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88239
86 Thomsen, Niels  10 Mar 1981Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88222
87 Thomsen, Thøger Christian  28 Dec 1993Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88235
88 Todberg, Mariane  1778Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I119201
89 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Axel Jensen "Bjørn"  Oct 1695Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89026
90 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Inger Jensen "Bjørn"  26 May 1660Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I89060
91 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Jens Axelsen "Bjørn"  1629Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I70177
92 Ussing, Peter Staggemeyer  9 Feb 1838Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I191618
93 Wederking, Sophia Magdalene  9 Jan 1829Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I104642
94 Wilsbech, Frederik  23 Apr 1714Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I69129
95 Wilsbech, Rasmus  27 Jan 1645Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68479
96 Wilsbæk, Margrete Rasmussen  Abt 1686Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68482
97 Ødegaard, Thorvald  26 Jul 1987Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296400


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Johanne Christiane  24 Jul 1882Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432072
2 Bech, Thomas Christian Jensen  3 Jul 1809Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296766
3 Christensen, Christen Peter  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I295490
4 Christiansen, Benedicte Lovise Augusta  8 Feb 1931Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432097
5 Grüner (Grüner), Ebba Maria  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I178961
6 Hansen, Mads  7 Aug 1780Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296774
7 Henriques (Henriques), Jacob Edmund Holm  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I178988
8 Hyttel, Johan Christian  9 May 1923Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432034
9 Hyttel, Palle Wilhelm Mørk  1 Jan 1893Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I432073
10 Høyer, Andreas  13 Oct 1760Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296759
11 Høyer, Ingeborg Birgitte  6 Feb 1759Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I296760
12 Samuelsen, Kirstine  30 May 1801Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I309748
13 Sørensen, Christen  11 Jan 1885Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I88989
14 Thomasen, Inger Hellena  29 Jan 1794Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I92667
15 Wilsbech, Otto Rasmussen  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I68486


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Alf Quistgaard  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I50365
2 Beck (A), Christian Frederik Emil  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I431745
3 Busch, Christian Gottlieb  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I174359
4 Gad (Gad of Norway), Henrik "Henry" Christian  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188283
5 Hasseriis, Mogens Knud   I7753
6 Ilsøe, Peter  18 Sep 1892Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I78424
7 Kjærsgaard, Christian Peter  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I195201
8 Marthinusen, C A  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I19718
9 Mayntzhusen, Conrad Valdemar  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I47573
10 Neergaard (Neergaard), Theodor  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I169859
11 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Christian Peiter  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I188341
12 Pettersen, Herman  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I146436
13 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Laurits  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I240574
14 Ussing, Peter Staggemeyer  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I191618
15 Ørtoft, Jørgen Christensen  Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark I32514


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Madsen  20 Oct 1785Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F121875
2 Andersen / Olesen   F120247
3 Andersen / Olsen   F121697
4 Andersen / Sørensen  5 May 1911Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F154413
5 Barkenæs / Christensen   F121144
6 Bering (Velling) / Sørensen   F122530
7 Bønding / Kofoed   F121226
8 Christensen / Larsen  19 May 1946Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F122878
9 Christiansen / Fynboe  16 May 1842Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F165500
10 Christiansen / Risgaard   F119795
11 Fabricius (Fabricius) / Christensen  18 Apr 1914Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F120249
12 Grønhøj / Christensen   F121141
13 Hansen / Bering (Pedersen)  13 May 1944Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F122506
14 Hansen / Thomasen  29 Jul 1762Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F120489
15 Heide-Jørgensen / Kjærsgaard  29 Dec 1938Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F82099
16 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten) / Holten of Oberndorf (Holten)  9 Sep 1827Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F16704
17 Hyttel /   13 Dec 1839Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F165503
18 Hyttel / Christiansen  17 Oct 1865Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F165511
19 Høyer / Thomasen  26 Aug 1756Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F120488
20 Jensen / Larsen  10 Nov 1914Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F121312
21 Jensen / Overby   F122609
22 Larsen / Andersen   F122248
23 Larsen / Egeborg   F122360
24 Larsen / Jensen   F122570
25 Lassen / Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland)  13 Nov 1767Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F50924
26 Madsen / Christensen   F122440
27 Muus (Muus of Denmark) / Falster   F45171
28 Nedermark / Christensen   F121146
29 Nielsen / Jensen   F122096
30 Overby / Hansen   F122612
31 Overlund / Nielsen   F120009
32 Pedersen / Christensen   F122212
33 Poulsen / Kristensen   F122535
34 Solsbæk / Madsen  20 Oct 1785Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F32423
35 Spend / Lauridsen  1630Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F33313
36 Sørensen / Schade  21 Jul 1847Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F40135
37 Westenholz / Aabel  21 Dec 1810Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F32418
38 Wied (Wied) / Tutein  18 Apr 1893Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F17443
39 Wilsbech / Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby)  1 Dec 1688Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark F32635

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