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Hals, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Thora  2 Dec 1859Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I73374
2 Beck, Ane  23 Sep 1828Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I222471
3 Brinkmann, Christian Frederick  Abt 1839Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I69748
4 Brønnum (Brønnum), Andreas Møller  1809Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I88390
5 Christensen, Frederik Christian  30 Aug 1795Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I203879
6 Christensen, Johanne Christine  25 Feb 1828Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I80785
7 Christensen, Maren Juline  Abt 1811Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I69747
8 Christensen, Nikolaj  Abt 1829Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I243963
9 Deht, Adam Adamsen  1777Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90510
10 Deht, Lyder Adamsen  1768Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90511
11 Haugaard, Ove Jesper  11 Aug 1726Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I107630
12 Hjersing (Hjersing), Jens Jørgen Elvinus  10 Mar 1876Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I139342
13 Irgens-Møller, Johannes  1 Jan 1891Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I145262
14 Jacobsen, Edward  15 Mar 1881Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I135511
15 Jacobsen, Ellen  9 Jun 1882Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I135507
16 Jacobsen, Johanne Marie  25 Feb 1802Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I117395
17 Jacobsen, Oscar  5 May 1884Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I135499
18 Jensen, Albertine Juliane Jenny  12 Oct 1895Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I208820
19 Jensen, Ane Julene  6 Jul 1862Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I80239
20 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Christiane  10 Mar 1856Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I232152
21 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Christian Bondrup  8 Nov 1859Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I232154
22 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Marentine  31 Dec 1857Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I232153
23 Knudsen, Mariane Marie  3 Dec 1887Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I287257
24 Lassen (Lassen of Randers), Arild Hansen  2 May 1742Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116679
25 Licht (Licht), Agnete Charlotte de Fine  13 Aug 1901Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I223396
26 Licht (Licht), Oluf Hakon de Fine  21 Jan 1903Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I223395
27 Madsen, Hans  12 Aug 1835Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I94857
28 Mollerup (Mollerup of Lisbjerg 1), Ide Heldevig Birgithe  1761Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116670
29 Neist, Mariane Nicoline  5 May 1839Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I94843
30 Nielsen, Carl Vilhelm  14 Feb 1834Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I5252
31 Olesen, Karen Marie  6 Nov 1856Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I392574
32 Petersen, Karen  Abt 1774Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I65924
33 Rønne, Christian  4 Sep 1827Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I410525
34 Seidelin (Seidelin), Karen Petra  12 Jul 1864Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I72081
35 Springborg, Maren Larsen  1796Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I387925
36 Toft, Knudsine Knudsen  7 Jan 1853Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I50796
37 Warming, Bodil   I141824
38 Warming, Else   I141825


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Jensen, Albertine Juliane Jenny  16 Oct 1895Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I208820
2 Jensen, Ane Julene  19 Oct 1862Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I80239
3 Knudsen, Mariane Marie  22 Jan 1888Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I287257
4 Licht (Licht), Agnete Charlotte de Fine  11 Oct 1901Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I223396
5 Licht (Licht), Oluf Hakon de Fine  24 May 1903Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I223395
6 Nielsen, Carl Vilhelm  24 Apr 1834Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I5252
7 Rathmann, Annie   I445980
8 Sørensen, Frederikke Emilie  23 Jan 1876Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I79739
9 Toft, Jens Knudsen  28 Dec 1851Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I419311


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bach (Bach of Læsø), Anders Andersen  20 Dec 1742Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90731
2 Bruun, Hans Frandsen  Abt 1787Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116680
3 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Elisabeth Cathrine Pedersen  9 Feb 1791Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116684
4 Brønnum (Brønnum), Christian Andersen  31 May 1825Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I88348
5 Cordts, Carl Engelbert  21 Sep 1910Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I94036
6 Deth, Adam Heinrich  5 Apr 1822Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90710
7 Fribert, Harald Rudolf  30 Sep 1956Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I405288
8 Hald, Fredrikke Christiane  17 Oct 1843Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116681
9 Hald, Nicoline  1787Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116693
10 Juul (Juul of Læsø), Søren Sørensen  20 Jan 1762Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90689
11 Jørgensen, Ella Margrethe  26 Oct 1970Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I155148
12 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Carl Bang  26 Oct 1877Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I50794
13 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Mogensine Marie  18 Jun 1902Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I118934
14 Lassen (Lassen of Randers), Arild Hansen  8 Dec 1795Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I116679
15 Licht (Licht), Mathias Kjeldsen de Fine  23 Feb 1917Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I175627
16 Lynget, Karen Lydersen  1 Dec 1793Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I90715
17 Marcussen (Markussen), Erik Adolf Jørgen Marcussen  6 Jan 1994Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I385894
18 Mikkelsen, Else  26 Jun 1905Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I65320


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brønnum (Brønnum), Andreas Peter  17 May 1798Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I88403
2 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Carsten Andreas  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I182053
3 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Elsebeth Rasmussen  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I106398
4 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anne Andersen  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I95095
5 Licht (Licht), Mathias Kjeldsen de Fine  27 Feb 1917Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I175627


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anders  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I447482
2 Munch, Ole  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I194226
3 Nielsen, Niels  Hals, North Jutland, Denmark I3330
4 Nordentoft, Sophie   I77202
5 Plenge, Finn Krener   I42072


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gleerup (Gleerup) / Hopp  17 Feb 1770Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F17782
2 Jermiin / Høj   F8272
3 Kruse / Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe)  25 Jun 1858Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F42144
4 Mollerup (Mollerup of Lisbjerg 1) / Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe)  30 Dec 1840Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F72989
5 Ræder / Munch  26 Nov 1810Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F81716
6 Schiøtz (Schiøtz) / Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe)  7 Oct 1854Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F42241
7 Skovbo / Toft  24 May 1848Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F160716
8 Spliid / Toft  19 May 1871Hals, North Jutland, Denmark F160704

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