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Fakse, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 79 of 79

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Gerda Betty Hurup  8 Sep 1902Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I133354
2 Andersen, Tage Kalkar Hurup  4 Dec 1903Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I133351
3 Andreasen, Axel Vilhelm  26 Sep 1873Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I78799
4 Andreasen, Charles Peter Julius  29 Aug 1868Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I81904
5 Andreasen, Eleonora Christine Marie  21 Aug 1870Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I81903
6 Andreasen, Ingeborg Elizabeth  2 Jun 1872Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I78801
7 Bagger, Elisabeth Marie Christensen  Abt 1675Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109619
8 Barfod (Pedersen), Hans Peder Faxe  3 Nov 1842Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I143638
9 Barfod (Pedersen), Inger Marie  13 May 1841Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I189660
10 Bay (Bay of Voer), Christian Larsen  1822Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389965
11 Bay (Bay of Voer), Jens Larsen  1827Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389966
12 Bay (Bay of Voer), Marie Kirstine Larsen  1816Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389963
13 Bay (Bay of Voer), Niels Larsen  1814Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389964
14 Bencard, Anne Sophie   I166876
15 Boserup (Boserup), Mogens  28 Aug 1910Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I57306
16 Christensen, Knud Grønvald  28 Mar 1793Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109540
17 Finsen, Ruth   I116904
18 Frølund, Johanne Dorothea  1742Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I10136
19 Frølund, Magdalene Foss  1739Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I339640
20 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Agnes Margarethe Kornerup  24 Mar 1906Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I239730
21 Gjellerup, Albert  1845Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108154
22 Gjellerup, Anna  1840Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108156
23 Gjellerup, Drude Elisabeth  1837Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118611
24 Gjellerup, Emilie  1842Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108155
25 Gjellerup, Ferdinand  1849Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108152
26 Gjellerup, Poul Frederik Jacob  14 Jan 1835Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I87892
27 Gjellerup, Sophie  1847Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108153
28 Haages, Grete   I171757
29 Hammeken, Klaes Rich   I146132
30 Hansen, Drude Margrethe  1766Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118612
31 Hansen, Ellen Cathrine  Abt 1836Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I291344
32 Haste, Peder Horrebow  12 Jan 1765Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I60824
33 Holst (Holst of Xxx), Steffen Stampe   I160032
34 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), John, Count   I186430
35 Højbjerg-Pedersen, Else Beate  24 Oct 1904Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I139320
36 Jensen, Anna Marie  2 Dec 1873Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389779
37 Jensen, Anne Christine  1777Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109560
38 Jensen, Harald Viggo  25 Feb 1879Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389780
39 Johansen, Dorthea Cathrine  23 Feb 1817Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327855
40 Johansen, Friderich  14 Jul 1819Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327854
41 Johansen, Niels Christian  30 Apr 1823Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327852
42 Knudsen, Anne Mette   I155073
43 Knudsen, Anne-Mette  26 MayFakse, Zealand, Denmark I280554
44 La Cour (La Cour), Christine Charlotte  8 Nov 1836Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I397142
45 Langkilde, Jørgen Villiam   I182208
46 Langkilde, Niels Preben  24 Jul 1910Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I182206
47 Larsen, Marie  1785Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389962
48 Mathiesen Birch, Johan  1700Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I417363
49 Mortensen, Lars  Abt 1783Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I312026
50 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Anne Kirstine  1798Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118594
51 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Carl Poelding  1796Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118595
52 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Dorthe Sophie  1800Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I108260
53 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Dorthea Sophie  1804Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118616
54 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Jacob  1802Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118593
55 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Johannes Jacobsen  1750Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118613
56 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Martha Christence  1794Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I167110
57 Nielsen, Erik  1902Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I5231
58 Nielsen, Helmer Marius Rasmus  21 May 1905Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83438
59 Nielsen, Inger Margrethe  1910Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I5230
60 Nielsen, Kaj Bryde  13 Nov 1898Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83432
61 Nielsen, Karl Vilhelm Lyhne  26 Sep 1900Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83421
62 Nielsen, Kirsten Nicoline Sofie  6 Dec 1874Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83433
63 Nielsen, Lars  Abt 1805Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389698
64 Nielsen, Lise Bencard   I166872
65 Nielsen, Niels Peter Anton  10 Oct 1884Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I82439
66 Olsen, Jens  Abt 1810Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389696
67 Ovesen, Claus Helweg   I141557
68 Pedersen, Ane Katrine  Abt 1819Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389699
69 Pedersen, Frederik Villiam  23 Apr 1859Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I440733
70 Qvortrup (Bugge of Bugge), Helge Braat  29 Sep 1924Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I254043
71 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Steen Møller  24 Oct 1952Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I88437
72 Saust, Charlotte Emilie  15 Jun 1817Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109562
73 Saust, Elisa Augusta  14 Feb 1812Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109552
74 Saust, Friderich Albrecht  16 Jun 1831Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109550
75 Steffensen, Ejner Ehlers  10 Apr 1901Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I404543
76 Svanholm, Lauritz Theodor  10 Jul 1843Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I82931
77 Sønderup, Thor Henry Brockdorff  4 Sep 1843Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I412660
78 Tryggvason Sveinbjørnsson, Ea   I24258
79 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Svend  20 May 1875Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I18769


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andreasen, Axel Vilhelm  16 Oct 1873Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I78799
2 Andreasen, Charles Peter Julius  18 Sep 1868Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I81904
3 Andreasen, Eleonora Christine Marie  9 Sep 1870Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I81903
4 Andreasen, Ingeborg Elizabeth  20 Jul 1872Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I78801
5 Boserup (Boserup), Mogens  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I57306
6 Frølund, Magdalene Foss  18 Nov 1739Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I339640
7 Jensen, Peder  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389656
8 Johansen, Dorthea Cathrine  4 May 1817Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327855
9 Johansen, Friderich  19 Sep 1819Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327854
10 Johansen, Niels Christian  15 Jun 1823Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327852
11 La Cour (La Cour), Christine Charlotte  15 Feb 1837Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I397142
12 Nielsen, Niels Peter Anton  21 Dec 1884Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I82439
13 Pedersen, Andreas  15 May 1803Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83802
14 Pedersen, Frederik Villiam  5 Jun 1859Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I440733


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bachvald, Dorthea Marie  16 Oct 1843Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327868
2 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Gunnar von  19 Apr 1971Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I171487
3 Barfoed (Pedersen), Hans Peter  14 Nov 1841Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I33403
4 Behrendt, Sara Elisabeth  Abt 1850Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I156139
5 Boserup (Boserup), Carl Johan  7 Jan 1966Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I57293
6 Dam, Thorkild  20 Aug 1984Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I82447
7 Frederiksen, Johanne  7 Feb 1919Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I424279
8 Frølund, Laurits Michael  8 Aug 1753Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I10125
9 Gjellerup, Poul  1838Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118622
10 Gjellerup, Sophus Michael  24 Nov 1910Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I176621
11 Guldberg (Guldberg), Christine Charlotte Bang  28 Jun 1826Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I87978
12 Harhoff (Harhoff), Georg Frederik Krogh  22 Apr 1993Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I92923
13 Høffding (Høffding), Drude Elisabeth  1824Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I118644
14 Jensen, Jacobine Hansine  17 Feb 1892Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I308251
15 Jensen, Jørgen  2 Jan 1899Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I318488
16 Johansen, Dideriche  8 Mar 1825Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327856
17 Johansen, Friderich  1 Aug 1824Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327854
18 Jørgensen, Vilhelmine Henriette Georgine  18 Nov 1874Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I169685
19 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth), Kield Gustav, Count  22 Dec 1992Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I154667
20 Lauritzen, Alma Wengel Christensen  22 Dec 1928Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I270445
21 Laursen, Edit Kirstine  23 Sep 1985Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I307829
22 Leschly, Louise Dorthea  3 Nov 1885Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I128048
23 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Emil  17 Mar 1947Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I274602
24 Moltke (Moltke), Bertha Marie Louise, Comtesse  7 May 1988Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I162053
25 Nielsen, Helmer Marius Rasmus  14 Dec 1956Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83438
26 Nielsen, Kaj Bryde  9 Jan 1959Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83432
27 Nielsen, Karl Vilhelm Lyhne  15 Mar 1960Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83421
28 Nielsen, Kirsten Nicoline Sofie  9 Jan 1951Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83433
29 Reedtz-Thott (Reedtz), Gudrun, Baroness  16 Jul 1917Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I47719
30 Saust, Fredrich Christian  Abt 1834Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I109561
31 Schiøler (Schiøler), Søren Friderichsen  Mar 1777Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I25732
32 Schulin (Schulin), Ida Augusta, Comtesse  Nov 1951Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I80078
33 Svanholm, Jens Lauridsen  9 May 1880Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I392728
34 Svendsen, Knud  30 Jun 1990Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I307796
35 Thestrup (Thestrup), Peter Mathias Ottonius Gesmel  6 Jan 1949Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I68562
36 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Hannibal "Haba" Sigismund, Baron  22 Jun 1939Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I110333
37 Ørum, Kaj Vilhelm  7 Apr 1945Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I70264


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bachvald, Dorthea Marie  21 Oct 1843Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I327868
2 Barfoed (Pedersen), Hans Peter  23 Nov 1841Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I33403
3 Guldberg (Guldberg), Christine Charlotte Bang  8 Mar 1826Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I87978
4 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth), Kield Gustav, Count  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I154667
5 Nielsen, Helmer Marius Rasmus  17 Dec 1956Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83438
6 Nielsen, Kaj Bryde  12 Jan 1959Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83432
7 Nielsen, Karl Vilhelm Lyhne  20 Mar 1960Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83421


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barfoed (Pedersen), Hans Peter  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I33403
2 Bille Brahe of Svanholm (Bille), Steen, Baron   I158873
3 Boserup (Boserup), Carl Johan  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I57293
4 Boserup (Boserup), Hans Jacob  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I121684
5 Engelsted, Niels Christian  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I136533
6 Frederiksen, Niels  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I440734
7 Galthen (Galthen of Aarhus), Eggert  20 Feb 1818Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I84008
8 Langkilde, Niels  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I182203
9 Larsen, Lauritz Vilhelm  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I133360
10 Møller, Frederik Schleppegrell  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I153138
11 Nielsen, Charles Konrad "Conrad"  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83434
12 Nielsen, Helmer Marius Rasmus  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83438
13 Nielsen, Kaj Bryde  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83432
14 Nielsen, Karl Vilhelm Lyhne  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83421
15 Nielsen, Kirsten Nicoline Sofie  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83433
16 Nielsen, Rasmus  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I83422
17 Olsen, Jens  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I389696
18 Qvortrup (Bugge of Bugge), Hannibal Seehusen  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I254044
19 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Carl Herholdt  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I193378
20 Stumpe, Lars Herold   I184647
21 Varming (Varming of Obling), Kjeld Hoffmann  Fakse, Zealand, Denmark I195781


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andreasen / Villaume  15 Nov 1867Fakse, Zealand, Denmark F37308
2 Haar / Riemann  14 Jul 1916Fakse, Zealand, Denmark F167674
3 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Larsen   F78474
4 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth) / Jessen   F64377
5 Muus (Muus of Denmark) / Sønderup  23 May 1828Fakse, Zealand, Denmark F60450
6 Nielsen / Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein)   F78479
7 Pedersen / Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth)   F64380
8 Schjødt / Andreasen  Abt 1902Fakse, Zealand, Denmark F37307
9 Sünckenberg / Kløcker  24 Jul 1850Fakse, Zealand, Denmark F41328

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