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Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 116 of 116

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albertus, Christoffer Sophus  30 Jan 1806Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427186
2 Albertus, Jacobine Frederikke  27 Aug 1800Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427142
3 Anker, Michael Groes   I16899
4 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Carl Christoffer  7 Jul 1860Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401048
5 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Mads Johan Waldemar  27 Oct 1834Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401047
6 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Sophus Waldemar  2 Oct 1869Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401052
7 Boserup (Boserup), Christian Redlich  1 Jan 1740Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I108106
8 Bødker, Jens Jensen  1747Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I385171
9 Castonier (Castonier), Daniel Bernhard de  20 Jan 1778Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I156596
10 Colding (Colding), Ane Dorthea  31 Oct 1796Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48398
11 Ehnhuus, Erich Frederick  Apr 1784Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I421183
12 Eriksen, Jesper Kjeldsen   I401696
13 Eriksen, Thomas Christian Kjeldsen   I401866
14 Freving, Nanna Kielgast   I237859
15 Føns, Lovise Margrethe  21 Dec 1805Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112507
16 Føns, Lovise Margrethe Sophie  27 Apr 1807Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112506
17 Føns, Nicoline Petrea  8 Sep 1804Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112508
18 Fønss (Fønss), Louise Henriette von  1820Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I119175
19 Graff, Agnes Cathrine  1 Jul 1882Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79950
20 Graff, Andrea Elisabeth  15 Jun 1878Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79952
21 Graff, Caroline Emilie  6 Apr 1866Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81758
22 Graff, Eilert Sophus  10 Sep 1885Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79949
23 Graff, Frederikke Jensine  8 Apr 1876Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81743
24 Graff, Hermanda Otilia  19 May 1880Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79951
25 Graff, Louis Henry Hermann  14 Apr 1868Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81757
26 Graff, Marius Julius  31 Aug 1872Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81746
27 Graff, Otto Theodor  24 Jan 1888Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79948
28 Graff, Rasmus Heinrich Herman  17 Aug 1864Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79993
29 Graff, Søren Frederik Valdemar  9 Aug 1874Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81745
30 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Birgitte   I162218
31 Gylling, Bodil   I387882
32 Hals, Anne Dorthea Nielsen  1741Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21233
33 Hals, Marie Cathrine  2 Jan 1801Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48717
34 Hoffmann, Helle   I30483
35 Holst, Edvind Emil Theodor  3 Sep 1884Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I404081
36 Holst, Erik   I146389
37 Holst (Holst of Xxx), Peter Thue  3 Sep 1884Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I154417
38 Hude (Hude), Anna von der  26 Jul 1858Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I170565
39 Jensen, Carl Jacob  28 Jul 1882Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222274
40 Jensen, Ellen Margrethe  22 Oct 1912Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222280
41 Jensen, Jens Michael  12 May 1885Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222276
42 Jensen, Laurits Søren  12 Sep 1883Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222275
43 Jensen, Margrethe Wilhelmine  14 Oct 1890Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222309
44 Jørgensen, Betina Maria Wiederhold   I401728
45 Kampmann (Kampmann), Christian Peter Georg Johannes  1 Jun 1858Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I198407
46 Kampmann (Kampmann), Hack  6 Sep 1856Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I198393
47 Kampmann (Kampmann), Johanne Margrete Marie "Tylle"  31 Dec 1861Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I138562
48 Kellermann, Laura Mathilde Elisabeth  30 Oct 1882Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I288550
49 Kirkegaard, Thora  Abt 1854Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I414232
50 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Pia   I139205
51 Krog, Hemming Vilhelm  17 May 1901Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I137908
52 Krog, Jens Gunnar Gottlieb  3 May 1898Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I137916
53 La Cour (La Cour), Cathrine   I164098
54 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Alexander Frederik  20 Oct 1828Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I45679
55 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Emma Anna Karen Eleonora  9 Feb 1817Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I45685
56 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Lydia Rasmine Lovise  17 Nov 1818Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I45684
57 Loftager, Per   I294872
58 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Agnes  30 Aug 1890Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48020
59 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Ane Dorthea Marie  2 Sep 1869Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48088
60 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Ane Kirstine Benedicte  11 Apr 1885Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48026
61 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Carl Anthonius  17 Jan 1893Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48019
62 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Jørgen Viggo Elis  27 Mar 1887Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48025
63 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Knud Volmer  23 Aug 1889Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48022
64 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Niels Marius  7 Oct 1859Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48343
65 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Oluf Ulrik  30 Nov 1857Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48344
66 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Ulrich  15 May 1864Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48090
67 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Valdemar  15 Mar 1865Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48089
68 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Vilhelm  14 Jun 1862Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48091
69 Melbye, Jacob Buntzen  22 Nov 1790Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I37208
70 Melbye, Poul Christian  11 Jul 1789Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I37196
71 Mygind (Sandager), Hans Stigsen  Feb 1768Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I85093
72 Mygind (Sandager), Jørgen Hansen  8 Apr 1732Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21205
73 Mygind (Sandager), Stig Hansen  1740Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21234
74 Møller, Johanne Kirstine  13 Jan 1853Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I403318
75 Møller, Nicoline  16 Jun 1813Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I78417
76 Neckelmann, Ludvig Conrad  28 May 1784Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I387746
77 Nielsen, Anna Sophie Colding   I79030
78 Nielsen, Annina  12 Feb 1880Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I411902
79 Nielsen, Hans Christian Dreiøe   I79031
80 Pedersen-Holmen, Elisa  12 May 1902Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397377
81 Pedersen-Holmen, Margrethe  29 Mar 1906Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397376
82 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Margrethe Cathrine Kampmann  1738Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I138540
83 Rhode, Anne Cathrine  28 Nov 1767Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I37143
84 Riskær, Bodil   I188997
85 Seidelin (Seidelin), Carl Ferdinand  22 Sep 1835Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240303
86 Seidelin (Seidelin), Eline Magdalene  30 Mar 1829Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240306
87 Seidelin (Seidelin), Elise Elmine  13 Nov 1837Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240302
88 Seidelin (Seidelin), Hans Christian   I79523
89 Seidelin (Seidelin), Henriette Emilie  23 Feb 1831Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240305
90 Seidelin (Seidelin), Ida Marianne Wissing   I79520
91 Seidelin (Seidelin), Jens Christian Philip  25 Mar 1827Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I236769
92 Seidelin (Seidelin), Karen Margrethe Colding   I79521
93 Seidelin (Seidelin), Thora Sophie  28 Oct 1833Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240304
94 Siesbye, Anton  Abt 1835Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I172911
95 Siesbye, Anton Frederik  24 Nov 1838Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I172915
96 Siesbye, Oscar  19 Jul 1833Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I172910
97 Sinding, Bartholin  20 Nov 1807Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I53612
98 Sinding, Christine Nicolette  13 Feb 1806Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I53855
99 Sinding, Hans Adolph  8 Apr 1811Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I125554
100 Sinding, Hjeronimus  30 Sep 1814Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I53610
101 Sinding, Lucie Marie  13 Dec 1808Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I53611
102 Sinding, Peder Marinus  11 Jun 1803Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I53735
103 Skeel (Skeel), Jørgen   I1593
104 Stephensen, Helga Ragnheid Eline  10 Apr 1848Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I251288
105 Stephensen, Westy Christian Ludvig  15 Oct 1835Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I96016
106 Sørensen, Jens Peder Veje   I238432
107 Sørensen, Jonas Veje   I238429
108 Sørensen, Kamilla Veje   I238430
109 Sørensen, Kim   I187168
110 Thuesen, Cathrine  17 Apr 1882Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I170647
111 Thykier, Christian Hansen  9 Mar 1830Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I113576
112 Thykier, Søren Asch Bang  29 Nov 1847Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I243001
113 Thykjær, Ane Cathrine  29 Nov 1835Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427405
114 Warming, Niels   I141831
115 Winding, Karen Mathilde Andrea  1873Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I91613
116 Ørting, Erasmine  27 Jan 1813Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I403188


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Albertus, Christoffer Sophus  2 Feb 1806Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427186
2 Albertus, Jacobine Frederikke  9 Oct 1800Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427142
3 Boserup (Boserup), Christian Redlich  6 Jan 1740Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I108106
4 Boserup (Boserup), Johan Ludvig  16 Feb 1748Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I108094
5 Ehnhuus, Erich Frederick  20 Apr 1784Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I421183
6 Eriksen, Jesper Kjeldsen   I401696
7 Eriksen, Thomas Christian Kjeldsen   I401866
8 Føns, Lovise Margrethe  22 Dec 1805Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112507
9 Føns, Lovise Margrethe Sophie  5 May 1807Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112506
10 Føns, Nicoline Petrea  9 Sep 1804Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112508
11 Fønss (Fønss), Louise Henriette von  30 Apr 1820Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I119175
12 Graff, Agnes Cathrine  11 Nov 1882Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79950
13 Graff, Andrea Elisabeth  21 Jul 1878Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79952
14 Graff, Caroline Emilie  17 Jun 1866Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81758
15 Graff, Eilert Sophus  26 Dec 1885Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79949
16 Graff, Frederikke Jensine  21 May 1876Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81743
17 Graff, Hermanda Otilia  19 Sep 1880Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79951
18 Graff, Louis Henry Hermann  28 Jun 1868Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81757
19 Graff, Marius Julius  31 Aug 1872Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81746
20 Graff, Otto Theodor  30 Sep 1888Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79948
21 Graff, Rasmus Heinrich Herman  22 Jan 1865Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I79993
22 Graff, Søren Frederik Valdemar  29 Sep 1874Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81745
23 Hals, Anne Dorthea Nielsen  29 Sep 1741Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21233
24 Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg), Fritz Emmerich  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I16906
25 Jensen, Ellen Margrethe  26 Dec 1912Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222280
26 Jensen, Jens Michael  5 Jun 1885Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222276
27 Jensen, Jørgen Søren  19 May 1887Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222308
28 La Cour (La Cour), Anna Marie  25 Jul 1909Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397473
29 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Emma Anna Karen Eleonora  31 Jul 1817Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I45685
30 Munch, Palle Hoff  8 Aug 1782Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I230263
31 Mygind (Sandager), Hans Stigsen  6 Mar 1768Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I85093
32 Mygind (Sandager), Stig Hansen  16 Oct 1740Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21234
33 Møller, Carl Vilhelm August  22 Nov 1840Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222256
34 Møller, Hedevig Abeline Charlotte  12 Nov 1843Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222257
35 Møller, Laura Camilla Bertholette Mortensen  24 May 1838Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222255
36 Møller, Nicoline  20 Jun 1813Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I78417
37 Møller, Ole Christian Martinus Mortensen  5 Jun 1836Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222254
38 Nielsen, Rasmine Nielsine  14 Apr 1892Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222277
39 Pedersen-Holmen, Elisa  8 Jun 1902Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397377
40 Pedersen-Holmen, Margrethe  13 May 1906Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397376
41 Seidelin (Seidelin), Carl Ferdinand  31 Oct 1835Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240303
42 Seidelin (Seidelin), Eline Magdalene  30 May 1829Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240306
43 Seidelin (Seidelin), Elise Elmine  23 Apr 1838Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240302
44 Seidelin (Seidelin), Henriette Emilie  22 Apr 1831Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240305
45 Seidelin (Seidelin), Jens Christian Philip  28 Mar 1827Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I236769
46 Seidelin (Seidelin), Thora Sophie  13 Dec 1833Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240304
47 Stephensen, Westy Christian Ludvig  20 May 1836Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I96016
48 Thykjær, Ane Cathrine  14 Jun 1836Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427405


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albertus, Wilhelmine Augusta Sophie  Dec 1806Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I427181
2 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Christoffer  30 Apr 1868Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401046
3 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Mads Johan Waldemar  27 Apr 1892Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401047
4 Bering (Velling), Jane Margrethe  26 Mar 1820Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I179774
5 Bircherod, Erik Pedersen  1689Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I280574
6 Boesen, Morten  28 Jan 1742Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I155276
7 Boisen, Nanna Christiane  17 Nov 1894Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I69330
8 Brøchner (Nielsen), Niels Christian Nielsen  2 May 1966Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I404310
9 Bøgh (Lassen), Anne Elisabeth  30 Dec 1824Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I84961
10 Bøgh (Lassen), Dorthe Maria  11 Jun 1834Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I84931
11 Bøjstrup, Jens Christian  20 Jul 1947Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I403377
12 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Viggo "Viggo Christian Adolf Georg", Royal Count of Rosenborg, Prince of  4 Jan 1970Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I67015
13 Føns, Lovise Margrethe  15 Jan 1806Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I112507
14 Hals, Anne Dorthea Nielsen  1791Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21233
15 Hansen, Anna Kirstine  1 Apr 1871Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I238937
16 Hjorth Jensen, Jørgen Søren  17 Mar 1886Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222268
17 Jakobsen, Viola Ursula  1984Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I292492
18 Jensen, Carl Jacob  24 Jan 1875Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222269
19 Jensen, Kirstine Maria  21 Nov 1870Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81760
20 Jonsen, Ellen Margrethe  26 Apr 1811Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I34652
21 Jørgensen, Jørgen  20 Dec 1969Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I12575
22 La Cour (La Cour), Carl Christian  21 Dec 1953Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397475
23 La Cour (La Cour), Christine Cathrine  25 Dec 1902Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I84191
24 Mulvad, Karen Stub  24 Jul 1875Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I418297
25 Munch, Palle Hoff  3 Nov 1843Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I230263
26 Munch, Peder  19 Aug 1828Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I179796
27 Mygind (Sandager), Hans Jørgensen  1 Feb 1742Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21217
28 Mygind (Sandager), Stig Hansen  1801Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21234
29 Nielsen, Rasmine Nielsine  28 Jun 1914Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222277
30 Olivarius (Olivarius), Birgitte Cecilie  15 Jun 1831Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I34656
31 Olivarius (Olivarius), Christine  15 Feb 1830Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I230288
32 Olivarius (Olivarius), Holger Nielsen  12 Aug 1824Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I110646
33 Osten (Osten of Wisbu), Charlotte Amalie von der  28 Jul 1769Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I197020
34 Poulsen, Ane Nielsine  9 Mar 1956Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I92873
35 Sally, Alfa Lily Pauline  29 Feb 1904Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I153416
36 Seidelin (Seidelin), Anne Elisabeth  10 May 1875Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240356
37 Seidelin (Seidelin), Carl  12 Nov 1858Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I238936
38 Seidelin (Seidelin), Thora Sophie  15 Apr 1888Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240304
39 Sinding, Niels Pedersen  6 Dec 1861Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I54715
40 Sinding, Peter Højlund  5 Oct 1906Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I156672
41 Sommerfeldt, Hedevig Melchiorsen  25 May 1812Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I108105
42 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Carl Marius  19 Jul 1997Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I122004
43 Sørensen, Anna Cathrine  2 Jul 1903Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81747
44 Windt, Birgitte Christine Petersen  15 Dec 1839Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I119192
45 Ørting, Niels Rasmussen  5 Jul 1858Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I230287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bøgh (Lassen), Anne Elisabeth  6 Jan 1825Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I84961
2 Bøgh (Lassen), Dorthe Maria  18 Jun 1834Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I84931
3 Hals, Anne Dorthea Nielsen  1 Feb 1791Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21233
4 Hansen, Anna Kirstine  8 Apr 1871Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I238937
5 Hjorth Jensen, Jørgen Søren  26 Mar 1886Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222268
6 Ipsen, Henning  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I292491
7 Jensen, Carl Jacob  30 Jan 1875Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I222269
8 Jensen, Kirstine Maria  26 Nov 1870Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81760
9 La Cour (La Cour), Carl Christian  27 Dec 1953Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I397475
10 Mygind (Sandager), Stig Hansen  16 Oct 1801Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21234
11 Seidelin (Seidelin), Anne Elisabeth  18 May 1875Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240356
12 Seidelin (Seidelin), Carl  21 Nov 1868Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I238936
13 Seidelin (Seidelin), Thora Sophie  20 Apr 1888Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I240304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Christoffer  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401046
2 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Mads Johan Waldemar  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I401047
3 Bødker, Jens Jensen  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I385173
4 Graff, Marius Julius  1888Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81746
5 Graff, Waldemar Emil Theodor  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I81782
6 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Viggo Gunnersen   I191811
7 Holst, Anton  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I149684
8 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Jørgen  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I48351
9 Mygind (Sandager), Hans Jørgensen  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I21217
10 Seidelin (Seidelin), Karen Margrethe Colding   I79521
11 Siesbye, Wulff  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I172895
12 Skeel (Skeel), Erik  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I105635
13 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Carl Marius  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I122004
14 Vieth (Vieth), Ernst Ludvig Emil  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark I153407


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albeck / Greve   F71658
2 Albertus / Hansen  28 Jun 1810Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F163664
3 Bojsen / Iversen  12 Oct 1884Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F69021
4 Brøchner (Pedersen) / Langkjær  22 Jul 1934Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F37084
5 Bülow (Bülow) / Winding  24 Jul 1884Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F24379
6 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Bjarnholt   F70006
7 Evald / La Cour (La Cour)  12 Oct 1934Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F153931
8 Holst / Raghner  21 Jul 1933Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F62018
9 Holstein (Holstein) / Moltke (Moltke)   F11040
10 Hude (Hude) / Tulinius  24 Oct 1856Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F71790
11 Ipsen / Bach   F119719
12 Jensen / Jensen  30 Sep 1881Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F92795
13 Jensen / Nielsen  31 Mar 1912Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F92797
14 Karamperis / Andersen   F10409
15 Lock-Hansen / Madsen  5 Sep 1953Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F150026
16 Madsen / Jensen  8 May 1932Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F92799
17 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia) / Hals  1830Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F11831
18 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia) / Hansen  8 Oct 1856Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F10343
19 Mathari / Scheel (Skeel)   F11884
20 Melbye / Rhode  13 Dec 1786Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F19262
21 Mikkelsen / Sørensen  7 May 1914Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F153941
22 Mygind (Sandager) / Buchstrup  19 Jul 1730Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F9203
23 Mygind (Sandager) / Fischer (Fischer of Denmark)  17 Jul 1832Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F80520
24 Mygind (Sandager) / Hals  20 Feb 1767Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F9213
25 Poulsen / Ørting  7 Oct 1836Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F155819
26 Rasmussen / Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia)  20 Sep 1893Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F10252
27 Schrøder / Heinrich   F33055
28 Secher (Rasmussen) / Haarup   F6839
29 Seidelin (Seidelin) / Hansen  16 Feb 1828Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F98983
30 Skeel (Skeel) / Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone)  4 Feb 1937Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F62101
31 Stephensen / Friis  17 Sep 1840Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F51178
32 Wittendorff / Koppel (Koppel of Bavaria)  Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F56233
33 Ørting / Olivarius (Olivarius)  3 Apr 1822Ebeltoft, Central Jutland, Denmark F96008

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