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Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrés, Steen Harboe   I15037
2 Andresen, Svend Georg Oskar  1853Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I268835
3 Bagge, Anne Margrethe  May 1772Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I45506
4 Begstrup, Holger Christian  28 Jun 1859Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I65666
5 Bertelsen, Arne  11 Oct 1910Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I223248
6 Bircherod, Jens Jensen  12 Nov 1623Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I280609
7 Bircherod, Peder Jensen  1626Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I280597
8 Bjerre, Marie  1833Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I105787
9 Bjørnsen, Karen  1784Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I427418
10 Bojesen, Niels Bo   I248382
11 Brotby, William   I132141
12 Budelmann, Camilla Marie  23 Sep 1857Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I148417
13 Christensen, Agnes  7 Jan 1900Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I447931
14 Christensen, Carl Peter Laurits  28 Jun 1885Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I417003
15 Christensen, Margrethe  16 Jun 1893Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I76820
16 Dinesen (Dinesen), Carl Ebbe  16 Jan 1899Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I19819
17 Elming, Peter  4 Sep 1951Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I248832
18 Faaborg, Mette  8 Mar 1912Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I146185
19 Fogh-Andersen, Vagn  12 Jun 1886Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I103551
20 Glarbro, Niels Erik Kampmann  2 Dec 1909Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I138506
21 Grut (Grut), Kenneth Andreas Nicolai  26 Feb 1912Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I197620
22 Heise (Heise), Carl Arnold Leopold  28 Dec 1837Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I73120
23 Jensen, Aage  22 Aug 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445013
24 Jensen, Inger   I171694
25 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Ea Georg   I416192
26 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Gine Georg   I416193
27 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Nils Georg  7 Jul 1949Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I416203
28 Kaarsberg, Palle Bodecker  14 Oct 1922Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I417556
29 Kalckar, Andreas Weis   I91723
30 Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth), Alice Cathrine, Comtesse   I163497
31 Koch, Elisabeth  14 May 1887Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I168624
32 Korshagen, Trine   I168923
33 Levetzow (Levetzow), Ulrika Sophie von  12 Aug 1771Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I147453
34 Lindhard, Alma Louise  5 Sep 1873Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I197492
35 Meyer, Marie-Louise  5 Feb 1920Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I159486
36 Müller, Elly Margrete  16 Jan 1909Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96328
37 Obel (Obel), Marguerite Benedicte Signe  3 Jun 1870Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I189690
38 Olrik, Anna Margrethe Petrine Marie Benedicte  6 Feb 1828Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I412880
39 Olsen, Anna Hansine Kristine  2 Feb 1883Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224709
40 Olsen, Hans  1800Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224690
41 Olsen, Henrik Valdemar  1876Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I241092
42 Olsen, Niels  1804Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224708
43 Olsen, Peder  26 Nov 1853Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224711
44 Olsen, Sophie Kristine  13 Oct 1884Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224509
45 Olsen, Valdemar  Abt 1900Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I241115
46 Pedersen, Maren Elise Emilie  12 Jun 1862Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224710
47 Petersen, Christiane  Abt 1807Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I111142
48 Plesner (Plesner), Elisabet  12 May 1899Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I197403
49 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Georg Brockhoff  12 Jun 1874Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I79214
50 Rasmussen, Bodil   I79414
51 Rasmussen, Mette Kaae   I32208
52 Scavenius (Scavenius), Benedicte Maria Elisabeth Brønnum   I163285
53 Smith, Stuart Peter   I222000
54 Storland, Stefan Tage Jensen  13 Jan 1912Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I413250


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Begstrup, Holger Christian  29 Jul 1859Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I65666
2 Bertelsen, Arne  20 Nov 1910Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I223248
3 Bjørnsen, Jørgen  22 Jul 1787Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I423839
4 Bjørnsen, Karen  31 Oct 1784Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I427418
5 Bolt, Sabine Kornerup   I239143
6 Danielsen, Theodor  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I432873
7 Fischer (Fischer of Denmark), Mouritz Christian  26 Jan 1722Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I129790
8 Grut (Grut), Jeanne Vivian Hansen  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I67113
9 Grut (Grut), Peter  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I67093
10 Hasfeldt, Arne Langebæk  25 Mar 1928Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224580
11 Hasfeldt, Carsten Langebeck  16 Nov 1844Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224505
12 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Ea Georg   I416192
13 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Gine Georg   I416193
14 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Pia Georg   I416191
15 Kornerup (Petersen), Malene   I239149
16 Kornerup (Petersen), Mikkel   I239150
17 Linstow (Linstow), Franz Detleff von   I79353
18 Munch-Petersen, Arne  11 Apr 1910Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I26382
19 Müller, Elly Margrete  11 Apr 1909Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96328
20 Olsen, Anna Hansine Kristine  21 Mar 1883Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224709
21 Olsen, Hans  2 Mar 1800Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224690
22 Olsen, Niels  5 Jun 1804Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224708
23 Olsen, Sophie Kristine  23 Nov 1884Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224509
24 Pedersen, Ivan Vraa  4 Nov 1928Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I447929
25 Pedersen, Maren Elise Emilie  13 Jul 1862Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224710
26 Pedersen, Margit Vraa   I447932
27 Pedersen, Michael Vraa  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I408355
28 Petersen, Sahra Jensine  30 Aug 1874Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I421711
29 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Elisabeth Emilie Brockhoff  2 Mar 1873Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I79215
30 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Georg Brockhoff  26 Jul 1874Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I79214
31 Rothe, Gerda  21 Oct 1948Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I436157
32 Schmidt, Carl Christian  28 Aug 1877Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I258362
33 Weinschenck, Else Kjeldsen   I222816
34 Weinschenck, Knud Vilhelm Kjeldsen  7 Apr 1921Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I222826


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Nelly von  25 May 1992Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I199457
2 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Bolette Petronelle Christine  28 Nov 1902Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224864
3 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Else Cathrine Oline  26 May 1875Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224865
4 Berg, Maren Jacobsen Bircherod  27 Dec 1680Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I280613
5 Bircherod, Jens Hermansen  5 Jan 1657Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I280614
6 Bodecker, Alexander Joachim Emanuel  1 Dec 1924Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I370384
7 Bodecker, Karen Aurora Frederikke  4 Sep 1951Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I370415
8 Bramsen (Bramsen), Ernst Boe  29 Jan 1989Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I160074
9 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Christian  17 Jan 1926Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I16446
10 Buhelt, Per  1985Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I71917
11 Dalberg (Dalberg of Denmark), Karin Sciawitsky  3 Feb 1995Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I5336
12 Dorschæus (Dorscheus), Maren Johansen  4 Dec 1735Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I61228
13 Dupont, Peter Christian  30 Dec 1862Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I240347
14 Estrup (Estrup 1), Emil Vilhelm  16 Mar 1937Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I44364
15 Estrup (Estrup 1), Grethe  6 Jun 2002Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I67502
16 Eszlinger, Juliane Friderica  23 Jun 1914Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I417195
17 Giersing (Giersing), Anna  15 Mar 1977Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I279718
18 Grut (Grut), Andreas Nicolai  25 Dec 1949Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I198174
19 Grut (Grut), Ebba Cecilia  4 Aug 1991Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I160088
20 Harhoff (Harhoff), Else Juul  8 Mar 1996Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I88952
21 Hasfeldt, Carsten Langebeck  1 May 1913Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I224505
22 Heiberg-Jürgensen, Robert Birger  5 Oct 2014Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I111086
23 Hiort-Lorenzen, Thomas "Tom" Peter  27 Aug 1985Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96483
24 Holmblad (Holmblad), Ida Louise  13 Feb 1927Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I184064
25 Ingvardson, Georg Louis Evald  10 Jun 1987Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445025
26 Jarl (Jørgensen), Carl Frederik "Frits"  25 Jan 1951Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I75639
27 Jensen, Cæcilia Theodora  22 May 1935Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I16445
28 Jensen, Else Hedevig  3 Jan 2011Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445032
29 Jensen, Severin Ferdinand  14 Mar 1965Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445018
30 Kielland (Kielland), Jan  3 Sep 1895Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I264601
31 Kihlgast, Jørgen  29 May 2014Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I184218
32 Knudsen, Jakob Kristian Lindberg  21 Jan 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I91705
33 Krøldrup, Elisabeth Valborg  13 Mar 1991Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I413249
34 Larsen, Johannes Anker  12 Feb 1957Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I104241
35 Larsen, Kirsten Marie  6 Jul 1953Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445019
36 Lyche, Ellen Alfhild  4 Sep 1943Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I147822
37 MacKay (MacKay), Margaret  1790Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I392511
38 Mantzius (Mantzius), Johan Frederik von  14 Sep 1890Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I107673
39 Mayer, Aase Johanne  19 Jun 1980Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96494
40 Mollerup (Mollerup of Lisbjerg 1), Niels Hendrik  29 Dec 1927Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I107697
41 Mollerup (Mollerup of Lisbjerg 1), Nikoline Konradine Andrea  2 Apr 1924Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I107729
42 Nebelong, Louise Augusta "Lulu"  24 Sep 1927Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I161438
43 Neurich, Simone Friboline  29 Jan 1940Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I147821
44 Nielsen, Elfleda Muriel  1973Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I163219
45 Ogilvy of Findlater (Ogilvy), George  6 Mar 1806Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I221708
46 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Ib  7 Feb 1995Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I172261
47 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Stig Henning Jacob Puggaard  26 Sep 1975Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I176750
48 Piletzky, Marina Levia  2 May 2001Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I416015
49 Platen-Hallermund (Platen), Kirsten von  7 May 1972Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I289732
50 Reitzel, Ellen Henriette  3 Sep 1976Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I2447
51 Restrup, Eilert Anton  14 May 1941Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I187203
52 Richter, Aage Julius Thomsen  25 Jan 1920Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I169537
53 Schmidt, John Carl Christian  19 Feb 1884Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I258378
54 Sehested (Sehested), Knud  13 Sep 1980Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I148495
55 Smidt, Magdalene  26 Mar 1846Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I238939
56 Stephensen, Helga Stephani  8 Mar 1983Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I120054
57 Tegner, Isaac Vilhelm  26 Jan 1981Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I199412
58 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Valdemar  16 Feb 1942Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I147811
59 Wegmann, Else Kirstine Jacobine  4 Feb 1969Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I19451
60 Zangenberg, Frederik August Thomas  13 Sep 1925Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I410464


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Nelly von  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I199457
2 Bircherod, Frederik Christian Jensen  5 Jun 1702Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I280584
3 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Otto August La Cour  9 Oct 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I397440
4 Dupont, Peter Christian  9 Jan 1863Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I240347
5 Grut (Grut), Andreas Nicolai  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I198174
6 Ingvardson, Georg Louis Evald  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445025
7 Jensen, Else Hedevig  14 Jan 2011Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445032
8 Jensen, Severin Ferdinand  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445018
9 La Cour (La Cour), Olga Marguerite  1957Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I397291
10 Larsen, Kirsten Marie  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I445019
11 Nielsen, Elfleda Muriel  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I163219
12 Pedersen, Ivan Vraa  19 Jun 1986Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I447929
13 Scheller, Christian Frederik  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I229780
14 Smidt, Magdalene  6 Apr 1846Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I238939
15 Tegner, Isaac Vilhelm  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I199412
16 Tegner, Peter Vilhelm  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I117911
17 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Valdemar  20 Feb 1942Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I147811


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Torben   I210916
2 Abrahams, Peter Albert Johannes Flensborg  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I140016
3 Andersen, Aage Johannes  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I447934
4 Bengtsson, Gitte   I263098
5 Bruun, Kaj Marius   I18078
6 Buch, Dan   I169836
7 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Vibeke Gram   I172402
8 Christiansen, Jørgen   I161904
9 Colbjørnsen, Jacob Edvard  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I189867
10 Elming, Niels   I248833
11 Fløistrup, Nils Arne Harry   I189042
12 Fog-Petersen, Otto  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I185532
13 Freisleben, Theodor von  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I158986
14 Gylling (Sørensen), Torben   I184150
15 Hansen, Ane Cathrine  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I79792
16 Heiberg (Heiberg), Peter   I184420
17 Heiberg-Jürgensen, Robert Birger  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I111086
18 Herbst (Herbst), Merete Hedvig Michelle von   I182936
19 Hiort-Lorenzen, Oscar Torben Peter   I96583
20 Hiort-Lorenzen, Thomas "Tom" Peter  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96483
21 Jørgensen, Harald Preben  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I389891
22 Kühle, Carl Gustav Van der Aa  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I83626
23 Levy, Hans   I15408
24 Lindhard, Thorvald  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I197494
25 Lüttichau (Lüttichau), Marie Fanny Ellen von  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I145406
26 Malling (Malling of Helsingør), Johannes Holm  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I281126
27 Mantzius (Mantzius), Johan Frederik von  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I107673
28 Mayer, Aase Johanne  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I96494
29 Mølgaard, Torsten   I63923
30 Møller, Sophus Andre Riisberg  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I3231
31 Nellemann, Peter Vilhelm  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I243440
32 Nielsen, Harald Charles Christian Anton  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I159645
33 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Ib  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I172261
34 Oxholm (Oxholm), Peter Alexander "Alex"   I159709
35 Oxholm (Oxholm), Torben Alexander   I48063
36 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Stig Henning Jacob Puggaard  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I176750
37 Pedersen, Ejner  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I447930
38 Pedersen, Torben Möger   I263095
39 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Alfred Henri  1872Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I82810
40 Reck, William Ernst  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I19462
41 Restrup, Eilert Anton  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I187203
42 Roulund, Carl Christian August  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I170961
43 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Asger   I163348
44 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Steen Harpøth, Baron   I163168
45 Sehested-Larsen (Larsen), Gunnar   I200160
46 Skalberg, Elisabeth  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I200166
47 Spliid, Jørgen Hansen   I173580
48 Thage-Jørgensen, Agnete   I389862
49 Thage-Jørgensen, Thorkild   I389875
50 Thomasen, Lars   I117229
51 Tillisch (Tillisch), Dagmar  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I161963
52 Tryde, Holger Eggertsen  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I179328
53 Wier, Ebbe   I385094
54 Wier, Marianne   I384861
55 Wiese, Peter  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark I175510


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F174447
2 /   30 Sep 1904Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F174556
3 /   30 Jun 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F173735
4 /   15 Dec 1940Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F173010
5 Begstrup / Lange  16 Apr 1884Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F31649
6 Bjerrehuus (Larsen) / Larsen  15 Dec 1940Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F16
7 Bjerrehuus (Larsen) / Larsen  15 Dec 1940Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F176082
8 Bramsen (Bramsen) / Grut (Grut)  1 Jul 1938Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F66990
9 Dinesen (Dinesen) / Heflebower  29 Feb 1928Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F8994
10 Dupont / Seidelin (Seidelin)  27 Aug 1820Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F99385
11 Grut (Grut) / Zöylner (Zöylner)  18 Jan 1927Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F26139
12 Grüner (Grüner) / Rasmussen  22 Mar 1932Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F69871
13 Grüner (Pedersen) / Grüner (Grüner)   F75030
14 Hasfeldt / Olsen  14 Oct 1904Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F93367
15 Haxthausen of Appenburg (Haxthausen) / Eskesen  3 May 1933Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F18911
16 Haxthausen of Appenburg (Haxthausen) / Stahl   F18909
17 Hiort-Lorenzen / Müller  19 May 1934Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F42992
18 Holmskov / Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt)   F82846
19 Jensen / Pedersen  30 Sep 1904Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F3080
20 Jensen / Pedersen  30 Sep 1904Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F179146
21 Jensen (Georg Jensen) / Petersen   F160029
22 Jørgensen / Meyer   F57628
23 Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth) / Chankanetsa   F64316
24 Krag (Krag of Denmark) / Pio  Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F52766
25 Lind / Begstrup  15 Aug 1876Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F40990
26 Linstow (Linstow) / Hansen   F36497
27 Mehren / Ørsted  5 Jul 1782Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F53786
28 Mielke / Kalckar   F41067
29 Monberg / Melbye  27 Mar 1954Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F70193
30 Nielsen / Hiort-Lorenzen   F43018
31 Nielsen / Pedersen  14 Apr 1799Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F93431
32 Olsen / Frederiksen  24 Jun 1836Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F93436
33 Packness / Miyakawa  28 Jun 1951Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F50321
34 Pedersen / Andersen  18 Jul 1950Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F172276
35 Plougmann / Grut (Grut)  30 Jun 1934Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F73665
36 Poulsen / Pio  30 Jun 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F1498
37 Poulsen / Pio  30 Jun 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F177564
38 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum) / Christensen   F35292
39 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum) / Jensen  17 Mar 1863Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F37628
40 Sand / Møller (Møller of Tolstrup)  24 May 1917Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F66581
41 Swane / Uttenreitter   F99954
42 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen) / Lyche  17 Apr 1941Birkeroed, Zealand, Denmark F61082
43 Willadsen / Andersen   F121540

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