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Balslev, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aalborg, Christian Nielsen  28 Nov 1715Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384202
2 Aalborg, Christopher Nielsen  14 Oct 1714Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384212
3 Aalborg, Laurits Nielsen  21 Jul 1711Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384211
4 Balslev (Balsløw), Anna Maria Sørensen  Mar 1669Balslev, Funen, Denmark I193030
5 Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Frederik Siegfried  22 Dec 1810Balslev, Funen, Denmark I45286
6 Berg, Mads Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57552
7 Berg, Maren Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57549
8 Berg, Niels Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57550
9 Berg (Berg of Staby), Karen Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57551
10 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  17 Feb 1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384208
11 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  9 Feb 1700Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384181
12 Giefning, Elisabeth Lauritsen  5 Jul 1685Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384203
13 Giefning, Jacob Lauritsen  29 Apr 1691Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384209
14 Giefning, Jens Lauritsen  17 Nov 1681Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384207
15 Giefning, Karen Lauritsen  31 Oct 1693Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384210
16 Giefning, Lambert Lauritsen  24 Mar 1684Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384205
17 Giefning, Maren Kirstine Lauritsen  4 Sep 1686Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384199
18 Giefning, Søren Lauritsen  6 May 1680Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384206
19 Jensen, Henrich  1695Balslev, Funen, Denmark I332882
20 Jensen, Henrich  1698Balslev, Funen, Denmark I332883
21 Knudsen, Apollone  Abt 1655Balslev, Funen, Denmark I342162
22 Knudsen, Peder  Abt 1652Balslev, Funen, Denmark I322312
23 Knudsen, Søren  Abt 1633Balslev, Funen, Denmark I322644
24 Lauridsen, Anne  Abt 1665Balslev, Funen, Denmark I357830
25 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anders Nielsen  1760Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133972
26 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anna Nielsen  1757Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133878
27 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Jens Nielsen  Abt 1750Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133880
28 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Niels Jensen  1712Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133912
29 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Rasmus Nielsen  1740Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133883
30 Nielsen, Lars Peder  17 Sep 1867Balslev, Funen, Denmark I425680
31 Storch, Frederik Ludvig  9 Mar 1783Balslev, Funen, Denmark I92859
32 Sørensen, Dorthea  16 Jul 1660Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384192
33 Sørensen, Kjeld  Abt 1659Balslev, Funen, Denmark I278475
34 Thode, Adolf Peter  31 Jul 1890Balslev, Funen, Denmark I428032


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Aalborg, Christian Nielsen  17 Dec 1715Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384202
2 Aalborg, Christopher Nielsen  25 Oct 1714Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384212
3 Aalborg, Laurits Nielsen  5 Aug 1711Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384211
4 Berg (Berg of Staby), Karen Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57551
5 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  24 Feb 1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384208
6 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  12 Feb 1700Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384181
7 Giefning, Elisabeth Lauritsen  13 Jul 1685Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384203
8 Giefning, Jacob Lauritsen  6 May 1691Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384209
9 Giefning, Jens Lauritsen  27 Nov 1681Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384207
10 Giefning, Karen Lauritsen  6 Nov 1693Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384210
11 Giefning, Lambert Lauritsen  2 Apr 1684Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384205
12 Giefning, Maren Kirstine Lauritsen  9 Sep 1686Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384199
13 Giefning, Søren Lauritsen  12 May 1680Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384206
14 Hansen, Anne  12 Oct 1710Balslev, Funen, Denmark I311285
15 Hansen, Johan  16 Oct 1712Balslev, Funen, Denmark I312545
16 Hansen, Jørgen  28 Feb 1717Balslev, Funen, Denmark I312546
17 Jensen, Henrich  3 Apr 1698Balslev, Funen, Denmark I332883
18 Jørgensen, Hans  Mar 1687Balslev, Funen, Denmark I312544
19 Jørgensen, Hans  25 Mar 1742Balslev, Funen, Denmark I322499
20 Jørgensen, Henrich  17 Mar 1689Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326880
21 Jørgensen, Jens  13 Aug 1682Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326877
22 Jørgensen, Jens  29 May 1698Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326882
23 Jørgensen, Peder  24 Apr 1692Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326881
24 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anders Nielsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133972
25 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Anna Nielsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133878
26 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Jens Nielsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133880
27 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Niels Jensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133912
28 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Rasmus Nielsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133883
29 Møller, Niels Jørgensen  9 Sep 1683Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326878
30 Nielsen, Anders  27 May 1731Balslev, Funen, Denmark I338825
31 Nielsen, Anne  19 Oct 1728Balslev, Funen, Denmark I339029
32 Nielsen, Jochum  3 Sep 1719Balslev, Funen, Denmark I339705
33 Nielsen, Jochum  15 Sep 1771Balslev, Funen, Denmark I328901
34 Nielsen, Maren  1 Nov 1733Balslev, Funen, Denmark I338132
35 Nielsen, Morten  24 Jan 1768Balslev, Funen, Denmark I328900
36 Nielsen, Niels  16 Jan 1763Balslev, Funen, Denmark I328902
37 Pedersen, Jørgen  15 Jun 1679Balslev, Funen, Denmark I343486
38 Steensen (Steensen), Maren  4 Oct 1789Balslev, Funen, Denmark I302825
39 Sørensen, Anne  26 Apr 1778Balslev, Funen, Denmark I320002
40 Sørensen, Anne Marie  16 Mar 1782Balslev, Funen, Denmark I320001
41 Sørensen, Jens Jørgen  26 May 1784Balslev, Funen, Denmark I319971
42 Sørensen, Jørgen  9 Jul 1758Balslev, Funen, Denmark I321050
43 Sørensen, Maren  19 Jun 1774Balslev, Funen, Denmark I320533
44 Sørensen, Steen  5 Apr 1763Balslev, Funen, Denmark I320538
45 Thode, Adolf Peter  25 Oct 1890Balslev, Funen, Denmark I428032


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aalborg, Niels Hansen  1725Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384200
2 Berg (Berg of Staby), Christen Madsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I32734
3 Berg (Berg of Staby), Karen Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57551
4 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  23 Apr 1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384208
5 Giefning, Laurits Jensen  26 Feb 1708Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384191
6 Hansen, Rasmus  1733Balslev, Funen, Denmark I365693
7 Jensen, Apollone  Abt 1645Balslev, Funen, Denmark I342771
8 Jensen, Henrich  1695Balslev, Funen, Denmark I332882
9 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Niels Jensen  27 Mar 1784Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133912
10 Thomasen, Søren  21 Nov 1678Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384193
11 Trellund, Maren Lambertsen  1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I193038
12 Trellund, Marine Lambertsen  1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384195


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aalborg, Niels Hansen  1725Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384200
2 Berg (Berg of Staby), Christen Madsen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I32734
3 Berg (Berg of Staby), Karen Christensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I57551
4 Giefning, Anne Marie Lauritsen  29 Apr 1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384208
5 Giefning, Laurits Jensen  5 Mar 1708Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384191
6 Hansen, Anne  7 May 1704Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326876
7 Hansen, Jørgen  4 Jun 1757Balslev, Funen, Denmark I312546
8 Hansen, Riborre  14 Aug 1781Balslev, Funen, Denmark I330637
9 Jensen, Henrich  2 Feb 1695Balslev, Funen, Denmark I332882
10 Jørgensen, Jens  12 Oct 1682Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326877
11 Jørgensen, Jens  23 Dec 1685Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326879
12 Larsen, Jørgen  6 Sep 1788Balslev, Funen, Denmark I341209
13 Lunde (Lunde of Balslev), Niels Jensen  Balslev, Funen, Denmark I133912
14 Madsen, Maren  3 Feb 1769Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326837
15 Nielsen, Anders  16 Sep 1725Balslev, Funen, Denmark I339335
16 Nielsen, Jørgen  9 Jan 1715Balslev, Funen, Denmark I326875
17 Steensen (Steensen), Søren  19 Jun 1812Balslev, Funen, Denmark I364808
18 Trellund, Marine Lambertsen  2 May 1690Balslev, Funen, Denmark I384195


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aalborg / Giefning  Abt 1705Balslev, Funen, Denmark F124456
2 Bødker / Jensen  16 Dec 1694Balslev, Funen, Denmark F144554
3 Bødker / Thomasen  Abt 1733Balslev, Funen, Denmark F144756
4 Hansen / Jørgensen  19 Oct 1763Balslev, Funen, Denmark F124328
5 Hansen / Nielsen  24 Apr 1741Balslev, Funen, Denmark F131147
6 Hansen / Steensen (Steensen)  15 Sep 1810Balslev, Funen, Denmark F123011
7 Hansen / Sørensen  3 Dec 1800Balslev, Funen, Denmark F123015
8 Henrichsen / Nielsen  17 Jun 1694Balslev, Funen, Denmark F135018
9 Jespersen / Lauridsen  6 Dec 1685Balslev, Funen, Denmark F142544
10 Mortensen / Nielsen  Abt 1756Balslev, Funen, Denmark F138313
11 Nellerød / Hansen  11 Dec 1737Balslev, Funen, Denmark F127497
12 Nielsen / Hansen  21 Sep 1681Balslev, Funen, Denmark F132680
13 Petreus / Giefning  7 Aug 1727Balslev, Funen, Denmark F124455
14 Sted / Giefning  Abt 1700Balslev, Funen, Denmark F124454
15 Steensen (Steensen) / Madsen  23 Sep 1757Balslev, Funen, Denmark F138205
16 Sørensen / Nielsen  17 Nov 1788Balslev, Funen, Denmark F123017

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