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Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 198 of 198

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  Abt 1685Zealand, Denmark I374329
2 Anne Kirstine  Abt 1721Zealand, Denmark I350506
3 Boel  Abt 1697Zealand, Denmark I374296
4 Henrich  Bef 1625Zealand, Denmark I374311
5 Ingvor  Bef 1660Zealand, Denmark I304122
6 Jens  Bef 1690Zealand, Denmark I339642
7 Jesper  Bef 1680Zealand, Denmark I333391
8 Karen  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark I304114
9 Kirsten  Abt 1681Zealand, Denmark I374327
10 Knud  Bef 1690Zealand, Denmark I304173
11 Maren  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark I310005
12 Niels  Abt 1680Zealand, Denmark I329188
13 Niels  Bef 1770Zealand, Denmark I350539
14 Peder  Bef 1680Zealand, Denmark I374366
15 Søren  Bef 1650Zealand, Denmark I333483
16 Andersen, Anne  Abt 1764Zealand, Denmark I329187
17 Andersen, Ellen  Abt 1680Zealand, Denmark I329174
18 Andersen, Karen  Abt 1695Zealand, Denmark I304120
19 Andersen, Kirsten  Abt 1751Zealand, Denmark I310839
20 Andersen, Peder  Abt 1772Zealand, Denmark I350540
21 Arctander (Arctander), Niels Lauritsen  Abt 1490Zealand, Denmark I84400
22 Brith, Christen  Abt 1715Zealand, Denmark I363075
23 Brith, Hans Hansen  Abt 1685Zealand, Denmark I362400
24 Brith, Niels  Abt 1718Zealand, Denmark I362349
25 Brith, Otto  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I362350
26 Christensen, Christen  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark I309714
27 Christensen, Hans  Abt 1652Zealand, Denmark I329129
28 Christensen, Lars  Abt 1737Zealand, Denmark I374344
29 Christensen, Niels  Abt 1754Zealand, Denmark I308441
30 Christensen, Sidse  Abt 1736Zealand, Denmark I303948
31 Due, Anders Nielsen  Abt 1300Zealand, Denmark I206110
32 Due, Niels Andersen  Abt 1270Zealand, Denmark I207419
33 Eliasen, Ellen  Abt 1671Zealand, Denmark I329103
34 Erichsen, Jørgen  Bef 1715Zealand, Denmark I335955
35 Espersen, Anders  Abt 1727Zealand, Denmark I304078
36 Friderichsen, Anne Sophie  Bef 1705Zealand, Denmark I304132
37 Friderichsen, Ole  Abt 1732Zealand, Denmark I374284
38 Gad, Sara Christiane  Abt 1773Zealand, Denmark I378241
39 Giefning, Laurits Jensen  18 Mar 1646Zealand, Denmark I384191
40 Goddike, Jørgen  Abt 1713Zealand, Denmark I357160
41 Godichesen, Karen  Abt 1685Zealand, Denmark I362347
42 Gregersen, Anne  Abt 1744Zealand, Denmark I304023
43 Haagen, Mads Jensen  Abt 1757Zealand, Denmark I357163
44 Hansen, Anne  Abt 1724Zealand, Denmark I318789
45 Hansen, Anne  Bef 1725Zealand, Denmark I374314
46 Hansen, Birthe Cathrine  Abt 1766Zealand, Denmark I309949
47 Hansen, Dorthe  Abt 1751Zealand, Denmark I377620
48 Hansen, Ellen  Abt 1768Zealand, Denmark I358031
49 Hansen, Erna  1890Zealand, Denmark I68962
50 Hansen, Gior  Abt 1680Zealand, Denmark I377604
51 Hansen, Hans  Bef 1780Zealand, Denmark I377615
52 Hansen, Johanne  Abt 1742Zealand, Denmark I346862
53 Hansen, Jørgen  Abt 1771Zealand, Denmark I327908
54 Hansen, Maren  Abt 1693Zealand, Denmark I374306
55 Hansen, Rasmus  Bef 1700Zealand, Denmark I374340
56 Hansen, Sidse  Abt 1689Zealand, Denmark I327927
57 Hemmingsen, Lars  Bef 1785Zealand, Denmark I317384
58 Henrichsen, Hans  Abt 1649Zealand, Denmark I374315
59 Henrichsen, Niels  Abt 1665Zealand, Denmark I374295
60 Hugger, Peder  Abt 1666Zealand, Denmark I333485
61 Hvide (Hvide), Toke Skjalmsen Trylle  Abt 1010Zealand, Denmark I254293
62 Ibsen, Birthe  Abt 1758Zealand, Denmark I308440
63 Ingvorsen, Anders  Abt 1685Zealand, Denmark I304125
64 Ingvorsen, Knud  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark I304121
65 Jacobsen, Anne  Abt 1764Zealand, Denmark I318791
66 Jacobsen, Karen  Abt 1719Zealand, Denmark I313685
67 Jacobsen, Lucie  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I362826
68 Jacobsen, Oluf  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark I374359
69 Jensen, Anne Marie  Bef 1715Zealand, Denmark I339636
70 Jensen, Christen  Abt 1780Zealand, Denmark I329161
71 Jensen, Erich  Abt 1742Zealand, Denmark I377589
72 Jensen, Hans  Abt 1755Zealand, Denmark I304195
73 Jensen, Ingeborg  Abt 1675Zealand, Denmark I374291
74 Jensen, Johan  Abt 1752Zealand, Denmark I309926
75 Jensen, Karen  Abt 1753Zealand, Denmark I350537
76 Jensen, Lorents  Abt 1727Zealand, Denmark I357178
77 Jensen, Mads  Bef 1705Zealand, Denmark I374297
78 Jensen, Maren Kirstine  Abt 1830Zealand, Denmark I377586
79 Jensen, Margrethe  Bef 1730Zealand, Denmark I339644
80 Jensen, Sidse  Bef 1705Zealand, Denmark I304112
81 Jensen, Torben  Bef 1710Zealand, Denmark I329805
82 Jeppesen, Harry  Abt 1910Zealand, Denmark I312582
83 Jespersen, Anne Marie  Abt 1710Zealand, Denmark I333393
84 Jespersen, Erich  Abt 1706Zealand, Denmark I318797
85 Jespersen, Jørgen  Abt 1714Zealand, Denmark I333392
86 Johansen, Friderich  Abt 1747Zealand, Denmark I304176
87 Johansen, Maren  Abt 1734Zealand, Denmark I362982
88 Jørgensen, Jens  Abt 1774Zealand, Denmark I329162
89 Jørgensen, Johanne  Abt 1770Zealand, Denmark I303599
90 Jørgensen, Niels  Abt 1675Zealand, Denmark I329168
91 Jørgensen, Niels  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I303958
92 Jørgensen, Torchild  Abt 1703Zealand, Denmark I374341
93 Knudsen, Godike  Abt 1715Zealand, Denmark I304193
94 Knudsen, Jørgen  Abt 1722Zealand, Denmark I304172
95 Knudsen, Kirsten  Abt 1723Zealand, Denmark I318798
96 Knudsen, Niels  Abt 1719Zealand, Denmark I304171
97 Knudsen, Rasmus  Abt 1722Zealand, Denmark I317243
98 Kofoed, Hans Peter  Abt 1833Zealand, Denmark I307040
99 Kofoed, Niels Adolph  Abt 1835Zealand, Denmark I307058
100 Larsen, Andreas  Abt 1759Zealand, Denmark I377621
101 Larsen, Anne Kirstine  Abt 1765Zealand, Denmark I327879
102 Larsen, Jacob  Abt 1786Zealand, Denmark I317372
103 Larsen, Karen  Bef 1710Zealand, Denmark I377626
104 Larsen, Lars  Abt 1702Zealand, Denmark I304141
105 Larsen, Morten  Abt 1823Zealand, Denmark I318567
106 Larsen, Ole  Abt 1729Zealand, Denmark I309860
107 Laursen, Dorthe  Abt 1695Zealand, Denmark I329176
108 Madsen, Christen  Abt 1758Zealand, Denmark I327880
109 Madsen, Hans  Abt 1680Zealand, Denmark I337830
110 Mogensen, Mette  Bef 1710Zealand, Denmark I304110
111 Mortensen, Anne  Abt 1771Zealand, Denmark I303557
112 Mortensen, Christen  Abt 1685Zealand, Denmark I327894
113 Mortensen, Lars  Abt 1674Zealand, Denmark I374328
114 Munch, Søren Nielsen  Abt 1717Zealand, Denmark I313627
115 Nielsen, Anders  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I350521
116 Nielsen, Anne  Abt 1708Zealand, Denmark I329186
117 Nielsen, Else  Abt 1684Zealand, Denmark I329089
118 Nielsen, Erich  Bef 1700Zealand, Denmark I304021
119 Nielsen, Jens  Abt 1723Zealand, Denmark I313691
120 Nielsen, Johanne  Abt 1732Zealand, Denmark I362348
121 Nielsen, Jørgen  Abt 1670Zealand, Denmark I374332
122 Nielsen, Jørgen  Abt 1713Zealand, Denmark I333484
123 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1675Zealand, Denmark I374316
124 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1760Zealand, Denmark I374283
125 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1761Zealand, Denmark I319250
126 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1771Zealand, Denmark I304154
127 Nielsen, Kirsten  Abt 1704Zealand, Denmark I319192
128 Nielsen, Lisbeth  Abt 1755Zealand, Denmark I357176
129 Nielsen, Morten  Abt 1751Zealand, Denmark I350542
130 Nielsen, Niels  Abt 1791Zealand, Denmark I374287
131 Nielsen, Niels  Abt 1826Zealand, Denmark I350552
132 Nielsen, Ole  Abt 1760Zealand, Denmark I309981
133 Nielsen, Ole  Bef 1775Zealand, Denmark I303559
134 Nielsen, Peder  Bef 1705Zealand, Denmark I329165
135 Nielsen, Peder  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark I303558
136 Nielsen, Peder  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark I350536
137 Olsen, Hans  Bef 1820Zealand, Denmark I317262
138 Olsen, Jørgen  Abt 1661Zealand, Denmark I337828
139 Olsen, Peder  Abt 1768Zealand, Denmark I304186
140 Olufsen, Johanne  Abt 1699Zealand, Denmark I333486
141 Pedersen, Anders  Abt 1826Zealand, Denmark I363462
142 Pedersen, Anne  Abt 1710Zealand, Denmark I339693
143 Pedersen, Birthe  Abt 1730Zealand, Denmark I313690
144 Pedersen, Boel  Abt 1740Zealand, Denmark I333397
145 Pedersen, Boel Cathrine  Abt 1729Zealand, Denmark I318915
146 Pedersen, Cathrine  Abt 1743Zealand, Denmark I327940
147 Pedersen, Christian  Abt 1706Zealand, Denmark I374367
148 Pedersen, Dorthe  Abt 1747Zealand, Denmark I377590
149 Pedersen, Jens  Bef 1725Zealand, Denmark I304105
150 Pedersen, Jens  Abt 1736Zealand, Denmark I303952
151 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I312880
152 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1743Zealand, Denmark I374285
153 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1793Zealand, Denmark I309823
154 Pedersen, Kirsten  Abt 1742Zealand, Denmark I350503
155 Pedersen, Kirstine  Abt 1798Zealand, Denmark I357197
156 Pedersen, Maren  Abt 1757Zealand, Denmark I350543
157 Pedersen, Maren  Abt 1770Zealand, Denmark I377599
158 Pedersen, Margrethe  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark I327913
159 Pedersen, Marie Augusta  Abt 1852Zealand, Denmark I363461
160 Pedersen, Niels  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark I374336
161 Pedersen, Niels  Abt 1713Zealand, Denmark I309906
162 Pedersen, Ole  Abt 1711Zealand, Denmark I303598
163 Pedersen, Ole  Bef 1745Zealand, Denmark I304185
164 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1747Zealand, Denmark I327911
165 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1760Zealand, Denmark I317257
166 Pedersen, Peder Martin J  Abt 1856Zealand, Denmark I363460
167 Pedersen, Rasmus  Abt 1721Zealand, Denmark I309905
168 Pedersen, Sidse  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark I304167
169 Petersen, Hans  Abt 1765Zealand, Denmark I358032
170 Petersen, Herman  Abt 1692Zealand, Denmark I304139
171 Pæling, Tue Nielsen  Abt 1308Zealand, Denmark I206090
172 Rani, Niels  Abt 1265Zealand, Denmark I206117
173 Rani, Nielsen  Abt 1290Zealand, Denmark I206116
174 Rasmussen, Anne  Abt 1708Zealand, Denmark I329166
175 Rasmussen, Anne  Abt 1772Zealand, Denmark I362343
176 Rasmussen, Else  Abt 1655Zealand, Denmark I329113
177 Rasmussen, Hans  Abt 1777Zealand, Denmark I324719
178 Rasmussen, Inger  Abt 1728Zealand, Denmark I374515
179 Rasmussen, Johanne  Abt 1734Zealand, Denmark I350510
180 Schytte, Daniel  Abt 1650Zealand, Denmark I329102
181 Simonsen, Christian  Abt 1731Zealand, Denmark I318914
182 Smed, Anders Jensen  Abt 1717Zealand, Denmark I335927
183 Smed, Poul Nielsen  Abt 1714Zealand, Denmark I374277
184 Svendsen, Peder  Abt 1749Zealand, Denmark I304191
185 Sørensen, Else  Abt 1676Zealand, Denmark I374301
186 Sørensen, Karen  Abt 1707Zealand, Denmark I350520
187 Sørensen, Karen  Abt 1762Zealand, Denmark I318787
188 Sørensen, Matthias  Bef 1730Zealand, Denmark I329016
189 Sørensen, Niels  Abt 1673Zealand, Denmark I374330
190 Sørensen, Peder  Abt 1755Zealand, Denmark I318482
191 Thomasen, Mogens  Abt 1659Zealand, Denmark I341921
192 Thygesen, Hans Nielsen  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark I303954
193 Thygesen, Niels Hansen  Abt 1762Zealand, Denmark I303955
194 Tønder, Hans Henrich  Abt 1661Zealand, Denmark I315898
195 Willadsen, Jens  Bef 1760Zealand, Denmark I357183
196 Willadsen, Maren  Abt 1743Zealand, Denmark I377588
197 Willumsen, Niels  Abt 1706Zealand, Denmark I333394
198 Wulf, Berent Andersen  Abt 1709Zealand, Denmark I336134


Matches 1 to 114 of 114

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boel  Abt 1771Zealand, Denmark I374296
2 Henrich  Abt 1665Zealand, Denmark I374311
3 Ingvor  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark I304122
4 Jens  Abt 1717Zealand, Denmark I339642
5 Jesper  Abt 1714Zealand, Denmark I333391
6 Knud  Abt 1722Zealand, Denmark I304173
7 Niels  Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark I329188
8 Peder  Abt 1710Zealand, Denmark I374366
9 Søren  Abt 1676Zealand, Denmark I333483
10 Andersen, Anne Kirstine  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I339695
11 Andersen, Jens  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I304074
12 Andersen, Niels  Abt 1870Zealand, Denmark I319237
13 Andersen, Peder  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I350540
14 Bannér (Bannér), Erik Nielsen  1345Zealand, Denmark I207456
15 Barkmann, Jørgen  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I322126
16 Christensen, Hans  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I317264
17 Christensen, Maren  Abt 1813Zealand, Denmark I309911
18 Christensen, Niels  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I308441
19 Erichsen, Inger  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I308446
20 Erichsen, Jørgen  Abt 1754Zealand, Denmark I335955
21 Erichsen, Niels  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304024
22 Eskelsen, Niels  Abt 1683Zealand, Denmark I335381
23 Friderichsen, Anne Sophie  Abt 1756Zealand, Denmark I304132
24 Friderichsen, Ole  Abt 1787Zealand, Denmark I374284
25 Gregersen, Anne  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304023
26 Hansen, Boel  Abt 1730Zealand, Denmark I374357
27 Hansen, Dorthe  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377620
28 Hansen, Ellen  Abt 1834Zealand, Denmark I358031
29 Hansen, Johanne  Abt 1738Zealand, Denmark I309164
30 Hansen, Johanne  Abt 1788Zealand, Denmark I346862
31 Hansen, Margrethe  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I324718
32 Hansen, Rasmus  Abt 1759Zealand, Denmark I374340
33 Hemmingsen, Lars  Abt 1813Zealand, Denmark I317384
34 Hermansen, Ane Kirstine  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I304032
35 Hermansen, Anne  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304170
36 Hermansen, Kirsten  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I303601
37 Holm, Johanne Henriette  4 Jun 1941Zealand, Denmark I63575
38 Ibsen, Birthe  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I308440
39 Jacobsen, Anne  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I318791
40 Jacobsen, Oluf  Abt 1730Zealand, Denmark I374359
41 Jensen, Anne Marie  Abt 1754Zealand, Denmark I339636
42 Jensen, Karen  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I350537
43 Jensen, Sidse  Abt 1748Zealand, Denmark I304112
44 Jørgensen, Christian  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I309588
45 Jørgensen, Ellen  Abt 1730Zealand, Denmark I377603
46 Jørgensen, Erich  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I350524
47 Jørgensen, Hans  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304157
48 Jørgensen, Oluf  Abt 1735Zealand, Denmark I377625
49 Jørgensen, Peder  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I350529
50 Larsen, Andreas  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377621
51 Larsen, Anne Kirstine  Abt 1834Zealand, Denmark I327879
52 Larsen, Ellen Margrethe  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377593
53 Larsen, Jacob  Abt 1844Zealand, Denmark I317372
54 Larsen, Karen  Abt 1735Zealand, Denmark I377626
55 Larsen, Lars  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I329046
56 Larsen, Maren  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I319256
57 Larsen, Morten  1771-1787Zealand, Denmark I350504
58 Larsen, Niels  Abt 1835Zealand, Denmark I317250
59 Larsen, Sidse Marie  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304148
60 Madsen, Anne  Abt 1825Zealand, Denmark I374286
61 Mortensen, Anne  Abt 1802Zealand, Denmark I303557
62 Mortensen, Anne  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I319255
63 Mortensen, Lars  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I312026
64 Mønboe, Jørgen Nielsen  Abt 1741Zealand, Denmark I374312
65 Nielsen, Anders  1764-1785Zealand, Denmark I350521
66 Nielsen, Erich  Abt 1726Zealand, Denmark I304021
67 Nielsen, Johanne  1771-1787Zealand, Denmark I374334
68 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I304154
69 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I319250
70 Nielsen, Karen  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I324722
71 Nielsen, Kirsten  Abt 1742Zealand, Denmark I374335
72 Nielsen, Morten  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I350542
73 Nielsen, Niels  Abt 1805Zealand, Denmark I304169
74 Nielsen, Niels  Abt 1825Zealand, Denmark I374287
75 Nielsen, Ole  Abt 1771Zealand, Denmark I374303
76 Nielsen, Ole  Abt 1797Zealand, Denmark I303559
77 Nielsen, Ole  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377595
78 Nielsen, Peder  Abt 1802Zealand, Denmark I303558
79 Nielsen, Rasmus  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I324721
80 Olsen, Hans  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I318794
81 Olsen, Karen  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I350530
82 Olsen, Karen  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I310828
83 Olsen, Marie  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I310818
84 Pedersen, Anne  Abt 1755Zealand, Denmark I339693
85 Pedersen, Anne Giertrud  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I303562
86 Pedersen, Anne Margrethe  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I317260
87 Pedersen, Dorthe  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377590
88 Pedersen, Else  Abt 1845Zealand, Denmark I350528
89 Pedersen, Inger  Abt 1855Zealand, Denmark I350546
90 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1787Zealand, Denmark I374285
91 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I318489
92 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I318552
93 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I304075
94 Pedersen, Kirsten  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I350503
95 Pedersen, Kirsten  Abt 1880Zealand, Denmark I350523
96 Pedersen, Maren  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I350543
97 Pedersen, Margrethe  Abt 1787Zealand, Denmark I327913
98 Pedersen, Ole  Abt 1800Zealand, Denmark I304185
99 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1787Zealand, Denmark I327911
100 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I317258
101 Petersen, Hans  Abt 1834Zealand, Denmark I358032
102 Poulsen, Lars  Abt 1850Zealand, Denmark I317263
103 Rani, Jon Ranisen  Abt 1267Zealand, Denmark I206122
104 Rasmussen, Anne  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I362343
105 Rasmussen, Friderich  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I339686
106 Rasmussen, Hans  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I318786
107 Rasmussen, Peder  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I318790
108 Rasmussen, Søren  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I319249
109 Sørensen, Karen  Abt 1834Zealand, Denmark I318787
110 Sørensen, Matthias  Abt 1765Zealand, Denmark I329016
111 Sørensen, Niels  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I304031
112 Torbensen, Anne  Abt 1860Zealand, Denmark I339687
113 Willadsen, Maren  Abt 1801Zealand, Denmark I377588
114 Willumsen, Niels  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark I333394


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 1705Zealand, Denmark F134675
2 /   Abt 1720Zealand, Denmark F147002
3 Bild (Bild) / Rani  Abt 1305Zealand, Denmark F84460
4 Christensen /   Abt 1760Zealand, Denmark F127039
5 Christensen / Nielsen  Abt 1835Zealand, Denmark F133285
6 Christensen / Olsen  Abt 1815Zealand, Denmark F129349
7 Christensen / Rasmussen  Abt 1676Zealand, Denmark F134679
8 Erichsen / Gregersen  Abt 1775Zealand, Denmark F123341
9 Friderichsen / Pedersen  Abt 1767Zealand, Denmark F147006
10 Goddike /   Abt 1745Zealand, Denmark F142381
11 Henrichsen /   Abt 1680Zealand, Denmark F147029
12 Henrichsen / Nielsen  Abt 1700Zealand, Denmark F147017
13 Henrichsen / Sørensen  Abt 1695Zealand, Denmark F137103
14 Ingvorsen /   Abt 1737Zealand, Denmark F123353
15 Ingvorsen /   Abt 1715Zealand, Denmark F123359
16 Jensen /   Abt 1725Zealand, Denmark F147012
17 Jensen / Rasmussen  Abt 1793Zealand, Denmark F138624
18 Jespersen / Knudsen  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark F129878
19 Jørgensen / Hansen  Abt 1765Zealand, Denmark F139391
20 Jørgensen / Hansen  Abt 1802Zealand, Denmark F132388
21 Knudsen / Jacobsen  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark F127581
22 Larsen / Pedersen  Abt 1750Zealand, Denmark F126991
23 Madsen /   Abt 1710Zealand, Denmark F133499
24 Madsen / Johansen  5 Jul 1878Zealand, Denmark F126950
25 Madsen / Pedersen  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark F136534
26 Münster / Hagerup  28 Sep 1838Zealand, Denmark F46129
27 Nielsen /   Abt 1825Zealand, Denmark F137117
28 Nielsen / Erichsen  Abt 1826Zealand, Denmark F129341
29 Nielsen / Hansen  Abt 1786Zealand, Denmark F127018
30 Nielsen / Hansen  Abt 1870Zealand, Denmark F136661
31 Nielsen / Jensen  Abt 1778Zealand, Denmark F140523
32 Nielsen / Olufsen  Abt 1718Zealand, Denmark F147018
33 Nielsen / Pedersen  Abt 1753Zealand, Denmark F128088
34 Nielsen / Pedersen  Abt 1790Zealand, Denmark F140527
35 Nielsen / Pedersen  Abt 1834Zealand, Denmark F140528
36 Nyrup / Nielsen  Abt 1733Zealand, Denmark F133914
37 Pedersen / Hansen  Abt 1749Zealand, Denmark F127001
38 Pedersen / Nielsen  Bef 1771Zealand, Denmark F130015
39 Pedersen / Olsen  Abt 1809Zealand, Denmark F129346
40 Rasmussen / Torbensen  Abt 1840Zealand, Denmark F137118
41 Schytte / Eliasen  Abt 1690Zealand, Denmark F133535
42 Simonsen / Pedersen  Abt 1755Zealand, Denmark F129906
43 Smed /   Abt 1743Zealand, Denmark F140513
44 Sonne / Møller  Abt 1735Zealand, Denmark F131221
45 Sørensen /   Abt 1707Zealand, Denmark F147021
46 Thomasen / Jensen  Abt 1700Zealand, Denmark F146999

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