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Tromsoe, Troms, Norway



Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aas, Karen Magdalene  1820Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127527
2 Bech, Franziska Therese  27 Oct 1881Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131497
3 Dahl, Matilde Susanne  12 May 1842Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I99633
4 Falk (Falk of Norway), Albine Berthine Anamiasen  11 Nov 1839Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100286
5 Falk (Falk of Norway), Amande Clausine Anamiasen  18 Apr 1844Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100275
6 Falk (Falk of Norway), Klara Pauline Berg Anamiasen  9 Mar 1841Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100277
7 Falk (Falk of Norway), Marthin J Berg Anamiasen  9 Jul 1842Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100276
8 Figenschou, Rubbert Kristian  1797Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127510
9 Friis, Erling  27 Jul 1915Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I133139
10 Friis, Gerd  5 Aug 1911Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I133124
11 Friis, Guttorm  7 Nov 1908Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131398
12 Friis, Jacob Berg  23 Apr 1881Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131399
13 Friis, Kirsten   I133141
14 Friis, Søren Hielm  16 Oct 1909Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I133118
15 Gamst (Gamst of Norway), Charlotte Thomasen  24 Apr 1840Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100282
16 Givær, Anna Holmboe  17 Apr 1809Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101459
17 Hammering, Rebekka Maria Wilhelmina Hansen  23 Feb 1902Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I105318
18 Harder (Harder of Norway), Abelone  Abt 1810Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100285
19 Harder (Harder of Norway), Amandus Bleist "Claus"  1815Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100629
20 Harder (Harder of Norway), Fredrik Røring  10 Feb 1837Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100628
21 Harder (Harder of Norway), Hans Pauli  25 Jul 1840Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100627
22 Harder (Harder of Norway), Henning B  28 Jun 1843Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100626
23 Harder (Harder of Norway), Malena Hansen  1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100288
24 Harder (Harder of Norway), Pauline Andrea  22 Dec 1838Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100625
25 Holmboe, Rasmus  1820Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I124774
26 Irgens, Anna Johanna  1816Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I118832
27 Irgens, Christian Fredrick  1791Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I121997
28 Irgens, Fredrikke Louise  24 Jul 1839Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101461
29 Irgens, Hans Peder  1794Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I121994
30 Irgens, Helene Hagerup  29 Apr 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100632
31 Irgens, Ingeborg Hage  5 Jun 1768Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I112805
32 Irgens, Johannes  1792Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I121996
33 Irgens, Magdalena Bruun  1760Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101676
34 Jensen, Nancy  22 Apr 1907Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I184111
35 Junghans, Anne  Abt 1713Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I128461
36 Junghans, Elen  1715Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I102074
37 Junghans, Melchior Fredrik  Abt 1727Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I111456
38 Kaurin, Christian Keyser  1857Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127728
39 Kaurin, Hanna  1 Jun 1856Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127729
40 Kaurin, Jens Mathias Pram  3 Sep 1859Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127727
41 Kaurin, Josefine  1862Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127503
42 Kaurin, Ovida Vilhelmina  1863Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127725
43 Kaurin, Wilhelm  1867Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127509
44 Kofoed, Carl Johan  22 Mar 1856Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I370273
45 Krog, Chatarina  1742Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101664
46 Krog, Eiler Hagerup  11 Feb 1746Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101678
47 Landmark, Johannes  1 Dec 1876Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I98851
48 Lange, Therbora Dorothea de  1834Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I117597
49 Leinich, Birgitte Cathrine  14 Feb 1802Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I95621
50 Lind, Bereth Johansen  1772Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100633
51 Musæus, Alette Sophie  1810Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127595
52 Nissen, Charlotte Amalie  15 Mar 1842Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I198023
53 Pedersen, Aage   I137899
54 Schjelderup, Caspar Fredrik Mülenphort  1797Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I134985
55 Schjeldrup, Hanna Andrea  16 May 1792Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I124740
56 Tisnes, Karen Andersen "Tynn"  1663Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I102983


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Falk (Falk of Norway), Albine Berthine Anamiasen  26 Jan 1840Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100286
2 Falk (Falk of Norway), Amande Clausine Anamiasen  4 Aug 1844Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100275
3 Falk (Falk of Norway), Klara Pauline Berg Anamiasen  31 May 1841Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100277
4 Falk (Falk of Norway), Marthin J Berg Anamiasen  14 Aug 1842Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100276
5 Gamst (Gamst of Norway), Charlotte Thomasen  6 Sep 1840Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100282
6 Harder (Harder of Norway), Amandus Bleist "Claus"  8 Apr 1816Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100629
7 Harder (Harder of Norway), Hans Pauli  29 Sep 1840Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100627
8 Harder (Harder of Norway), Hans Peder Hansen  14 Sep 1845Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100272
9 Harder (Harder of Norway), Henning B  21 Apr 1844Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100626
10 Harder (Harder of Norway), Malena Hansen  28 Nov 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100288
11 Irgens, Helene Hagerup  May 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100632


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bech, Franziska Therese  7 May 1948Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131497
2 Bech, Hans Andreas  27 Sep 1923Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131397
3 Bertling, Erling  1999Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I121803
4 Bertling, Kristian Andreas  20 Sep 1959Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I124392
5 Bugge (Bugge of Norway), Dorthe Cathrine Samuelsen  1767Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I97988
6 Figenschou, Peder  30 Apr 1832Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127521
7 Friis, Jacob Berg  31 Jan 1949Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131399
8 Gjæver, Johanna Margarethe Jensen  27 Nov 1802Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I124730
9 Glom, Gunille Larsen  2 Jan 1798Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100636
10 Harder (Harder of Norway), Amandus Bleist "Claus"  22 Mar 1844Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100629
11 Harder (Harder of Norway), Hans Pauli  16 Jul 1851Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100627
12 Harder (Harder of Norway), Henning B  1864Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100626
13 Harder (Harder of Norway), Pauline Andrea  12 Sep 1839Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100625
14 Ingebrigtsen, Terje Erling  2009Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I251403
15 Irgens, Christian Fredrik  26 May 1790Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100637
16 Irgens, Johannes Henningsen  10 May 1781Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I103019
17 Irgens, Peter Andreas  21 Jan 1831Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100634
18 Irgens, Peter Andreas  1 Mar 1862Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I101460
19 Junghans, Henning Fredriksen  17 Feb 1753Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I102073
20 Kaurin, Susanne Pram Petersen  25 Nov 1880Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127552
21 Kielland (Kielland), Birgitta Pricilla  16 Aug 1934Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I266539
22 Kiil, Hans Johnsen  1705Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I102980
23 Kildal, Simon Johansen  1835Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127455
24 Klæbu, Ane  Abt 1801Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I121998
25 Lind, Bereth Johansen  1848Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I100633
26 Meldahl, Anna  1732Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I102072
27 Mogensen, Dorothea  26 Mar 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131130
28 Nannestad, Mathias Bonsach Krogh  17 Mar 1878Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I127526
29 Schjeldrup, Rasmus Johansen  14 Feb 1804Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I124731
30 Schnitler, Ebbe Carsten  12 Jul 1864Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I96341
31 Strachan (Strachan of Norway), Johan Julius von  20 Feb 1748Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I115041
32 Trosdahl, Nils Peter  1864Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I96795
33 Wangberg, Arent  21 Mar 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131131
34 Wangberg, Mortinius  1 Apr 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131125
35 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Christian Hermansen  13 Nov 1749Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I257939


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wangberg, Mortinius  10 May 1811Tromsoe, Troms, Norway I131125


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Molde, Bernhardt Rønne   I193755


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bang / Hammering  20 Feb 1937Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F46471
2 Bech / Bertheusen  16 Dec 1873Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F55037
3 Bredal / Schjeldrup  12 Dec 1793Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F46403
4 Bødtker / Dishington  11 Oct 1753Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F51925
5 Figenschou / Kaurin  7 Aug 1800Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F53925
6 Friis / Bech  7 Dec 1907Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F55038
7 Harder (Harder of Norway) / Irgens  27 Nov 1836Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F44681
8 Holmsen / Norbye  11 Aug 1841Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F53985
9 Irgens / Givær  12 Jul 1838Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F44990
10 Irgens / Lind  5 Jan 1809Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F44683
11 Riis / Irgens  28 Dec 1865Tromsoe, Troms, Norway F44991

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