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Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbestée, Manone "Marie" Barbara de le  24 Oct 1770Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I109647
2 Attrup, Else Margrethe  13 Aug 1738Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I156532
3 Bie (Bie), Caroline Mathilde  9 Sep 1766Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I67279
4 Castonier (Castonier), Ellen Marie de  1758Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I56783
5 Castonier (Castonier), Peter Daniel Isaac de  5 Mar 1757Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I156531
6 Colbjørnsen, Jacob Edvard  12 Oct 1794Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I189867
7 Colbjørnsen, Maria Rosa  Abt 1795Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I42651
8 Fischer, Marie Géneviève  17 Jan 1775Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I189892
9 Hansen, Christine Marie Charlotte  8 Jun 1830Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135266
10 Kildal, Hjørdis Aranka  3 Sep 1896Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I201520
11 Kofoed, Elisa M  Abt 1795Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I128392
12 Kofoed, Frederikke  Abt 1796Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I128391
13 Müller (Müller of Schwerin), Anna Friderica "Frederikke"  8 Apr 1775Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I194868
14 Møller, Carl August  10 Jun 1845Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135236
15 Møller, Johanne Nicoline Rehling  Abt 1842Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135237
16 Ottosen, Juliane Marie  31 Dec 1770Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I194596
17 Payngk (Panck), Charlotte Amalie  Abt 1728Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I183651
18 Payngk (Panck), Kirstine Marie Elisabeth  1730Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I73740
19 Payngk (Panck), Wendela Elisabeth  1732Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I161176
20 Rehling, August Frederik  25 Dec 1808Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135325
21 Rehling, Ditleff Adolph Carl  1 Feb 1821Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135301
22 Rehling, Frederik August  26 Sep 1817Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135320
23 Rehling, Frederikke Augusta  2 Mar 1825Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135287
24 Rehling, Gerhardt Sigvardt  16 Sep 1815Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135321
25 Rehling, Herman Hans Samuel Didrik  2 Jun 1841Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135281
26 Rehling, Johan  1818Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I79857
27 Rehling, Johannes Andreas  12 Mar 1819Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135313
28 Rehling, Mantze Regine Charlotte  4 Nov 1826Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I79847
29 Rehling, Otto Christian  17 Jul 1812Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135323
30 Stricker, Mette Marie  21 Sep 1796Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135324
31 Sundt, Charlotte Amalie  22 Aug 1766Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I134808


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Rehling, Gerhardt Sigvardt  1 Oct 1815Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135321


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bang (Bang of Odense), Hans Christian  16 Jun 1804Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I243296
2 Castonier (Castonier), Adam Levin de  30 Nov 1787Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I156533
3 Deurs (Deurs), Arent van  1783Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I145876
4 Ehrhardt, Friderica Augusta  28 Jan 1809Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135326
5 Fischer, Marie Géneviève  5 Dec 1868Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I189892
6 Fontenay, Andreas de  25 Oct 1799Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I138265
7 Hansen, Johanne Anna Christine  4 Aug 1758Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I144551
8 Kofoed, Jens  27 Apr 1833Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I102036
9 Martini, Charlotte Louise  1 Dec 1840Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I128393
10 Müller (Müller of Schwerin), Caspar Ernst  7 May 1776Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I198794
11 Payngk (Panck), Poul Krigsch Jacobsen  14 Jul 1750Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I161178
12 Payngk (Panck), Wendela Elisabeth  1783Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I161176
13 Rehling, Johan  1818Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I79857
14 Rehling, Johan Samuel Theodorus Gottlob  18 Jun 1841Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135378
15 Stricker, Otto Christian von  1819Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I134802
16 Sundt, Charlotte Amalie  25 Feb 1804Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I134808
17 Tuxen (Tuxen), Peder Manderup  17 May 1772Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I105274


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Payngk (Panck), Poul Krigsch Jacobsen  15 Jul 1750Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I161178
2 Rehling, Johan  4 Aug 1818Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I79857


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Attrup, Rasmus Hansen  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I156582
2 Bang (Bang of Odense), Hans Christian  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I243296
3 Colbjørnsen, Jacob Edvard  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I189866
4 Deurs (Deurs), Arent van  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I145876
5 Hansen, Peter  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135258
6 Kelso, A H  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I42652
7 Lücke, Ivar  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I105292
8 Müller (Müller of Schwerin), Caspar Ernst  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I198794
9 Payngk (Panck), Jacob Pedersen  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I42607
10 Payngk (Panck), Rudolph Nikolaj  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I198796
11 Rehling, Hans Georg Diderich Adolph  8 Oct 1816Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135329
12 Rehling, Johan Samuel Theodorus Gottlob  7 Nov 1804Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135378
13 Rehling, Johan Samuel Theodorus Gottlob  1 May 1838Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135378
14 Rehling, Otto Christian  6 Nov 1838Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I135323
15 Tuxen (Tuxen), Peder Manderup  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I105274
16 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Stephan  Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India I109332


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Castonier (Castonier) / Attrup  7 Feb 1750Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F59491
2 Castonier (Castonier) / Hansen  4 Feb 1754Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F59490
3 Kelso / Colbjørnsen  24 Apr 1809Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F22175
4 Kofoed / Martini  Abt 1795Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F45190
5 Lücke / Payngk (Panck)  13 Nov 1776Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F24941
6 Müller (Müller of Schwerin) / Payngk (Panck)  7 Sep 1772Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F24943
7 Tuxen (Tuxen) / Payngk (Panck)  11 Dec 1770Tranquebar, Tamil, Naadu, India F24940

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