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The Hague, The Netherlands



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bendix, Thomas Tyge   I142084
2 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Louise Eleonora Birgitte Charlotte Frederikke, Baroness  29 Aug 1844The Hague, The Netherlands I493
3 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Preben Charles, Ruling Count  14 Nov 1842The Hague, The Netherlands I3781
4 Connick, François de  14 Apr 1750The Hague, The Netherlands I117869
5 Connick, Frédéric de  5 Dec 1740The Hague, The Netherlands I117871
6 Connick, Henriette de  12 Jul 1743The Hague, The Netherlands I117870
7 Connick, Jean de  17 Jul 1744The Hague, The Netherlands I119748
8 Connick, Marie Anne de  25 Dec 1738The Hague, The Netherlands I117873
9 Gosewehr, Eugéne Gertrut Reinira  22 Jul 1901The Hague, The Netherlands I122616
10 Gscheider, Philipp   I295087
11 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen), Peter   I153126
12 Joncourt, Marie de  22 Jul 1747The Hague, The Netherlands I117251
13 Kellas, Mary Cornelia Van Heeckeren Van  13 Jan 1855The Hague, The Netherlands I172949
14 Kwetsie, Dientje "Dina"  29 Nov 1898The Hague, The Netherlands I450661
15 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Maximilian Jacob von  14 Jul 1839The Hague, The Netherlands I17299
16 Nassau (Orange-Nassau), Wilhelm II de  27 May 1626The Hague, The Netherlands I149666
17 Nassau-Dietz (Orange-Nassau), Mauritia Margaretha, Countess of Odyck, Princess of  Abt 1676The Hague, The Netherlands I147435
18 Netherlands (Nassau - Mecklenburg-Schwerin), Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina, Princess of Oranjeboom-Nassau, Queen of  30 Apr 1909The Hague, The Netherlands I17561
19 Netherlands (Netherlands), Floris Iii, Count of  1141The Hague, The Netherlands I208836
20 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau - Lippe - Amsberg), Ariane Wilhelmina Maxima Ines, Princess of Oranjeboom-Nassau, Princess of   I75905
21 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Frederike Luise Wilhelmine, Princess of  28 Nov 1770The Hague, The Netherlands I9584
22 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria, Queen of  31 Aug 1880The Hague, The Netherlands I17283
23 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Willem II "Willem Frederik George Lodewijk, Prince of Oranjeboom-Nassau, King of  6 Dec 1792The Hague, The Netherlands I16594
24 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Willem V Batavus, Prince of Nassau-Dietz, Prince of Oranjeboom-Nassau, Prince of  8 Mar 1748The Hague, The Netherlands I9450
25 Ojen, Everdina Cornelia Van  1 Oct 1878The Hague, The Netherlands I49367
26 Praagh, Jacques Van  24 Aug 1917The Hague, The Netherlands I450658
27 Rietdijk, Johannes   I29550
28 Scheven, Anita von   I148439
29 Scotland and Oranjeboom-Nassau (Nassau - Oranjeboom), Privy Counsellor of The UK William Iii, King of  14 Nov 1650The Hague, The Netherlands I149667
30 Sekrève, Annette   I96327
31 Six, Pauline Cornelie Henriette   I184636
32 Vogel, Elisabeth Adolphine de   I88341


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brienen and Groote Lindt (Brienen and Groote Lindt), Guillaume Thierry Arnaud Marie, Baron  9 Apr 1863The Hague, The Netherlands I48183
2 Connick, François de  29 Dec 1750The Hague, The Netherlands I117869
3 Connick, Henriette de  12 Dec 1807The Hague, The Netherlands I117870
4 Connick, Jean de  22 Mar 1774The Hague, The Netherlands I16372
5 Danneskiold-Løwendal (Gyldenløve Pape - Danneskiold-Løwendal), François Xavier Joseph, Imperial Count von Löwendal, Ruling Count of  20 Sep 1808The Hague, The Netherlands I190641
6 Frijs of Vadkærsgaard (Friis), Niels, Ruling Count  5 Feb 1699The Hague, The Netherlands I22007
7 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Hedevig Eleonore, Baroness  24 Sep 1686The Hague, The Netherlands I149621
8 Lerche (Lerche), Frederik Christian  1686The Hague, The Netherlands I18019
9 Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg), Heinrich Wladimir Albrecht Ernst, Prince of  3 Jul 1934The Hague, The Netherlands I155518
10 Nassau-Dillenburg (Orange-Nassau), Friedrich Heinrich, Count of Oranjeboom, Count of  14 Mar 1647The Hague, The Netherlands I197205
11 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Frederike Luise Wilhelmine, Princess of  15 Oct 1819The Hague, The Netherlands I9584
12 Plessen (Plessen), Dorothea Elisabeth von  23 Mar 1714The Hague, The Netherlands I188378
13 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Frederika Louise Wilhelmine, Princess of  12 Oct 1837The Hague, The Netherlands I151612
14 Rapin Thoyras, Susanne Esther de  20 Oct 1785The Hague, The Netherlands I119742
15 Russia (Oldenburg), Anna Pavlovna Romanov, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Grand Duchess of  1 Mar 1865The Hague, The Netherlands I147283
16 Sasburgh, Jacobine "Jobine" Charlotte  13 Oct 1688The Hague, The Netherlands I47401
17 Scavenius (Scavenius), Harald Roger Brønnum  22 Apr 1939The Hague, The Netherlands I23188
18 Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Schwarzburg), Marie Karoline Auguste, Princess of  22 Apr 1922The Hague, The Netherlands I154675
19 Selby (Selby), Angelique Louise Johanne Christiane Antoinette, Baroness  21 Apr 1836The Hague, The Netherlands I47067
20 Selby (Selby), Anna "Nancy" Ernestine Angelique Elisabeth, Baroness  11 May 1838The Hague, The Netherlands I47056
21 Selby (Selby), Ida Charlotte Nicolette, Baroness  16 Feb 1845The Hague, The Netherlands I47022
22 United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph), Anne, Princess Royal of  12 Jan 1759The Hague, The Netherlands I24
23 Waldeck-Pyrmont (Waldeck), Adelheid Emma Wilhelmina, Princess of  20 Mar 1934The Hague, The Netherlands I148115
24 Zuylen and Nyevelt (Zuylen and Nyevelt), Adrienne Marie, Baroness  13 Jan 1892The Hague, The Netherlands I48227


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Connick, Jean de  The Hague, The Netherlands I16372
2 Gosewehr, Jacobus  The Hague, The Netherlands I163659
3 Joncourt, Gertrude Louis de  The Hague, The Netherlands I117250
4 Lerche (Lerche), Frederik Christian  The Hague, The Netherlands I18019
5 Selby (Selby), Charles Ernst Alexander Vilhelm Valetin Niels Robert, Baron  The Hague, The Netherlands I47033
6 Six, Willem Cornelis Jonkheer   I184962


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   4 Jun 1647The Hague, The Netherlands F173453
2 /   Apr 1704The Hague, The Netherlands F174231
3 Bendix / Simonsen   F72640
4 Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph) / Netherlands (Orange-Nassau)  14 Oct 1790The Hague, The Netherlands F5462
5 Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph) / Netherlands (Orange-Nassau)  14 Oct 1790The Hague, The Netherlands F179108
6 Brienen and Groote Lindt (Brienen and Groote Lindt) / Selby (Selby)  19 Oct 1836The Hague, The Netherlands F24037
7 Cadogan (Cadogan) / Münter (Münter of Lübeck)  Apr 1704The Hague, The Netherlands F2610
8 Cadogan (Cadogan) / Münter (Münter of Lübeck)  Apr 1704The Hague, The Netherlands F178676
9 Connick / Joncourt  7 Jan 1770The Hague, The Netherlands F16742
10 Connick / Rapin Thoyras  1 Oct 1736The Hague, The Netherlands F8876
11 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Reventlow (Reventlow)  24 Dec 1701The Hague, The Netherlands F48670
12 Jonquières / Connick  12 Dec 1773The Hague, The Netherlands F25189
13 Lippe-Biesterfeld (Lippe) / Netherlands (Nassau - Mecklenburg-Schwerin)  7 Jan 1937The Hague, The Netherlands F9524
14 Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Mecklenburg of Mecklenburg) / Netherlands (Orange-Nassau)  7 Feb 1901The Hague, The Netherlands F9386
15 Nassau-Dillenburg (Orange-Nassau) / Portugal (Aviz)  4 Jun 1647The Hague, The Netherlands F889
16 Nassau-Dillenburg (Orange-Nassau) / Portugal (Aviz)  4 Jun 1647The Hague, The Netherlands F176955
17 Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau) / Nassau-Dietz (Orange-Nassau)  5 Mar 1760The Hague, The Netherlands F25422
18 Schubart / Wiehling  10 Aug 1789The Hague, The Netherlands F69433
19 Vollenhoven (Vollenhoven) / Netherlands (Orange-Nassau - Lippe)   F9810

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