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Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Anders  1714Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337811
2 Hansen, Anne  1717Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337824
3 Hansen, Giertrud  1712Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I331269
4 Hansen, Hans  1709Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337823
5 Hansen, Henning  1698Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I311898
6 Hansen, Henning  1704Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313336
7 Hansen, Jeppe  1700Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I307428
8 Hansen, Karen  1708Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337822
9 Hansen, Kirstine  1723Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I345185
10 Hansen, Maren  1721Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337825
11 Hansen, Margrethe  Abt 1705Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313337
12 Hansen, Peder  1703Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313335
13 Jensen, Jens  1694Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I332171
14 Jensen, Jep  1690Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I301541
15 Jensen, Karen  1692Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I332174
16 Jensen, Lars  1696Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I332172
17 Jensen, Peder  Abt 1634Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I309118
18 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Barbara Olufsen  1676Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315639
19 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Jens Olufsen  1680Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315641
20 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Margrethe Olufsen  1674Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I332177
21 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Sidsel Olufsen  1678Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315640
22 Kofoed, Caroline  Abt 1847Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I340862
23 Kofoed, Christen Lind  1746Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313757
24 Kofoed, Hans Christian  16 Jul 1849Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I340856
25 Kofoed, Johan Pedersen  1781Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310788
26 Kofoed, Jørgen Madsen  1744Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313756
27 Kofoed, Ludvig Christian  24 Apr 1845Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I375886
28 Kofoed, Maren Kirstine  1783Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312076
29 Kofoed, Matthias Friderich  Abt 1850Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I340857
30 Kofoed, Peder  1786Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312075
31 Kofoed, Peter Emanuel  Abt 1844Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I340861
32 Pedersen, Boel  1666Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I364226
33 Pedersen, Hans  1730Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366806
34 Pedersen, Karen  1741Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313755
35 Pedersen, Lars  1668Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I364227
36 Pedersen, Maren  1738Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I322824
37 Pedersen, Margrethe  1728Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366805
38 Pedersen, Martha  1736Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366807
39 Pedersen, Morten  1675Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I364221
40 Pedersen, Petrine  1742Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313549
41 Sonne, Hans Kofoed  1790Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I65674
42 Sonne, Louise Friderikke  1794Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352441
43 Sonne, Marie Margrethe  1792Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352440
44 Sonne, Ole Edvardsen  1787Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I317155


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Henning  1702Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I311898
2 Hansen, Henning  1705Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313336
3 Hansen, Karen  1723Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337822
4 Hansen, Maren  1722Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337825
5 Hansen, Ole  25 Jul 1842Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352214
6 Hansen, Peder  1741Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313335
7 Ibsen, Hans  1706Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I309027
8 Johansen, Peder  1785Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I322825
9 Kofod (Kofod of Kofodgaard), Mads Jørgensen  1786Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308030
10 Kofoed, Johan Pedersen  1789Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310788
11 Kofoed, Louise Marie Pedersen  1825Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I65660
12 Kofoed, Maren Kirstine  24 Mar 1843Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312076
13 Munch, Martha Pedersen  1731Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I342013
14 Pedersen, Hans  1737Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366806
15 Pedersen, Lars  1668Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I364227
16 Pedersen, Margrethe  1728Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366805
17 Pedersen, Martha  1737Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366807
18 Sonne, Martha Jørgensen  1767Soldatergaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I307189

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