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Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Assing, Jens Christian Marius  2 Jan 1867Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I82658
2 Bentzon, Ellen La Cour  26 Jul 1908Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397401
3 Bentzon, Ernst La Cour  7 May 1898Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397406
4 Bentzon, Holger  11 Jun 1899Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397412
5 Bentzon, Kaja La Cour  17 Oct 1904Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397403
6 Bentzon, Peter Helge La Cour  3 May 1912Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397400
7 Bentzon, Svend La Cour  22 Jun 1901Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397404
8 Brøndsted, Christian  23 Mar 1742Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I173096
9 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Henrik   I185314
10 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Inger Gram   I184983
11 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Vibeke Gram   I172402
12 Bæk, Andrea Stubager   I297037
13 Bæk, Ane Stubager   I297036
14 Bæk, Signe Stubager   I297035
15 Bønnelycke, Christian Frederik Emil  27 Oct 1875Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285498
16 Bønnelycke, Elna Elisa  1 Jul 1880Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285504
17 Bønnelycke, Gerda  1 Oct 1883Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285508
18 Bønnelycke, Janitta Magna Laura  28 Apr 1877Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285499
19 Bønnelycke, Louise Elvina  18 Sep 1873Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285496
20 Bønnelycke, Valdemar Thorbjørn  19 Jun 1871Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I285495
21 Christensen, Agnes Lavrine  14 Apr 1891Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I127230
22 Christensen, Antonia Kristine  5 May 1869Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I15045
23 Chrstensen, Mette Margrethe  Abt 1697Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111023
24 Davidsen, Øllegaard Jørgensen  22 Feb 1719Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111026
25 Dochedahl-Petersen, Asger  11 Jul 1885Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I405573
26 Dændler, Aage Felix Glahn  14 Jan 1878Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137923
27 Dændler, Agnete Sofia Amalia von Dudden  16 Feb 1880Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137945
28 Dændler, Gerda Olga Kempel  10 Feb 1879Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137934
29 Dændler, Hans Egede Glahn  29 Jun 1882Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137967
30 Dændler, Holger Glahn  20 Sep 1883Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137989
31 Dændler, Ingrid Johanne Louise Klingfeldt  30 Mar 1881Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I194732
32 Eggertsen, Bodil  17 Aug 1913Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I2910
33 Eggertsen, Poul  14 May 1911Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I2692
34 Engelbrecht, Søren Knudsen  13 Sep 1733Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I106900
35 Hammer, Laura Charlotte Thora "Kylle"  16 Jan 1901Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I92908
36 Hansen, Eleonora Christine Marie Sophie  26 Jul 1880Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I241276
37 Hansen, Kate Damsbo  21 Nov 1908Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I281744
38 Hoffmann (Hoffmann of Schlesia), Maren Johanne  12 Aug 1903Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I402250
39 Holck (Holck of Lundum), Marie Birgitte Christiane  7 Nov 1855Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I387010
40 Holm-Nielsen, Henriette   I293222
41 Holstein-Rathlou (Holstein), Nanna Christiane Dagmar von  28 Jun 1862Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I46779
42 Ilsøe, Christina   I416602
43 Jacobsen, Kristine  8 Dec 1877Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I130922
44 Jensen, Asta Bodil   I173550
45 Jensen, Jens Peter  28 Jun 1877Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I168791
46 Jensen, Niels  1809Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I101305
47 Johansen, Laurits  Abt 1779Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I327137
48 Jørgensen, Thora  25 Feb 1915Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I12266
49 Kragballe, Christian Maltha  25 Apr 1756Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I199339
50 Kristiansen, Katrine Marie  1861Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284101
51 Krogsager, Josefine Lindhardt   I61801
52 La Cour (La Cour), Carl Georg  2 Aug 1808Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I180986
53 La Cour (La Cour), Holger Magarus  18 Nov 1800Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I92191
54 La Cour (La Cour), Lauritz Ulrik  6 Apr 1802Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I92192
55 La Cour (La Cour), Peter  14 Nov 1798Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129402
56 La Cour (La Cour), Peter Christian  26 Jan 1805Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129429
57 Lange, Niels Færgemann   I159909
58 Leutholtz, Mikael Gottfred Nitzschke  10 Mar 1845Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I412507
59 Meinertz, Sonnich   I384454
60 Metz Meillier, Mikkel   I137564
61 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laurits Tage  10 Jun 1919Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I200296
62 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Mary Jane Crafoord   I200295
63 Møller, Hans Hansen  1 Oct 1723Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186127
64 Mørup, Albert Marius  4 Mar 1875Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I105590
65 Nielsen, Agnes Marie  13 Sep 1899Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I416381
66 Nielsen, Mette  17 Apr 1853Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284084
67 Nielsen, Rasmus  1845Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284098
68 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Else Bonde  26 Apr 1910Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I124038
69 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Frank Bonde  12 Apr 1907Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I83331
70 Næraa, Astrid Marie   I91272
71 Pedersen, Elvin  9 Apr 1917Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I33955
72 Petersen, Agnes Petrea  18 Oct 1887Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I404221
73 Petersen, Ebba  14 Jul 1876Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I405575
74 Petersen, Hans Wilhelm  17 Jan 1852Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I133275
75 Petersen, Kay  13 Feb 1884Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I405574
76 Petersen, Viggo  26 May 1875Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I405576
77 Rasmussen, Jens  Abt 1798Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I106075
78 Rasmussen, Rasmus Peder  19 Dec 1847Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284086
79 Rehling, Børge Johannes Louis  28 Aug 1859Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I79884
80 Rehling, Julie Augusta Frederikke  25 Oct 1861Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I19117
81 Rix, Valdemar  12 Aug 1871Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I82949
82 Sandal, Ejvind   I191507
83 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Jørgine Margrethe  31 Jan 1837Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I159757
84 Skaarup, Marianne  11 Feb 1956Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I409644
85 Tarp, Jette  26 Dec 1924Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I161924
86 Thage, Axel Ovesen  15 Nov 1889Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I389888
87 Timmermann, Per   I141639
88 Tvenstrup, Rasmus Rasmussen  1773Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I106101
89 Værnet, Aase  1922Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I424931
90 Warming, Sophie   I141832


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bentzon, Ellen La Cour  16 Aug 1908Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397401
2 Bentzon, Ernst La Cour  19 Jun 1898Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397406
3 Bentzon, Holger  16 Jul 1899Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397412
4 Bentzon, Kaja La Cour  20 Nov 1904Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397403
5 Bentzon, Peter Helge La Cour  7 Jul 1912Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397400
6 Bentzon, Svend La Cour  21 Jul 1901Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397404
7 Brøndsted, Søren  24 Jul 1745Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I243477
8 Davidsen, Øllegaard Jørgensen  22 Feb 1719Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111026
9 Kragballe, Christian Maltha  12 Apr 1756Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I199339
10 La Cour (La Cour), Johannes Georg  10 Apr 1884Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397576
11 La Cour (La Cour), Karl August  25 May 1885Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397574
12 La Cour (La Cour), Laurits Andreas  6 Mar 1887Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397573
13 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Christian  16 Aug 1880Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397578
14 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Peter  26 Dec 1881Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397577
15 Laursen, Dorothea Nørrelund  28 May 1916Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I373012
16 Laursen, Margrethe Nørrelund  21 Feb 1915Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I355612
17 Laursen, Niels Nørrelund  24 May 1920Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I373014
18 Laursen, Sigrid Nørrelund  22 Jun 1913Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I310036
19 Laursen, Thomas Nørrelund  31 Mar 1918Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I373013
20 Malling (Malling of Helsingør), Ingeborg Petra Sophie  12 Aug 1906Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I281769
21 Møller, Anker Svenstrup  15 Jan 1758Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I243469
22 Møller, Hans  31 Oct 1749Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I243459
23 Møller, Hans Hansen  6 Oct 1723Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186127
24 Møller, Hedevig Johanne  2 Oct 1747Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I243449
25 Møller, Øllegaard Charlotte  Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186133
26 Nielsen, Agnes Marie  22 Oct 1899Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I416381
27 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Else Bonde  26 Jun 1910Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I124038
28 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Frank Bonde  25 Aug 1907Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I83331
29 Rix, Valdemar  26 May 1872Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I82949
30 Schæffer, Edvard Christen Wilhelm  4 Oct 1843Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I175531
31 Schæffer, Einer  17 May 1875Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I77041
32 Schæffer, Poul  13 Oct 1878Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I77039
33 Skæg, Anna Sørensen  17 Mar 1726Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I84504
34 Vestergaard, Niels "Williamsen"  Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284121


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrahamsen, Edit Foged  26 May 2011Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I401818
2 Bentzon, Holger  30 May 1900Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397412
3 Bregendahl, Caroline Jacobine  19 Feb 1871Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129428
4 Brøndsted, Gerth Madsen  23 Apr 1746Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111890
5 Christensen, Johanne  19 Mar 1832Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I385172
6 Dalgas, Johanne  11 Feb 1947Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I171935
7 Davidsen, Jørgen  1 Oct 1733Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111024
8 Davidsen, Øllegaard Jørgensen  8 Mar 1748Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111026
9 Dændler, Holger Glahn  6 Oct 1883Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I137989
10 Fogh (Bødker), Jens Jensen Bødker  6 Apr 1867Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I385149
11 Holck (Holck of Lundum), Johan Georg Harald  8 Feb 1894Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I387012
12 Holstein-Rathlou (Holstein), Adolph Viggo Rudolph Huno von  18 Aug 1957Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I164407
13 Holstein-Rathlou (Holstein), Viggo von  8 Apr 1968Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I164410
14 Kragballe, Jens Andresen  23 Jun 1789Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I189201
15 Krarup (Krarup), Janas Balthazar  11 Jan 1928Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I255722
16 La Cour (La Cour), Anna Cathrine  20 Mar 1901Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397584
17 La Cour (La Cour), Christianne Dorthea  9 Mar 1900Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397685
18 La Cour (La Cour), Frederik Christian Carl  27 Jan 1914Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I107626
19 La Cour (La Cour), Hanne Petrea  18 Mar 1865Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397149
20 La Cour (La Cour), Jørgen  3 Sep 1809Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I92109
21 La Cour (La Cour), Margrethe Johanne Marie  15 Mar 1937Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397415
22 La Cour (La Cour), Peter Christian  16 Mar 1865Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129429
23 Leitner, Philip Richard Friedrich von  31 May 1879Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I164419
24 Lund, Frederikke Regine  21 Feb 1887Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I135278
25 Møller, Hans Hansen  26 Oct 1796Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186127
26 Mørck, Doris Laura Karen Vilhelmine  29 Apr 1936Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I404227
27 Nielsen, Mette  25 Apr 1853Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284084
28 Nielsen, Mette Kai  5 Feb 1995Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I165493
29 Nohr, Christiane Frederikke  30 Jul 1801Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I55
30 Raupach, Niels Lorentz  3 Jan 1871Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I1013
31 Rehling, Gerhardt Sigvardt  15 Jan 1895Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I135321
32 Rehling, Johan Andreas  1 Dec 1878Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I135245
33 Schmidt, Sophie Johanne Marie  29 Sep 1910Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I107659
34 Skaarup, Marianne  11 Feb 1956Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I409644
35 Strunge, Helga Eleonora  24 Mar 1948Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I21505
36 Svendsen, Svend Jessen  Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I433678
37 Videbæk, Jens Madsen  5 May 1932Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I56113
38 Worsøe, Ane Sophie  15 Jun 1767Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186129


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bentzon, Holger  4 Jun 1900Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397412
2 Bregendahl, Caroline Jacobine  25 Feb 1871Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129428
3 Brøndsted, Gerth Madsen  6 May 1746Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111890
4 Christensen, Johanne  Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I385172
5 Davidsen, Øllegaard Jørgensen  18 Mar 1748Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I111026
6 Hutfeld, Birgitte Cathrine Nielsen  11 Apr 1794Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I189202
7 Kragballe, Jens Andresen  30 Jun 1789Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I189201
8 Krüger, Anne Marie Caspersen  23 Feb 1897Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284103
9 La Cour (La Cour), Ane Cathrine  3 Nov 1923Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397420
10 La Cour (La Cour), Anna Cathrine  27 Mar 1901Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397584
11 La Cour (La Cour), Christianne Dorthea  16 Mar 1900Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397685
12 La Cour (La Cour), Frederik Christian Carl  3 Feb 1914Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I107626
13 La Cour (La Cour), Hanne Petrea  18 Mar 1865Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397149
14 La Cour (La Cour), Helga Maria  15 Feb 1925Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397414
15 La Cour (La Cour), Janus Andreas Bartholin  19 Oct 1909Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397690
16 La Cour (La Cour), Jørgen  8 Sep 1809Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I92109
17 La Cour (La Cour), Margrethe Johanne Marie  19 Mar 1937Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397415
18 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Christian  31 Aug 1880Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I397578
19 La Cour (La Cour), Peter Christian  24 Mar 1865Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I129429
20 Møller, Hans Hansen  27 Oct 1796Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186127
21 Rasmussen, Niels  25 Oct 1912Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I284104
22 Schmidt, Sophie Johanne Marie  4 Oct 1910Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I107659
23 Skaarup, Marianne  13 Feb 1956Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I409644
24 Worsøe, Ane Sophie  23 Jun 1767Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark I186129


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt) / Dugdale (Ruben)   F64138
2 Bøgh (Lassen) / Skæg  27 Feb 1744Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F77095
3 Fischer / Rehling  10 May 1882Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F10346
4 Herschend / Bloch  22 Nov 1771Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F58802
5 Hesselund / La Cour (La Cour)  27 Jun 1911Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F104086
6 Holck (Holck of Lundum) / Moldrup (Moldrup)  8 Aug 1819Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F50313
7 Holstein-Rathlou (Holstein) / Leitner  6 Aug 1852Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F60894
8 Jensen / La Cour (La Cour)  17 Oct 1911Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153902
9 Jørgensen / Kaae (Kaae)  24 May 1914Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F6720
10 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Rehling  29 Oct 1885Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F10309
11 Kragballe / Davidsen  28 Jun 1735Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F48334
12 Kragballe / Hutfeld  11 Jul 1749Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F79704
13 Kragballe / La Cour (La Cour)  28 Jul 1786Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153983
14 La Cour (La Cour) / Petersen  14 Aug 1879Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153959
15 Lillelund / La Cour (La Cour)  30 Nov 1870Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153840
16 Lisborg / Bentzon  28 Dec 1926Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153913
17 Møller / Worsøe  21 Oct 1746Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F78352
18 Nielsen / Thaarup   F82448
19 Rasmussen / Krüger  5 Nov 1847Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F117766
20 Rasmussen / Tvenstrup  15 Apr 1831Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F46710
21 Schoubye / Christensen  26 Sep 1935Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F22445
22 Sparsø / Andersen  12 Nov 1918Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F116709
23 Stricker / Rehling  8 Jan 1885Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F36578
24 Tybjerg / La Cour (La Cour)  28 Aug 1863Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F153839
25 Ussing / Jacobsen  26 May 1904Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F54879
26 Vestergaard / Nielsen  4 Oct 1890Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F117774
27 Vogelius (Vogelius) / Holck  11 Oct 1855Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F158692
28 Wormslev / La Cour (La Cour)  19 Oct 1798Odder, Central Jutland, Denmark F154071

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