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Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 125 of 125

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aagesen (Aagesen), Mathias Hamborg  18 Apr 1732Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I191651
2 Abildgaard, Jens Nielsen  Abt 1850Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I170252
3 Abildgaard, Sørine Mathilde  Abt 1861Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116120
4 Alling, Frants  7 Sep 1874Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I295853
5 Altewelt, Mette Marie Sigvardsen  1719Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173412
6 Arntzen, Frode  18 Dec 1825Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175433
7 Asp, Christen  Mar 1774Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88978
8 Asp, Christian Cæsar  Jul 1806Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I990
9 Beth, Niels Nielsen  Abt 1710Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I354346
10 Brinkmann, Anne Marie  9 Mar 1901Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94341
11 Busch, Carl Reinhold  16 Aug 1815Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175860
12 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich Ulrich August von  8 Aug 1781Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I166050
13 Christensen, Mikkeline "Taul"  1870Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232121
14 Christiani, Anna Helene  29 Jul 1885Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I141048
15 Christiani, Emil Pontoppidan  23 Aug 1887Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36213
16 Christiani, Holger  9 Oct 1896Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36246
17 Christiani, Ines Elisabeth  31 Mar 1884Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36190
18 Christiani, Marie Louise  2 Nov 1881Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36179
19 Christiani, Vita Merete  10 Oct 1890Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36235
20 Estrup (Estrup 1), Christen  Abt 1754Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88520
21 Estrup (Estrup 1), Peder  6 Oct 1756Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I179225
22 Feilberg (Feilberg), Kirstine Marie  1728Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I65121
23 Fog-Petersen, Jørgen  2 Oct 1922Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I185521
24 Fog-Petersen, Otto  20 Aug 1914Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I185532
25 Foldberg, Anna Alfrida  22 Oct 1865Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I222542
26 Foldberg, Peter Thomsen  4 Apr 1861Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I222541
27 Foldberg, Thomas  27 Feb 1864Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I222540
28 Færch (Færch of Nibe)  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221821
29 Færch (Færch of Nibe)  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221822
30 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Anders Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221820
31 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Anders Nielsen  1738Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120567
32 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Ellen Cecilie Andersen  6 Jun 1772Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120569
33 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Kirstine Marie Nielsen  10 Dec 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173420
34 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Andersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120522
35 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Andersen  3 Mar 1711Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94500
36 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Nielsen  5 Sep 1774Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I182056
37 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Sigvard Altewelt Nielsen  22 Sep 1782Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173422
38 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Carsten Andreas  14 Mar 1794Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I182053
39 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Jenny Marie  13 Sep 1882Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120557
40 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Nielsine Henriette  20 Jun 1820Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173376
41 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Søren Rasmussen  6 Dec 1813Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88589
42 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Søren Sigvard  10 Sep 1817Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I93971
43 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Thyge Thygesen  13 Nov 1814Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94015
44 Haubroe, Inger Cathrine  20 Feb 1776Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119250
45 Heide, Johanne Frideriche "Frederikke"  Abt Feb 1796Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I264334
46 Heilbuth-Andersen, Helge  21 Apr 1907Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I285621
47 Herskind, Alvilde  26 Apr 1869Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I70055
48 Hovald, Johanne Elisabth  9 Jan 1873Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I405321
49 Høygaard-Nielsen, Børge  7 Aug 1904Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175547
50 Høygaard-Nielsen, Christian Peter  12 Feb 1878Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175551
51 Jacobsen, Gjertrud Marie  4 Jan 1804Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I41860
52 Jacobsen, Nicoline Petrine  30 Jun 1876Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I185162
53 Jensen, Christine  28 Apr 1836Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I70063
54 Jocumsen, Jørgen  1746Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I281828
55 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Ane Cathrine  Abt 1821Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287310
56 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Anne Cathrine Kirstine  23 Sep 1866Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232126
57 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Elsine Dothea  Abt 1825Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287312
58 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Jens Christian Thominus  9 Jun 1875Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232127
59 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Lars Peter  1818Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287318
60 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Mads Pedersen  1804Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232124
61 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Marie Sophie  Abt 1820Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287309
62 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Mette Cathrine  Abt 1815Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287317
63 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Niels Madsen  29 Apr 1839Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232123
64 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Niels Pedersen  Abt 1796Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287301
65 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Peder Nielsen  1752Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287315
66 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Petrine  Abt 1816Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287308
67 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Severine Cecilie  Abt 1821Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287311
68 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Else Jensen  1701Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I46451
69 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Jensen  1647Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173393
70 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Sørensen  Abt 1717Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232139
71 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Niels Nielsen  Abt 1740Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287262
72 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Peder Nielsen  Abt 1770Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287298
73 Koefoed (Kofod of Kofodgaard), Ehrenreich Chistopher Ludvig  6 Jul 1830Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I34639
74 Kold, Julie Ulrikke Marie  3 Dec 1851Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I146303
75 Kras, Maren Nielsen  Oct 1550Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107929
76 Kras, Poul Nielsen  Oct 1580Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I166679
77 Krøyer, Ellen   I30118
78 Kuri, Anne Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107547
79 Kuri, Anne Pedersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107447
80 Kuri, Christen Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107458
81 Kuri, Inger Pedersen  Oct 1600Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107552
82 Kuri, Laurs Pedersen  Oct 1600Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107926
83 Kuri, Maren Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107545
84 Kuri, Mette Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107455
85 Kuri, Peder Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107549
86 Majgaard, Jens  17 Sep 1938Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I186317
87 Munch, Karen "Kaja" Sophie Hedvig  18 Jun 1794Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I194225
88 Møller, Anne Margrethe  1747Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119202
89 Nielsen, Jesper Bo Thorup   I174887
90 Nielsen, Kirstine Mathilde Emilie  20 Feb 1842Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I447506
91 Petersen, Anna Marie Elisabeth  5 Mar 1855Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I248563
92 Petraeus, Louise  13 Sep 1879Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I195534
93 Schibbye, Elsine Maria  18 May 1811Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119153
94 Schibbye, Jens Mogensen  2 Jul 1807Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119198
95 Stub (Stub of Viborg), Karen Christophersen  29 Aug 1697Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I112425
96 Svane, Mette Marie Jensen  1710Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I7648
97 Sørensen, Johannes   I294339
98 Wacher, Herman   I107500
99 Wacher, Inger   I107498
100 Wacher, Maren   I107499
101 Wacher, Niels   I107466
102 Wibroe, Agnes Camilla  24 Feb 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116572
103 Wibroe, Amalie Malin  19 Jul 1887Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116287
104 Wibroe, Ane Nicoline  13 Jul 1830Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118889
105 Wibroe, Annette Cathrine  11 Dec 1831Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118757
106 Wibroe, Arthur  1 Feb 1889Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116281
107 Wibroe, Camilla Christine  18 Apr 1851Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116276
108 Wibroe, Camilla Christine  3 Mar 1891Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116280
109 Wibroe, Elsine Marie  17 Dec 1880Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116297
110 Wibroe, Emil  22 Jan 1853Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I83660
111 Wibroe, Frederik Windel  7 Sep 1884Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I1076
112 Wibroe, Georg Anders  1 Apr 1882Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116294
113 Wibroe, Harriet  31 Jan 1886Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116289
114 Wibroe, Iver Christian  2 Oct 1879Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116474
115 Wibroe, Jane Jacobine Marie  12 Dec 1844Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118277
116 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  25 Nov 1846Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116575
117 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  28 Sep 1849Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I1085
118 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  16 Apr 1911Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I139532
119 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  20 Apr 1834Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118387
120 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  3 Jan 1841Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118302
121 Wibroe, Nicolette Christine  21 Sep 1836Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118386
122 Wibroe, Thora Alvilda  18 Nov 1838Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118371
123 Wibroe, Thora Alvilda  10 Jul 1895Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116278
124 Wibroe, Valdemar  1 Jul 1883Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116293
125 Wingaard, Mogens Thomsen  Oct 1588Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107823


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Arntzen, Frode  17 Jan 1826Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175433
2 Asp, Ane Christine  15 Nov 1795Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I103418
3 Asp, Olfert Fischer  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I143189
4 Feiring, Jens Brandt  29 Dec 1845Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I83798
5 Heide, Johanne Frideriche "Frederikke"  4 Mar 1796Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I264334
6 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Anne Cathrine Kirstine  31 Mar 1867Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232126
7 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Jens Christian Thominus  28 Jan 1876Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232127
8 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Niels Madsen  18 Aug 1839Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232123
9 Secher (Rasmussen), Bent   I13187


Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aagaard, Hans Pedersen  Abt 1671Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107542
2 Altewelt, Mette Marie Sigvardsen  29 Oct 1769Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173412
3 Altewelt, Sigvard Johansen  2 Mar 1745Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173414
4 Andersen, Johanne Marie  26 Feb 1875Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I70064
5 Asp, Christen  6 Sep 1816Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88978
6 Asp, Christian Cæsar  Mar 1807Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I990
7 Basse (Basse), Rosine Nielsen  2 Jul 1783Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I348034
8 Birstedt, Didrik  1669Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107546
9 Christiani, Holger  9 Oct 1896Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36246
10 Christiani, Ines Elisabeth  19 Oct 1884Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36190
11 Christiani, Marie Louise  29 Sep 1884Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I36179
12 Eliesen, Jørgen Pedersen  Abt 1673Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107449
13 Engelstoft, Magdalene  Oct 1756Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I44350
14 Estrup (Estrup 1), Christen Christensen  30 Apr 1764Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175381
15 Feilberg (Feilberg), Bøje Jensen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I65110
16 Færch (Færch of Nibe)  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221821
17 Færch (Færch of Nibe)  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221822
18 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Anders Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221820
19 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Anders Nielsen  14 Jun 1800Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120567
20 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Andersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120522
21 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Andersen  15 Nov 1790Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94500
22 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Nielsen  22 Jun 1831Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I182056
23 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Sørensen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I221824
24 Ginchel Bergh, Maren Budtz Van  22 Sep 1772Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I157441
25 Graae (Graae), Anne Marie Davidsen  5 Jul 1773Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173415
26 Hald, Damianus Christian  5 Dec 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116682
27 Haubroe, Inger Cathrine  11 Nov 1843Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119250
28 Haubroe, Jens Nielsen  Jul 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119200
29 Hollerup, Niels Christensen  1649Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107550
30 Hvid, Karen Hamborg  29 Jul 1749Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I191655
31 Hørby, Anne Bertelsen Vesterbæk  1594Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I168786
32 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Anna Dorthea  1924Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175554
33 Kjær, Christiane Margrethe Birgitte Johanne "Minna"  26 May 1904Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I80034
34 Kjærgaard, Jacobine  26 Aug 1854Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88590
35 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Inger Sørensen  1732Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173401
36 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Jens Sørensen  1712Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173406
37 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Kirstine Sørensen  18 Mar 1742Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173389
38 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Lars Peter  1865Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287318
39 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Mette Cathrine  Abt 1816Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287317
40 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Peder Nielsen  9 Jul 1814Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287315
41 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Jensen  Dec 1664Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173410
42 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Jensen  1725Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173393
43 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Karen Jensen  1744Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173388
44 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Vester Torup), Lars Nielsen  18 Mar 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287263
45 Kras, Jørgen Nielsen  Abt 1704Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I108236
46 Kras, Margrethe Nielsen  1647Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107249
47 Kras, Niels Poulsen Moldbjerg  Abt 1590Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I168774
48 Krogh, Kristine Marie  30 Jun 1854Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287260
49 Kuri, Inger Pedersen  Abt 1671Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107552
50 Kuri, Laurs Pedersen  19 Sep 1661Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107926
51 Kuri, Maren Nielsen  Abt 1704Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107545
52 Kuri, Mette Nielsen  Abt 1672Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107455
53 Laugesen, Johanne  19 May 1861Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I279159
54 Lauritzen, Maren  14 Feb 1797Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120565
55 Møller, Anne Margrethe  Jun 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119202
56 Naschou, Christopher Gleerup  15 May 1823Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116913
57 Pedersen, Peder  Bef Apr 1699Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I276504
58 Petraeus, Peter Martin  1900Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I139993
59 Rumohr (Rumohr), Catharine Hedevig Sophie von  7 Dec 1784Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I55073
60 Schibbye, Elsine Maria  22 Nov 1891Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119153
61 Schibbye, Mogens Peter  12 Oct 1828Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119252
62 Schierbeck, Hans  19 Aug 1881Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116769
63 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Thomas  16 Apr 1886Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I80011
64 Stub (Stub of Viborg), Christopher Pedersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I433214
65 Sørensen, Jakob  1633Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107213
66 Thybo, Karen Klitgaard Sørensen  22 May 1785Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173383
67 Thybo, Peder Sørensen  1735Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173387
68 Thybo, Søren Pedersen  8 Apr 1769Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173411
69 Wacher, Gert Hermansen  1657-1665Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107543
70 Wederkinch, Mathias Johannes  18 May 1786Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118368
71 Wibroe, Agnes Camilla  27 Sep 1850Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116572
72 Wibroe, Ane Nicoline  9 Aug 1830Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118889
73 Wibroe, Arthur  24 Dec 1896Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116281
74 Wibroe, Georg Anders  1 Mar 1914Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116294
75 Wibroe, Ivar Christian  26 Apr 1881Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118976
76 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  27 Aug 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116575
77 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  4 Dec 1908Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I1085
78 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  14 Jan 1836Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118387
79 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  26 Oct 1859Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118302
80 Wibroe, Nicolette Christine  29 Aug 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118386
81 Wingaard, Karen Mogensen  Abt 1693Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I107923
82 Wøldike, Peter  11 Jun 1787Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I80431


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Nielsen  6 Jun 1785Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173384
2 Haubroe, Inger Cathrine  22 Nov 1843Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119250
3 Haubroe, Jens Nielsen  21 Jul 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119200
4 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Christen Pedersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94520
5 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Jens Sørensen  19 Apr 1773Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232139
6 Møller, Anne Margrethe  16 Jun 1780Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119202
7 Nielsen, Marine  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I94519
8 Schibbye, Elsine Maria  30 Nov 1891Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119153
9 Schibbye, Mogens Peter  20 Oct 1828Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I119252
10 Wederkinch, Mathias Johannes  6 Jun 1786Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118368
11 Wibroe, Agnes Camilla  4 Oct 1850Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116572
12 Wibroe, Ane Nicoline  13 Aug 1830Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118889
13 Wibroe, Georg Anders  6 Mar 1914Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116294
14 Wibroe, Ivar Christian  3 May 1881Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118976
15 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  1 Sep 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116575
16 Wibroe, Jens Schibbye  10 Dec 1908Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I1085
17 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  20 Jan 1836Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118387
18 Wibroe, Nicolai Christian  1 Nov 1859Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118302
19 Wibroe, Nicolette Christine  3 Sep 1848Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I118386


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alling, Peter Christian Sofus  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I295854
2 Altewelt, Sigvard Johansen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173414
3 Arntzen, Einar  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I246461
4 Arntzen, Karelius  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I9824
5 Asp, Christen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88978
6 Eller, Edvard Mathias Richard  11 Oct 1875Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I85512
7 Feilberg (Feilberg), Bøje Jensen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I65110
8 Fog-Petersen, Svend  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I185387
9 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Anders Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I120567
10 Færch (Færch of Nibe), Niels Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I182056
11 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Søren Rasmussen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I88589
12 Garben, Johan Martin  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I257867
13 Halkjær, Mogens  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I409116
14 Høygaard-Nielsen, Christian Peter  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175551
15 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Peder Nielsen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I287315
16 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Søren  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I232201
17 Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Noerholm 1), Søren Jensen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173395
18 Krøyer, Carl  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I29948
19 Majgaard, Aage  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I186320
20 Naschou, Christopher Gleerup  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I116913
21 Nielsen, Anders  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I175555
22 Petraeus, Peter Martin  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I139993
23 Printzlau, Johan Bendix  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I155122
24 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Thomas  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I80011
25 Skaaning, Erik Jensen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I409114
26 Skaaning, Jens  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I409113
27 Thybo, Søren Pedersen  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I173411
28 Wøldike, Peter  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark I80431


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arntzen / Arntzen  9 Sep 1840Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F64803
2 Gleerup (Gleerup) / Holst (Holst of Aalborg)  Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F57781
3 Haubroe / Møller  30 Dec 1773Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F51185
4 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup) / Høygaard-Nielsen  5 Aug 1928Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F84140
5 Moldrup (Moldrup) / Hald  4 Sep 1776Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F50345
6 Møller / Wibroe  30 Nov 1874Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F50203
7 Schibbye / Haubroe  18 Sep 1805Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F51204
8 Schierbeck / Wibroe  20 Aug 1868Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F50871
9 Speyer / Wibroe  20 Aug 1862Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F51038
10 Vilsboe / Christiani  22 Oct 1915Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F58182
11 Westerby / Jacobsen  29 Jun 1824Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F21529
12 Wibroe / Schibbye  20 Aug 1829Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F51109
13 Wibroe / Wibroe  20 Aug 1863Nibe, North Jutland, Denmark F50901

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