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Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Hans Jacobsen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277970
2 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Jacob Hansen  Abt 1628Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I242145
3 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Ove Peder Hansen  1638Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I183565
4 Amorsen, Jens Søren Thomsen  5 Aug 1880Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I404869
5 Andersen, Svend Hjortshøj   I294849
6 Bloch, Jacob Andersen  Abt 1677Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113916
7 Carstensen, Ane Cathrine  3 Apr 1784Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I159899
8 Carstensen, Hans Schytte  30 Jan 1781Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I399325
9 Carstensen, Jørgen Peter  9 Oct 1782Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I399309
10 Christens, Aage  22 Apr 1895Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I86015
11 Christensen, Linda Elisabeth   I297820
12 Christensen, Maren  Abt 1667Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113917
13 Elming, Niels   I248833
14 Gjedsted, Inger Marie  1 Nov 1805Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I284641
15 Goische (Goiske), Heinrch Heinrichsen  1619Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I85615
16 Graff, Harry Eberhardt Charles Fred Meinertz  6 Oct 1895Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I81697
17 Graff, Hermanda  31 Jul 1893Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I81698
18 Gregersen, Mette Kirstine Hansen  24 Sep 1769Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I136002
19 Hansen, Andreas Michael  23 Jan 1780Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I144529
20 Hansen, Gregers  5 Jan 1772Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I139637
21 Hansen, Jens  8 Sep 1776Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I143314
22 Hansen, Jens Andreas  12 Dec 1773Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I140870
23 Hansen, Jens Andreas  24 Sep 1775Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I142102
24 Herlevsen, Ejvind Bugge   I135867
25 Hjorth, Magdalene Birgitte Hansen  Oct 1777Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I191604
26 Hostrup (Hostrup), Anders Mikkelsen  Abt 1732Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I120088
27 Hostrup (Hostrup), Berte Kirstine Mikkelsen  20 Aug 1728Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I118872
28 Hostrup (Hostrup), Jens Mikkelsen  1734Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I121295
29 Hostrup (Hostrup), Kirsten Mikkelsen  9 Feb 1742Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I134795
30 Hostrup (Hostrup), Maren Mikkelsen  18 Aug 1737Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I131094
31 Hostrup (Hostrup), Mette Kirstine Mikkelsen  25 Apr 1727Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I117643
32 Hostrup (Hostrup), Niels Mikkelsen  8 Nov 1739Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I133549
33 Hvid, Laurids Lauridson  Abt 1677Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113919
34 Hvidt, Mette Catrine  17 Jun 1742Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I128848
35 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Christen Johan  20 May 1834Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I183010
36 Jensen, Anders  1 Feb 1898Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403471
37 Jensen, Anne Marie Elisabeth  22 Jun 1904Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403469
38 Jensen, Emilie  28 Jul 1900Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403470
39 Jensen, Georg Hilmar  24 Jun 1906Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403468
40 Jensen, Kaj Jørgen  22 May 1911Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403467
41 Jensen, Mariane  Nov 1767Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I183686
42 Kaas of Mur (Kaas of Kaas), Frederik  1702Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I19404
43 Kall, Niels Johansen  22 Jun 1648Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I278756
44 Kofoed, Børge Poscolan  23 Jan 1752Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I315943
45 Lauridson, Niels  1703Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113922
46 Lauritzen, Anne  Abt 1704Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I116443
47 Liebe, Carl  17 Apr 1868Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405523
48 Liebe, Jørgen Georg Julius  22 Nov 1866Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I222633
49 Lind, Johanne Cathrine  19 Feb 1734Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I428236
50 Lottrup, Anne Sophie  17 Sep 1888Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I187092
51 Lütken, Anna Kop  1684Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I280460
52 Mikkelsen, Johanne  25 Nov 1876Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I92322
53 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Christen  Abt 1812Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I50160
54 Schiøtz (Schiøtz), Walter Scott  15 Mar 1824Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I94491
55 Vestergaard, Carl Sørensen  15 Jun 1898Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403478
56 Vestergaard, Søren Sørensen  12 Jul 1893Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403479
57 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Albertine Caroline  17 Sep 1797Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I49161
58 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Charlotte Louise Sophie  21 Jun 1799Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I49164
59 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Jacob Albert  2 Nov 1802Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I262889
60 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Jacobine Marie  7 Dec 1795Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I49158


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Carstensen, Ane Cathrine  1784Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I159899
2 Carstensen, Hans Schytte  1781Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I399325
3 Gjedsted, Inger Marie  26 Dec 1805Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I284641
4 Graff, Harry Eberhardt Charles Fred Meinertz  27 Oct 1895Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I81697
5 Hvidt, Mette Catrine  24 Jun 1742Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I128848
6 Kaas of Mur (Kaas of Kaas), Frederik  15 Dec 1702Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I19404
7 La Cour (La Cour), Johannes Christian Carl  20 Nov 1855Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I397579
8 Lauridson, Niels  7 Dec 1703Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113922
9 Pipper (Pipper of Aalborg), Engel Margrete  20 Jul 1692Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277852
10 Pipper (Pipper of Aalborg), Johan Frederik  19 Jul 1691Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277851
11 Skriver (Skriver of Farstrup 2), Søren Peter Pedersen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I432757
12 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Anne Katrine Pontussen  3 Sep 1713Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I265516
13 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Beate Christine Pontussen  11 Dec 1707Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277784
14 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Christian Friderich Pontussen  15 Apr 1712Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277798
15 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Friderica Antonete Pontussen  19 Jul 1709Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277797
16 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Jens Gyntelberg Pontussen  14 May 1706Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277794
17 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Laurids Pontussen  2 Feb 1719Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277783
18 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Lisbeth Pontussen  4 Jul 1715Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277792
19 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Maria Pontussen  18 Feb 1717Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277782
20 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Albert Sadolin  22 Mar 1804Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I49119
21 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Jacob Albert  4 Nov 1802Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I262889
22 Wibroe, Johan Peter Pedersen  2 May 1705Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277849


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Anne Hansen  6 May 1753Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277780
2 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Hans Jacobsen  3 Apr 1648Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I183567
3 Andersen, Christian Tuesen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I48539
4 Blegvad, Christen Christensen  1786Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I157750
5 Bloch, Mette Jensen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I428239
6 Brusch, Thora Vilhelmine Gabriele  21 May 1875Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I151324
7 Brøchner (Brøchner), Kirsten Mortensen  8 Mar 1782Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I63074
8 Christensen, Maren  22 Mar 1717Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113917
9 Faurschou (Faurschou), Christoffer  26 Aug 1898Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I223430
10 Faurschou (Faurschou), Jens Vilhelm  20 Jan 1903Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I223384
11 Friedlieb, Samuel  30 Jun 1769Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I191611
12 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Anna Marie Kirstine Trap  21 Feb 1806Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I117142
13 Gregersen, Hans  5 Mar 1793Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I132321
14 Hansen, Jens Andreas  26 Oct 1774Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I140870
15 Hansen, Jens Andreas  22 Jun 1776Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I142102
16 Hastrup, Frederikke Ferdinandine Mathilde  22 Jul 1911Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405579
17 Hastrup (Hastrup), Lauritz  11 Jul 1799Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I117150
18 Heinson, Anette Sophia Georgina  6 Jun 1881Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I71093
19 Holstein (Holstein), Catharine Johanne Christine von  28 Mar 1770Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I37855
20 Holstein (Holstein), Henning Christopher von  25 Jun 1753Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I17138
21 Hostrup (Hostrup), Berte Kirstine Mikkelsen  26 Sep 1730Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I118872
22 Hostrup (Hostrup), Kirsten Mikkelsen  18 May 1742Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I134795
23 Hostrup (Hostrup), Maren Mikkelsen  14 Jan 1813Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I131094
24 Hostrup (Hostrup), Mette Kirstine Mikkelsen  8 Sep 1727Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I117643
25 Hostrup (Hostrup), Mikkel Andersen  27 Jan 1743Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I106609
26 Hvid, Laurids Lauridson  Abt 1707Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113919
27 Høeg, Marcine Elise Kristine  18 May 1841Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I151015
28 Jacobsen, Anne Cathrine  25 May 1869Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I151026
29 Jespersen (Jespersen), Karen Holm de  31 Mar 1764Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I193284
30 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Peter  7 Jan 1856Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I84171
31 Larsen, Anne Marie Henrikke  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I186700
32 Larsen, Lauritz Peter  8 May 1869Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I186695
33 Lassen, Karen Hvass  11 Oct 1876Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I72100
34 Lauridson, Niels  1755Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113922
35 Lauritzen, Anne  11 Jul 1767Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I116443
36 Lind, Jens  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I428240
37 Milling, Ludwig  2 Aug 1759Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113920
38 Milling, Marie Cathrine  30 Dec 1787Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113921
39 Nansen (Leidersdorff), Peter  31 Jul 1918Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I25180
40 Neergaard (Neergaard), Ditlevmine Johanne Caroline Margrethe de  12 Oct 1897Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I170884
41 Neergaard (Neergaard), Henriette de  4 Jun 1865Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I126616
42 Neergaard (Neergaard), Johanne "Hanne" Margrethe de  15 Mar 1876Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I126538
43 Neergaard (Neergaard), Johanne Lucie de  26 Jun 1928Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I170881
44 Nordentoft, Iver  16 Oct 1943Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I82830
45 Olsen, Kristian Peter  1959Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405308
46 Pabst, Elna Thresa Amanda  15 Nov 1966Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I402474
47 Riegels, Christian  5 Jul 1903Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I170882
48 Schaarup (Schaarup 3), Jørgen Christensen  1778Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I173153
49 Segelcke, Ane Kirstine Karoline  4 Jul 1862Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I182068
50 Seidelin (Seidelin), Abraham Frederik  12 Dec 1877Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I72101
51 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel), Magdalene Elisabeth  1775Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I191610
52 Sørensen, Anna Johanne Marie Elisabeth  13 Dec 1936Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405474
53 Sørensen, Carl  25 Jun 1905Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405477
54 Sørensen, Niels Christian Georg  22 Dec 1893Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405471
55 Trojel (Trojel), Hans Jørgen  6 Jan 1878Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I230551
56 Voss (Voss of Mecklenburg), Ditlev von  30 Jan 1859Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I182065
57 Voss (Voss of Mecklenburg), Hedevig Sophie Vilhelmine Caroline von  3 Nov 1913Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I170854
58 Werchmeister (Werchmeister), Cecilie Maria  2 Jan 1771Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I10069
59 Wibroe, Peder Christensen  13 Oct 1704Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277847


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Anne Hansen  10 May 1753Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277780
2 Andersen, Hans Peter  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I402477
3 Brøchner (Brøchner), Kirsten Mortensen  16 Mar 1782Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I63074
4 Hildebrandt, Emilie Christiane Henriette  16 Nov 1940Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403500
5 La Cour (La Cour), Johannes Christian Carl  23 Apr 1856Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I397579
6 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Peter  14 Jan 1856Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I84171
7 Lassen, Karen Hvass  17 Oct 1876Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I72100
8 Løvenbalk (Løvenbalk), Laurids Mogensen  1500Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I200097
9 Milling, Marie Cathrine  2 Jan 1788Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I113921
10 Pabst, Elna Thresa Amanda  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I402474
11 Seidelin (Seidelin), Abraham Frederik  18 Dec 1877Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I72101
12 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Lisbeth Pontussen  7 Jan 1718Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I277792
13 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby), Pontus Henriksen  21 Mar 1720Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I274278
14 Sørensen, Vilhelmine  1942Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I405470
15 Vestergaard, Anna Margrethe Pabst  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I402475
16 Vestergaard, Søren Sørensen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I403479


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Billeschou, Søren Bruun  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I48337
2 Christens, Henrik  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I86031
3 Elming, Jens Christian  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I248835
4 Hansen, Gustav Theodor  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I154500
5 Hasselbalch, Jacob Nielsen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I15828
6 Jørgensen, Johannes  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I103977
7 Lind, Jens  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I428240
8 Müller (Müller of Boller), Rasmus  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I5970
9 Petersen, Carl  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I155485
10 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Jens Christensen  Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark I156492


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Vestergaard  28 Apr 1954Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F153817
2 Bergsøe (Bergsøe) / Hansen  29 Aug 1901Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F64177
3 Billeschou / Brøchner (Brøchner)  21 Feb 1759Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F24739
4 Blegvad / Stampe (Stampe of Kiel)  11 Oct 1742Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F65717
5 Brask (Brasch) / Holst  29 Dec 1843Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F62591
6 Brask (Brasch) / Juul (Juul of Spentrup)  11 Nov 1846Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F62592
7 Buus / Dalsgaard  31 Jan 1925Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F156385
8 Castonier (Castonier) / Suckow  2 Jan 1761Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F27986
9 Christensen / Gertsen  22 Apr 1894Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F115913
10 Fink / Reventlow (Reventlow)   F51561
11 Gregersen / Hostrup (Hostrup)  21 Dec 1764Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F54938
12 Jensen / Neergaard (Neergaard)  30 Oct 1894Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F71961
13 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup) / Rohde  26 Nov 1874Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F67583
14 Lauridson / Milling  19 Sep 1726Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F49375
15 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Bodenhoff  16 Apr 1870Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F71952
16 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Voss (Voss of Mecklenburg)  6 Jun 1857Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F53654
17 Pipper (Pipper of Aalborg) / Hyphoff  3 Nov 1707Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F115814
18 Schandorph / Leschle  22 Feb 1699Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F115792
19 Seeberg / Just  10 Apr 1788Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F75493
20 Seidelin (Seidelin) / Lassen  12 Dec 1877Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F33867
21 Svanenskiold (Montanus) / Rohde  3 Oct 1877Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F62747
22 Wibroe / Hyphoff  31 Jul 1704Mariager, Central Jutland, Denmark F115815

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