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Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Didrichsen, Anne Kirstine  1778Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373491
2 Didrichsen, Didrich  1737Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354291
3 Didrichsen, Didrich  1779Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373492
4 Didrichsen, Hans  1734Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354290
5 Didrichsen, Jens  1731Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354287
6 Didrichsen, Jens  1784Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373495
7 Didrichsen, Jens  1787Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373496
8 Didrichsen, Karen  1781Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373493
9 Didrichsen, Lars  1726Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354235
10 Didrichsen, Lars  1790Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I311718
11 Funch, Lars Didrichsen  1728Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354236
12 Holm, Jeppe Larsen  1783Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373494
13 Ipsen, Didrik Lauritz  Abt 1850Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373533
14 Ipsen, Hans Didrich  1806Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373517
15 Ipsen, Jensine Caroline  Abt 1832Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373527
16 Ipsen, Jensine Julie  Abt 1842Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373530
17 Ipsen, Jensinius Andreas  Abt 1846Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373531
18 Ipsen, Jeppe Peter  Abt 1836Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373528
19 Ipsen, Jørgen Anton  Abt 1850Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373532
20 Ipsen, Marie Kirstine Caroline  Abt 1839Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373529
21 Ipsen, Otto Leander  Abt 1853Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373534
22 Jespersen, Karen Kirstine  1783Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I380274
23 Mogensen, Jens  1808Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373518
24 Pedersen, Dorthe  1744Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I369453
25 Pedersen, Karen  1752Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I369456
26 Pedersen, Kirstine  1746Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I369454
27 Pedersen, Mogens  1748Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I369455
28 West, Hans Michael  1778Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I380273


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Karen Kirstine  1865Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373519
2 Bidstrup, Kirstine Hansen  1849Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373516
3 Didrichsen, Didrich  1819Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354291
4 Didrichsen, Jens  1786Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373495
5 Didrichsen, Jens  1795Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373496
6 Didrichsen, Lars  1727Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354235
7 Hansen, Karen  1724Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I333815
8 Henrichsen, Boritte  1790Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373478
9 Holm, Jeppe Larsen  1851Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373494
10 Ipsen, Hans Didrich  1854Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373517
11 Jensen, Lars  1698Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I331227
12 Larsen, Didrich  1741Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I333823
13 Mogensen, Jens  1813Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I373518
14 Mogensen, Peder  1764Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319083
15 Rasmussen, Anne  1768Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I328676
16 Ravn, Ellen Rasmusen  1695Loekkegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I331228

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