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Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anders  1756Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I380346
2 Andersen, Englike Cathrine  1753Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I380345
3 Andersen, Karen  1704Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I303364
4 Andersen, Margrethe  1750Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I380344
5 Andersen, Mogens  1704Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I303357
6 Andersen, Peder  1748Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I332443
7 Andersen, Seigne  1706Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I303363
8 Dam, Anna  15 Jun 1878Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I318236
9 Hansen, Ellen Margrethe  1798Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369783
10 Hansen, Esper  1803Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369784
11 Hansen, Hans  1704Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I352598
12 Hansen, Kirstine  1712Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I366948
13 Hansen, Kirstine Margrethe  1806Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369785
14 Hansen, Margrethe Kirstine  1807Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369786
15 Hansen, Niels Jørgen  1811Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369787
16 Hansen, Peder  1707Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I352599
17 Ipsen, Jens Michael  Abt 1826Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I358270
18 Jacobsen, Kirstine  1709Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I295597
19 Jacobsen, Marie  1711Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I347407
20 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Birgitte Kirstine  Abt 1844Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I358268
21 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Elisa Andrea  3 Sep 1845Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I358266
22 Kofoed, Anne Cathrine Dam   I82367
23 Kofoed, Gunnar Bærild Dam  29 Nov 1914Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I82338
24 Pedersen, Anne  1736Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301555
25 Pedersen, Anne Marie  1787Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I332444
26 Pedersen, Hans  1741Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301554
27 Pedersen, Hans  1746Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301551
28 Pedersen, Karen  1742Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301553
29 Pedersen, Kirstine  1738Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I367424
30 Pedersen, Margrethe  1745Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301552
31 Pedersen, Mariche  1794Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I332445


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anne  1783Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I380343
2 Andersen, Anders  1756Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I380346
3 Andersen, Arist  Abt 1655Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I311560
4 Andersen, Jens  1772Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I332446
5 Andersen, Peder  1746Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I356399
6 Espersen, Hans  22 Aug 1823Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I307747
7 Hansen, Hans  1710Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I352598
8 Hansen, Kirstine Margrethe  1806Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I369785
9 Ipsen, Seigne Kirstine  18 Apr 1834Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I308708
10 Jæger, Rasmus Hansen  1749Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I295699
11 Kofoed, Cecilie Kirstine  21 Apr 1858Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I358265
12 Larsen, Karen  1773Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I356398
13 Larsen, Marie  1746Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I361083
14 Mogensen, Anders  1707Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I303358
15 Pedersen, Hans  1741Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301554
16 Pedersen, Kirstine  1710Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I352596
17 Pedersen, Margrethe  1745Lillegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I301552

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