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Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hansen  1670Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315620
2 Hansen, Christen  23 Dec 1708Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I306930
3 Hansen, Christopher  18 Mar 1716Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308075
4 Hansen, Hans  1706Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308072
5 Hansen, Karen  1675Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I309028
6 Hansen, Karen Marie  1721Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308077
7 Hansen, Maren  1724Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310832
8 Hansen, Maren  1729Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312081
9 Hansen, Margrethe  1677Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315619
10 Hansen, Sidsel  1673Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315605
11 Hansen, Terchild  18 Oct 1718Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312080
12 Jensen, Anne  1699Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334450
13 Jensen, Jens  1702Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334404
14 Jensen, Mogens  1694Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334426
15 Jensen, Peder  1734Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334414
16 Jensen, Seigne  1691Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334449
17 Jensen, Seigne  1697Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334415
18 Kofoed, Absalon Hansen  13 Mar 1711Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308073
19 Kofoed, Adolph Hansen  1727Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308076
20 Kofoed, Ane Dorothea  1808Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352921
21 Kofoed, Cathrine Adolphsen  1754Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312838
22 Kofoed, Conrad Piil  1762Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312836
23 Kofoed, Elsebeth Kirstine  1810Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352922
24 Kofoed, Gunhild Petrea  22 Jun 1837Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I122466
25 Kofoed, Hans Grønnegaard  1761Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312835
26 Kofoed, Hans Madsen  Dec 1678Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I83502
27 Kofoed, Hans Madsen  1755Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I316917
28 Kofoed, Peder  1803Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352887
29 Kofoed, Peder Adolph  1766Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312837
30 Kofoed, Peder Hansen  14 Feb 1713Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308074
31 Kofoed, Sophie Louise  Abt 1864Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352884
32 Larsen, Mads  1708Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354107
33 Madsen, Karen  1689Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I314171
34 Madsen, Mads  1687Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I314170
35 Madsen, Sidsel  1682Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I314124
36 Mogensen, Hans  1682Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I336216
37 Mogensen, Jep  Abt 1685Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315479
38 Mogensen, Mogens  1689Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337516
39 Myre, Hans Jensen  1740Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334400
40 Myre, Jens Jensen  1733Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334405
41 Myre, Mads Hansen  1704Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308071
42 Myre, Mogens Jensen  1737Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334413
43 Terkelsen, Christen  Abt 1628Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319485
44 Terkelsen, Elise  1655Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315244
45 Terkelsen, Hans  Abt 1635Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319486
46 Terkelsen, Karen  Abt 1638Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I329978
47 Terkelsen, Maren  1648Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319488
48 Terkelsen, Mogens  Abt 1636Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319487
49 Terkelsen, Peder  1651Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319489
50 Terkildsen, Anders  Abt 1626Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I264302


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Karen  1715Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I366973
2 Sidsel  1668Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319483
3 Andersen, Kirstine  1706Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334196
4 Grønnegaard, Anne Sophie  1799Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308268
5 Hansen  1670Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315620
6 Hansen, Karen  1675Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I309028
7 Hansen, Maren  Abt 1724Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310832
8 Hansen, Maren  1729Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312081
9 Hansen, Margrethe  1679Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315619
10 Hansen, Sidsel  1679Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315605
11 Jensen, Jens  1755Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334404
12 Jensen, Seigne  1693Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334449
13 Jensen, Seigne  1702Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334415
14 Kofoed, Adolph Hansen  1793Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308076
15 Kofoed, Gunhild Petrea  2 Nov 1884Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I122466
16 Kofoed, Hans Clausen  1838Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352888
17 Kofoed, Hans Madsen  May 1748Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I83502
18 Kofoed, Niels Adolph  5 Oct 1924Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I122465
19 Kofoed, Peder  1858Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352887
20 Larsen, Anne  1702Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I330838
21 Madsen, Mads  1689Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308068
22 Madsen, Margrethe  1708Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I349905
23 Madsen, Sidsel  1689Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I314124
24 Mogensen, Mogens  1692Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337516
25 Mogensen, Seigne  1723Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I340449
26 Mortensen, Christense  1778Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334412
27 Munch, Kirstine Sophie  1877Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I320274
28 Pedersen, Gundel  1851Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I352889
29 Pedersen, Jens  1731Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315385
30 Pedersen, Karen  1684Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I308069
31 Pedersen, Mogens  1704Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I334195
32 Terkelsen, Hans  1676Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319486
33 Terkelsen, Karen  1648Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I329978
34 Terkelsen, Mogens  1653Langemyregaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I319487

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