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Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark



Matches 1 to 105 of 105

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Birthe  1741Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322307
2 Andersen, Birthe  1743Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I308818
3 Andersen, Hans  1738Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312503
4 Andersen, Jens  1729Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312501
5 Andersen, Jens  1732Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312500
6 Andersen, Jesper  1733Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322290
7 Andersen, Jesper  1737Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I309541
8 Andersen, Karen  1746Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312358
9 Andersen, Karen  1750Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312359
10 Andersen, Kirsten  1731Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322203
11 Andersen, Maren  1744Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322308
12 Andersen, Mette  1738Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322199
13 Andersen, Mette Christine  1728Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322202
14 Andersen, Niels  1741Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312502
15 Andersen, Peder  1736Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322207
16 Andersen, Rasmus  1735Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312499
17 Bertelsen, Anders  1702Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I327799
18 Bertelsen, Appelone  Abt 1635Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322295
19 Bertelsen, Jacob  1741Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I341503
20 Bertelsen, Jens  1730Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329981
21 Bertelsen, Jens  1736Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329980
22 Bertelsen, Jens  1739Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I341502
23 Bertelsen, Johanne  1744Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I341504
24 Bertelsen, Karen  1734Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329977
25 Bertelsen, Kirsten  1709Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353795
26 Bertelsen, Kirsten  1746Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I341505
27 Bertelsen, Maren  1726Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329983
28 Bertelsen, Mette  Abt 1629Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322621
29 Bertelsen, Mette  1732Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329976
30 Bertelsen, Morten  1707Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I342141
31 Bertelsen, Niels  1704Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I327798
32 Bertelsen, Peder  Abt 1625Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330575
33 Bertelsen, Peder  1711Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353796
34 Bertelsen, Peder  1728Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329982
35 Bertelsen, Rasmus  Abt 1640Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322178
36 Hansen, Anders  1672Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322625
37 Hansen, Anne  1701Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322198
38 Hansen, Anne Marie  1757Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322563
39 Hansen, Appelone  28 Feb 1675Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322626
40 Hansen, Appelone  1679Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322627
41 Hansen, Bertel  24 May 1668Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322623
42 Hansen, Birthe  1735Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329985
43 Hansen, Hans  21 Sep 1702Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322303
44 Hansen, Hans  1762Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322564
45 Hansen, Jørgen  1706Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I384330
46 Hansen, Jørgen  1710Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322200
47 Hansen, Lars  1767Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I357917
48 Hansen, Mads  1769Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322565
49 Hansen, Maren  1670Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322624
50 Hansen, Maren  1754Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322313
51 Hansen, Mette  1683Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322185
52 Hansen, Mette  1732Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329984
53 Hansen, Niels  24 May 1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322405
54 Hansen, Peder  1755Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322562
55 Hansen, Rasmus  1709Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322341
56 Hansen, Rasmus  1712Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322399
57 Jensen, Agatha  1767Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312510
58 Jensen, Anne  1730Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I384362
59 Jensen, Anne Marie  1773Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312513
60 Jensen, Anne Marie  1777Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312507
61 Jensen, Elisabeth  1729Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I384361
62 Jensen, Eskild  1737Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I335504
63 Jensen, Hans  1775Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312514
64 Jensen, Jørgen  Abt 1743Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I319717
65 Jensen, Jørgen  1766Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312509
66 Jensen, Karen Marie  1769Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312511
67 Jensen, Maren  1733Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I339637
68 Jensen, Marie  Abt 1745Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I319645
69 Jensen, Niels  1763Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312506
70 Jensen, Ole  1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312512
71 Jensen, Oluf  1741Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I319753
72 Jensen, Rasmus  1765Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312508
73 Jespersen, Kirsten  1706Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312459
74 Jespersen, Maren  1699Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353799
75 Juel, Rasmus Hansen  1714Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322402
76 Knudsen, Anne  1717Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328767
77 Knudsen, Jeppe  1726Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328771
78 Knudsen, Karen  1729Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I340799
79 Knudsen, Laurits  1723Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328770
80 Knudsen, Maren  1721Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328769
81 Knudsen, Peder  1719Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328768
82 Larsen, Dorthe Kirstine  1747Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I310679
83 Larsen, Karen  1725Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312463
84 Larsen, Karen  1727Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312464
85 Larsen, Kirsten  1744Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312354
86 Larsen, Maren  1734Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I357916
87 Larsen, Maren  1737Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312462
88 Lauridsen, Peder  1656Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322265
89 Mortensen, Anne  Abt 1638Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322268
90 Mortensen, Claus  Abt 1633Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322179
91 Pedersen, Hans  1724Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322302
92 Pedersen, Hans  1759Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353840
93 Pedersen, Johanne  1694Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329974
94 Pedersen, Kirsten  1696Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330691
95 Pedersen, Kirsten  1720Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322300
96 Pedersen, Maren  1722Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I310683
97 Pedersen, Mette  1753Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353838
98 Pedersen, Mette Cathrine  1756Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353839
99 Pedersen, Peder  1691Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330172
100 Rasmussen, Bertel  1676Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322269
101 Rasmussen, Bertel  1678Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322270
102 Rasmussen, Kirsten  29 Nov 1673Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I321543
103 Rasmussen, Maren  1649Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322632
104 Rasmussen, Peder  30 Jul 1721Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353800
105 Sørensen, Jørgen  1685Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330675


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Appelone  1676Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322628
2 Andersen, Bertel  1713Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322383
3 Andersen, Jens  1731Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312501
4 Andersen, Jens  1789Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312500
5 Andersen, Jesper  1737Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I309541
6 Andersen, Karen  1749Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312358
7 Andersen, Morten  1681Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322271
8 Avlbygaard, Peder Pedersen  1706Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329975
9 Bertelsen, Jens  1730Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329981
10 Bertelsen, Mette  1711Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322621
11 Bertelsen, Rasmus  1682Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322178
12 Christensen, Anne  1762Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329973
13 Clausen, Jacob  1719Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322166
14 Clausen, Kirsten  1671Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322272
15 Clausen, Laurids  1729Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329965
16 Clausen, Rasmus  1763Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322430
17 Eskildsen, Jens  1759Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I384360
18 Hansen, Appelone  1676Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322626
19 Hansen, Bertel  1676Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322623
20 Hansen, Dorthe  1743Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I364860
21 Hansen, Hans  1716Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322622
22 Hansen, Mads  1713Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322275
23 Hansen, Mads  1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322565
24 Hansen, Maren  1756Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322313
25 Hansen, Margrethe  1709Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322347
26 Hansen, Niels  24 May 1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322405
27 Hansen, Peder  1765Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I321547
28 Hansen, Rasmus  1714Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322399
29 Jensen, Anders  1760-1773Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330159
30 Jensen, Anne Marie  Abt 1773Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312513
31 Jensen, Bertel  1767Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329967
32 Jensen, Hans  1742Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329962
33 Jensen, Hans  Bef 1787Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312514
34 Jensen, Mette  1751Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322305
35 Jespersen, Kirsten  1739Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312459
36 Juel, Hans Jørgensen  1719Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322210
37 Jørgensen, Anders  1729Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330001
38 Jørgensen, Anne  1720Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353797
39 Jørgensen, Maren  1753Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322288
40 Jørgensen, Mette  1730Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329964
41 Jørgensen, Rasmus  1689Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322629
42 Knudsen, Claus  1766Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312457
43 Knudsen, Jeppe  1751Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328771
44 Knudsen, Laurits  1752Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328770
45 Knudsen, Laurits  1767Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I310682
46 Larsen, Karen  1726Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312463
47 Larsen, Kirsten  29 May 1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312354
48 Larsen, Maren  1736Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I357916
49 Larsen, Maren  1741Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312462
50 Lauridsen, Karen  1700Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I342142
51 Lauritsen, Karen  1768Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328763
52 Madsen, Kirsten  8 Jun 1808Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I310738
53 Mortensen, Anne  1698Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322268
54 Mortensen, Dorthe  1718Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322274
55 Nielsen, Anne  14 Jan 1801Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312504
56 Nielsen, Margrethe  1714Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353825
57 Olufsen, Karen  1722Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353802
58 Pedersen, Anders  1750Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322181
59 Pedersen, Bertel  Abt 1644Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322620
60 Pedersen, Hans  1759Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353840
61 Pedersen, Hans  25 Feb 1796Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322302
62 Pedersen, Johanne  1734Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I329974
63 Pedersen, Kirsten  1711Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I330691
64 Pedersen, Laurids  1675Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322293
65 Pedersen, Maren  1766Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I376125
66 Pedersen, Mette  1754Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I353838
67 Pedersen, Peder  1751Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322071
68 Rasmussen, Anne  1776Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328990
69 Rasmussen, Bertel  1676Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322269
70 Rasmussen, Kirsten  1760Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I312357
71 Rasmussen, Maren  1650Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322632
72 Rasmussen, Margrethe  1751Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322599
73 Smed, Oluf Nielsen  1712Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I328798
74 Sørensen, Anders  1770Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I376123
75 Sørensen, Mette  1747Kauslunde, Vends, Denmark I322281

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