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Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 157 of 157

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elsa  1904Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I391601
2 Agerskov, Cecine Marie  7 Jan 1822Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I136613
3 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Hanne  29 Dec 1937Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I72207
4 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Jens  9 Feb 1935Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45246
5 Bay (Bay of Ribe), Sophie Dorothea Hansine Petrea  7 Feb 1821Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I38644
6 Bendix   I141613
7 Bendt, Teis Vestergaard   I293790
8 Bertelsen, Susanne   I52214
9 Blume, Peter Emanuel  5 Nov 1835Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I158669
10 Boll, Annemarie Harring   I399705
11 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Andreas Peter  28 Apr 1823Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223211
12 Christensen, Agnes  26 Feb 1873Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I105563
13 Christensen, Birgitte   I153392
14 Christensen, N Christian  19 Mar 1896Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I352247
15 Christensen, Tom   I294182
16 Clausen, Anke Margrethe  7 Oct 1865Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I54316
17 Clausen, Frederik Kristian  4 Dec 1867Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I54225
18 Clausen, Karl Marius  3 Feb 1872Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I54224
19 Clemmensen, Sophie Christine  2 Jul 1889Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I403448
20 Dalgas, Mette Marie  22 Oct 1857Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I171936
21 Falbe-Hansen, Ejnar Peter Jørgen  3 Aug 1871Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179176
22 Falbe-Hansen, Just  1 Nov 1883Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179169
23 Falbe-Hansen, Jørgen  28 Jun 1874Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I7416
24 Falbe-Hansen, Jørgen  27 Mar 1903Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179179
25 Feller, Anna  16 Apr 1832Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I182813
26 Feller, Ida Sophie  2 Jan 1826Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I173823
27 Fenger, Karen Hauch   I74856
28 Fischer, Johannes  12 Sep 1822Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I42467
29 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Carl Adolph  May 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200612
30 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Hans Lauge  22 Feb 1799Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200610
31 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Regitze Sophie  Oct 1801Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200611
32 Frølich (Frølich), Carolina Friderica  1785Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108926
33 Frølich (Frølich), Carolina Sophia  1787Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108925
34 Frølich (Frølich), Johannes  1789Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108989
35 Frølund, Anna Mathilde  20 Apr 1854Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I388210
36 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Annelise   I3607
37 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Erik  11 Nov 1899Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I177003
38 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Ernst  13 Jul 1897Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I176988
39 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Stener  9 Sep 1930Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45056
40 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Søren  28 Dec 1870Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I176976
41 Gade, Aage  9 Sep 1904Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3388
42 Graversen, Ann Micha Rølle   I61765
43 Green, Hanne Doris   I290625
44 Grøn (Hansen), August Gottfried Andreasen  1720Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53018
45 Grøn (Hansen), Marinus Emanuel  16 Oct 1799Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52940
46 Halbye, Michael   I15689
47 Hansen, Jan Block   I295049
48 Hansen, Lise Bloch   I295040
49 Hansen, Vibeke Irene   I55602
50 Haugaard, Jytte Solveig   I168576
51 Helm, Christian Henriksen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223179
52 Helm, Inger Henriksen  24 Aug 1818Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223208
53 Hoffmann, Erik   I159663
54 Holstebro, Laurids Jensen  Abt 1666Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I299992
55 Houmøller, Jenny  11 Sep 1883Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I67017
56 Houmøller, Johanne  16 Nov 1884Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I204548
57 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Aksel  1 Jun 1875Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I128781
58 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Carl Johan  27 Jan 1872Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I44524
59 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Ebba Rigmor Gyrithe  14 Mar 1886Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I169725
60 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Frants Richard  3 May 1877Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I151159
61 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Holger  29 Jul 1873Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I63437
62 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Ingeborg  19 Feb 1867Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I13858
63 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Ingeborg Johanne Elisabeth  24 Aug 1870Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I50369
64 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Jacob  30 Aug 1880Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I152041
65 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Karen Ragnhild  28 Apr 1869Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I104837
66 Ibsen, Ane Cathrine  8 Oct 1819Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I131530
67 Jacobsen, Johan  16 Feb 1859Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I178384
68 Jacobsen, Julie Henriette  27 JulHolstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I175251
69 Jensen, Bent Kaas Skibdal   I409198
70 Jensen, Hans Peder   I250909
71 Jensen, Yrsa Vibeke   I296304
72 Jørgensen, Inger Krarup   I167037
73 Kielgast, Carla Christiane  26 Jul 1878Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I232602
74 Kielgast, Henni Caroline  23 Feb 1876Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I232601
75 Kiærskov, Jens   I239370
76 Kiærskov, Poul   I239361
77 Kiærskov, Thomas   I239371
78 Kjærgaard, Martin Rølle   I61763
79 Kloch, Hofmandine Karoline  24 Mar 1864Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I431541
80 Klogborg, Nicolaisine Birgitte Sophie Edel Margrethe Elisabeth  Abt 1820Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I393305
81 Knudsen, Poul Erik   I295333
82 Kofoed, Emmy Elisabeth Magdalene Bruun  28 Mar 1884Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I93303
83 Kofoed, Rigmor Kataharina Bruun  17 Jun 1882Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I100014
84 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Inge Sophie Julie  14 Jan 1880Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I88275
85 Krenchel, Ingeborg Marie  25 Jan 1881Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I197689
86 Kristensen, Jon   I57094
87 Krogsager, Lars Fagerlund   I61808
88 Kühle, Kaj Vilhelm Seyer van der Aa  2 Mar 1886Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I83664
89 La Cour (La Cour), Christiane Frederikke  21 Jul 1803Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I129409
90 La Cour (La Cour), Emilie Antoinette Caroline Agnete  5 Apr 1868Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I397359
91 Larsen, Mogens Hausgaard   I54748
92 Larsen, Thomas Hausgaard   I54749
93 Lauridsen, Henriette   I53335
94 Lauridsen, Jonas   I53337
95 Linde (Linde of Asp), Johanne Gudrun Kristensen  3 May 1912Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I154436
96 Madsen, Jenny  14 Feb 1876Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I19916
97 Melbye, Knud Christian Axel Jensen  31 Mar 1841Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I60834
98 Mernild, Søren Brogaard   I60183
99 Mulvad, Thomas Niels Møller   I53344
100 Møller, Tage  22 Sep 1892Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I171698
101 Nielsen, Annette Kirchheiner   I61786
102 Nielsen, Claus Viggo   I296309
103 Nielsen, Hans Heinrich  12 Jul 1905Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I62375
104 Nielsen, Stein Stabel   I60116
105 Nyholm, Anders Gjedde  2 Jul 1861Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I147039
106 Olesen, Christian Gjedde  4 May 1843Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I403286
107 Olsen, Margrethe Christiane Sophie Laura  17 Apr 1862Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I47975
108 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Birgitte Skak   I45082
109 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Eva   I45043
110 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Kirsten Skak  18 Jun 1929Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45087
111 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Lise Skak   I45086
112 Oppermann, Niels Regnar Møller  25 Jan 1905Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I185119
113 Pedersen, Pia Nyby   I86295
114 Petersen, Sophie Jacobine Mathilde  3 Oct 1837Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I115781
115 Petersen, Søren  Abt 1818Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200176
116 Petri, Knud Valdemar  23 Jul 1876Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I149089
117 Poulsen, Hans Sophus Julius  1841Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I241206
118 Poulsen, Lene   I2214
119 Raahede, Bente   I61800
120 Rasmussen, Agnete   I81320
121 Rasmussen, Elisabeth   I81319
122 Rasmussen, Gerda Andrea Margrethe  28 Jan 1914Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I447799
123 Rauff, Jørgen   I168564
124 Ringsted (Ringsted), Hans Vilhelm  19 Mar 1795Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I143733
125 Ruager, Mette Marianne   I166073
126 Rygaard, Elisa Nathalia  18 Jun 1843Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I239732
127 Rygaard, Nanna Erasmine Christiane  28 Mar 1845Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I151000
128 Rølle, Jane   I61796
129 Rølle, Johannes Mikkel   I61756
130 Rølle, William Christian   I61759
131 Rømeling (Rømeling), Else von  3 Jun 1909Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I187227
132 Schaumburg (Schaumburg), Laura Cathrine von  4 Sep 1836Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I246581
133 Schnoor, Mia Kjærsgaard   I61557
134 Schou, Elisabeth Kristine "Lisbeth"  16 Jun 1885Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3394
135 Schou, Holger  12 Sep 1848Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I253193
136 Schou, Karl  22 May 1841Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3423
137 Sehested (Sehested), Karen  15 May 1890Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I168329
138 Skeel (Skeel), Anders Nicolás   I171837
139 Skeel (Skeel), Christian  18 Nov 1973Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I2338
140 Skeel (Skeel), Mariana Inger Alexandra   I171838
141 Smith, Troels  29 Oct 1794Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I25655
142 Solgaard, Karen  26 Jan 1663Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I189718
143 Svenstrup, Jakob   I141818
144 Sørensen, Axel   I399706
145 Thesbjerg, Elna Marie  13 Apr 1952Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52009
146 Thesbjerg, Mona Lise   I52005
147 Tjalve, Gunner  27 Oct 1910Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I392063
148 Toft, Frederik Christopher  29 Oct 1847Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45148
149 Trondhjem, Inga Bolette  18 Oct 1911Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I185861
150 Villemoes, Lars  5 Oct 1953Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I250071
151 Visby, Lene   I294152
152 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Caroline  1802Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272396
153 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Ernestine Cathrine Elisabeth  28 Sep 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I262890
154 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Jacob Daniel  13 Jul 1800Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I271142
155 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Laurette Severine  14 Nov 1807Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272441
156 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Nielsine Mariane  18 Aug 1810Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272961
157 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Tycho Friederich  14 Feb 1806Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272400


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Hanne  29 Dec 1937Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I72207
2 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Andreas Peter  27 Sep 1823Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223211
3 Frølich (Frølich), Carolina Friderica  29 Jul 1785Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108926
4 Frølich (Frølich), Carolina Sophia  11 Nov 1787Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108925
5 Frølich (Frølich), Johannes  14 Jan 1790Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I108989
6 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Stener  11 Nov 1930Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45056
7 Helm, Christian Henriksen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223179
8 Helm, Inger Henriksen  23 Oct 1818Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223208
9 Kloch, Hofmandine Karoline  27 Apr 1864Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I431541
10 La Cour (La Cour), Christiane Frederikke  12 Aug 1803Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I129409
11 La Cour (La Cour), Emilie Antoinette Caroline Agnete  22 Jun 1868Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I397359
12 Rasmussen, Gerda Andrea Margrethe  10 May 1914Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I447799
13 Ruager, Mette Marianne   I166073
14 Røgind, Augusta Amalie  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I38618
15 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Caroline  10 Sep 1802Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272396
16 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Ernestine Cathrine Elisabeth  29 Sep 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I262890
17 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Jacob Daniel  13 Aug 1800Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I271142
18 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Laurette Severine  15 Dec 1807Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272441
19 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Tycho Friederich  9 Apr 1806Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272400


Matches 1 to 64 of 64

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ammitzbøll, Betzy Henritte  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I47094
2 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Hanne  29 Dec 1937Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I72207
3 Basse (Basse), Mariette Ernestine  6 Aug 1883Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I170235
4 Birn (Birn), Heinrich Peter Christian  1923Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I289054
5 Birn (Birn), Richard Valdemar  4 Feb 1959Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I289062
6 Birn (Birn), Valdemar Heinrich  1959Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I289057
7 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Johannes  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223210
8 Branner, Povl  11 Jul 1967Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I195606
9 Brockdorff (Brockdorff), Juliane von  27 Mar 1854Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I248295
10 Bülow (Bülow), Henning Friedrich von  13 Jan 1754Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I50868
11 Christensen, J C  1901Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I352249
12 Christgau, Henning  23 Sep 1984Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I13554
13 Clausen, Peder Andersen  10 Mar 1877Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I54830
14 Costa Carneiro, Vasco Vest Da  Jul 2005Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I19894
15 Dalgas, Susette  28 Feb 1858Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I171934
16 Degn, Peder Jensen  4 May 1929Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53399
17 Fabricius (Fabricius), Frederik Bernhardt Schack  7 May 1975Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I389790
18 Falbe-Hansen, Ejnar Peter Jørgen  7 Jan 1932Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179176
19 Falbe-Hansen, Emanuel  11 Jan 1910Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179168
20 Fogh, Adolph Thorvald Aurelius  9 Jan 1892Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I49513
21 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Hans Lauge  3 Feb 1890Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200610
22 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Lauritz "Lars" Steenberg  19 Jun 1844Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200598
23 Gersdorff (Gersdorff), Rudolph, Baron von  11 Sep 1729Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I160227
24 Groth (Groth of Odense), Dina Elisabeth  19 May 1879Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179192
25 Grøn (Grøn), Dorthea Lind  17 Mar 1764Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I393977
26 Grøn (Hansen), August Gottfried Andreasen  1767Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53018
27 Hansen, Andreas  28 May 1752Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52973
28 Hansen, Nidja Nit  13 May 2006Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I38106
29 Helm, Henrik Jørgensen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223207
30 Hesteng, Maren Frederiksen  3 Aug 1950Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I56284
31 Holck (Holck of Myklebust), Signe Elise Ingeborg Schaldemose  3 Aug 1945Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I148074
32 Hviid, Laurits Andersen  6 Feb 1778Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I81113
33 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Ingeborg  10 Nov 1869Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I13858
34 Jensen, Else Windfeld  29 Dec 1937Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45269
35 Jensen, Petra Georgine  2 Mar 1944Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I55021
36 Kiær, Sophie Dorthea  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I246583
37 Knudtzon, Birgit "Beba"  24 May 2011Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I44211
38 Kofoed, Rigmor Kataharina Bruun  18 May 1885Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I100014
39 Kristensen (Sognstrup), Jens Peder  19 Apr 1966Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I416810
40 Lauridsen, Anker  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53354
41 Legrolets, Severine  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223209
42 Lützow (Lützow of Holstein - Lützow), Dorthe Malene von  7 Oct 1820Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I245793
43 Mørch (Mørch of Gjerding), Georgia Nicoline  1 Jun 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I107880
44 Nielsen, Aage  12 Mar 1970Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I80983
45 Nielsen, Christen Toft  28 May 1915Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I55546
46 Nielsen, Karen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223181
47 Nielsen, Niels Christian Frederik  Abt 1963Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3782
48 Pedersen, Johannes  7 Jun 1942Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52896
49 Poulsen, Karen Poula  20 Apr 2018Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I13553
50 Ramsgaard, Christian  5 Aug 1921Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I160794
51 Resen (Resen), Niels Poulsen  Abt 1624Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I224747
52 Rohde, Gudrun  24 Jun 2003Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I68309
53 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Jeanette  1856Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223760
54 Schack (Hansen of Brøns), Bent Rahbek  24 Apr 2002Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I199257
55 Schaumburg (Schaumburg), Joachim Heinrich August von  1870Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I246582
56 Schaumburg (Schaumburg), Laura Cathrine von  30 Mar 1855Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I246581
57 Schou  18 May 1870Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3392
58 Schytte (Schytte of Denmark), Samuel Knudsen  5 Feb 1756Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I92530
59 Sehested (Sehested), Birgitte Elisabeth Nielsen  23 Jun 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I148923
60 Sidelmann, Cicilie  18 May 1845Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I200608
61 Svendsen, Pouline Hansine  16 Mar 1949Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I56603
62 Thesbjerg, Sigfred  Jul 1992Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52014
63 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Caroline  May 1803Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I272396
64 Winther, Christen Nielsen  1714Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I79116


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Hanne  3 Jan 1938Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I72207
2 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Johannes  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223210
3 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Erik  25 May 1949Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I177003
4 Helm, Henrik Jørgensen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223207
5 Hviid, Laurits Andersen  23 Feb 1778Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I81113
6 Jensen, Petra Georgine  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I55021
7 Lauridsen, Anker  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53354
8 Legrolets, Severine  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223209
9 Mørch (Mørch of Gjerding), Georgia Nicoline  6 Jun 1804Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I107880
10 Nielsen, Karen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223181


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Agerskov, Christen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I136635
2 Bay (Bay of Ribe), Jens Christopher  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I116226
3 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), Knud Frederik  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3092
4 Birn (Birn), Jens Axel   I289065
5 Birn (Birn), Richard Valdemar  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I289062
6 Birn (Birn), Valdemar Heinrich  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I289057
7 Bojsen-Møller, Jannik Ole   I131764
8 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Johannes  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223210
9 Borreby, Mads  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I126208
10 Christensen, J C  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I352249
11 Falbe-Hansen, Ejnar Peter Jørgen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I179176
12 Falbe-Hansen, Esther  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I187096
13 Feller, Hans Peter  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I173816
14 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Annemette   I45061
15 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Ernst  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I176988
16 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Jørgen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45071
17 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Lone   I45064
18 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Niels   I45065
19 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Rasmus  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I176963
20 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Rasmus   I45060
21 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Søren  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I176976
22 Geertsen, Hanne   I289066
23 Grøn (Hansen), Anders Hansen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53029
24 Grøn (Hansen), August Gottfried Andreasen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I53018
25 Hansen, Andreas  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I52973
26 Hechmann, Carl Juhl  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I42670
27 Helm, Christian Henriksen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223179
28 Helm, Henrik Jørgensen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I223207
29 Hoffmann, Robert William  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I407630
30 Houmøller, Jens Andreas  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I67016
31 Jensen, Erik Skibdal   I409195
32 Jensen, Niels Windfeld  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I168129
33 Kegebehn, Peter  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I47624
34 Kloch, Hofmann Diderik Valentino  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I431549
35 Krenchel, Christian Theodor  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I15106
36 Nordentoft, Vincentia "Censa"  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I141514
37 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Kirsten Skak  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I45087
38 Palsbo, Arthur Harald  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I40814
39 Ramsgaard, Christian  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I160794
40 Rasmussen, Magnus Vamberg  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I447789
41 Ruager, Jørgen Althof  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I71125
42 Rygaard, Mads  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I151007
43 Schaumburg (Schaumburg), Joachim Heinrich August von  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I246582
44 Schou  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I3392
45 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Gertrud Marianne   I195288
46 Sehested (Sehested), Harald  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I168220
47 Skeel (Skeel), Ulrik   I2081
48 Smith, Peder  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I192586
49 Solgaard, Jep  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I189720
50 Søndergaard, C G  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I178701
51 Toft, Anders  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I166026
52 Trondhjem, Folmer Schou  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I186084
53 Wulff, Hans  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark I47684


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark) / Legrolets  10 Aug 1822Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F92814
2 Bunde / Clemmensen  10 Jan 1910Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F156144
3 Frølich (Frølich) / Holst  28 Dec 1805Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F47678
4 Gersdorff (Gersdorff) / Solgaard  18 Sep 1709Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F67069
5 Jørgensen / Lauridsen   F26962
6 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup) / Nyboe  8 Aug 1878Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F156015
7 Knudsen / Bendt   F121328
8 Larsen / Stephensen  2 Apr 1898Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F42869
9 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark) / Agerskov  15 Nov 1845Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F56702
10 Møller / Houmøller  31 May 1906Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F83769
11 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Røgind  16 Apr 1852Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F20208
12 Nielsen / Andersen  Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F111544
13 Poulsen / Schaumburg (Schaumburg)  7 Sep 1853Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F101921
14 Siiger / Trondhjem  5 Jul 1941Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F77964
15 Skeel (Skeel) / Paglialunga   F1214
16 Skeel (Skeel) / Poulsen   F1213
17 Tegder / Heldvad  10 Jun 1757Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F116552
18 Wille / Gaardhøje  1 Jul 1892Holstebro, Central Jutland, Denmark F171258

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