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Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 142 of 142

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anna  1770Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94629
2 Andersen, Anne Katrine  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60349
3 Andersen, Anne Marie  1 Sep 1796Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I46433
4 Andersen, Catrine  12 Jul 1767Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60288
5 Andersen, Chresten  12 Jan 1772Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93768
6 Andersen, Christian  1829Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93775
7 Andersen, Christine  1825Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93777
8 Andersen, Jacob  12 Dec 1769Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93770
9 Andersen, Jacobine  1827Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93776
10 Andersen, Magdalene  1832Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93774
11 Andersen, Matilda  11 Dec 1858Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I87461
12 Andersen, Peder  12 May 1765Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60300
13 Christensen, Ane Johanne  20 Apr 1829Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77215
14 Christensen, Birthe Højmark   I293799
15 Christensen, Catrine  7 Nov 1821Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77239
16 Christensen, Christen  1772Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94881
17 Christensen, Frederikke  18 Jun 1837Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I87434
18 Christensen, Grethe Højmark   I293806
19 Christensen, Jens  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94815
20 Christensen, Jensine Petrine  22 Jun 1834Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I87437
21 Christensen, Karen Marie  20 May 1826Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77404
22 Christensen, Katrine Marie  1817Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93920
23 Christensen, Knud  1771Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94882
24 Christensen, Michael Lund   I293844
25 Christensen, Niels  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I87436
26 Christensen, Niels Christian  4 Apr 1813Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94901
27 Christensen, Sidsel  1765Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94802
28 Christensen, Thomas Jørgen  18 Oct 1812Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77277
29 Christiansen, Birthe   I291450
30 Christiansen, Dinna Gurli   I294134
31 Godtfredsen, Jens Christian  5 Nov 1850Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90278
32 Gotfredsen, Oline Marie  10 Jan 1858Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94779
33 Gotfredsen, Peter  5 Nov 1850Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94761
34 Hansen, Albinus  1835Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93922
35 Hansen, Ane Marie  5 Jun 1874Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60656
36 Hansen, Ane Marie Kathrine  6 May 1874Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I295893
37 Hansen, Anna  29 Jan 1764Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94890
38 Hansen, Emma Hansine  1 Oct 1877Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60644
39 Hansen, Jens  4 Aug 1771Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94888
40 Hansen, Jensine  12 Apr 1832Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93923
41 Hansen, Katrine Marie  9 Jan 1824Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93927
42 Hansen, Lars Peter  21 Dec 1828Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93925
43 Hansen, Laurs  29 Mar 1761Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94887
44 Hansen, Maren  5 Sep 1756Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94895
45 Hansen, Marie  6 Jan 1759Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94892
46 Højmark, Annalise   I293005
47 Ibsen, Kirsten  1794Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94622
48 Iversen, Caroline Christine  1844Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93897
49 Iversen, Caroline Marie  1847Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93896
50 Iversen, Christian Albinus  1841Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93898
51 Iversen, Johanne  1776Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60179
52 Iversen, Johanne Marie  1839Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93899
53 Iversen, Niels Peder  1837Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93900
54 Jacobsen, Birgitte Marie  1820Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93784
55 Jacobsen, Caroline Marie  1841Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93905
56 Jacobsen, Christian Jørgen  1830Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93907
57 Jacobsen, Grethe Christine  10 Feb 1828Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93908
58 Jacobsen, Jens Peder  12 May 1837Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93906
59 Jacobsen, Juliane  9 Jan 1823Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93910
60 Jacobsen, Kirsten Marie  1832Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93783
61 Jensen, Andreas Abel  16 Oct 1808Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I53710
62 Jensen, Anne  1742Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94836
63 Jensen, Christian  1 Jun 1830Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78744
64 Jensen, Dorthea Elisabeth  4 Nov 1834Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78732
65 Jensen, Herluf Harald  27 Jan 1901Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I408987
66 Jensen, Johanne  1741Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94893
67 Jensen, Johanne  1743Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90522
68 Jensen, Knud  18 Jul 1745Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94813
69 Jensen, Peter Østergaard  Abt 1898Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I408996
70 Jeppesen, Hans Christian  11 Apr 1879Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60619
71 Johansen, Kirsten  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60262
72 Jørgensen, Ann Kirstine  20 Dec 1778Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94904
73 Jørgensen, Anne  1792Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94909
74 Jørgensen, Birgitte  17 Nov 1774Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94906
75 Jørgensen, Christine  18 Feb 1787Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77298
76 Jørgensen, Else Marie  13 May 1785Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94910
77 Jørgensen, Inger Marie  1 Apr 1793Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94903
78 Jørgensen, Jens  20 Mar 1795Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94908
79 Jørgensen, Kirsten Marie  20 Jan 1782Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94912
80 Jørgensen, Kirsten Marie  28 Sep 1806Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94730
81 Jørgensen, Maren  19 Nov 1797Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94620
82 Jørgensen, Peder  1795Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94624
83 Jørgensen, Sidsel  27 Oct 1776Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94905
84 Kiærulf, Johanne Pedersen  2 Jul 1747Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60312
85 Knudsen, Dorthea  1731Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94816
86 Knudsen, Mette  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94820
87 Kristiansen, Erna  11 Nov 1914Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I294961
88 Markussen, Hans Christian  1795Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94898
89 Neist, Hans Peder  8 Aug 1797Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94838
90 Neist, Peter Christian  31 Aug 1794Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94861
91 Nielsen, Ane Johanne  18 Oct 1832Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78509
92 Nielsen, Ane Margrethe  20 May 1865Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78597
93 Nielsen, Anton  11 May 1845Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78670
94 Nielsen, Carl  24 Jan 1842Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78473
95 Nielsen, Carl Christian  26 Dec 1863Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78609
96 Nielsen, Christen Christian  10 May 1830Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78521
97 Nielsen, Emilie Dagmar  1868Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I87458
98 Nielsen, Jacob  1748Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94799
99 Nielsen, Johanne  1805Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78720
100 Nielsen, Mettine  14 Mar 1839Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78485
101 Nielsen, Møller Henrik   I290491
102 Nielsen, Nicoline Kirstine  25 May 1831Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78708
103 Nielsen, Niels Peder  9 Mar 1873Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78570
104 Nielsen, Peder  17 Dec 1827Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78534
105 Nielsen, Petrine Maria  23 May 1836Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78497
106 Nielsen, Svend Aage   I290490
107 Nielsen, Søren Christian  17 Dec 1867Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78583
108 Pedersen, Anders  1799Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60203
109 Pedersen, Ane Lucie  20 Oct 1805Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78558
110 Pedersen, Anna Petrea Christine  1868Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93894
111 Pedersen, Cathrine  2 Oct 1768Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94833
112 Pedersen, Christen  1794Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60227
113 Pedersen, Christian Peder  1821Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93904
114 Pedersen, Gudrun  5 Oct 1909Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I296360
115 Pedersen, Hans  1776Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94834
116 Pedersen, Iver Christian  7 Nov 1811Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93903
117 Pedersen, Jens  1800Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60191
118 Pedersen, Jens  1811Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I75825
119 Pedersen, Jensine Christiane  1877Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93890
120 Pedersen, Johanne Cathrine  1782Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94832
121 Pedersen, Jørgen  1754Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94628
122 Pedersen, Kirsten Marie  1796Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78793
123 Pedersen, Maren  1796Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60215
124 Pedersen, Maren  1800Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78769
125 Pedersen, Niels  12 May 1805Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78546
126 Pedersen, Niels Christian Iver Jørgen  1874Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93892
127 Pedersen, Peder Christian Adolf  1871Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93893
128 Pedersen, Thomas  11 Feb 1776Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93919
129 Schiellerup, Mary  2 May 1881Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I123000
130 Simensen, Ane  10 Apr 1826Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I67383
131 Simonsen, Inger Louise  12 Feb 1822Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60411
132 Sørensen, Else Marie  1860Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60934
133 Sørensen, Mette Marie  29 Oct 1778Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90524
134 Sørensen, Thomas  30 Apr 1775Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90521
135 Thomasen, Anne  4 Jul 1769Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94900
136 Thomasen, Jens Larsen  6 May 1771Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94899
137 Thomasen, Maren Kirstine  1837Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93915
138 Thomasen, Petrea Kirsten  1839Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93914
139 Thomasen, Tomine  1840Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93912
140 Thomsen, Katrine  12 Mar 1760Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94915
141 Thomsen, Laurits Peder  1843Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93911
142 Uggerhald, Erik   I297188


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christensen, Ane Christiane Elisabeth  5 May 1853Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77367
2 Christensen, Karen Marie  19 Oct 1826Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77404
3 Jensen, Dorthea Elisabeth  26 Dec 1834Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78732
4 Jensen, Herluf Harald  4 Apr 1901Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I408987
5 Nielsen, Anton  30 Nov 1845Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78670


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Kirstine  16 Apr 1780Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94913
2 Andersen, Peder  21 Mar 1855Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60300
3 Bertelsen, Hans  1919Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I89923
4 Børglum, Christian  13 Nov 1878Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90656
5 Christensen, Elsine Amalie  16 Jun 1903Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I292997
6 Christensen, Hans Christian  1 Nov 1877Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60680
7 Hansen, Emma Hansine  4 Feb 1878Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60644
8 Hansen, Johanne Catrine  12 Oct 1773Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93874
9 Jensen, Christian  25 Dec 1831Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78744
10 Jensen, Jørgen  15 Oct 1814Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94916
11 Jørgensen, Christian  25 May 1856Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77287
12 Jørgensen, Christine  10 Apr 1851Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I77298
13 Kiærulf, Johanne Pedersen  10 May 1780Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60312
14 Lauritsen, Søren  30 Mar 1721Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93872
15 Laursen, Anne  6 Jan 1730Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I93867
16 Laursen, Christen  26 Apr 1772Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94883
17 Mathiessen, Søren  4 Mar 1783Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I90523
18 Møldrup, Oline Marie  17 Dec 1889Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78621
19 Pedersen, Anders  16 Dec 1772Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60324
20 Pedersen, Ane Lucie  18 Jan 1864Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78558
21 Pedersen, Jens  20 Mar 1873Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78781
22 Pedersen, Jørgen  21 May 1829Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94628
23 Pedersen, Niels  21 Mar 1856Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78546
24 Skov, Jens Pedersen  1 Aug 1788Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I94837


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Nielsen, Mettine  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I78485
2 Thomsen, Peder  Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark I60253


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Christensen  15 Jan 1795Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29567
2 Andersen / Christensen  5 Apr 1855Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F39485
3 Andersen / Larsen  8 Dec 1754Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F32414
4 Andreasen / Neist  8 Feb 1867Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42367
5 Birkbak / Christensen   F121354
6 Christensen / Andersen  26 Mar 1823Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F23802
7 Christensen / Christensen  13 Aug 1858Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F39486
8 Christensen / Hansen  4 Nov 1781Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42388
9 Christensen / Jørgensen  21 Oct 1820Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42290
10 Christensen / Jørgensen  20 Oct 1826Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F33204
11 Christensen / Knudsen  23 Oct 1740Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42358
12 Christensen / Larsen  12 Sep 1752Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F32415
13 Christensen / Neist  20 Nov 1840Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42383
14 Christiansen / Sørensen  20 Nov 1908Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F120086
15 Clausen / Nielsen  24 Jan 1858Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F33133
16 Enevoldsen / Sørensen  10 Nov 1912Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F121541
17 Hansen / Christensen  24 Jun 1762Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F41977
18 Højmark / Christensen  13 Dec 1907Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F121074
19 Jensen / Andersen  10 Jul 1772Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42394
20 Jensen / Christensen  21 Sep 1830Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F39508
21 Jensen / Hansen  15 Feb 1787Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42387
22 Jensen / Knudsen  4 Nov 1752Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42353
23 Jensen / Kristensen  24 Nov 1914Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F121331
24 Jensen / Nielsen  25 May 1859Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29460
25 Jensen / Simonsen  7 Feb 1843Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29631
26 Jensen / Sørensen  26 Dec 1720Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42350
27 Jensen / Thomsen  1 Oct 1780Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42395
28 Jeppesen / Knudsen  7 Mar 1879Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29729
29 Jørgensen / Ibsen  16 Nov 1824Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42292
30 Jørgensen / Jensen  23 Mar 1830Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42291
31 Jørgensen / Pedersen  18 Feb 1849Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F26340
32 Larsen / Christensen  22 Dec 1844Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F121256
33 Laursen / Jacobsen  4 Jun 1852Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F41981
34 Laursen / Kiærulf  17 Dec 1776Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29579
35 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche) / Erhard   F63690
36 Markussen / Hansen  15 Nov 1789Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42390
37 Markussen / Jørgensen  18 Nov 1823Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42391
38 Mathiessen / Jensen  23 Oct 1774Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F40620
39 Neist / Jørgensen  6 Oct 1811Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42364
40 Nielsen / Christensen   F121353
41 Nielsen / Jensen  12 Nov 1865Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29452
42 Nielsen / Jørgensen  6 Dec 1812Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42392
43 Nielsen / Nielsen  26 Oct 1915Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F35634
44 Nielsen / Nielsen   F122063
45 Nielsen / Simensen  29 Dec 1852Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F32260
46 Nielsen / Thomasen  27 Jan 1824Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F39491
47 Nipper / Jørgensen  9 Nov 1806Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42384
48 Olesen / Larsen  29 Oct 1775Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F32402
49 Pedersen / Hansen  2 Jun 1854Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F41986
50 Pedersen / Kiærulf  19 Feb 1764Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29592
51 Pedersen / Madsen  12 Jul 1768Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F41976
52 Pedersen / Pedersen  5 Oct 1827Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F36037
53 Pedersen / Sørensen  6 Nov 1885Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F24800
54 Sørensen / Hansen  6 Jun 1718Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F41974
55 Sørensen / Jensen  12 Jul 1791Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F42360
56 Sørensen / Nielsen  1 Jun 1857Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F29465
57 Thomsen / Christensen   F121352
58 Trankjær / Larsen  8 Apr 1904Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F26833
59 Tutein / Ørtoft  14 Mar 1862Hoermested, North Jutland, Denmark F17449

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