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Herlev, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leanne   I295037
2 Aistrup, Erica, Ruling Prince   I184673
3 Balslev, Theodor Birkedal   I416088
4 Balslev, Tobias Vilhelm Birkedal   I416087
5 Brodersen, Janni Isager   I199864
6 Bønnelycke, Inger   I285450
7 Christensen, Emilie Scramm   I84021
8 Evald, Mette Sloth   I284756
9 Falkentorp-Nielsen, Mikkel   I267442
10 Frølich, Amanda   I433111
11 Frølich, Anton   I433112
12 Greisen (Greisen), Aya Lykke   I311475
13 Hansen, Enok Bruntse   I295032
14 Hansen, Erling   I295149
15 Hansen, Eva Bruntse   I295036
16 Hansen, Jette Damkær   I59017
17 Hansen, Lone Damkær   I59016
18 Hansen, Signe Bruntse   I295038
19 Hansen, Simon Bruntse   I295035
20 Hansen, Vera Bruntse   I295033
21 Holm Nielsen, Signe   I416425
22 Holm-Weber, Jan   I153493
23 Holm-Weber, Thomas   I153492
24 Jelsgaard, Søndergaard-Gudmandsen   I435603
25 Kristensen, Henrik Riis   I295041
26 Kristensen, Morten Riis   I295042
27 Madsen, Anders   I427791
28 Madsen, Henning Fyrste   I184630
29 Mollerup (Loft), Bjørn Loft   I213133
30 Moltke (Moltke), Asbjørn, Count   I184942
31 Moltke (Moltke), Freja, Comtesse   I184941
32 Moltke (Moltke), Nicholas David, Count   I184955
33 Nellemann, Jens Peter Sophus  17 Aug 1830Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I243385
34 Nielsen, Michael Hjorth   I54376
35 Nielsen, Niels Carl  19 Jun 1863Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I283219
36 Norden, Daniel Willem Arendt   I141736
37 Norden, Michelle Arendt   I141738
38 Pitzner (Pitzner), Axel Gustav  7 Apr 1923Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109438
39 Pitzner (Pitzner), Eigil Daniel  14 Apr 1921Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109439
40 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Anders   I34404
41 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Erik Johannes Kristoffer  13 Aug 1915Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109316
42 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Inger-Margrethe Karen Sofie  12 Feb 1917Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I833
43 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Kristian   I34402
44 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Thomas   I34403
45 Randal, Emil Johannes Nørgaard   I217836
46 Sadolin (Eggert), Emma   I160350
47 Sadolin (Eggert), Emma   I442264
48 Sadolin (Eggert), Liva   I194958
49 Sadolin (Eggert), Liva   I442165
50 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Sofia Isabella von Hausen   I74840
51 Schrøder, Frederik   I201506
52 Skovmand-Nielsen, Ninna   I289361
53 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Mie Marienhof   I236715
54 Treschow (Treschow), Maria   I79775
55 Tvermosegaard, Torbjørn Biering   I239118


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bønnelycke, Inger   I285450
2 Bønnelycke, Peder   I285236
3 Christensen, Birgitte   I415843
4 Dresler, Hans   I211409
5 Horskjær (Jensen), Lise  2 May 1946Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I221857
6 Nellemann, Jens Peter Sophus  9 Jun 1831Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I243385
7 Nielsen, Niels Carl  9 Aug 1863Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I283219
8 Pitzner (Christensen), Hanne   I415844
9 Pitzner (Pitzner), Axel Gustav  10 May 1923Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109438
10 Pitzner (Pitzner), Bendt  25 Dec 1919Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109442
11 Pitzner (Pitzner), Eigil Daniel  1 May 1921Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109439
12 Pitzner (Pitzner), Ingrid  15 Jun 1902Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I149733
13 Pitzner (Pitzner), Johannes  4 Jul 1897Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I149751
14 Pitzner (Pitzner), Jørgen Ejner  17 Jan 1926Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109436
15 Pitzner (Pitzner), Karen  29 Jul 1900Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I149734
16 Pitzner (Pitzner), Valdemar  29 Jan 1905Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I135131
17 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Erik Johannes Kristoffer  5 Sep 1915Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109316
18 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Inger-Margrethe Karen Sofie  1 Apr 1917Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I833
19 Pitzner-Schmidt (Schmidt), Henning Christian   I415828
20 Simonsen, Joan   I425561


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aller, Peter  23 Sep 2014Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I387480
2 Ammentorp, Kirsten Anker  7 Apr 1989Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I147997
3 Bendixen, Tove  23 Feb 1995Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I402596
4 Bendtsen, Peder  25 Mar 1901Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I417842
5 Christensen, Jørgen Willy  29 May 2016Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I415841
6 Christophersen, Ane Sophie  26 Apr 1926Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109320
7 Evers, Fritze Sophie Kjerstine  2 Nov 1982Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I72059
8 Gotfredsen, Edith Marie Jensine  1987Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I422522
9 Hansen, Else Mathilde Kristine  14 May 1976Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I437798
10 Hansen, Kenneth Rene Lillevang  22 Nov 2001Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I445359
11 Horst, Georg Heinrich  27 Jan 1887Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I83774
12 Jensen, Holger Holmes  5 Jun 1992Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I222420
13 Johansen, Kristian Højmark  30 Nov 1984Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I291821
14 Jørgensen, Ebba Margrethe  22 Nov 1979Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I118239
15 Krüger-Larsen (Lunde of Balslev), Hanne  28 Nov 2002Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I161027
16 Larsen, Xenia  6 Feb 1998Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I243624
17 Melchior, Helga Clara  2 Mar 1977Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I111693
18 Metz, Jørgen William  26 Jan 1979Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I137701
19 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Hans Peter  24 Jan 2007Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I157072
20 Moltke (Moltke), Kai Vilhelm, Count  10 Sep 1979Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I50555
21 Munark, Max Adam  1999Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I417635
22 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Marianne Birgitte  16 Oct 1989Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I166867
23 Nellemann, Christian Friedrich "Frederik"  20 Feb 1834Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I243384
24 Nellemann, Jens Christian Georg  3 May 1828Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I388517
25 Pedersen, Tora  Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I93463
26 Pitzner (Pitzner), Bendt  26 Dec 1919Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109442
27 Pitzner (Pitzner), Eigil Daniel  1 Jan 1922Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109439
28 Schmidt, Gerda Elise Saabye  18 Jan 2011Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I258364
29 Schnoor, Otto Frederik  2 Feb 1981Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I421916
30 Sommer, Christian  15 Dec 1983Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I61688
31 Stahl, Jacob Herman Vallentin  24 Dec 1913Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I177610
32 Sørensen, Carl Christian Bent  30 Jul 2017Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I148000
33 Sørensen, Lars  16 Jun 1753Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I84005
34 Thostrup, Christian Frederik Anton  19 Sep 1938Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I426080
35 Westenholz, Lily Ingeborg Astrid Wilhelmine  18 Nov 1986Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I192953
36 Wulff, Johannes Charles  29 Dec 1980Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I431249
37 Zangenberg, Grete  6 Jul 1987Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I410493


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Christophersen, Ane Sophie  2 May 1926Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I109320
2 Horst, Georg Heinrich  3 Feb 1887Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I83774
3 Jørgensen, Gustav Adolph Christoffer  Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I832
4 Nellemann, Jens Christian Georg  8 May 1828Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I388517
5 Pitzner (Pitzner), Johannes Ernst Ludvig Markus  7 Sep 1933Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I98
6 Worm (Worm), Christian  Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I405426


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dresler, Johannes  Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I400685
2 Ellekvist, Mogens   I77338
3 Horst, Andreas Frederik  1866Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I172747
4 Horst, Georg Heinrich  7 Dec 1847Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I83774
5 Jansen, Jørgen Christian Johan   I187497
6 Knudsen, Kirsten   I181573
7 Nellemann, Christian Friedrich "Frederik"  Herlev, Zealand, Denmark I243384
8 Nielsen, Peter Abildgaard   I47387
9 Scavenius (Scavenius), Thyra Karine Maria Brønnum   I23595


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bønnelycke / Rasmussen   F118193
2 Christensen / Pitzner (Pitzner)  20 Nov 1954Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F160004
3 Dresler / Andreasen   F155064
4 Falkentorp / Mørch  20 Nov 1915Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F161783
5 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck) / Otto  12 Aug 1817Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F153570
6 Pitzner (Pitzner) / Jørgensen  6 Dec 1917Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F41278
7 Pitzner (Pitzner) / Teglers  5 May 1931Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F107420
8 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen) / Pitzner (Pitzner)  6 Nov 1914Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F41280
9 Pitzner-Schmidt (Schmidt) / Pitzner (Pitzner)  26 Oct 1928Herlev, Zealand, Denmark F107418

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